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Why Does My Snapchat Keep Closing Out

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Wipe Snap Chats Cache Files

How to fix Snapchat that keeps crashing, not working stable on your iPhone X

Especially on Android, Snapchat might stop working if you have many cache files stored in memory or when they get corrupted. A quick way to rectify that is by clearing the cache files. Let’s get started!

On your Android phone

  • Launch the Settings app and click the Apps & Notifications
  • Tap the See all apps link to view your apps.
  • Locate and open Snapchat on the list.
  • Select Storage & Cache
  • And finally, tap the Clear cache button to erase the cache files.

You can clear the cache files for Snapchat on your iPhone too, but only inside the app. And because you can’t open Snapchat now, just skip it for the next solution below.

Several Reports Indicate That The Version 1134035 Update May Be Causing The Issue

If youre really dying to post that selfie or scroll through stories on Snapchat, you may be out of luck for now. Service on the app is spotty at best as the struggle to resolve an outage that took hold on Monday continues. Since 6 a.m. ET, DownDetector has logged thousands of outage reports from Snapchat users over the course of the day.

And as complaints poured in on Twitter, the companys reply at 9:17 a.m. ET was to Hang tight, we are looking into it and working on a fix!

According to AppleInsider, the apps latest iOS update version on , which was supposed to have bug fixes, may be to blame. The report noted:

While it is unknown exactly when the patch will be available in the App Store, given it has to pass through the App Store review process to do so, it is likely that the major app may be fast-tracked through the review itself. If so, the updated version could arrive fairly soon.

For now, those face filters will just have to wait.

How To Forget Devices On Snapchat

If the repeat logout problem still exists, forget all devices on Snapchat, then start over on each one. Heres what to do.

  • Launch Snapchat on one of your devices.
  • Tap your profile icon at the top to open the Settings menu.
  • Select Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Tap on the X next to each listed device you want to unlink from Snapchat.
  • Select Yes when prompted to confirm the action.
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    The Bug Only Appears To Have Impacted Apple Phones But This Is Not The First Time The Social Media App Has Malfunctioned

    Many Snapchat users have been experiencing a glitch leading their phone to crash upon opening the app.

    The bug only appears to have impacted Apple phones and not Androids, but this is not the first time the social media app has malfunctioned.

    Over the past three weeks the app has been updated four further times due to bug fixes, according to its App Store history.

    Fix The System Issues That Caused Snapchat Stopping

    Why does my Snapchat keep logging me out?

    If youâre experiencing the Snapchat crashing on Android often, or youâre experiencing similar errors with other apps, this can be an indication that thereâs something wrong with your Android operating system.

    The best way to fix this is to repair your device using the software known as Dr.Fone – System Repair . This is a powerful repair system that can completely recover your device from any errors, including the Snapchat keeps crashing error.


    To help you make the most of this Android repair software and to fix your Snapchat not responding error, hereâs a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

    Step OneDownload the Dr.Fone – System Repair software to your computer. Install the software to your Mac or Windows computer by following the onscreen instructions.

    Once completed, open the software, so youâre on the main menu.

    Step Two From the main menu, click the System Repair option, followed by the Android Repair option. Of course, if you have an iOS device you want to repair in the future, the option is there if you want it. Also, connect your Android device to your computer using the USB cable.

    Step Three Confirm details.

    On the next screen, use the drop-down menus to confirm the model, brand, operating system, and carrier of your device. Click Next to confirm the details are correct.

    The method will slightly differ depending on whether your device has a home button, so make sure you follow the right instructions for your individual device.

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    Close Snapchat From Recent Apps

    Getting rid of “Snapchat keeps stopping” on Android can be simple as closing the app from the recent apps menu. Sometimes, your phone might force Snapchat to go to idle mode after running in the background for too long. This causes it keeps crashing when y1ou try opening it.

    In that case, we recommend you close Snapchat from the recent apps first to shut it down, then launch it again.

    Force close Snapchat on Android.

    • Tap the overview button or swipe and hold from the bottom of the screen to open the recent apps panel.
    • Find Snapchat from the recent apps, then swipe it up to close it. You may also tap the Clear button to clear all the recent apps.

    Force close Snapchat on an iPhone

    • Double-tap the Home button or swipe up and hold from the bottom of the screen to open the recent apps panel.
    • Find Snapchat from there and swipe it up to close it.

    After that, simply re-run Snapchat to check if it fixes the problem. If not, keep trying the solutions below until you get a proper fix.

    Why Snapchat Keeps Crashing

    The popular social messaging app can sometimes close down unexpectedly

    • 14:04, 19 Sep 2018

    Approximately 200million people now use Snapchat to send self-deleting videos, photos and messages to their friends and followers on a daily basis.

    The temporary nature of communication in the app – which was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy – is meant to encourage more natural interactions.

