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Why Is My Gmail Not Sending Emails

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Arent You Receiving Emails On Your Gmail Account Heres The Fix

how to fix gmail app not sending emails

Gmail is undoubtedly among the leading email service providers in the world. With over 1.5 billion active users, Gmail is consistently maintaining the top rank when it comes to the availability of unique features. However, instances occur, when just like other email service providers, Gmail encounters some issues, and you stop receiving emails in your Gmail account. Ranging from browser-related issues and insufficient account storage to server-related issues and Gmail filters, there can be multiple reasons that restrict your Gmail account from receiving emails.

Here, we will discuss the underlying factors that trigger Gmail not receiving emails issues and will show you how to get rid of the issue in no time.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails? Heres Why!

Before we start with the troubleshooting of any issues with a Gmail account email, lets identify the various factors that are responsible for the error. This will help you deal with the issue both effectively and quickly. While there could be multiple reasons if youre not receiving any emails on the Gmail account, below-mentioned are the most common ones that restrict you from receiving emails on the email platform:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Server-related issues

How To Resolve If Gmail Isnt receiving Emails?

1st Method: Use an alternate web browser

2nd Method: Check if Gmail is down

3rd Method: Check the storage quota of Gmail account

  • On your Google Drive, select Upgrade Storage to open the tab shown below.
  • Make Sure Gmail Is Not Set To The Offline

    If youve configured your Gmail to Offline mode, it can push your email to Gmail Outbox. So, verify if the Offline mode is enabled or not. For this,

    Choose Gmail Settings > See all Settings and choose the Offline tab.

    Next, on the page that opens, check if the box next to Enable offline mail is checked or not. If it is checked, youll need to uncheck the box and see if the problem is resolved.

    Secure And Easy Method Of Backup By Using Software

    Windows 10 Mail App Migrator is aware of consumers needs, as well as the importance and difficulties of data backup. This software makes data backup as simple as possible. The following are some of the softwares most important features:

    • Finds and transforms configured Windows 10 mail accounts automatically.
    • While converting emails in the Windows 10 mail app, keep the following email qualities in mind: To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date, and so on.
    • Use advanced configuration filters to migrate emails from the Windows 10 mail app selectively.
    • It can save backups in a variety of file formats, including PDF, PST, DOC, MSG, MBOX, and others.
    • Both POP and IMAP configured Windows 10 Mail profiles can be migrated to the new app.
    • Keep the Windows 10 mail app mailbox folders original OnDisk folder hierarchy.

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    Bonus Gmail Wont Load

    If youre logging into Gmail with a web browser, and the web page will not load for you, there are a few things you need to try to get things back up and running again. First, youll want to make sure youre using a supported web browser. You can find a list of supported web browsers on Googles help site. Its fair to say that most modern web browsers will work, but Opera users will be out of luck, Im afraid.

    Often, browser extensions or applications can interfere with Gmail as well. A quick way to check on this is by trying out Gmail in the web browsers private or incognito mode. If Gmail works there, try disabling browser extensions one by one until you find the culprit.

    Sometimes cookies or temporary files can break Gmail as well. The same test using incognito mode is a quick way to test that behavior as well. If Gmail works in incognito mode, but disabling extensions didnt help, clearing your cache and cookies should do the trick.

    Finally, you might want to try disabling any Google labs you have running. The easiest way to do that is to visit this website. This will automatically disable any labs you have running so you can test the Gmail client without them. If it works, again, try disabling all labs, and re-enabling them one at a time. If Gmail fails again, you have your culprit.

    A Few Things To Check Before Working Through The Solutions

    Resolving "Message not delivered" bounces from Gmail ...

    Before we dive into solutions for Gmail queued issues, we need to make sure that Gmail is the problem; not something else.

    If youre a Google user experiencing this issue, double-check these things first:

    • Are you running the latest Gmail version?

    Its always worth checking to see if theres an update. Google may have patched the issue youre experiencing in its latest version.

    • Are you over the email file size limit?

    If youre sending mail with an attachment, double-check that its no greater than GMails 50 MB file size limit.

    • Do you have a stable internet connection?

    Sometimes your Gmail message is stuck because youre experiencing network related issues. Ensure you have a stable network connection whether its on Wi-Fi or mobile data.

    • Is there a problem with Googles servers?

    While Googles servers rarely go down, its not unheard of; even though no one expects it. You can check the status of Gmail servers here. If thats the case, rest assured Google is working to fix it.

    Its also worth making sure that the issue is with the mobile app specifically.

    A good way to do this is by sending an email message to yourself from the web app on your computer. If there are no queued issues when using the web app, youll know that this is a mobile-specific problem.

    If none of these checks have helped, consider the solutions below.

