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Why Is Linkedin Important For Personal Branding

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Ensure Your Online Presence

What Is A Personal Brand & Why Is It Important? – Coaching Moment

Being on the internet is the best way to build a strong image that lasts over time. Showing a web presence takes time and energy, but over time, the more information you post and share on a topic that interests you, the more it will help you gain visibility and position yourself as an expert. reference in your field, in addition to helping you build a positive and controlled image of yourself.

You Need To Rock Your Profile

Youll shoot yourself in the foot if you rush through the process of creating a profile. More so than on other social media, your profile will be visited and read.

Because the personal brand is so central to the LinkedIn environment, youre given a big and flexible canvas on which to paint a picture of yourself. Put some effort, thought and creativity into rocking your public profile top to bottom.

A lot of people feel the endorsements section is lightweight, but I believe when the endorsements begin piling up it helps support your personal brand with a credibility boost.

  • Recommendations Written testimonials are presented here, which are even more powerful than endorsements.
  • Additional information and summary elements Theres a crazy long list of optional sections you can add to your profile: groups, certifications, publications, projects, honors, organizations and more. Publish the things you feel are credentials and/or conversation starters and order them as you like.

Get Endorsements & Recommendations

LinkedIn also allows users to leave endorsements and recommendations on your profile. These are great to have as they act as social proof of your expertise.

Donât just wait for people to leave testimonials. Be proactive and ask for endorsements and recommendations from relevant connections. In LinkedIn, you canrequest recommendations from your connections easily from your profile.

You can start asking your colleagues, clients, or professors for their testimonials.

When requesting recommendations, ask them for feedback on a specific skill to boost your reputation. It also pays to mention why you want the recommendations.

In return, always say thank you and write a recommendation for them.

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Personalize Your Connection Request

A personalized invitation boosts your chance of getting accepted. So, spend some time writing your invitation to build that connection.

A good LinkedIn connection request contains the following:

  • Explanation on how you know the person
  • Reason why you want to connect
  • What you admire most about his brand
  • Some information from his profile

When sending your invite, show a bit of enthusiasm to further improve your chance of getting accepted. Also, always end it with a thank you.

Ways You Can Start Developing Your Personal Brand Today

Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

1. Start With the End in Mind

What is your intention behind personal branding? To start defining, developing, or building your personal brand, first decide what you want to accomplish with your branding strategy. For example, is your intention simply to present yourself better or more clearly in the world? Or do you have a specific business strategy in mind for building your personal brand?

When working with my own coaching and consulting clients, I have developed a simple strategy that I call The 3 Core Questions to consider before you take any step that involves connecting with your audience.

That means that before you create a video, before you write a blog article, before you write an email, before you put out any message in any format or platform, answer The 3 Core Questions as clearly and in as much detail as you can. Adding this single strategy to your messaging will push more power into your personal brand.

  • Who are you?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • What do you want them to do next and why?

2. Be Authentic

Be yourself, but know your stuff! Your goal in personal branding is to build your tribe. And your tribe is likely to be people who have similar interests, desires, and goals as you. Share from the heart. Tell your story.

Dont fall prey to the idea that you can fake it til you make it. While that may work for a while, it isnt going to fool most people for very long.

3. Be Clear in Your Focus

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

5. Be Consistent

7. Own Your Brand

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How To Develop A Personal Branding Strategy

In essence, there are five steps to personal brand strategy:

  • Knowing who you are.
  • Online presence.
  • Reputation management.
  • These steps are a great way to identify your offer and goals, find those who can help towards those aims, show the world your talents, be clear and on-brand in the digital world and make sure the things you do help not hinder -your efforts.

    Be Active Share And Engage With Others

    After youve worked hard on building out your LinkedIn profile, dont just rely on search for people to find you.

    You should consistently post on LinkedIn. Share content thats relevant to your target audience, but dont overwhelm anybodys feed. If you have a blog, thats great! Promote it on LinkedIn and people in your field will respect you for it. If you were recently on a podcast episode, or if you have a webinar or speaking opportunity coming up, promote it! But dont just promote yourself all the time.

    Its important to share content from other outlets as well. This lets people know that youre knowledgeable and you make an effort to stay aware of whats going on in your industry. Post about what youre seeing in the industry, trends, and challenges youve faced, and how to overcome them. Other people in your industry will relate to your stories.

