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Why Is Pinterest Not Working On My Mac

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Prevent Others From Installing Apps

How to Fix Pinterest Not Working on Computer and Mac?

Even if you share a computer with others, you might not want them installing software on it. With the App Store open, go to the bar at the top of the screen and choose App Store followed by Preferences. Under the Password Settings heading, set the two drop-down menus to Always Require and Require Password, respectively. Now nobody will be able to install new apps without entering your password.

Problem #3 Stolen Pins

Bonus tip: If you happen to come across one of your pins that was stolen, you can go through the process to report the pin to Pinterest. They will remove it. As you are completing the form to report it, choose copyright infringement and make sure to choose Strike for what you want to be done with the pin. If you choose the Remove All option, it will take down all of the pins with that image, including your own and any repins. You definitely dont want that.

Bonus Tip #2: When you are repinning on Pinterest, its a good idea to check that the pin directs to where its supposed to go. It only takes a second or two to click on the pin and head to the website. Youll learn quickly how to spot stolen pins and avoid repinning them.

Why Are Images Not Showing Up In Safari On My Mac

SK April 12, 2021

When we search the internet, we expect images! So when Safari stops showing images on websites, its a massive problem.

Recently, a few of our readers complained that they are unable to see images while browsing on their Macs using Safari. So lets dive right in and discover a few ways to fix this Safari issue now!

Assumptions: In this post, we assume the problem happens all the timeirrespective of the website.


Follow These Quick Tips To Get Safari Showing Images Again

  • Clear Safaris history
  • Empty Safaris Cache and restart
  • Check in Safaris Develop Menu that both Disable Images and Disable Javascript are not ticked
  • Move Safaris Cache and Website Preview Data to the trash
  • For older Safari version, verify that you enabled Display images when the page opens in Safaris preferences

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How To Fix Macos Catalina Installation Problems

The first step of your Catalina journey on an existing Mac is to get the operating system installed. While the upgrade process to Catalina is fairly straightforward youll find the update in Apples Mac App Store some users have reported issues with being able to download the update.

Common error codes, at least in the first few days of Catalina being made available for download, included messages like The network connection was lost or Installation of MacOS could not continue.

If youve encountered these error messages, stay calm and carry on , as it likely just means that Apples servers have been swamped. A likely culprit is that a lot of your fellow Mac users have been attempting to do the upgrade at the same time, and thats putting extra stress on Apples servers. If youre attempting to download the files over Wi-Fi, you may want to consider switching to a more stable wired Ethernet cable for better results.

If the error relates to the installation being unable to continue, one possible culprit could be low disk space. Catalinas download file is north of 6GB large, and youll need to have 15GB to 20GB of free space to complete the installation. To check how much free space you have on your drive, click on the Apple menu on the top left corner of your screen, select About This Mac, and then go to Storage. Youll be able to manage your storage here and free up some space, if needed.

How To Export Safari Bookmarks

Apple Mac Pro setup 2013
  • Open Safari
  • Choose File > Export Bookmarks
  • Choose where you want to export the file, then click Save
  • By default, the files name is Safari Bookmarks.html. You can change the name if you wish toconsider adding the date at the end
  • There is a chance you may delete them with the options below, especially option # 3.

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    Why Do Some Websites Not Work On Safari

    Might be due to Safari cookies and history Go to your Safari menu bar, click Safari > Preferences then select the Privacy tab then click: Manage Website Data. It may take a minute or two for cookies to populate then click. Then quit and relaunch Safari and try the sites you are having problems with.

    Check Settings More Quickly

    Since youve been accessing many of these options through System Preferences, launching the application more easily will speed up your setting-adjusting process. So go ahead and keep it in the Dock: Open System Preferences, click and hold on its icon in the Dock, and select Options followed by Keep in Dock. Now you can quickly launch the application by clicking the icon, orbefore you even open the appholding on the icon to bring up a list of its various settings screens.

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    Selecting The Right Code Snippet To Use

    Now, depending on which Lazy Load you are using. Raquel from WP Tasty Pins has provided code snippets for Jetpacks, WP Rockets and A3s Lazy Load.

    If you are not using one of these Lazy Load features. Then this solution is unlikely to work. In which case, I recommend you consider switching to using the Jetpack Lazy Load.

    As it is completely free to use and comes with 40+ other useful features. Including some security features to help keep your blog safe from brute-force-attacks.

    Okay, so depending on which Lazy Load you have. You will want to copy just 1 of the below codes:

    For JetPack Lazy Load use the following code only:

    /** * Add the skip-lazy class to Tasty Pins hidden images to  * prevent lazy load by Jetpack. */add_filter) 

    For WP Rocket Lazy Load use the following code only:

    /** * Add a custom attribute to hidden image output. */add_filter) 

    For A3 Lazy Load use the following code only:

    /** * Add the a3-notlazy class to Tasty Pins hidden images to  * prevent lazy load from the A3 plugin. */add_filter) 

    Once youve copied your selected code. You need to paste it into the blank lines you added to the bottom of your functions.php.

