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Why Does Snapchat Say Pending In Blue

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What Does The Pending Message Mean On The Snapchat App

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

First of all, its essential to understand that the pending message is indeed an error of the Snapchat app.

If youve tried to send a snap to the other user and the message appears to be waiting to be sent, then youve got a problem.

The pending messages will look like this on your smart device:

In this case, your Snapchat friend will not be receiving any snaps from you.

The message is simply on a not delivered status but might be sent once the issue is fixed.

But, how long will Snapchat stay pending?! Do I have to wait for the arrow to turn blue so I can send snaps again? Why dont I have this problem with other apps?

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What Does Pending On Snapchat Mean And How To Fix It

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Snapchat has gained in popularity over recent months. With more people spending time at home, Snapchat has become one of the most preferred social media app to compete in dance challenges and share funny face filters. However, as a new user many times users experience Pending on Snapchat.

In this blog we will go through what does pending on Snapchat is, how you can fix this problem.

What Does Fbw Mean

How do you tell if someone Unadded you on Snapchat? To verify this, open Snapchat and go to the ‘Stories’ section at the bottom right of the page or simply swipe right. Check what section the name of the person in question is under. If it’s not under the ‘Friends’ section although earlier it would appear there, then it means that the person has unadded you on Snapchat.

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What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat 2020

When you block a person on Snapchat, they won’t be able to look at your Story or Group Charms. They also won’t be able to send you Snaps or chats. So, assuming they don’t have another way to contact you, and they aren’t friends with you on another social media site, blocking will cut them off from you.

Does Pending On Snapchat Mean They Blocked You

What does it mean when you send a Snapchat to someone and ...

Pending on Snapchat does not always mean that the user has blocked you.

If it says Pending on Snapchat, it does not always mean that the user has blocked you.

The most common reason why the status is shown as pending is that the user didnt add you back on Snapchat.

If the snap or message that you sent is pending, there can be other reasons for it.

The most common reason why the status is shown as pending is that the user did not add you as a friend.

It could be because they have removed you as a friend or that they didnt add you back in the first place.

Other reasons why the status is pending is because the user has either blocked you, or deleted their Snapchat account.

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Why Does Snapchat Say Pending In Grey: Here’s All You Need To Know

Snapchat will say Pending in grey underneath a users name if you have sent them a snap before they have accepted your friend request.

Occasionally, if the Snapchat server is down, it will interfere with snaps being sent successfully to recipients.

The status of your message will change from pending in grey to delivered in blue once the snapper has added you back, and included you in their friends list.

We have created this in-depth guide that will provide you with everything you need to know, to help you understand why Snapchat says pending in grey, so you can get back to communicating through short videos, photos and texts.

What Does The Grey Pending Mean On Snapchat

Why does Snapchat say pending in grey

The word Pending with an arrow next to it in grey, underneath a recipients name means the message you have sent has not successfully reached that persons Snapchat account.

Why has your Snapchat message not been delivered?

Reason 1. The person has not added you as a friend

To be able to send images or texts to someone on Snapchat, you both need to add each other as a friend.

If you have sent a friend request to someone, and they have not accepted, they will not receive anything you have sent them until they add you back.

Snapchat will say pending in grey because the message has not been able to reach them. They will need to accept your friend request before the message will be delivered.

Reason 2. You have been unfriended

A contact may have removed you as a friend on Snapchat.

If your messages were getting delivered, and all of a sudden they are pending, this will mean the user has unfriended you, and you would need to re-invite them again.

How do you remove a friend from Snapchat?

Step 1. Access your Chat screen

Step 2. Find the user and press down on their name

Step 3. Select Manage Friendship

Step 4. Click on Remove Friend

Confirm you want to remove them. Once this has been done, the user will not be able to send you Snaps, unless your profile is on Public.

Reason 3. Changed privacy settings

Changing this setting to Private will stop users from receiving snaps from individuals who are not friends with them.

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What To Do With A Snapchat Pending Message

If you see a Snapchat pending message error, there are a couple of things you may want to try.

