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Why Is My Pinterest Not Working

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Solution 1 Using Placeholder Images

How to Fix Pinterest Not Working on Computer and Mac?

Googles search failed to find a solution for me. I was forced to resort to my tried and trusted trial and error method. Thinking about what different options I could change that might affect the issue. Trying each change in a controlled way, including changing the order of images, the image sizes, adding, removing or changing some code etc.

Eventually, I tried removing the style=display: none and surprisingly the missing images started to appear when clicking the Pin It button.

So if the CSS style display: none no longer works what alternatives are there?

Selecting The Right Code Snippet To Use

Now, depending on which Lazy Load you are using. Raquel from WP Tasty Pins has provided code snippets for Jetpacks, WP Rockets and A3s Lazy Load.

If you are not using one of these Lazy Load features. Then this solution is unlikely to work. In which case, I recommend you consider switching to using the Jetpack Lazy Load.

As it is completely free to use and comes with 40+ other useful features. Including some security features to help keep your blog safe from brute-force-attacks.

Okay, so depending on which Lazy Load you have. You will want to copy just 1 of the below codes:

For JetPack Lazy Load use the following code only:

/** * Add the skip-lazy class to Tasty Pins hidden images to  * prevent lazy load by Jetpack. */add_filter) 

For WP Rocket Lazy Load use the following code only:

/** * Add a custom attribute to hidden image output. */add_filter) 

For A3 Lazy Load use the following code only:

/** * Add the a3-notlazy class to Tasty Pins hidden images to  * prevent lazy load from the A3 plugin. */add_filter) 

Once youve copied your selected code. You need to paste it into the blank lines you added to the bottom of your functions.php.

The final result should look a bit like this:

To save your changes, click on Update File. And your Pinterest images should now be working even if they are hidden and you are using your Lazy Load option.

What Is A Vpn

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, which is a popular technology used to transfer data over the internet in a secure and encrypted way.

Originally, it was mostly just businesses using VPNs as a way to encrypt sensitive information and move it to other servers or send to colleagues. Nowadays, though, people use VPNs for all kinds of reasons.

Some of the most common uses for a VPN include:

  • Accessing blocked websites
  • Watching Netflix shows not available in your country
  • Anonymously use P2P and torrenting with no throttling
  • Using public Wi-Fi hotspots free from hacking and spying
  • Making online purchases while keeping personal data safe
  • Surfing the web with complete privacy and anonymity
  • You can read more about VPNs and see which ones we recommend by .

    About This Page

    How frustrating is it when you try to visit a website that you visit every day, but for some reason today its not working? The website has no message up letting you know what the problem is. And you are left wondering is it down for me or down for everyone?

    Well, thats where Downinspector comes in. We perform multiple tests on the website using a real browser and combine this with people power to work out exactly what the problem is. If no problem is found we also have great guides you can follow to help you diagnose and fix your issues.


    Drag this bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks bar to check a websites status from anywhere.

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    Check Your Internet Status

    If even after you do that you still have a problem with the internet connection, you should restart your router.

    To restart your router, simply press the power button or remove the power cord from the power source. After that make sure to wait for a minute or so before turning it back on. Once you turn on your router again, itll take probably another minute or so for the Wi-Fi to work properly.

    If this wont solve your problem Wi-Fi or internet connection might not be your problem and you should move on to other solutions.

    Fix : Reset The Chrome Settings

    6 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Strategy May Not Be Very Effective. Are ...

    If the last method has been proved of no use, you can try this one.

    Step 1: Open your Chrome and click the three-dot button. And then click Settings.

    Step 2: Click Reset and clean up from the left column and select Restore settings to their original defaults.

    Step 3: In the pop-up window, click Reset settings to confirm your choice.

    Step 4: Restart your Chrome and check if the issue exists.

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    Try Using A Different Browser

    There are many great browsers on the market, but if you want a lightweight and reliable one, rest assured that Opera is an ideal choice.

    This browser uses the same engine as Chrome, meaning that it can use all of Chromes extensions. Unlike Chrome, this one wont send any of your data to Google, so your privacy will remain protected.

    Besides that, Opera has various other privacy features, such as the unlimited VPN and a built-in ad blocker to load webpages up to 90% faster.

    Problem #3 Stolen Pins

    Bonus tip: If you happen to come across one of your pins that was stolen, you can go through the process to report the pin to Pinterest. They will remove it. As you are completing the form to report it, choose copyright infringement and make sure to choose Strike for what you want to be done with the pin. If you choose the Remove All option, it will take down all of the pins with that image, including your own and any repins. You definitely dont want that.

    Bonus Tip #2: When you are repinning on Pinterest, its a good idea to check that the pin directs to where its supposed to go. It only takes a second or two to click on the pin and head to the website. Youll learn quickly how to spot stolen pins and avoid repinning them.