    The final result should look a bit like this:

    To save your changes, click on Update File. And your Pinterest images should now be working even if they are hidden and you are using your Lazy Load option.

    Choose Where Spotlight Searches

    How to Fix Pinterest Not Working on Windows 10

    The Spotlight search tool, which you launch with Cmd+Space, lets you find anything on your Mac. But sometimes its search parameters are so broad that you have trouble picking out the object of your search. To limit its breadth a bit, open System Preferences and pick Spotlight followed by Search Results. Uncheck any of the less relevant categories, like Presentations or Spreadsheets, that you want Spotlight to leave out of its search results.

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    One Site No Longer Loads In Edge But It Will Load In Ie11

    OS: Windows 10 Pro v.1607Suddenly fails to load in Edge a few pins appear but then the page freezes. This same Pinterest account works fine in IE on this same computer and also loads fine in Edge on other computers. Here is what I’ve tried without success:1.Clear browser cache and cookies2.Delete all files in Edge recovery folder3.Sign in with another Pinterest user account4.Sign in with local account instead of Microsoft Account5.Removed saved password for Pinterest6.Reboot computerEdge performs perfectly with all other sites. This issue is apparently limited to this one site in this one browser on this one computer. Pinterest support suggested we use IE Of course, but I like to figure out what causes these things to happen. It may be irrelevant but this issue was first observed following a batch of Windows updates on 12/13/16. The only one that looked like a remote possibility was KB3206632, but that was a significant cumulative update that I really do not want to uninstall. Furthermore, that same update was applied to another computer which does not exhibit this issue. I’m out of ideas. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.Regards,

  • #3
  • How To Fix Macos Catalina App Problems

    With Catalina, Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. Though Catalina introduces Mac users to a whole new world of iOS apps that are ported to work on the Mac including native Apple solutions like the News app older apps will no longer work on Catalina.

    If you frequently use older 32-bit apps, like 1Password 2.12.2, QuickBooks 2015, or VMWare Fusion 3.1.4, among others, then youll be out of luck on Catalina. Even older versions of Adobe stand-alone applications are in trouble. With its latest Mac operating system, Apple ended support for all 32-bit apps, which means a good number of antivirus apps will no longer work as well.

    There are some 235 apps that will no longer work with Catalina, but fortunately, many of these are older titles with suitable 64-bit replacements already available. If you own these older 32-bit apps, you may need to upgrade to newer Mac App Store versions where available, or youll need to wait for the developers to release 64-bit updates.

    If you need to use those applications right away, the only option is to downgrade back to Mojave.

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    How Do I Import A Dvo Cookbook Or Recipe File

    To download your cookbook or recipe .dvo file, click on the product name on the Thank You page after you purchase the cookbook. If you already closed this window, that’s OK because an e-mail message with this link is automatically sent. Simply check your e-mail. If you need additional help,

    To download and install a cookbook into Cook’n, do the following:

  • Right-click the download link and choose “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” or “Download Linked File As…” depending on your Internet browser
  • Choose the Documents\Cook’n\Download folder and click Save and Cook’n will automatically import this cookbook
  • If this does not work, you can do the following.

  • Right-click the appropriate download button and choose “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” or “Download Linked File As…” depending on your Internet browser. It should save as a .dvo file.
  • Choose to save the file on your Desktop. It should be a .dvo file, not an .html file.
  • Launch Cook’n and click File-> Import-> Cook’n Recipe File
  • Select the .dvo cookbook file from you Desktop.
  • You can also watch a video on how to do this.

    How Do I Restore A Backup File

    IPhone Would Not Turn Off  What Should I Do?

    Cook’n makes a backup of your recipe database files automatically from time to time. These backup files are saved, by default, into the Documents\Cook’n Backups folder . To restore a backup file, simply run Cook’n, click File-> Restore-> From File System, and choose the most recent backup file.Please note, once you’ve restored a backup file, you will be automatically disconnected from your Cook’n Cloud account. If you want to use this new file with your membership benefits, please contact support and ask them to wipe your Cook’n Cloud account so you can re-upload your data.

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    Turn Screen Corners Into Shortcuts

    By hovering your cursor over different corners of the screen, you can launch actions like showing the desktop, starting a screensaver, putting the display to sleep, or opening Mission Control . But first, you have to set up these shortcuts. Open System Preferences, choose Desktop & Screen Saver, go to the Screen Saver tab, and click Hot Corners. Now you can decide which function to associate with which corner.

