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Why Does Facebook Marketplace Not Work

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Option #: Ensure You Are At Least 18 Years

Why is Facebook marketplace not working for me?

While the minimum age to open a Facebook account is 13 years, Marketplace is only accessible to users aged 18 and above. If you are below 18 years, ask your guardian or parent to buy or post items on the Marketplace using their account.

However, if you made a mistake when opening a Facebook account and you are 18 years, you can correct it. To edit your birthday:

  • Tap your profile picture
  • Go to Contact and Basic Info
  • Scroll down to your birth date
  • Change your birthday
  • Save the changes

Exit the app and restart your device. If you are on a PC, exit the browser. Try signing up again.

How To Fix Marketplace Isnt Available To You On Facebook

Are you getting the Marketplace isnt available to you error on Facebook? While the platform is one of the best options to find, sell and buy items, it has some bugs and geo-restrictions like unavailability to some users. Fortunately, there are solutions if the Facebook marketplace disappeared on your profile.

So, how do you fix Marketplace isnt available to you on Facebook? Since it is not available in all countries, changing locality or using a VPN is the fastest way to access the platform if you are in a region without Marketplace support. If you have a new Facebook account, use it more often to access the Marketplace.

To fix Marketplace inaccessibility on , follow these options.

Option #: Change Your Region

The geo-restriction on the platform aims at protecting users from malpractices. For example, a user in another region will not access listings of another region. However, if you relocate to another Region, the geo-restrictions may still apply.

To unblock Marketplace on Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to Language and Region
  • Change the Language and Region
  • Click Save Changes

Once you have changed your region and language, restart your device to delete cache files. If you are using a PC, clear the cache and close the browser for some minutes. If you have moved out of your country but you would still like to see listings, then consider getting a VPN.

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Option #: If You Have A New Account Use It First

Another possibility why you may be getting the Marketplace not working on Facebook app error is if you have a new account. The primary goal of blocking new users from using the platform is to keep users safe from malpractices. Since Marketplace does not verify all the users details, you must use your Facebook account for some time.

Keep using Facebook normally while you wait for Facebook for the right time to join Marketplace. After some months of using Facebook, you may get access to the trading platform. If not, you may have to consider other apps to sell stuff online.

Option #: Update Your Facebook App

How to List Items on Facebook Marketplace Using an iPhone

An old app may be the reason why Marketplace isnt available to you. While this rarely happens, Facebook may lock you out if the app is obsolete and unresponsive to new features.

To update the Facebook app on iOS:

  • Open your App Store

To update Facebook on Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Click My apps & games
  • Scroll down to Facebook
  • Click Update

After updating the app, restart your device. The process clears all the cache from the older app. However, if you have an older iOS device such as iPhone 5 and below, updating the app does not help. Consider using the Marketplace on your PC.

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Option #: Request A Review From Facebook

The final method to get Marketplace on Facebook is to request a review. In some cases, you may be locked out if you violate the community guidelines. If you believe the ban was a mistake:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Click Request Review
  • Fill out the form

How long does it take to get Marketplace back on Facebook? Once you have requested a review, it can take 24 hours to a week to access the platform. However, if you violated the community guidelines, you may not get Marketplace after two weeks, depending on the magnitude of your mistakes.

If Facebooks Marketplace isnt available to you, the above five options will help regain your access to the platform. Once you have regained access to the platform, follow the guidelines to avoid banning.


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