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Why Are There So Many Ads On Instagram

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What Are Instagram Ads And Why Run Them

Why Are There SO MANY ADS On YouTube Right Now? ð¤·â?âï¸?

Instagram ads are paid video or image posts that are published on Instagram by online businesses. These can be linked directly to your brands account, to any URL of your choosing, or your direct messages. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, Instagram ads can be designed under the Facebook Ads Manager.

So, why should you start advertising?

With a proliferation of brand profiles and an endless feed of sponsored images, organic reach on Instagram is incredibly difficult to capture in 2019. In order to reach certain buyer demographics and overcome market saturation, you need to pay to play. Luckily, there are a few perks to consider as youre looking into paid Instagram marketing.

Users See Your Content In A Mix That Was Hand

Yes, their feed is also full of content theyve subscribed to but they may not always be all that interested in seeing another picture of their friends dinner or a coworkers cat. They might scroll quickly in their own feed, depending on what they subscribe to.

Explore content, however, is tailored to their particular interests. Someone who loves vegan content might see resources about how to make cashew milk, shoppable content for vegan sweaters, and cruelty-free makeup products. These are directly relevant to the user, which makes the content more enticing, and your ad more likely to be noticed.

Another Way To Block Ads On Instagram: Use The Web/pc Version

doesnt really show ads. Whether you visit the website on a PC or mobile browser, in any kind of browser.

Using the web version may block or hide some ads, but Instagram web features arent as advanced as an Instagram app. You may find Instagram web drain more internet data usage simply because the browser has to load all the features required to show on the web.

However, if youre the kind of person who would prefer no ads, theres no other solution than this. You can use the PC or mobile web version and you can still send messages, comments, and more.

Instagram doesnt make it possible to block ads permanently inside the app. But, theres still something you can do about it.

You can use the above methods to reduce irrelevant or inappropriate ads as many as possible in the app. Or, you can just use the web version if you want to get rid of sponsored ads on Instagram completely.

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Consumers Dislike The Adsfor Many Reasons

Even though the ads often perform well, they aren’t necessarily providing users with a good experience.

Users often say they’re overwhelming, repetitive, and irrelevant. To give you a more detailed picture of users opinions, see the breakdown below:

  • Nearly 3 out of every 4 users think there are too many ads. The number grows to 78% for adults 35+ years old.
  • 63% of users say they only see a few things advertised, over and over again.
  • 44% of users find the ads irrelevant to their wants and needs. For those 35 and older, the number balloons to 51%.

As marketers continue to invest in ads on social, is there anything they can do to boost the consumers experience?

Not Seeing Ads On Instagram Here’s Why

Instagram Advertising Backlash

The head of Instagram has admitted that there are some users who dont see ads on their feed and explained why. He also explained why there is no iPad version of the popular photo social network.

According to Chris Welch, Adam Mosseri who is in charge of Instagram at Facebook after being the head of the latters news feed answered some users questions over the weekend. One of them was I dont see ANY ads on my instagram. Not a single ad. Is this normal?

Mosseri answered that this is totally normal. Apparently, a small group of users never see ads at all to make sure we understand the effect of that. Welch asks himself if you could imagine how that would be, answering bliss.

I was one of those users and, indeed, it was bliss. In fact, for a year or so I thought that it was a fluke because I have never heard of any other users without ads in their feeds. When the ads came, I thought they may have finally fixed it. Now it seems that some people are randomly selected to participate in this control group a golden lottery of sorts.

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How To Identify Instagram Ads

Image Gallery

Instagram ads appear in your main feed and in your Stories, with the label Sponsored at the top of the post, below the brand name. They also include an action button at the bottom. A sponsored post can be an image or video, and it prompts you to take an action, based on the company’s goal for the ad.

Below are some of the actions you may be prompted to take:

  • Install Now for app-related ads.
  • to download what is advertised.
  • Sign Up to register on a site.
  • Shop Now to buy the product advertised.
  • Learn More to get more information on the product or service advertised.

Million People Use Instagram Stories Every Day

With half a billion people using Stories every single day, its clear that Stories are an important channel for brands. The stats below further emphasize why you should try Stories, if you havent already.

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a lifestyle photographer used to grow from 0 to 600,000 followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

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Navigating To The Facebook Ads Manager

This method tends to be the way most marketers create Instagram ads.

Using Facebook Ads Manager tends to be easier than creating ads within the Instagram app, and you can do much more through the , too.

Editors note: Well go through creating Instagram ads within the Instagram app further below. If you wish to learn about it now, feel free to skip to that section.

Creating Instagram ads is very similar to creating Facebook ads. Just like Facebook ads, Facebook Ads Manager is the go-to place for creating, editing, and managing Instagram ads.