    Unlock A Mac With An Apple Watch

    If you own an Apple Watch, you can use your wearable to access your Mac: When youre wearing the watch, your password-protected computer will let you launch the system while bypassing the log-in screen. Put on and unlock the smart watch. Then turn to your computer, open System Preferences, and choose Security & Privacy. Under General, check the box labeled Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. The watch should buzz to confirm the change, and next time you turn on the computer, you wont have to enter your password.

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    Common Macos Catalina Problems And How To Fix Them

    MacOS Catalina brings plenty of features and apps to get excited about, but as with all software updates, you can expect some bumps along the way. That shouldnt come as a surprise, though, as Apple is ambitiously supporting a wide range of hardware dating back to 2012 Mac models, in some cases.

    Whether youve encountered problems installing Catalina or are having issues getting your Mac up and running post-install, weve got some helpful tips to remedy some of the bugs.

    For the latest on MacOS, be sure to check out our articles on and common problems in Big Sur and how to fix them.

    Turn Off Background App Refresh

    YouTube Not Working on Mac? (Fixed Step by Step)

    Even if you close any app, it continues to refresh in the background to ensure it remains live and kicking all the time. Turning off background app can help you fix this problem.

    Open the Settings app on your device General Background App Refresh.

    Now, tap on Background App Refresh and choose Off.

    Disabling this feature can also help extend the battery life of your device and reduce the data consumption.

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    Sync Folders To The Cloud

    As cloud-storage app iCloud matures, Apple has given it new abilitieslike syncing desktop folders to the web . Open System Preferences and go to iCloud. From this menu, look next to iCloud Drive to find Options, where you can pick which folders and apps you want to sync automatically to your cloud storage account.

    How To Fix Macos Catalina Performance Issues

    After you upgrade to a new operating system, its natural for the OS to run and feel a little sluggish. That sluggishness could be attributed to Catalina fetching app updates in the background and trying to update libraries and files. Usually, performance should improve after a few days be sure to restart your system if you feel like youve been throttled but if you still experience a sluggish Mac, you may want to do a clean install of Catalina, rather than an OS update, to see if performance improves.

    Youll wipe your slate clean with a new install process, which will likely eliminate inconsistencies, connection failures, or any other problems you may have been dealing with on your operating system. Like the upgrade process, youll want to download the MacOS Catalina installer from the Mac App Store. Youll also need a USB drive or a USB-C flash drive, depending on your Mac model with a capacity of 16GB or larger.

    Youll want to follow Apples instructions on creating a bootable installer, which includes using Terminal commands. This manual may be difficult to follow for some, in which case you can always make an appointment at an Apple Genius Bar, where the techs will lend you a bootable flash drive.

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    Free Up Hard Drive Space

    If youre running low on hard drive space, macOS can help. At the top of the screen, click the Apple menu and choose About This Mac. In the window that appears, open the Storage tab and click Manage. To automatically remove cloud-based files that dont require local storagesuch as iTunes TV shows, iTunes movies, and email attachmentsselect Optimize. If you prefer manual control, pick Review Files to check out the largest files on your system and decide whether or not to erase them.

    Combine App Windows Into Tabs

    Number Keypad Not Working on a Mac Keyboard? Its a Simple Fix

    Just as you open multiple tabs in a browser, macOS lets you arrange the windows of other apps the same way. This only works for certain programs, including all of the Apple-developed applications, such as Apple Maps. In any app that supports tabs, choose Window from the bar at the top of the page. Then click Merge All Windows to bring several windows together in a series of tabs.

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    Now That I Am A Premium Subscriber How Do I Use My Credits To Redeem Free Cookbooks

    To receive your free cookbooks each month, launch the Cook’n Desktop App and make sure that you are logged in to the Cook’n Cloud Account associated with your Premium subscription. Then, simply click the “Credits: 1” link at the top of the Home Page. Watch this demo video for more information. Note: if Cook’n is already running, please exit and restart so it will detect your new Premium Membership status.

    How Do I Export Recipes From Big Oven Living Cookbook Or Mastercook And Import Them Into Cook’n

    Before you begin, please make sure you have the latest version of Cook’n. And, if you haven’t already done so, please install the necessary Plugins.


  • Select the recipes you wish to export.
  • Close any internet browser window that pops up
  • A Pop-up window will tell you what folder to find your files in.
  • Run Cook’n and click File-> Import-> BigOven
  • Choose the folder indicated in step #6
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    Cook’n Fails To Launch How Do I Fix This So I Can Access My Recipes

    There may be a number of reasons why Cook’n fails to launch on your computer. The new Catalina operating system that Apple released is causing major headaches for Mac users since it is affecting many Mac apps . If you are a Mac user with the Catalina operating system and you are experiencing this failure to launch problem, please follow these steps. Otherwise, skip these and follow the 5 steps below:

  • Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Full Disk Access
  • Add Cook’n
  • Launch Cook’n
  • Note: If this doesn’t work, please remove Cook’n from Full Disk Access and add it back again
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