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    What Are Status Codes

    Every time your browser connects to a webpage its sent back data from the webpage known as headers. The purpose of the headers is to give the browser important information about the state of the webpage. The https status codes as they are sometimes called are handed to the browser as part of this information. And tell the browser whats going to happen next.

    For instance, if the webpage sends a http status code of 200 back to the browser it means OK everything worked, I will now display the contents you requested. But if it sends back a http status code of 404 it means NOT FOUND, the requested webpage was not found, so I cant display the contents you requested.

    Status codes can be separated into five separate categories based on their first number:

  • 2XX – SuccessThe webpage is up and reachable and the contents shall be displayed.

  • 3XX RedirectThe webpage is up and reachable, but is going to redirect you to another URL.

  • 4XX Browser ErrorThe browser has requested information which does not exist on the server.

  • 5XX Server ErrorThe server has a temporary or permanent error and is unable to handle the request.

  • Followers Quality Over Quantity

    How to Fix Pinterest Not Working on Windows 10

    They used the term early engagement, which is also well-known in regards to the Instagram algorithm. If your content gets good engagement soon after publication, chances are this content might get an additional boost from the platforms algorithm.

    To quote Sarah from Pinterest : Thats the testing ground and it gets your content out much faster than Pinterest could ever do before. This is your most loyal audience they love your content.

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    Check For Your Os Updates

    If an older OS version is causing problems in Snapchat, you should follow the steps given below to update your OS:

    Step 1:Launch Your Settings App

    Search for the settings application and open the settings on your android device.

    Step 2:Open About Device Section

    Till you see the About Device option search down the options and once found, click on it.

    Step 3:Look For OS Update

    Now, just in case you have an option of a Software update available, tap on Software Update.

    Some devices can automatically update themselves whenever one is offered if the owner has got the Auto-update option enabled on their device.

    Steps To Update On An iOS Device

    Its very easy to update the OS on your Android devices. The steps to do so is given below:

    Step 1:Open Settings

    Go to your device settings just by clicking on it.

    Step 2:Open The General Section

    Inside your settings app, there you should find a General option, click it.

    Step 3:Look For Option Of Software Update

    Youll find an option of Software Update right below the About section, click the Software Update option.

    There check if any iOS update is being offered and if there is an update available, click the Download and Install option.

    You can activate auto-update by enabling Automatic Updates that you simply will find on the highest part of your screen.

    Problem #2 Frequent Glitches

    Bonus Tip: If Pinterest is having a glitch and you are concerned about pinning consistently, Tailwind is the way to go. I love Tailwind for many reasons, as I talk about this post, and this is definitely one of them. If you havent signed up for Tailwind, you can get a free monthto check it out. You can use the Tailwind Chrome extension and Tribes to schedule pins when Pinterest is glitchy. Its so helpful!

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    Update Your Iphone Or Ipad

    If nothing has worked so far, an iOS update may solve your problems. To update your iOS device to the latest software version:

  • Head to Settings General Software Update.
  • Check for an available update. If theres one waiting, and Install it.
  • Its still not working? You may be looking at a bigger issue. If you cant go without the Pinterest app on your iPhone, a factory reset may be in order.

    Wrapping Up

    Have any other Apple-related questions? Ask away in the comments below.

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    What Is An Ip Address

    If Its Not Working, Why Don

    Given to you by your ISP, IP addresses consist of four sets of numeric values or octets ranging from 0 255, with each octet separated by a single dot.

    From home computers to large organizations, any device with an Internet connection needs a public IP address. IP addresses are used as a way for devices to send data to each other. And because theyre globally unique, ensure the data reaches its intended target and doesnt go to the wrong place.

    Websites have IP addresses too, but theyre usually hidden behind the sites domain name. When you visit a website such as, for example, the websites name gets converted to its associated IP address by DNS servers. The DNS servers then use the IP address to find the website and load the content in your browser window.

    Sometimes its possible to visit a website using the IP address instead of the domain name. But usually, the website blocks this kind of direct access because its not encrypted , and poses a security risk.