To access your Facebook Ads Manager, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and select Manage Ads from the dropdown.

Alternatively, you can use this direct link: to go to your Facebook Ads Manager.

Once you are there, simply click the prominent, green button Create Ad in the upper-right corner to get started.

Tip: To create Instagram ads using the Facebook Ads Manager, you only need to have a Facebook Page. You dont even need an Instagram account!

How Instagram Can Solve It

Instagram Story Ads: Why I’m Obsessed How to Set Them Up

For starters, Instagram could actually give us a choice of topics we want to hear less about. Similarly, maybe we could also choose those we want to hear about. Giving us four topics to choose from and calling it personalized and relevant is just ridiculous.

Next, the app could actually account for all those ads we reported as repetitive and irrelevant. Right now, it feels like a Sisyphean task as they keep reappearing in my feed no matter how often I report them.

And finally, Instagram could actually start caring about the mental health of its users, instead of just saying that it does. But something tells me that mental health and ad revenue dont go hand in hand.

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You Are Starting Off Rough

Now, before we get into the more complicated stuff, we need to make sure your logistics are right and are not making your Instagram ads suck!

If youre having trouble promoting posts and stories from your Facebook/ Instagram profile it may be because you do not have your profile set to a business account. In order to promote and create ads from Instagram, youll need to make sure you are in this format. If not, no no advertising!

If you are still struggling to get your Instagram ads to launch, it might be because you are not a page admin that is connected to your business pagesbut you also might not have formatted your content correctly!

There are two different ad placements on Instagram: stories and feed. To ensure youre creating high-quality ads on Instagram, keep the following design requirements in mind:

Image Size

  • Landscape 1.91:1
  • Vertical 4:5

*As a best practice, we recommend you avoid using URLs in your Instagram ads text. URLs will not be clickable from your ads text field.

If you have all of those logistics in place, you should be starting from a good place!

Monitoring Your Instagram Ads

As your campaigns are running, watch them closely. As soon as frequency increases, your other metrics may start to sink, driving up your CPC. Close monitoring also allows you to see whats working and what isnt you can pause ineffective campaigns and reallocate the adspend to the more successful ones.

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Instagram Collection And Shopping Ads

If you ask me, these ads are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Though they’re particularly useful for quick-decision e-commerce companies, like we’ll see in this example, I can see them being just as effective for those in industrial and commercial industries with specific parts to sell.

Collection ads look like this one from Aerie. At first glance, this looks like a traditional Instagram photo post.

You can see the little shopping back in the bottom left corner, however, which indicates that this is a collection ad.

When you click on the shopping bag, the ad takes you directly to the products featured in the post.

You can click and check out right from here, all within the Instagram app.

These are pretty powerful ads, and like I said, I could see them working well outside of traditional e-commerce industries. Let’s say you sell aftermarket Corvette parts. An ad with a picture of a recently restored Corvette could easily feature a collection of the parts used in the restoration, showing people exactly what they need to complete a similar renovation.

Pretty cool, hey?

Shopping ads function pretty similarly to collection ads. When you tap on the image in a shopping ad, a link pops up taking you to the page where you can buy that item. It’s just another great way to offer viewers a seamless experience by removing any barriers between the time they decide they want to purchase something and the actual action of making the purchase.

Advertisers Say Demand Is Leading To More Ads To The Instagram News Feed

9 Tricks to Use Instagram for Your Business

Recently, a colleague mentioned that she had noticed a significant surge in the number of Instagram ad placements. Conducting a quick test via her feed, she found ads accounted for 22% of 45 posts and 23% of 26 Stories.

She isnt alone. Peter Stringer, a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant is among the marketers weve heard from that have noticed an uptick in Instagrams ad volume. Stringer noticed the increase at the start of 2019.

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What Do Instagram Ads Look Like

Instagram app ads come in two different styles:

  • Image Ads: Traditional image ad that strongly resembles organic Instagram posts.
  • Video Ads: Video ads can use sight, motion, and sound to capture attention, and they can run for up to 30 seconds.

There are also carousel ads, which allow users to swipe through several images, but this format is not currently available for driving app installs.

Instagram ads appear alongside organic material in a users image stream, making them largely indistinguishable from regular user content .

Instagram ads allow for several different call-to-action options, including Install Now, which can be used to drive new app installs.

In addition to the Install Now and Use App CTAs, apps can also choose from 10 other CTAs, allowing you to pick the perfect wording that will appeal to your audience.

Choose from:

  • Watch Video

Its An Additional Placement Opportunity

At the end of the day, the more placement opportunities you have for your ads, the better. There are more chances to connect with more segments of your target audience, and since you can use the creatives youre already using for Facebook and Instagram Ads without having to modify them in any way, this is an easy way to potentially scale your campaigns.

