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Why Are My Instagram Story Views So Low

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My Analytics Skyrocketed But Conversions Were Meh

How To Fix Your Low Story Views (How To Use Instagram Stories Properly 2022)

If we look at my gross follower growth, I gained 2,500 new followers. ALL of my analytics increased by a massive amount. My reach went up by 2,000%.

I got 842,000 VIEWS over the month on my Reels. Thats not far from 1,000,000! They do count views whether theyre from the same or different people, but for the sake of the argument lets imagine those are 842,000 eyeballs on my content. And I ONLY gained 2,500 followers.

So in my personal experience, about 0.3% of my viewers converted to followers. That means I need to get a lot of views to get just one follower. The ratio of followers to views is WAY less than I expected.

Fun fact for comparison: I also had a Tik Tok go viral during this period

I cross-posted my Reels to Tik Tok and one of them went viral. Overall, I gained about 2,000 followers on Tik Tok, so I gained more on that platform than Instagram. My video got about 140,000 views. So on Tik Tok, my conversion rate was 1.4%.

Its so much harder to get someone to push that follow button on Instagram than Tik Tok. That doesnt mean Tik Tok is better for me because the people on Tik Tok arent my audience. Some people did come to my Instagram from that video, but not many.

It was SUCH a pain in the butt because I put in the caption and comments that links to anything I mentioned were in my Instagram profile, but almost all of my comments were asking for the link.

I know people who gained like 10,000 views from Reels when they had a few that hit about 1,000,000 views.

Why The Instagram Stories Views Are Down

Instagram shows you who viewed your Stories and allows you to block users you dont want to see them.

If your Stories get a lot of views, then your engagement might increase too. Those who view your Stories may potentially follow you or buy from you. So, the more views you get, the better it is for your brand.

Previously, people would pay bot services to get millions of views in the hope of increasing their following and exposure. However, Instagram cracked down on these bots and removed fake likes, followers, and comments. As a result, a new mass Stories viewing strategy was born.

People started noticing page views from famous people they did not recognize. Most of these views were also from accounts that didnt follow them. What began as five strangers morphed into an enormous number of views. One Reddit user said that they saw views from strange Russian models, DJs, and playmates.

Another claimed that after massive Story viewing bots watched 1,500,000 of their Stories in a day, they gained 50-60 followers. There were claims that the mass Story viewing was a strategy to promote new accounts on Instagram.

The idea was that if accounts are viewing your Stories, then the Instagram app will not flag them as bots. It will look like real people are watching your Stories, and not bots. Instagram noted this and promised to fix this inauthentic growth hacking technique. They recently did so, and users have noticed a huge drop in their views.

Why is this good?

Who Shows Up First On Instagram Story Views

According to the folks at tech outlets The Tab and IG Reviews, the breakdown of the ranking system essentially comes down to two aspects: ONE If your stories regularly have less than 50 viewers, then the list is simply chronological, and whoever looked at your story first is up at the top of the viewers ranking.

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How The Instagram Story View Order Works

To better understand how the Instagram Story views order algorithm works, some users on the Instagram Subreddit experimented with the feature. These tests revealed that the site actually uses two different ordering schemes based on the number of views:

  • If a Story has been viewed by 50 people or less, the views list is arranged in a reverse chronological order.
  • Once the number of views goes past 50 Instagram switches to its more complex sorting algorithm.
  • This more complex order organizes viewers based on their level of interaction with the user.

These two sorting systems, which are not officially confirmed by Instagram, work together to show the most relevant people on the top of the viewers list.

Give Your Audience Branded Content

You live alone: Instagram riddle on everyones stories. I keep seeing ...

Branded content will always be a good choice for a marketing campaign if you are doing it the right way. Anything that is branded is a good choice here, hashtags included. You can use photos, videos, behind the scenes, and even screenshots as long as you believe they are fitted for your audience and the message you want to send.

The important thing is to tell people to tag your account so that you will be able to repost their shares.

Here are two examples on how companies can use Stories and introduce branded content. They come from Sephora and McDonalds and they are both based on video content that contains – and is based upon – branded elements:

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How Is The Order Of Instagram Story Viewers Determined

The way Instagram sorts the story viewers is determined by a secret algorithm.

This algorithm takes into consideration the profile visits, likes and comments to rank the viewers for a story.

The order of viewers is based on how others interact with you on the platform rather than the way you engage with these profiles..

