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Will I Lose My Whatsapp Conversations If I Change Phones

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What Ticks Mean In Whatsapp

How to Change WhatsApp Number Without Losing Data || Sent Notification Your WhatsApp Contacts

There are three types of ticks on WhatsApp that every user is familiar with.

  • Single gray tick this means the message was sent but hasnt been received
  • Double gray ticks this means the message was sent and has been received
  • Double blue ticks this means that the message was read

However, blue ticks arent always that reliable because you can turn off your receipts in WhatsApp. This means that even when youve read a message, it is not shown as blue ticked. When youve turned off your read receipts, you also cannot see when someone else has read your message.

What Does Uninstall Whatsapp Mean

What happens to messages when you uninstall WhatsApp? Will I get messages if I reinstall WhatsApp?

Uninstalling WhatsApp, it means that you have merely removed the app from your mobile. But you havent deleted your WhatsApp account.

If you uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile, people will still be able to send you messages. After installing the app again, you will be able to read those messages and get the missed call notifications. But if you delete your account, no one will be able to send you messages.

Reinstall Whatsapp And Restore From Icloud Backup

After removing WhatsApp form your iPhone, you need to install it again. After that, follow the steps below to restore from iCloud.

  • Step #1: After the installation, verify your mobile number and iCloud ID.
  • Step #2: Then, a prompt will appear to restore chat history.
  • Step #3: tap Next and tap on Restore Chat History.

If I uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp will I lose my messages on iPhone? So, in answer to your question you will lose the messages unless you made a backup beforehand.

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Reinstall Whatsapp And Restore From Local Backup Or Google Drive

How can I retrieve my WhatsApp messages after reinstalling? Now, it is time to install WhatsApp again. And after the reinstallation, you have to restore the backup you made on Google Drive.

  • Step #1: Basically, after the installation, opens the app and verify your mobile number.
  • Step #2: A pop-up will appear, tap Restore.

Now, wait as your WhatsApp gets restored. After that, tap on Next all the restored data will be displayed.

If I Uninstall Whatsapp Will My Contacts Know

Will I lose my WhatsApp conversations if I change phones?

Many users are concerned if their visibility will be shown to their contacts if they uninstall WhatsApp.

Uninstall: WhatsApp would not remove anyone from your contact list or your contact from your friends. Your contacts can still see you in the search bar, chat list, and contacts list.

Delete: If you delete your WhatsApp account, you will be deleted from your contacts’ contacts list. Your WhatsApp contact will reach the bottom, where an Invite option would show that you have deleted your account and are no longer on WhatsApp.

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If I Uninstall Whatsapp Will I Lose My Chats

Also, if I uninstall WhatsApp, will I lose my messages? Here is what would happen to your chats if you uninstall or delete your WhatsApp.

Uninstall: Your chats wouldnt be affected much after you uninstall. If you have set a daily backup of your chat to Google Drive, you can see the latest chats happening when you reinstall the app. People can still see your conversations.

Delete: When you delete your WhatsApp account, all your conversations, whether they are one-to-one or group ones, would be wiped away. You cannot have them back unless you reinstall WhatsApp and restore your chats from backup. You still might lose data, and your messages will remain undelivered.

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How To Keep Whatsapp Conversations If You Change Phones

WhatsApp does not allow users to frequently switch their account on different phones. If you log into WhatsApp account frequently, the account will be banned from hours to days. So, if you are changing to a new phone, rather than logging in back and forth, the best solution to keep your WhatsApp conversations will be transferring them to the new phone at the same time. In this part, we will discuss different methods that can transfer the WhatsApp data from old phone to the new one.

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This Is How You Can Restore Your Whatsapp Chat History To Your New Phone To Preserve Important Data

WhatsApp messenger is being used worldwide. It has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, which has led to establishment of WhatsApp as a single giant among other internet short messaging services. It was a Paid service initially But it has been made permanently free recently, which can be seen as a good strategy for attracting new users.

But, despite of what it offers and it can offer, there has been a problem consistently faced by the users. It does not matter whether you use an iOS device or an Android device. There is a persistent problem of loss of chat data when someone change their mobile phone.

In this article Im gonna show you how you can set up Web backup of your chats so as to retrieve them back on your new device.

What Happens To Your Visibility In Contact Lists

How to change your phone number on WhatsApp! [Without Loosing Old Chats]

As youve gathered by now, uninstalling WhatsApp doesnt change much about how others see your account. This also applies to your appearance in contact lists. When you uninstall WhatsApp, you still appear in contact lists as having a WhatsApp attached to your number.

The only time this would change is if you deleted your WhatsApp account. In that instance, you would no longer appear as a WhatsApp contact.

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Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Iphone To Iphone

Transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone is very similar to the Android method above, except that you’ll backup to iCloud rather than to Google Drive.