    Starting a conversation by sharing is great, but dont forget to participate in conversations as well. Commenting on other peoples posts is a great way to connect with someone for the first time and can lead to more interactions in the future. Simple things like Great read! Thanks for sharing. can go a long way. If you have the time, typing a thoughtful response that touches on the topic shared is an even better way to build and strengthen relationships on LinkedIn.

    This should not be overwhelming. You might be thinking, How do I find all this content all the time, and how do I know who to connect with and engage with?

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    Its Your Best Way Of Managing Your Network

    If not with LinkedIn then with what? What other super popular networking site allows you to connect with all your contacts and business associates? There really is no better option. The honest truth is that LinkedIn is big for a reason. In ways, its like your personal CRM system for dealing with all your contacts. You can keep track of every person youre connected with without having to ever fear forgetting about someone in the mist of your busy life.

    Accept All Connection Requests

    How to Build Your Personal Brand | Personal Branding on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Series Video #3

    Theres literally no reason not to accept a connection request, whether you know the person or not.

    Given that your profile is a professional, public-facing component of your personal brand, you should welcome any and all connection requests.

    Growing your connections will only lead to a wider network and more opportunities. Plus, youll show up more.

    Every time you accept a request, youre now going to be part of that connections network, and accordingly, youll show up as a second-degree connection in their network.

    Obviously, theres one exception to this rule: if someone is harassing you online, you shouldnt accept their LinkedIn request.

    Other than that, however, accept requests theyre a good thing!

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    S To Creating Your Personal Brand On Linkedin

    Now that you understand the importance of personal branding and the role it plays in cutting the noise in todays highly competitive world, let us see what the steps are to create a personal brand.

    Personal branding isnt optional it is an essential part of building a strong company brand as well. Especially for consultants and coaches. Personal branding is a necessary element of lead generation, too. LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B executives, and service-oriented professionals to generate quality leads. When you develop a LinkedIn lead generation strategy that includes personal branding, you will be able to promote yourself as a thought leader and control the perception your market has about you and your business.

    • If you are starting from scratch and want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn for personal branding and business growth, check out my online LinkedIn course here.
    • Learn how to create an all-star LinkedIn profile here.
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    Examples Of Personal Branding Masters

    Developing a great personal brand doesnt happen overnight. Its imperative to be able to communicate your purpose and mission to your audience in a genuine way. Here are some examples of famous people who have built incredible personal brands through hard work, consistency and a long-term focus:

    Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is undoubtedly the queen of personal branding. She is continually building equity in her brand which has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion, according to Forbes. Oprah has always stuck to her core competency: challenging millions of viewers to live the best lives possible by understanding their potential. By being true to herself, she has inspired millions to be their best selves.

    Richard Branson: Richard Branson is undeniably one of the most visible, successful, and well-known men alive. He has continually stayed true to his core values, including adventure and risk-taking. By being himself, he has often done exactly what other business leaders cautioned against, including crazy publicity stunts like dressing as a flight attendant for a competing airline. His unorthodox style and commitment to his passions have helped him create a powerful personal brand. Branson says, Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealized, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust.

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    Using Linkedin Shows That Youre Social Media Savvy And Up To Date With The Digital Age

    Think about recruiters and other hiring professionals viewing your LinkedIn profile to assess you as a candidate. If you have little to no presence on LinkedIn, or an anemic profile that doesnt position you well, you may come off as out of touch.

    They tend to favor people who DO know how to use LinkedIn, by creating a robust profile, keeping it updated and regularly using the various features LinkedIn offers.

    Plus, if you populate every applicable section of your profile with as much content as possible, LinkedIn suggests that it will be much more likely to land higher in search results for the relevant keywords youve included in it.

    Linkedin Communicates Your Value


    LinkedIn is a great platform to broadcast the word about your brand in front of a large, targeted audience.

    Here, you can post regular content to show your expertise in your subject matter.

    When you achieve a milestone, post it on your profile. If you read an informative article that you think can be of value to your connections, share it with your network. If you have some thought-provoking questions for your followers, ask away.

    Posting on LinkedIn can reach a lot of people that can help build awareness of your brand. Even a simple comment on other peopleâs posts can go a long way in this channel.

    You can even publish articles directly to LinkedIn to demonstrate thought-leadership, establishing your authority and credibility.

    Be strategic about what you post to communicate your value the best way possible on LinkedIn.

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    Experience Skills And Education

    Add only relevant work experience to your LinkedIn profile that backs up your personal brand.