Some Notes About My Reels Experience:

I didnt have to put in a ton of effort to post an Instagram Reel everyday either. I would batch record 5 or 6 Reels every few days and then post in real time.

I had a much larger account than mine literally copy one of my Reels, which was interesting. I had planned to do an entire series based on that Reel, but now I dont think I will. It didnt do super well to begin with anyway.

The thing is, everything with Reels is a copy. Its totally fine to see people using a sound and then use that same sound with a different message. Blatantly ripping people off using an ORIGINAL audio is where I draw the line. I dont ever want it to seem like Ive copied someone, and since it didnt do so well on my account, there was no point in continuing.

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/ Previous Story Views Were Created By A Bot

The most popular explanation for a decline in your storys views is a recent burst of inauthentic interaction. This implies you landed on a bot trigger, using an engagement app, purchased engagement , or invested in some strange blackhat tech that engaged for you automatically from different things like .

If youve seen an uptick in followers or likes from obviously bot or false accounts, you might have accumulated fake views in the previous era, which is why story views are steadily dwindling. Generally, youll be able to see if you used apps or bought engagement. Occasionally, though, you might have used a hashtag that sparked bot interaction.

What Helps Your Instagram Stories Rank Higher In The Algorithm

How THIS instagram story kills your phone.

There are four factors that go into ranking your Instagram Stories:

  • Post information eg whether the Story is a video or photo
  • Account information of the poster eg how often youve posted recently
  • Viewer information, such as which kinds of posts they interact with most
  • Engagement history between the viewer and your account

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shared these four factors on hisin June 2021, explaining how the company tries to find content that best suits viewers.

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Why Are My Instagram Story Views So Low

Have you noticed that lately, your Instagram story views seem to have dropped more than usual?

You are not alone! Everyone on Instagram has reportedly suffered a significant view drop on their IG stories. Why? Probably because Instagram has lived up to its policy of being a Real Engagement social media platform by performing a deep cleanse of bot-led fake views and engagement. But the good news is, it can only get better from here!

Your Instagram Story views might be low because:

  • Instagram is not pushing it out to your audience because of fake followers in your list.
  • Your posts are not giving valuable content for your audience to engage with.
  • You dont realize the mega power of IG stories yet. Hence, you are missing out on capitalizing on them to your advantage.
  • Your content is not active when your audience is on the platform.
  • But all this is fixable. Stay tuned till the end for tips to keep your audience engaged through Instagram Story.

    Stop Posting To Your Stories

    Yes. You read right.

    Stop posting in your Stories.

    Its time to reset your Instagram.

    You have 2 choices:

  • Take a 1 daybreak from Stories, or
  • Take a few daysbreak
  • Why is a break good?

    I have noticed that every single time I have a big break , Instagram will boost my Stories and give me more views.

    They usually do one or both of these:

    • They push your Stories in front of the Insta Story line on peoples home feeds, and / or
    • They send a notification to your followers to tell them that you have posted your first Story in a long time. Naturally, people will be curious and check what youve just posted.

    See, these are the notifications I receive when someone posts in their Stories for the first time in a while :

    Instagram is desperate for you to come back.

    And when you come back, they want you to have more views than usual. So they will send these notifications to some of your followers.


    Have a break!

    Then, lets make sure that when you come back, your Stories are captivating. This way, people will want to come back again and again, days after youve come back.

    More about this a bit later.

    First, lets choose your Instagram Story routine.

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    The Most Important Piece Of Reels Strategy

    The key to Reels is that you HAVE to remember who youre trying to attract. You should NOT be doing Reels that only people who do what you do will understand. Instead, you want to create Reels that people who need your services will get.

    Example: if youre a web designer, you shouldnt make a Reel about the woes of being a web designer because only other web designers would get that. Get into the mind of your ideal customer and create something that resonates with them!

    The Reels that do the best for me are the ones that make my ideal client go, OH my gosh, you GET me! I am all about teaching people things, but the Reels where Im sharing strategies or talking dont do as well for me.

    Reels have to be saveable and shareable. It makes people go yyyeeessss. If they watch a Reel and feel like they understand it to their core, theyll engage. Thats where you find the major growth.

    Quick voiceovers that apply to entrepreneurs in general do the best for me!

    What Happens When Someone Unfollows You On Instagram

    Why People Keep Falling for Viral Hoaxes

    Unfollowing someone means you will no longer see their content in your feed. If they have a public account then you may still be able to see what they post by visiting their profile directly. If you choose to unfollow someone on Instagram they will not receive a notification saying that you have done this.