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you’re signed into iCloud on your iPhone, and that WhatsApp has permissions to use iCloud:

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Tap “iCloud” and sign in if you’re not already.
  • Tap “iCloud Drive” and set it to ON.
  • Scroll down and make sure “WhatsApp” is ON.
  • Step 2: Now you’re all set up to backup WhatsApp chats to iCloud:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Here Is How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats To A New Phone:

    • Open WhatsApp on your Android device.
    • Tap the Menu icon and then tap on Settings.
    • Now tap on “Chats” from the list of settings.
    • Tap on Chat Backup.
    • Then tap on “Account” to select or add your Google Drive account.
    • Check “Include Videos” if you would like to export them too.
    • Finally, tap on “Back Up” to back up your WhatsApp conversations and media to Google Drive.

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    What Happens To Your Settings And Blocked Numbers

    When you uninstall WhatsApp, your settings and blocked numbers remain the same when you reinstall. Thats another perk of WhatsApp: things remain pretty consistent with your account, no matter how many times you uninstall and reinstall the app.

    The only time this change would occur is if you decided to delete your WhatsApp account. If you did this, then youd have to start all over again if you made a new account.

    Where Are Whatsapp Messages Stored On Iphone

    Will You Lose WhatsApp Conversations if Change Phones?

    If you have an iPhone, your chat history will be backed up using iTunes or iCloud. The chats can only be restored only through the iCloud server and not through WhatsAppâs server.

    WhatsApp launched end-to-end encryption for the chats. It indicates that the messages are encrypted and can only be read by the recipient. If you delete the messages by accident, WhatsApp cannot retrieve them for the user.

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    Where Are Whatsapp Messages Stored On Iphone/android

    Regardless of the phone you use, keeping a backup of your message history is crucial. You can lose valuable data by accidentally deleting chats, switching phones, or even when you factory reset your device.

    In situations like these, the first thing to come to mind is where the chats get stored in phones and how they can be restored. From this article, you will find out where your messages get stored in your Android phones and iPhone.

    If you think that data from WhatsApp are stored on their servers, you are wrong. Concerning its privacy policy, personal information like addresses, contact names, and location is not stored by WhatsApp.

    For easy accessibility, your username and number are the only pieces of information stored. The rest of the data is not synced with server. Instead, it is locally stored.

    WhatsApp tends to store your messages for as long as they get delivered to the intended recipient. After that, it gets deleted from the server right away.

    Why Is It So Difficult To Transfer Whatsapp Chat History Between Different Mobile Phone Systems

    The main reason is that the case because storage platforms these both systems uses are vastly different in nature. WhatsApp for Android does not run on iPhone, and this incompatibility makes the migration process challenging. Nonetheless, it can still be done without using Google Drive or iCloud.

    If you search online, you might come across several methods of doing this. These might include SIM backup or email export.

    Nevertheless, these can never realize this transfer of chat records completely. You are recommended not to waste time on these ineffective ways.

    The most feasible solution is utilizing third-party tools for this transmission. One such valuable tool that you can use is Mobitrix.

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    Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Android Via Chat Backup

    When it comes to transferring WhatsApp to a new phone and both phones are Android, you need to take the help of Google Drive backup. In recent versions of WhatsApp, the app automatically creates a at 2 A.M. This helps in the easy transfer of WhatsApp messages to the newest phone. When you install WhatsApp on the new phone with the same number, you will get the chat history on your phone when this automatic backup is enabled on your device.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your source Android device and tap the âthree dotsâ on the corner. Tap âSettingsâ and choose âChatsâ.

    2. Now, tap on âChat backupâ. You can now manually backup by clicking on âBACKUPâ or set the frequency to backup daily, weekly, etc. as per your choice.

    3. Now, on your new device, install WhatsApp from the âPlay Storeâ and log in with the phone number that you were using on the previous phone.

    4. While you do it, you will be prompt to restore the backup. Follow the prompts and in minutes, your chats will be on your new device.

    This is how to transfer WhatsApp messages to the new phone when the two phones are Android.

    What Happens To Your Media Files

    How to Change WhatsApp Number without Losing Chats 2022 – 2 Ways Tested

    WhatsApp is a great way to share videos, pictures, GIFs, voice recordings, and even documents. Luckily, when you uninstall WhatsApp, it doesnt take the already downloaded media files with it.

    You can still access your media files on your phone through your phones file manager. Or you can use your phones gallery/camera roll for videos and pictures, a music player for the audio recordings, and a document reader for the documents.

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    How To Tell If Someone Has Uninstalled Whatsapp

    For what we can only assume is a move for privacy, there is no way to tell when someone has uninstalled WhatsApp on their phone. The only hint youll have is that youll see is a single gray tick when you send a message. However, this doesnt mean theyve uninstalled WhatsApp. It could mean the person has no internet.