And its a good placement opportunity. Explore has over 200M daily active accounts that view the page, and 50% of accounts on Instagram use Explore at least once a month.

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Instagram Ads: New Improved And 100% Awesome

Thats it! I hope this no bullshit approach to Instagram has really opened your eyes to some of the problems you might be having and how to better fix them! If you are struggling with Instagram the good news is, it might not be that Instagram is bad for your business it just might be that your Instagram ad strategy is bad!

There is time for change and better days!

If you want additional and more customized help for your Instagram advertising, my team at Disruptive is fantastic at paid social advertising! We love telling the stories of clients on social and if you want some help with strategy, we got you!

Reach out to us here, we would love to help you!

But, if you are not there yet, that is totally fine! Armed with this Instagra information, youre now ready to run a successful advertising campaign on Instagram! If you want additional Intagram help click on my articles here, here and here!

Cydney Hatch

Cydney is a polka dot wearing business owner, photographer, cupcake enthusiast and writer, who through her work, shares her personal passions about visual marketing, branding and business strategy.

Cydney Hatch

Cydney is a polka dot wearing business owner, photographer, cupcake enthusiast and writer, who through her work, shares her personal passions about visual marketing, branding and business strategy.

S To Block Instagram Ads In Android And Iphone

Why Are There So Many YOUTUBE ADS – Let’s Chat with Numbers – (Quackalope Games)

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no software that can remove all sponsored posts and ads and save you from viewing them because Instagram does not allow standard functionality to limit the display of commercial content. Bloggers you follow can do native ads that are often hard to spot, for example. Then, unsubscribing or blocking profiles with ads can look pointless as they will continue to appear if your profile is not private. It appears that as of the moment, unlike most sites, users of Instagram will have to put up with some ads. But you still can manually block the most annoying ads.

To remove the ad from your Instagram feed, you first need to find the very advertising post that annoys you and which you wish to block, and:

  • In the upper right corner of the post of three vertically located dots
  • Then, select the item Hide ad from the appearing menu
  • After you will have a choice of four reasons why you want this ad to no longer be shown in your feed. Just choose the most suitable!
  • Next, a message will appear confirming the success of the actions to block the corresponding ad post
  • If among other things you consider any advertising to be spam, offensive, fraudulent, or containing scenes of violence or pornography, you can leave a corresponding complaint.

    To do this, click the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner of this publication and select the Report aditem, after which in the menu that appears, select the appropriate reason.

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    You Dont Have A Solid Crew

    Speaking of targeting, although you might be familiar or currently using it, you might not be getting your best crew of customers!

    One of the many Instagram challenges that businesses find is that they struggle connecting their ads with the right people! You may have created killer ads, but if they arent reaching your target audience then they are worthless. #WOMP

    Therefore, it is important to take the time to become familiar with all that Instagram has to offer when it comes to Instagram targeting! At the most basic level, you can target people based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

    As these are great options there are ways you can tighten your targeting strategy:

    Custom and Lookalike Audiences

    The lookalike audience feature allows you to create a custom audience for your ad that replicates your existing followers. This can help you bring in new people who have similar interests, demographics, behaviors, etc to your current audience.


    you can place on your website and track visitor behavior. You can then create a custom Instagram ad audience consisting only of people who have visited your website and maybe didnt follow through with a purchase. Since the average cart abandonment rate is over 68%, remarketing through Instagram can be a great way to win back those lost customers.

    You Are Not Creating Something Pretty

    Piggybacking off the last section, the real business winners on Instagram are those who create high quality pictures that bring out extraordinary aesthetics.

    Here are just some examples of those businesses:

    All of these have a few things in common:

    • They are eyecatching and creative
    • They are minimalistic as to not distract
    • They are informative
    • They are paired with great ad copy

    Instagram ads should never be a platform for distracting branding and logo touting. Tell a story, share awesome visuals and if you must share a logo, dont make it a thing! While were on the subject of ad content, its essential not to overlook the importance of captions in helping your message hit home.

    To craft awesome Instagram captions, ask yourself these four questions:

    • Are you bored with your caption? If that is the case, your target audience will most likely be snoring too! If you find yourself feeling blah think inside the mind of your audience: What would be interesting to them?
    • Are you being helpful? Many people on social media are trying to find tips, tricks and inspirations. Are you informing your audience on your business, industry or service? Are you teaching them and helping them be more informed in those ways?
    • Does your caption messaging back up your ads imagery?
    • Are you integrating hashtags that relate to a promo or are heavily branded?

    To show how this works in practice, lets look at a paid ad on Instagram from the Islander Restuarant RUMBI:

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