    If you want people to view you as an industry expert, for example, then you should include experience that’s relevant to your industry. Include positions youve held, certificates youve earned, and awards youve received, and accomplishments you think would be relevant to your target audience.

    But feel free to leave out your side hustles. Your target audience might not be interested in that summer you spent as a golf caddy, or the fantasy football championships youve won.

    When building a personal brand, you want to portray a specific reputation. Anything you can add to your profile that can help with this reputation should be added, but anything extra that doesnt serve a purpose needs to go.

    Explain what you do at your job and the most important tasks you carry out. These need to be relevant to the area of expertise you want to be credible in and speak to the audience you want to attract. Try to be detailed but also be concise.

    When highlighting your skills, add anything you think applies, but have friends and colleagues give you endorsements and write recommendations for your work. This part is important because it lets people know other people like working with you and trust your abilities.

    Make sure to highlight your education, and highlight any awards and accomplishments you had. If you were part of a group or club at your school, thats important to put in there.

    Use Your Description To Sell Yourself

    Take the time to really sell yourself in your description.

    Get specific: make sure to include any facts and figures.

    For example, you can state that you increased site traffic by X% that will be much more compelling than simply calling yourself an SEO expert.

    Highlight your greatest accomplishments that will be relevant to the clients and/or jobs you want to attract.

    Avoid jargon at all costs. Your profile description functions just like a cover letter keep it concise and clear, and dont shy away from selling how great you are.

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    How To Leverage Your Personal Branding On Linkedin

    How do you apply personal brand to your online professional life, like LinkedIn? How should your values influence your profile and activity? What specific goals do you have and how can an online platform help you achieve them?

    These are all valid questions that you, as a professional should take the time to answer. LinkedIn is a wonderful platform for business connections, whether you are looking for a job now or simply open to possibilities in the future.

    Profile Summary

    The first section of your LinkedIn profile is one that is often overlooked: your profile summary, labeled as your About paragraph on your profile page. It is important for two reasons: One, its an opportunity to tell your story in your words, and two, its a good way to increase your visibility in a LinkedIn search.

    When it comes to telling your story, think of this as your elevator pitch to anyone who looks at your profile. As with all good stories, you should have a beginning , a middle , and an end . Infuse as much of your voice as you can while maintaining a professional tone.

    If you have experience or are an expert in a specific field, be sure to include relevant keywords or phrases to demonstrate your credentials. It could mean the difference between connecting with your next co-worker, employer, or client.


    Reconsider Your Profile Photo

    How To Create A Personal Brand & Why It’s Important

    Youd be surprised at some of the profile photos that make their way onto LinkedIn.

    Here are the things to keep in mind when selecting your profile photo:

    • It should include your face and/or shoulders dont use any extreme closeup of your face or a zoomed out full body shot.
    • Your photo should be crystal clear and unpixelated.
    • No hats, sunglasses or other obscuring accessories.
    • Smile.
    • Have great lighting.
    • Do not use a selfie .
    • Dont have anyone else in your picture.
    • Dress professionally.

    All this can be accomplished without a professional photo shoot all it takes is a little planning.

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    Linkedin Offers A Trove Of Information

    LinkedInâs wealth of resources and analytical tools can help you with your market research. From its LinkedIn Groups to LinkedIn Company Pages to LinkedIn Search functionalities, youâll find the tool useful.

    Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn for research:

    • Looking for insights about your market
    • Searching for experts in your industry
    • Gathering information for your customer profile
    • Curating popular content ideas
    • Staying on top of current events in your field
    • Find candidates for your team
    • Learn more about a companyâs culture and key personalities

    What Is Personal Branding And Why Is It Important

    You probably hear the word “branding” several times a day. It’s become one of the most common subjects in entrepreneurship â and for good reason.

    Branding isn’t just another example of marketing jargon. It’s actually critical to your online presence and to your business’s success.

    You might have thought of your business’s brand, but what about your personal brand? Even if you don’t make any attempts to create a personal brand, it already exists if you are active online.

    We are passionate about branding here at Kajabi because we believe that it is critical for anyone in the Knowledge Commerce market to harness and control his or her personal brand.

    Many different factors contribute to a personal brand, from the way that you communicate online to the types of stories you tell. It can also incorporate visual variables, such as the photographs you publish and the types of graphics you use.

    But what is personal branding? And how can you make the most of it?

    That’s what weâre going to cover today.

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