    But these natural interactions can be disrupted if the platform suddenly closes down while you’re using it.

    Snapchat , like many popular apps, has an annoying tendency to crash – which is frustrating for users who lose their Snap streaks.

    Yet, if Snapchat does crash all is not lost: there are many ways to troubleshoot and fix the issue so you can continue snapping away.

    Keep calm, don’t panic, and read this article.

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    Troubleshooting Galaxy S8 With Snapchat App That Keeps Crashing

    To better understand why this problem occurs on a powerful phone like your Galaxy S8, lets take a look at some of the possibilities:

    • It might be just a minor glitch in the app or firmware
    • Snapchat may need to be updated
    • Some third-party apps may be causing Snapchat to crash
    • It could be a serious firmware problem that triggers the error

    With these things in mind, heres what you should do about your phone

    Why Is Snapchat Camera Better

    How to fix Snapchat when it keeps closing

    Snapchat photos are in the same direction as your mirror which is what youre used to seeing. Your phones regular camera makes the picture look flipped, which looks completely off to what youre used to seeing yourself look like. The regular camera actually shows you what you look like to other people.

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    How Is Snapchat Handling The Issue

    Snapchat’s support team confirmed that the company is already aware of the issue in light of the recent bug. The app stated that it is looking into the matter and working on a remedy.

    We’re aware of an issue with the latest version of Snapchat available in the App Store. Hang tight, we are looking into it and working on a fix!

    Snapchat Support

    Apple Insider said that the updated version of Snapchat’s bug-fixing update will be available soon and that users should not update their apps until a remedy has been released.

    On the other hand, Gizmodo reported that it is more likely that the new patch will be fast-tracked because of the significant number of affected Snapchat users. At this point, the company has to take good care of its remaining users.

    Question 2 How Long Will My Snapchat Be Temporarily Locked

    No matter for what reason Snapchat blocked or locked your account, you might get shocked and puzzled about how long will your Snapchat be locked. Actually, the duration Snapchat keeps your account locked is depend on what caused the Snapchat team to lock it. At most times, Snapchat is temporarily locked by minor causes and it takes several hours to days to get back or unlock your account. But sometimes, Snapchat can be permanently locked by serious causes. In this case, Snapchat team will give you a permanent ban on Snapchat services and there is no way to unlock Snapchat account.

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    Check For New Snapchat Updates

    Hand in hand with the problem above, sometimes a bug can restrict Snapchat from working, or perhaps your personal update settings. If you receive a Snapchat from someone with an upgraded version, this can crash your app.

    Hereâs how to make sure youâre running the latest version of Snapchat is Snapchat isnât responding.

  • Launch the Play Store and navigate to the My Apps and Games page
  • Tap the Update button
  • The app will now automatically update to the latest version
  • Speedify Fixes Snapchat From Bugging Out And Freezing

    Why does my Snapchat keep logging me out?

    Speedify is a fast bonding VPN service that changes the way your mobile device connects to the Internet. Instead of just using one connection, Speedify allows your mobile device to connect to the Internet over both Wi-Fi and mobile data simultaneously. This instantly increases your connection bandwidth and reliability and provides a better and uninterrupted Snapchat experience so you wont experience issues with Snapchat.

    Speedify also monitors the quality of your Internet connections. When it detects that a signal is weak or that the network is too slow, it will automatically and seamlessly reroute the data through the other working connection. Best of all, when the other connection is back online and reliable, it begins using it again automatically and in the background. Say goodbye to Snapchat freezing or bugging out.

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    How To Turn Off Snapchat Background Refresh On Iphone

  • Open iOS Settings in the app menu on your iPhone.
  • Select General in the Settings menu.
  • Tap on Background App Refresh.
  • Scroll down and find Snapchat in the list. Tap the toggle bar to turn the Background App Refresh feature off for the app. You can also turn off the feature for all listed apps by tapping the topmost slider.
  • Fixes Snapchat Keeps Crashing On Iphone 13 Pro Max In 2021

    In this article, I have covered all about Why does Snapchat keeps crashing on iPhone? and its solutions. The most popular Snapchat App is empowered iPhone users to express themselves, capture moments using Spectacles, and share them with paired iPhones memories of the Snapchat App. Its running flow is smooth, but sometimes after the updated app, it happens to freeze and hanging. Hence, many snap users have been reporting their problem that Snapchat keeps crashing on the iPhone randomly. Also added, the app wont open/freeze or suddenly close in the meanwhile. Sometimes App is dramatically behaving due to installing the iOS beta version.

    Are you looking for an ideal solution to get rid of the Snapchat issue then? We have found several helpful answers that will help you to fix Snapchat crashing. So lets be ready to follow up on the bottom guide. Go step by step and do your job.