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    Can Non Followers See My Instagram Story

    Can non-followers see your Instagram story? A person can see your story or not, it totally depends upon your account privacy settings. If your account is set to private then only your approved followers can see your story. While, if your account is set to public, then anyone on Instagram can see your profile and story.

    How To Get On Top Of Your Followers Instagram Story List

    As we said, the more engagement with a user, the more chance they have to show up at the top of your viewer list. On the other hand, your stories will appear at the top of their page too. Thats why by sharing Instagram stories more often, and also sharing them in the peak time you can maximize your reach and increase your engagement.

    One of the best apps that can help you schedule your stories from months ahead and publish them at your accounts best times is AiGrow.

    AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth platform with many features, including:

    • Post and story scheduler
    • Hashtag monitoring

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    When To Post On Instagram Stories For The Most Views

    One of the easiest ways to help increase Story views on your Instagram account is to post when your followers are online. You can find out when this is by checking your analytics. Analytics can be seen via the hamburger menu / Insights / Total followers and scrolling down to Most active times. Here, youll see a graph showing the days and hours when your followers are online the most.

    This gives you a range of best times to post. From these, you can choose when youre going to post and test what times consistently bring you in the most Story views.

    Is Instagram A Dying Platform

    How to Add Links to Instagram Stories – FINALLY Available for Everyone

    Instagram has been relentless in its insistence that it’s looking to help small businesses and Creators grow on the app, investing dollars into new programs to help them stand out. … Instagram as a company and product isn’t really dying. They are still growing, capturing our attention, and making money from it.

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    Engaging Lower Ranked Viewers

    Capturing the interest of the people from the bottom of their Instagram Stories views order list is also vital for creators. Moving people up the list will indicate their growing interest, and will help creators deliver more content to them.

    Since profile view frequency is a significant factor, creators need to get viewers moving from their stories to their profile pages more often. One way to do this is by using the Swipe up function. This feature lets people head to a users profile page, or other links, just by swiping up on their screens while viewing Stories. The video below shows how:

    However, the Swipe Up function is available only to those who have 10,000 or more subscribers. Those who doesnt have that number can check out the follower providers listed here. An alternate way for those with smaller audiences to link back to their profile is by tagging themselves in their Stories captions. This inserts a clickable link:

    Adding visual cues and calls to action around the link helps entice viewers to tap on it and visit the profile.

    How To Get More Story Views On Instagram In 2022

    Now that we covered a few basic thing to know about Instagram stories, lets jump into increasing your story views on Instagram.

    These methods are how I was able to go from embarrassingly low numbers in the hundreds to 1000s to in the 2000s and even 3000s!

    Ok I know these numbers are still kinda low compared to how many followers I have but at least they did increase, which shows these strategies can be highly effective for you too.

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    What Does The Top Viewer On Instagram Story Mean

    Ig story viewer order is based on how much your followers interact with your content, leave comments, spend time watching, likes, and more. So the top viewers on Instagram story are users who visit your profile and interact with your content the most instead of how much you engage with them. The order of people who view Instagram story doesnt change too often based on the Instagram algorithm, and you can see the same users on every story.

    Find The Right Time To Post

    Why People Keep Falling for Viral Hoaxes

    You may have the best stories on your account right now, but your audience might not be on Instagram at that time. Sometimes, the mistake is not getting the timing right.

    As your stories get older, newer stories will overlap yours, making it harder for your followers to find your content.

    When posting your stories, make sure that you are posting when most of your followers are online. You can subtly ask your fans when they are most active on Instagram, or you can look at your fanbase demographics to estimate the best time to post your content.

    Once you find that sweet spot in the day, concentrate all your stories during this time. If you find the right time correctly, you could experience a significant increase in your Instagram story views.

    Pro Tip: You can go into your Instagram analytics and see when most of your followers are online. Test posting then first.

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    Monitoring Who Views Your Story

    If for some reason you want to restrict who may view your story, theres an easy workaround. After youve recorded a video for your story, you can click on the three dots labeled More at the bottom of the screen. Youll be redirected to a drop-down menu with a number of options.

    Under Story settings, youll also find the option to limit who may reply to your story. Here you have three options. You can disable replying altogether, allow your followers to reply to your story via message, or limit this only to followers who you also follow back.

    The platform also gives your followers the ability to share videos and photos from your stories in a message. If you want to restrict this ability, youll also find this option under these settings.

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