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Why Are There So Many Bots On Instagram

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Why Do People Use Instagram Bots

Instagram bots provide a shortcut to bloat vanity metrics that marketers sometimes put too much stock into. Bots also help automate tedious, time-consuming actions for Instagram users looking for quick growth and perceived authority. In many ways, Instagram bots function as manmade robots dotheyre programmed to carry out repetitive, and sometimes complex actions automatically. By eliminating the hassle of trying to build a large Instagram following organically, bots provide a workaroundalbeit a temporary and costly one.

Don’t Get Catfished By Fake Instagram Accounts


Fake Instagram accounts are a big problem. OK, its not famine or nuclear war but its a big problem for advertisers. How do they know if the influencers theyre using are real?

Influencer marketing company Mediakix released an interesting study this week. They created two fake accounts: A lifestyle influencer and a travel photographer. They hired a local model and had a one-day photo-shoot that generated the entire lifestyle influencers content. For the second account, they used free stock photos of scenic destinations, such as Maui, Paris and Yosemite.

Next, they purchased fake followers and engagement from a number of different sites that offer these services. For each photo they purchased 500-2,500 likes and 10-50 comments.

Once the fake accounts reached 10,000 followers, they qualified to use influencer-marketing platforms . They started applying to new campaigns and soon scored four paid brand deals two for each account. They received money, free product or both.

Sounds pretty easy, right? It is. Thats why its important for brands to investigate their influencers before they throw money at them. As long as theres big money to be made, people will continue to work the system. According to Mediakix, The Instagram influencer market size is currently $1 billion. That figure is set to double by 2019.

So how do you protect yourself from getting catfished? Look for the following warning signs:

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What Are The Ethics Of Instagram Bots

This is definitely something you will need to consider when you use any app or bot that is designed to get you more followers.

Where does good marketing strategy end and unethical practice begin? We could debate this all day, and there are many articles that will try to push you in either direction.

I like to make my own mind up about things like this, so Ill say that its for you to decide.

If youre not sure, then I recommend taking advantage of the money-back guarantee period with Follow Adder or another free trial by the end of that, you should have a clear idea of exactly what Instagram botting and using a bot entails.

I almost didnt write this article because I know some people out there despise bots, as they are against Instagrams Terms of Use.

However, the fact is that Instagram botting is rampant, and they arent going away anytime soon and if you are serious about Instagram marketing and want to get one up on your competitors, then its something you will at least want to think about.

Go Targeted To Avoid Exceeding Instagrams Daily Limits

Using Instagram Bot Followers For Marketing

If you want to get the most return on your invested time, you should go after your target audience. If you have a fitness page, interact with people who are interested in fitness. You can find your target users in your competitorsâ follower list, liking some fitness posts, and like this. AiGrow also has an Ai-Powered tool to help you extract a list of your potential followers. Just set a few parameters and let the AiGrow Generate the list.

Get your target list Here

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How To Recognize A Social Bot

Identifying a social bot has become a lot more difficult as their complexity has increased. However, there are a number of questions that you can ask yourself when working with social media accounts in order to access whether you are dealing with a human or not:

  • How likely is it that a person would create this profile? You can get clues from the profile picture, the age of the account, or the ratio of followers to how many accounts theyre following. This is because bots usually follow a lot of accounts without having many followers themselves. If an account has only two or three friends, the probability that its a bot is quite high. Does the profile picture look like a unique snapshot or like picture of a professional model that the bot could have found anywhere online? How coherent the profile text is can also indicate whether you are dealing with a human user or not. You should also check when the account was created. Many bots are developed shortly before being used and therefore have quite recent accounts.
  • What is the account posting? If the account keeps posting similar posts with links to the same media or practically identical words it is obviously a bot that is trying to start a conversation on a certain topic. Unnatural language or usual grammar errors also suggests its the work of a bot. Bots generally post more than they comment.
  • A detailed checklist gives you tips on how to recognize social bots.

    • 25.04.18

    You Will Get Real And Engaged Followers

    When compared to buying Instagram followers, the people that the Instagram bots attract are a lot better since they are real people. When you buy Instagram followers, you are actually buying fake Instagram accounts that offer fake engagement or no engagement at all. Instagram bots, on the other hand, allow you to reach and get genuine and active people within your niche who will be engaged with your posts in the future.

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    Who Creates Spam On Instagram

    In many cases, bots are used to automate spam posts and publish them on high-traffic accounts.

    Bot accounts often look real. To avoid being flagged as spam, bots can mimic human behavior by posting images to their accounts, liking posts, and making connections with other users.

    According to Digital Information World, about 150 million accounts on Instagram are fake its becoming serious security and data protection issue for Instagram!