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    Bonus: Best Tips For Better Mail Deliverability Using Gmail

  • Make sure you use a valid email address in the To field, so make a thorough check.
  • Keep your email database clean from bounced or unsubscribed email addresses.
  • Those who have GSUite , need to make sure that their SPF and DKIM records are configured in a proper manner.
  • Gmails spam filter can get triggered due to content available in the email body, the images, or the links that you have included.
  • It is not recommended to copy newsletters from Microsoft Word, try to write emails in HTML and CSS.
  • Ask the recipient to check if they have blocked your email address and ask them to add your email address as a contact.
  • Disable tracking for email opening and link clicking.
  • Double Check Your Gmail Filter Settings

    Filtering your emails is often a necessity, especially if you start receiving random spam emails from bots and advertisers. Unfortunately, its possible the email youre expecting to receive has been filtered as well.

    The Gmail mobile apps settings are limited, so youre better off using your computer for this. If you dont have a PC, you can open Gmail on the browser app of your phone. Just make sure to tick on the Show desktop version option on your browser app.

    On your PC:

  • Open your Gmail account and click on the gear icon at the top-right corner of your screen to go to your Settings.
  • Look for and click on See all settings.
  • Go to Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Look through the email addresses that you have blocked or created filters for. Unblock or unfilter the email address you want to receive emails from.
  • If you unblocked or unfiltered any email address, then we recommend asking them to resend their email to you. Your Gmail account should now receive the email without a problem.

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    Gmail Not Sending From Outlook

    Having multiple issues after trying to upgrade to 15.9. But the issue has spread to my Outlook 2011 as well.

    Any mail sent using a gmail back end is not arriving at destination. ;It shows as having been sent but no recipients are getting it. ;Problem does not exist when using Apple Mail or gmail web client.

    I have over-ridden outgoing ports to use those suggested by gmail. ;But no luck.

    Since the problem is in both new and old Outlook, I am not sure where to go. ;And all of this happened after I installed 15.9 and then reinstalled 2011 since 15.9 was broken in several ways.

    Microsoft, please pull back 15.9, give us instructions for removing all lib files and ship something that works. ;BTW, with 15.9, I can’t connect to a managed Exchange 2013 server. ;You broke your own stuff!

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    Office 15.x is still beta, so I’m not entirely surprised that some things are not working.Now Gmail not allowing you to send emails through Outlook is somewhat new to me. I would suspect a configuration issue .

    The good news in all that is that the apps in Office 15.x are self contained: no lib files, extension, etc. If you trash the app, you’ve trashed everything .;;;;; Corentin

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    Clean Cache And App Data

    Fix Outlook Not Sending or Receiving Emails

    If you are using Gmail in your Android phone then cleaning Cache and app data can resolve Gmail not sending email problems. Whatever Application we use Cache and app data helps it to load fast as it does not load files whenever it needs. But over period app create huge Cache and app data which may lead to some technical problems like this. to resolve this situation you need to Clear Cache and app data of the Gmail App. to Clear Cache and app data follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings of Android phone.
  • Under Device Click on App.
  • You will get a list of APP, look for; Gmail App.
  • Clear Data and Clear Cache Both.
  • Note:

    Now you Gmail not sending emails issue should be fixed. if not continue with the next step.

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    Check The Imap Or Pop Settings

    If your Gmailcant receive emails on Outlook and you are getting the POP or IMAP failure messages, you must check that you have enabled the POP or IMAP settings for your Gmail account.;;

    • Open the settings of your Gmail account.
    • Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option and enable the IMAP or POP server whatever you are using.
    • If using a POP server, make sure to select the keep Gmails copy in the inbox section or you will not receive the new emails.;

    Check The Gmail Storage Quota

  • Click Upgrade Storage in Google Drive to open the tab shown directly below.
  • The maximum freely allocated storage space for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos is 15 GB combined.
  • Users who have reached the 15 GB storage mark will need to free up some space. To do that, open Gmail in a browser.
  • Then select some emails to delete and click the Delete button.
  • Click More on the left of Gmails tab.
  • Then click Bin to open it.
  • Click the Empty Bin now option to erase the emails there. Thereafter, users might start receiving Gmail emails again.
  • Users cant receive emails when they no longer have any free Gmail space. To check storage, open your page .

  • Users can delete filters by clicking the Settings button and selecting Settings.
  • Click Filters and blocked addresses to open the tab shown below.
  • Select all filters listed on that tab.
  • Press the Delete button to erase the filters.
  • Gmail users not receiving messages in their inboxes can be due to filters rerouting emails to alternative folders, such as All Mail.
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    Category : Methods To Fix Gmail Is Not Sending Emails On Mobile

    If you are using the Gmail application to send or receive emails on your mobile or iPhone, you are suggested totry the troubleshooting tips given below.;

    Cross-check recipients and Email details

    It may sound very obvious but cant be missed when you are not able to send emails from your Gmail account. So, thoroughly check for the spellings and special characters in the recipients email address so that your emails can reach the right person, or else your emails will be stuck in the Outbox folder. So, if Gmail is not sending an email to a certain address, you need to check it again and do the corrections.;

    Configure Gmail IMAP and POP Settings

    If you are not able to use your Gmail account properly on your android device or failing to send emails from Gmail, you are advised to reconfigure the Gmail POP or IMAP settings along with the correct login credentials. Having said that, the POP/SMTP Servers are using the right ports. You can find the right Gmail configuration settings here.