    These solutions are for iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, XS, X, SE 2,7 , 8, 6S, 6, iPad Pro/Air

    Page Contents

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    If You Stay On The Camera It Will Stay On And Won`t Crash

    Someone said: How do u clear the feed?  
    Someone said: How do you clear feed  
    Someone said: what do you mean, stay on the camera? Like my app wont start at all  
    Someone said: Exactly, how can I stay on the camera douch bag when the app won`t even open duh god:/  
    Someone said: reinstall first idiots  
    Someone said: Omg I can`t open it either it`s so annoying I even r set my iPad %uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01  
    Someone said: when you open the app b very quick and go up 2 your settings and clear your feed it worked for me!  
    Someone said: How do u clear ur feed I don`t want to risk loosing my contacts that`s why I don`t want to delete it  
    Someone said: When I open my snapchat, the app closed. Help me... :(  
    Someone said: If I delete then redeem load I will loose my acc won`t I?  
    Someone said: Why does my Snapchat randomly cut off?  

    Clear Snapchat App Cache

    How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing 2021

    Most apps download media and other types of data onto your phone, and if those files are corrupted it can cause Snapchat to stop working. Clearing out these files wont make you lose any data or snaps, so theres nothing to worry about.How to clear Snapchat cache

  • Open Snapchat
  • Read also: Force stop and clear cache explained

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    Way 2 Force Restart Your Iphone

    A force restart will also very easily eliminate some of the iOS bugs that can cause Snapchat to malfunction. Here’s how to force restart your iPhone.

    For iPhone 8 or later – press and quickly release the Volume Up button and do the same with the volume down button. Then, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

    For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – press and hold down both the power and the volume down buttons until the Apple logo appears.

    For iPhone 6s and earlier – press and hold both the home and the power buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    Fix 2 Update Your Snapchat App

    why does my snapchat keep kicking me out? Check that you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your iPhone. How do you fix your Snapchat when it keeps crashing? You can revise this issue sometimes by updating snap up from outdated to the latest version.

    If you have no idea that How do I update my Snapchat? Lets follow the bottom instructions

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    First Solution: Clear Snapchat Then Restart

    One of the main reasons as to why an app would crash or stop working is data corrupted. A certain data segment from within the apps memory like cache or temporary data might have been corrupted and eventually it has affected the apps functions. Clearing the errant app will likely fix such issues, especially minor ones. That said, follow these steps to clear Snapchat app and/or other background apps and then relaunch Snapchat:

  • Press the Home button twice quickly. Its the same as when you double-click a program icon on the computer.
  • On the next screen, you should see a list of recently used apps.
  • Locate Snapchat from the list and then swipe up on the app to clear it.
  • If there are any other apps running in the background, then clear them all as well so none of them would cause conflict with Snapchat. Just follow the same steps mentioned above.

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    Snapchat Won’t Stop Crashing Heres How To Fix The Problem Maybe

    Why does my Snapchat keep logging me out?

    Does your Snapchat app keep crashing? Dont worry, you arent alone. A ton of users have been reporting issues with the app either not opening or crashing every time they try to use a filter.

    Though users are making mass reports to Snapchats support Twitter account, so far the company doesnt appear to know why the app is crashing for some.

    The problem, it appears, began around 3 am ET on Thursday and is picking up momentum as the day goes on. While Snapchat has offered one suggestion for getting the app to stop crashing, the solution is not working for everyone

    It isnt clear yet if Snapchat is crashing for both iOS and Android users or if it is isolated to iPhone users, but it does appear a number of iPhone users are posting complaints about the app crashing on Twitter.

    If the problem is exclusive to iPhone users, we suspect it could be related to the latest iOS 10 beta that released on Monday. For users who downloaded the beta version of the upcoming software, its possible their Snapchat app may crash due to the instability of the platform. The other possibility is that its related to a recent platform or app update.

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    Why Can I Not Log Into Snapchat

    If Snaps servers are up and running but you still cant sign in, it could simply be an issue with your data connection. Toggling airplane mode on and off generally fixes this, as it temporarily disables both Wi-Fi and mobile data, but if youd rather toggle each connection manually, the process is still fairly simple.

    Why Does Snapchat Keep Closing Me Out

    One of the joys of Snapchat is being able to send a quick video or message without the fuss. And while many users never put much thought into the process, things have quickly changed in light of recent glitches.

    PiunikaWeb shares that Snapchat is currently going through some technical difficulties. Users have shared on Twitter that after they installed a new update for the app, Snapchat started to act wonky.

    As a result, many believe that the recent update is nothing more than a bug that has caused the app to close them out upon opening.

    Not to mention, one user even provided proof of what was going on with the app on her iPhone.

    In the short video, user shows that upon clicking on the app, she is brought to the general snap screen. But within seconds, she is quickly booted from the app.

    downloading the newest update now im shut out every time i try to get back in. please fix?

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