    Bot accounts usually have thousands of followers while the number of posts is ridiculously small. That indicates that the account is most likely not real unless it belongs to a celebrity.

    Accounts with many followers and a few posts belong to bot networks that follow each others profiles to fool users and make them believe accounts are real.

    Here is a bot account that often spams Demi Lovatos posts:

    Luckily, it is easy to detect a bot account on Instagram. They all have similar characteristics, such as:

    • Spam comments with a massive number of likes
    • Thousands of followers with a few posts
    • The account is private, so you can’t see the content
    • Profile bio contains suspicious CTAs to sign up, like, share, watch a video, etc.

    People operating the bots want your attention, and they know that celebrities’ accounts get a lot of attention. Thus, there is a chance to hook you even if you are not currently browsing Instagram. After all, awareness is already halfway to a successful deal or a purchase.

    What Can You Do Instead To Help Grow Your Social Media Accounts

    I Figured Out the Instagram Algorithm.

    Instagrams response to complaints and questions has been this: they advised their users to be more creative and unique, post good content, tell stories and build a strong growth strategy, without using bots, automation or focusing on hashtags. Does this sound like a lot of hard work to you? Read on.

    Option 1 You can run paid advertising on IG. This gives you more control over who sees your ads, targeting, and scheduling.

    Option 2 This is heavily focused on a content strategy for providing value that people will actively follow.

    Good content is never the same as great content. Whats the difference you might ask, well good content is watched or read once and forgotten where great content is something you share with your friends or repost with your own little message added. If you want to make great content you will have a great profile and have real engagement and real connections that bots and automation just cant replicate.

    We would suggest taking a step back from the platform and taking some time to plan your goal. If you have a goal to reach you can map out a path to get there if you dont have a goal why are you even using Insta? serious questions time.

    As a business you should be asking yourself some real questions around your why:

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    What Is Instagram Doing About It

    Instagram is aware of the problem and has been trying to clamp down on the issue for some time now.

    The app is run by Facebook, which has around 35,000 people tasked with monitoring content. The company says millions of fake accounts are flagged and removed every day.

    In August, Instagram introduced new measures to tackle inauthenticy on the app.

    We will look at a range of signals to determine if an account holder needs to confirm their information. We want to be clear that this change will apply only to a small number of our community. Most people will not be affected, the company explained.

    This includes accounts potentially engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior, or when we see the majority of someones followers are in a different country to their location, or if we find signs of automation, such as bot accounts for example.

    If we see signs of potential inauthentic activity, we will require the account holder to confirm who they are, and once an account holder verifies their information, their account will function as usual unless we have reason to investigate further. IDs will be stored securely and deleted within 30 days once our review is completed, and wont be shared on the persons profile as pseudonymity is still an important part of Instagram.

    Instagram told Metro it is continuously building its tools including using machine learning to become faster and more accurate in identifying and removing these kinds of accounts.

    Instagram Controls Bot Use

    So, how does Instagram control front end automation and bot use to gain more followers?

    Here well explore some of the most common ways there are four. Many companies that run Instagram bots, while few exist these days, will promise you that they can beat Instagram and still provide results.

    This is untrue these rules apply to all users of Instagram and its unlikely that any bot service can actually surpass them to provide you the results that were once available.

    Not only that, when you use an Instagram bot, your profile appears spammy and can actually lead to a decrease in credibility and reputation.

    These are a few of the ways that Instagram deters bot use:

    Instagram doesnst mess around when protecting the integrity of its platform and allowing users to have a smooth, enjoyable user experience when on Instagram. They will continue to enforce these conditions and arent going to change their stance on bot use anytime soon.

    For this reason, its a good idea to find other options in terms of Instagram growth that can help you in the long term.

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    Best Practices For Using Instagram Bots

    While it may be tempting to push bots to maximum capacity, this is often a red flag that can get your account flagged. A smarter move is to use the bots with discretion and aim for steady, rather than explosive, growth. You can do this by limiting the number of new daily followers and engagements, as well as programming these numbers to vary over time.

    Its also important to remember that some tasks seem more obviously automated than others. For example, bizarre, inappropriate, or repetitive comments are often clearly the work of bots. The same is true for many types of direct messages.

    Meanwhile, its much more difficult to tell if likes and follows are due to bot-based activity. So, if you are consistently posting quality content, and if you have set realistic limits on bot activity, its unlikely that using bots to gain likes and followers will get you banned.

    As a result, we recommend you use bots mostly for likes, follows, and views. When it comes to using them for comments, polls, and direct messages, we advise you to proceed with caution. These can easily shift into the territory of spam.

    When getting acquainted with a bot, check the dashboard for customization options and start slowly rather than immediately going all the way.