    Incoming Mail Server
    Your Gmail password

    Clear cache and Collected Data

    Here is how you can remove cache and cookies from Gmail on your Android:

    Step 1: Go to Settings on your mobile.

    Step 2: Open Apps.

    Step 3: Go to App Manager, All Apps, or Manage Apps.

    Step 4: Navigate to Gmail.

    Step 5: Click on Storage.

    Step 6: Now, clear cache and select Clear Data.

    Step 7: Reboot your Android devices and try sending emails from your Gmail application.

    Remove and Re-Install Gmail Application

    Use A Different Browser

    Why Is My Blocked Gmail Account Not Sending Or Receiving ...

    If you still havent found your email by now, then try using a different browser. Gmail only officially supports four browsers, so opening it on any of those should yield the best results.

    You can open your Gmail on:

    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge

    These browsers should have cookies and JavaScript turned on.

    Similarly, if youre using the Gmail app on your phone, then try opening Gmail in your phones browser. Sometimes the Gmail app can run into problems, especially when it comes to syncing and receiving emails in real-time.

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    Emails Are Sending But Going To Spam

    Before running any other tests, make sure emails from WordPress arent going to spam.

    If a user reports to you that WordPress isnt sending emails, it might be simply that their emails are going to spam.

    Ask them to check their spam folder for emails from the system. Some email clients might identify emails from WordPress as spam because theyre automated.

    Fix Contact Form 7 Not Sending Emails

    Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest and most popular free WordPress forms plugins.

    If youre having problems with it sending email , the fix is to change the address that emails are being sent from.

    In your WordPress admin, go to Contact > Contact Forms.

    Contact forms

    Select the form youve created and open the Mail tab.

    Email tab in contact forms

    Make sure the From field has the admin email address of your site, not the email address input in the form. You can use that in the Reply to field but not the From field.

    Avoid using the same email addresses for the From and To fields. Use a different email address from the one you use for your site.

    Save your changes.

    Now test things by completing the form yourself.

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    Why Am I Not Getting My Emails

    If youre able to see your messages in Gmails web interface, but they do not show up in a desktop client, it is likely a problem with the client. You can remove the account and connect it again to see if the messages start delivering.

    You should also review the settings of the desktop client to make sure they arent blocking incoming emails.

    A Troubleshooting Guide To Fix Gmail Not Sending Or Receiving Emails Issue

    How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issues? [ 5 Solutions]

    Posted on | by Khushboo Chhibber

    Gmail is one of the most prominent and convenient forms of email services. You cannot imagine facing any issues with this renowned email service but thats not always true. Certain issues may arise, every now and then and one of them is the inability to send or receive emails. If Gmail is neither sending nor receiving emails, thiscan happen for several reasons and in this troubleshooting guide, you will learn how to fix them.;

    Once I visited the Gmail forum to get answers for my query and I realized so many users are facing the same issue with Gmail i.e. able to send emails but not receive. Not only this, but you may also face certain glitches in sending some emails with Gmail.

    Stay tuned and keep on reading to fix the aforesaid problems.

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    Fixes For A Queued Email In Gmail

    Wondering why your emails are queued in Gmail?

    While Gmail is an incredible email app, its not without its problems.And one of the more common and annoying ones on the mobile app is having multiple emails stuck in a mail queue for hours.

    Fortunately, there are lots of available solutions.

    In this detailed guide, Ill cover why your emails are getting stuck in a queue and go over some potential fixes to the Gmail queued error.

    Check Gmails Server Status

    Due to various reasons, sometimes, Googles Gmail servers are down. So it directly affects the Email protocols of Gmail. So it can be a reason for not receiving Emails.

    To check the server status, visit , and check if theres any server outage. A yellow dot on the dashboard can identify the server outage.

    The server status of Gmail can also be checked onDowndetector. The servers status is shown in graphs with detailed baselines and reports. Below the chart, the most reported problems, i.e., Log-in failure, receive messages, and website issues, are mentioned with the outage percentage.

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    Close Background Running Apps

    Sometimes, closing the background running apps can help you fix the problem of emails getting stuck in the Outbox. Therefore, you can close all the background running apps and then try to send out the emails from the Outbox.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How do I fix my Outbox in Gmail?

    To resolve the Gmail issue, you can remove all the background running apps, and you can also clear the apps cache on your device.

    Q2. Why are my emails going to Outbox and not sending?

    Sometimes, the emails may go to the Outbox, and Gmail may queue them to send later because you may have an unstable internet connection, or you may be attaching a file that exceeds the limit of 25GB. Moreover, check if you are using the latest version of the app on your device. If you are using an old version of the app, then it is probably the reason why you are facing the issue.

    Q3. How do I fix Gmail not sending emails?

    To fix Gmail not sending emails, you have to ensure that you have a stable internet connection and you are not exceeding the 25GB limit of the attachment. You can enable the background data usage option on your device if you use your mobile data as your internet connection.

    Q4. How do I send an email that is stuck in my Outbox?


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