    What Will Happen To Blocked Whatsapp Contacts When I Change A Mobile With The Same Number

    If you are changing the number in whatsapp means you are creating an new account so the blocked contacts wont be in blocked list in your new account. But if you have changed the sim and your whatsapp number remains the same then the blocked contacts will remain blocked by backing up all your previous files.

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    If I Change My Number Will I Retain My Chat History

    The good news is that your chat history will still be available on your phone when you change your phone number. You only need to back up and restore your WhatsApp chat history when you get a new phone.

    Whats more, if you move to a different type of phone , you wont be able to retain your WhatsApp chat history. You can transfer other types of data such as your profile picture, WhatsApp name, settings, group chats, and individual chats.

    How To Transfer Chats From An Iphone To An Android 12 Phone

    [2021] 9 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to iPhone 12/12 Pro

    Starting with , Google has added operating-system-level changes to allow users to bring their WhatsApp chat histories from iPhones to Android devices. For now, the feature is limited to Pixel phones but should be rolling out to all new smartphones that launch with Android 12.

    Heres a step-by-step guide:

  • Youll need a freshly reset phone with Android 12 onboard.
  • Connect the iPhone to your Android 12 device via a USB-C to Lightning cable.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to import all or selected data from the iPhone to your Android 12 phone.
  • Tap the continue button to finish transferring data.
  • When prompted during the transfer process, scan the QR code shown on the Android device using your iPhone.
  • Scanning the QR code will pop open WhatsApp on the iPhone. Tap the start button and youre good to go.
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    Store Using Google Drive Or Icloud

    Restoring WhatsApp chat using Drive on Android and using iCloud on iPhone is the easiest method you can follow. For Android, to backup your old chats, you need to have a Google account logged in and activate the Google Drive backup on your older smartphone. You can find the option under WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. You can choose whether to back up the media files or just the chat along with the frequency of backup.

    On your new smartphone, you will be prompted to restore the chat history stored over your Google Drive account, as soon as you log in to WhatsApp.

    Follow the same process to restore WhatsApp conversations on your iPhone using iCloud.

    Transfer Whatsapp Account To A New Phone With A Different Phone Number

    If you have bought a new SIM as well, then you need to follow this step before you do the above two steps.

  • Visit Settings > Accounts > Change Number option on WhatsApp in the old device. Read the instructions and tap on the âNextâ button to continue.
  • Provide your existing number and new number as well.
  • Tap Next. Confirm to Notify Contacts or not on an android device. On an iPhone, your groups will be notified when you change the phone number, regardless of if you turn it on or not.
  • Tap Done. WhatsApp will verify the new phone number.
  • Note

    • Before you start to Change Number, please ensure the new phone number can receive messages or calls and has a data connection.
    • The old phone number is currently verified on the device. You can go to WhatsApp > Settings and press profile photo to check which number is verified.

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    How Do You Know If Someone Changed Their Number On Whatsapp

    Telling the difference between getting blocked by someone and them changing their number can be confusing. However, when someone blocks you, you cant send them a message, but can see their profile. On the other hand, if someone changes their WhatsApp number, theyre no longer available in your WhatsApp contacts.

    When someone changes their WhatsApp number, they can choose to notify their contacts about it. That sends a notification to all or specific contacts that someone has changed their number. Either way, you wont lose your chat with any contact if they change their number.

    One way to check if someone has changed their number on WhatsApp is to check a WhatsApp group where you both are.

    When someone changes their number, they stay in all their WhatsApp groups, and a silent message appears in the group saying that they have changed their number.

    Transfer Whatsapp From Iphone To Iphone Via Icloud

    How To Transfer WhatsApp To New Phone (All Chats, Photos, Videos & Media)

    To transfer WhatsApp messages from an iOS to the other, we are going to jot down a method that includes the iCloud backup feature in WhatsApp. However, please note that this method can overwrite the existing data in your device. So, ensure to follow this way if you are completely agreed with the consequences. Here are the steps to be followed to transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhones.

  • Firstly, enable the iCloud backup function on the source and target devices. Ignore if already done.
  • Grab your source or old iPhone and open âWhatsAppâ.
  • Now, tap on âSettingsâ followed by âChat Settingsâ.
  • Go to âChat backupâ and hit on âBackup Nowâ.
  • The chats of your phone will be successfully backed up in WhatsAppâs iCloud server.
  • After this, take your new or the target device. Start with installing WhatsApp on it.
  • Enter your number on the login screen to proceed.
  • Here, you need to restore your previous chats.
  • Just hit on âRestore Chat Historyâ when prompted and you will be able to get your chats on the new phone.
  • To wrap it up, whether you need to transfer WhatsApp from Android to a new phone or from iPhone to a new phone, you can find all solutions here. However, to make things easier and faster, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer would be the best solution among them. Simply download it and have a try!

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