    Top Instagram Bots And Alternatives

    Why You Should Use An Instagram Follower Bot For Your ...

    On this list we have compiled the top 10 companies that can help you to get more real Instagram followers. All ten of them are reputable and have helped countless clients reach their Instagram goals.

    Well explore what you should expect from each one and how they may be able to help you reach your Instagram follower goals. Lets have a look.

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    How Prevalent Are Instagram Bots

    The Internet Is Filled With Non-Human Web Traffic

    The internet is rife with bots imitating humansin fact, many studies suggest that less than 60% of web traffic comes from humans, meaning bots account for more than 40%. A survey run by Common Sense Media illustrated the opinions of both teens and the parents of teens on the concern of fake accounts and bots influencing purchase decisions on social platforms. They found 40% of parents in the U.S. were extremely concerned, while only 18 percent of teens expressed the same degree of concern. The varying levels of concern between generations are alarming, and this perhaps fuels Instagram bots in taking advantage of vulnerable audiences.

    In just this past year, . Along with this growing interest, the market for fake followers has ballooned, with many services cropping up to supply the increasing demand. Companies include Buzzoid, Instaboostgram, iDigic, and Poprey to name a few.

    10% of Instagram Accounts Might Be Bots

    Instagram bots may go largely undiscovered due to the platforms image-based qualities, making bot activity easier to conceal. Images and videos have the potential to go viral and rack up more organic engagement, which allows fake activity to get buried.

    While a claimed internal estimates show that spam accounts make up a small fraction of Instagrams user base, another source estimates that as many as 95 million bot accounts exist. Of the 1 billion total Instagram users, that means nearly 10% could be bots.

    Can You Get Caught Out Violating Instagrams Terms Of Use

    In short, yes. Instagram is constantly improving its processes to ensure that websites and accounts who violate its Terms of Use are penalised. One of the most popular bot websites, Instagress, recently experienced this first hand . Instagram has sophisticated tracking measures that know when a bot is at work, and they can lock or shut down accounts they believe to be acting in a suspicious manner. You may have to reset your password, wait 24 hours for your account to be reactivated, be banned from posting or commenting, or, in a worst-case-scenario may delete your Instagram account altogether.

    Early in 2017, Instagram introduced its latest penalty: shadowbanning. Whilst Instagram has not acknowledged a shadowban, it has been widely accepted by industry experts that there is some kind of penalty in place for accounts using bots, and excessive use of hashtags. Shadowbanning refers to Instagram reducing or completely removing your visibility, without letting you know about it. You will not be able to tell that you are the victim of a shadowban from your own account, but to accounts who do not follow you you will become invisible.

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    Examples Of When Social Bots Are Used

    There are many examples of the manipulative use of social bots. In 2016 and 2017 alone, the use of social bots was registered in almost all major public elections. In particular, there were extensive discussions about social bots with regard to their influence on the Brexit vote, the presidential elections in the US, as well as the parliamentary elections in France and Germany.

    • Brexit vote: In June 2016, the majority of British citizens decided to leave the EU. Prior to this, there were heated discussions on social networks and it was noted that many social bots were also involved. The Independent reported that social bots played an important strategic role, especially when it came to voting ‘leave’.
    • US presidential election: In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 58th President of the United States. There was a lot of information on how much influence social bots had on his narrow election victory. According to Oxford University, automated pro-Trump bots overwhelmed pro-Clinton messages. Apparently every third pro-Trump tweet was from a bot. There was also a fake news report that the Pope had recommended Trump for election and this was shared almost a million times including by social bots. But the use of pro-Clinton social bots was also registered.

    What Is A Bot

    Why are there so many bots in skywars v7

    A bot is an automated program that is programmed for certain actions and executes them either regularly or reactively. The bot does this without needing human activation. It analyzes the environment and ‘decides’ which actions to take depending on the situation.

    A 2016 study by Incapsula concluded that more than half of the worlds internet traffic is generated by bots. Nearly 30% of these bots were identified as bad bots .

    The different types of bots sometimes differ greatly when it comes to their technical complexity. The spectrum ranges from simple algorithms to highly complex AI technology. If a bot works with artificial intelligence, it is even capable of learning: it explores its surroundings and adapts to them.

    Depending on the function, a bot isnt usually recognized by humans and performs its tasks unnoticed in the background, or appears as a human being . Some types of bots are described below in more detail:

    • Web crawler: They belong to the category of bots that work completely unnoticed. Usually they are used by search engines to browse the web, analyze websites, and then enter this information into search directories. They usually act as ‘innocent’ within generally accepted standards . Other web crawlers operate beyond these standards and collect unauthorized data on the net.

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