  • Check your cellular and internet connections. Ensure that your iPhone or Android smartphone has a solid mobile signal and that the connected Wi-Fi is working if using a tablet. If you suspect that the Wi-Fi has stopped working correctly, turn off Wi-Fi and use your cellular network if available.
  • Try sending a Snapchat message to another friend. It’s is the easiest way to check if the problem is tech-related or to do with a particular Snapchat friend who may have unfriended or blocked you.
  • Contact your friend via another messaging app. If youre tired of waiting for the contact to approve your Snapchat friend request, you can , WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, Vero, or some other messaging app and give them a nudge. It’s best to wait at least 24 hours before doing so, though.
  • Move on with grace. If someone unfriended or blocked you, the best thing to do is move on, as Snapchat might interpret further communication attempts as harassment or bullying.
  • Restart your device. If all of your messages are showing a pending error, the Snapchat app could be glitching. A basic restart of your iPhone or Android smart device can often fix problems such as this.

Whats The Difference Between A Received And Opened Status

Why Does a Snapchat Say Pending?

Although the received and opened status may seem similar, theyre actually very different. When you send a message, youll shortly notice that the status is Received. This status simply means that the message did go through to the other person.

Opened means that the other person did receive and open the message.

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The User Has Deleted Their Account

Lastly, the user may have deleted their Snapchat account.

When a user deleted their Snapchat account, itll be first deactivated for 30 days.

If a user deleted their Snapchat account, itll be deactivated for 30 days.

During that 30-day period, they will not be able to receive snaps or messages from you.

During that 30-day period, they will not be able to receive snaps or messages from you.

Hence, if you send them a snap or a message, the status will be shown as Pending.

If the user has deleted their account, sending them a snap or a message will never be shown as received or read.

Instead, the status of the snap or message that you sent will be Pending.

What Does Received Mean

As soon as your friend receives your message, its status will change from Sent to Received. A new icon will appear on the left side of the contacts name in the Chat list. The date and time of when the message was received will appear below the name. Have in mind that these messages are still unread.

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Why Does Snapchat Say Pending And How To Fix It Easily

Are you tired of searching why does snapchat say pending in blue and How to fix it, then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to talk about What does pending mean in Snapchat.

Whenever you send text messages to someone, it says ‘Pending’, which appears next to the message. That means snapchat is facing some problems delivering this chat. There are many reasons for this problem but the most common reason is either he/she has not accepted the message or you are not a friend of that person in the Snapchat.

There may also be some glitching on Snapchat, close the app and reopen it for the double check.

And What You Can Do To Get Your Message Sent

Pending On Snapchat: What does it mean, Why is it ...
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A Snapchat pending message is a type of status or error notification within the iPhone and Android Snapchat apps. This article will explain what it means when a Snapchat message says “pending,” what causes this message to appear, and how to work around the Snapchat pending message to get the app working properly.

This information applies to the Snapchat app on both iOS and Android.

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What Does ‘pending’ Mean On Snapchat

At its most basic, “pending” means that Snapchat knows you’re trying to send a message, but can’t complete the request.

The most common reason for this is that the person you’re trying to send a Snap to doesn’t have you added as a friend. By default, Snapchat will block any messages sent to you by a non-friend, and it’ll give the sender the pending message.

Even if you’ve sent the person you’re trying to contact a friend request, the pending message won’t go away until they’ve added you.

If you’re sure that you’re Snapchat friends with someone, but you’re still seeing the pending message, it might mean that they’ve unfriended you. Check their profile to see if there are menus called Saved in Chat and Chat Attachments if you don’t see these on their profile, it means you’re not friends.

But being left on “pending” doesn’t always mean a broken friendship. In some cases, it might just be a bug with Snapchat.

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat Whats The Issue

Before proceeding towards the solutions, lets first understand What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? This is basically a Snapchat error that many users are coming across.

You may have seen the Pending label beside a Snapchat message as well as a grey arrow. This refers to the fact that Snapchat is facing errors in delivering amessage.

Now, why does it say pending on Snapchat while you are sending messages? Basically, this label indicates a number of scenarios. Lets check What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat one by one:

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You Or The Recipient Doesnt Have A Secure Internet Connection

If your Snapchat says “Pending”, a poor internet connection might be the culprit.

When connected to Wi-Fi, you can try disconnecting and using your mobile data to send the Snap fully instead. Alternatively, you can restart your router. Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about your snaps getting lost in the mix.

In other instances, the recipient might not have a steady internet connectionor they could have switched it off. If this is the case, you’ll need to wait until they’re back online.

What Does The Gray Arrow Mean On Snapchat

What does pending means on snapchat

It means the message was not delivered to a recipient. It mostly appears because they didnt accept your friend request.