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    One Site No Longer Loads In Edge But It Will Load In Ie11

    OS: Windows 10 Pro v.1607Suddenly fails to load in Edge a few pins appear but then the page freezes. This same Pinterest account works fine in IE on this same computer and also loads fine in Edge on other computers. Here is what I’ve tried without success:1.Clear browser cache and cookies2.Delete all files in Edge recovery folder3.Sign in with another Pinterest user account4.Sign in with local account instead of Microsoft Account5.Removed saved password for Pinterest6.Reboot computerEdge performs perfectly with all other sites. This issue is apparently limited to this one site in this one browser on this one computer. Pinterest support suggested we use IE Of course, but I like to figure out what causes these things to happen. It may be irrelevant but this issue was first observed following a batch of Windows updates on 12/13/16. The only one that looked like a remote possibility was KB3206632, but that was a significant cumulative update that I really do not want to uninstall. Furthermore, that same update was applied to another computer which does not exhibit this issue. I’m out of ideas. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.Regards,

  • #3
  • Exit The Beta Program

    Beta programs come with experimental features and are not always suited for casual users. They’re not free from bugs and may contain features not ready for every Android device hence, they keep crashing the app whenever you tried using it.

    i. Open Play Store on your phone

    ii. Search for Pinterest and select it. If it appears as , that means youre running the Beta version.

    iii. Scroll down till you find Youre a beta tester

    iv. below it and wait for a few moments to remove you from the program.

    v. You can then Uninstall and Install Pinterest again.

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    Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

    • Step 1: Open Google chrome

    Open Google Chrome on your device. Make sure you open it on your laptop or PC as it will be more convenient than the phone.

    • Step 2: Go to settings

    After opening google chrome, you need to go to settings. Now in order to do that, click on the three dots. There are present in the top-right corner of the browser. The window on your screen is the settings section. You will find all the setting options related to your chrome here.

    • Step 3: Select Advanced

    Now under the Settings tab, select the advanced option. Scroll down your screen to find it. The advanced settings like printing, system and, many more, related to the chrome will display on your screen. These are different from the basic settings and allows you to make your chrome experience better.

    • Step 4: Turn off hardware acceleration

    Now under the advanced settings option, look for the required option i.e., Turn off hardware acceleration. The option must be under System. You will see a toggle option in front of the Turn off hardware acceleration. Turn it off. You will see it will change to a grey color.

    • Step 5: Click on relaunch

    As soon change the toggle, a relaunch option will appear on your screen. It will appear beside the toggle option. Click on it. Your chrome will restart after following these steps.

    Turn Off Background App Refresh

    How to Fix Pinterest Not Working / Not Opening / Unfortunately has Stopped Problem

    Even when you close Pinterest , it continues to refresh in the background to ensure it remains stocked with the latest data for you to browse. Turning off Background App Refresh can help you fix this problem.

  • Open Settings on your iDevice General Background App Refresh.
  • Now, tap Background App Refresh and choose Off.
  • Disabling this feature can also help extend the battery life of your device and reduce data consumption. With that said, you may notice a slight delay when your iPhone or iPad loads new media like photos or videos in apps.

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    Group Boards Will Be Losing Distribution Power

    Now, 1000-4000 contributors and no pinning limits cant end up in a good way. Spam eventually takes over these boards and the board is losing the focus on one topic.

    As a consequence, even legit pinners on those boards get low engagement scores for their pins and a confusing keyword context based on all the spam saved to the board previously.

    What should you do now?

  • If you are still relatively new and dont have many big group boards on your profile, you have two options. First, forget about group boards and work on your own boards. Second, if you still want to try to reach additional audiences with group boards, you might want to create or join only small group boards, very specifically targeted to a keyword or topic.
  • If you already joined many large group boards, especially generic boards which allow people from all niches to pin, its time to evaluate how efficient these boards are for your account. Learn how I do it from this post.
  • Check And Clean Up Your Phone Storage

    A quick way to free up your phone storage is to overview the apps and files taking up your storage and take drastic measures – yes, clean unnecessary files.

    How to check and clean your phone storage:

    i. Open Settings

    ii. Scroll to Storage and tap it.

    iii. Click Internal Storage to view your storage usage. This should give you an overview of what apps or files are eating up your storage.

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    Check Your Internet Connection

    If youre using Wi-Fi:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi.
  • Check that its enabled and youre connected to a network. Try going to a website on your browser of choice to see if it loads properly.
  • If youre using Cellular Data:

  • If youre using Cellular Data, head to Settings Cellular.
  • Make sure Cellular Data is enabled.
  • Now, scroll down to the CELLULAR DATA section where youll see a list of apps. Make sure the toggle next to is set to on.
  • Adding Placeholder Images To Save On Page Load

    Working out but not seeing results? 4 reasons why. Video 2 of 2 ...

    So how do you work around this? For me, it made sense that if these images are never seen then they are just placeholders for the data-pin-media image set in the code. A 1×1 pixel image is all that is really required.

    Therefore, if you want to reuse the same placeholder image for multiple pin images on the same page. You can use the same 1×1 pixel image but youll need to rename it for each different pin you want.

    For example, I set up 6 copies of the same placeholder image and simply renamed them Placeholder-Pin-1.jpg, Placeholder-Pin-2.jpg etc.

    By doing this I was able to use a 0.5 KB image over 22-30 KB. Which soon adds up when you have multiple pin images per page. Admittedly, this method doesnt prevent the extra server request for each image though.

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