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What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat With A Blue Box

So, why does it say pending on Snapchat? The pending label means that Snapchat hasnt been able to send it. Unlike a generic error message, though, a Snapchat pending warning also means that the app will continue to attempt to sending until its either received or you choose to cancel the entire process manually.

Will blocking someone on Snapchat delete unopened snaps 2020? Now that we know that the Snap will go through even if the person is blocked, the question arises whether blocking a person will cause an unopened Snap to be deleted. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Even if the snap is unopened when the person gets blocked, they can still open and view the snap.

Can you delete a pending snap?

How To Resolve Pending On Snapchat

Now, we will try to do everything in our hands to resolve your issue. By now, you already know what pending means on Snapchat, you know what are the reasons behind it. Its time to resolve your issue.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Sometimes due to network issues, the problem occurs. In that case, you can check your internet connections. If you use Wifi, then turn it off and start it again. Check your mobile network and all the similar factors.

2. Send Streaks To Other Friends

If you want to check if the issue is with your account, then send streaks to other friends and check if the same grey Pending icon is appearing in their chats. If it is appearing then the problem is with your account. .

3. Connect With Your Friend On Other Apps

If it is really important, text your friend on other popular social media apps and send your pictures there. Tell them that you have sent a request on Snapchat and I am sure they will reply to you.

4. Cancel The Request & Send It Again

Maybe they didnt notice you earlier, or you were just missed in their many requests. If you think thats a possibility, then you can try canceling your request by removing them as your friend and requesting them again. If the person knows you, then they will accept it and if they dont then there arent many chances for you to be on their friends list.

5. Forget About It

6. Check If The Same Is Happening To Others

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The Snapchat Account Has Been Deleted

Your friend may just have decided to delete their Snapchat account, which is why your snaps will not be delivered. The account could also have been banned and doesn’t exist anymore as a result.

You’ll know if they’re back once your snaps automatically go from Pending to Delivered, and recovering a Snapchat account is relatively easy. All you have to do is log back in within 30 days to reactivate it.

The Receiver Has Not Added You As A Friend

Why Does it Say Pending on Snapchat App? Troubleshooting ...

The most common reason behind pending messages on Snapchat is that the receiver has not added you as a friend. To maintain security on privacy on the app, two-way communication is possible only when both users have added each other as friends. You can check whether the receiver has added you as a friend or not by tapping on their chat option. If you have not been friended by the user, a message stating, your snaps and chats will be pending until the < user> adds you as a friend will appear in your chat history. The user could have stopped operating the app or been inactive for a while causing them to miss your friend request. Nevertheless, if the message request is not accepted for 30 days, it will disappear on its own.

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What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat When You Havent Sent Anything

Why does Snapchat say pending when I didnt send anything? Despite the fact that you havent sent any message, but Snapchat is showing pending in the notifications, its indeed a bug. The simplest way to get rid of Pending when you havent sent any message on Snapchat is to force close the Snapchat and try opening the Snapchat again.

In most cases, when the Snapchat refreshes, all the errors eliminate automatically, but if in your case, it isnt happening, update the Snapchat App on your device. While none of these works, then log out of Snapchat and log back in.

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean

If someone suddenly appears in the Other Snapchatters section on your storys viewer list, then it means that they have deleted you.

In this case, they viewed your Snapchat story shortly before they decided to give you the chop.

Perhaps they didnt like your story? Or maybe the two of you had a disagreement after they looked at it?

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Messages Pending On Snapchat Possible Causes And Fixes

  • The person has not accepted your friend request

The primary reason why a message shows as pending is that the person you are trying to contact has not accepted your friend request. You will see this Your Snaps and Chats are pending until < user> adds you as a friendwarning message in the conversation window. To fix this, you could remind them to accept the request on other messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.

  • They unfriended you on Snapchat

If your messages used to get delivered and you suddenly started seeing the pending status, chances are, they unfriended you. You can check their name in the friends list to know if they have unfriended you. If thats the case, you will have to wait until the person adds you back. Until that happens, you can try messaging them elsewhere if it is an emergency.

  • They blocked you on Snapchat

Another possible cause of why someone is not reading your message could be because they blocked you. However, do keep in mind that the messages will show as Delivered and not Pending when someone blocks you.

  • They deleted Snapchat account

If someone deactivates or deletes their Snapchat account, that could trigger a pending message status on Snapchat. In this scenario, theres not much you can do to message them unless they decide to reactivate the account.

  • Message expired
  • Snapchat Bug

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