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Why Are My Facebook Messages Not Being Delivered

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Why Are My Text Messages Not Being Delivered

Why is my Facebook message sent but not delivered?

Posted by Angela Business Continuity on May 23, 2018

Whether youre trying to send a personal SMS message to a friend or a business associate, or using a service like DialMyCalls to send SMS messages to high volumes of people, youve probably run into issues with your text messages not being delivered.

While DialMyCalls takes steps to avoid this, there are still a few rare situations that can cause SMS message delivery to fail.

In this article, well take a look at some of the most common causes that text messages may not be delivered, so that you may better understand how to best use DialMyCalls, and ensure that your messages are always delivered to the appropriate people.

Your Connection Request Is Yet To Be Approved

When you message people that are not on your friend’s list, your messages get queued in their Connection Request lists. During this period, the message shows Sent but doesnt show Delivered. Should this recipient accept your connection request, the message automatically switches to Delivered. If otherwise, it remains perpetually as sent.

Choose Dialmycalls For Your Mass Sms Notification Needs

Whether you want to use DialMyCalls for your business, send updates to your school district, collect donations for your nonprofit, or anything else, were the perfect choice for your SMS messaging and notification needs.

Our advanced technology, short code systems, detailed SMS broadcast reports, and powerful direct routing features allows DialMyCalls to ensure timely delivery of all of your most important text messages.

So dont rely on free long code messaging services and dont risk SMS delivery failure! Contact DialMyCalls today, and see how we can help you communicate more effectively with powerful SMS messaging!

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Solution : Restore Ios

If there is a bug on your device and Apple has not released an update to fix it yet, the only thing you can do is restore an older iOS version. You can do this by entering recovery mode.

Here’s how you can enter recovery mode on an iPhone:

  • Switch the device off
  • Launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Close any other programs that are running. They could interfere with the iOS restoration
  • Use a USB or lightning cable to plug your handset to your computer
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Power button until your handset reboots. Keep holding the Power button even when the Apple logo screen appears
  • When you see the iTunes display on your mobile, let go of the Power button
  • A message should appear saying that your device was detected. It will ask if you want to Restore or Update

Don’t disconnect from your computer mid-restoration. This can cause all kinds of errors.

Your Message Was Flagged As Spam By The Recipients Carrier

Why aren

With the rise of text messaging, carriers started protecting their subscribers from SMS spam. Similar to how your email provider moves messages they think are suspicious to the Spam folder, your mobile carrier does the same. Except those text messages dont get delivered to you at all. They simply get filtered out by your carrier.

When youre texting someone for the first time, keep in mind that your message can get filtered out. This happens when something in your message raised a flag for the recipients carrier.

While many carriers have their own guidelines and methods for fighting spam, some principles are universally followed.

Here are some of the common reasons why messages get filtered out:

  • Youre sending suspicious links, especially if youre using a URL shortener like, tiny.url, etc.
  • Youre sending a lot of messages with the same content.
  • Youre sending overly long messages. Every SMS segment is 160 characters long so if youre sending an essay, thatll raise a red flag for the receiving carrier.
  • Using all caps in your messages like SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE. This both looks suspicious and isnt effective.

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When The Message Is Stuck

Kik has a straightforward way of letting you know the status of your sent message. If you see the letter S next to it, that means your message is still on the Kik server. It is not yet delivered to the recipient.

If you see the letter D on the top left corner of your text, it means that the message is delivered to the recipient, but they are yet to open it. Finally, if the letter R is hovering over your words, that means that the person you texted has read your message.

But what if you see those three dots instead of letters? The three dots mean that your message hasnt reached the server and that its somewhere in the Kik message purgatory.

When you see the three dots, that means youre either having connection issues or something is going on with your phone. The three dots might linger for a few seconds and then turn into S and then D. But if you dont see S for longer than that, its time to act.

Too Much Cache Is Causing Issues

If youre an Android user, this may concern you. Apps you use on your phone may accumulate too much cache data and cause performance issues. As a result, Kik messages may fail to be delivered.

You can quickly solve this by deleting the cache. The process depends on your smartphone model, but its always similar to this:

  • Go to Settings and scroll to find Apps.
  • When you open apps, find Kik, and tap to see the details.
  • Tap the Force stop option to stop the app from running and then select Storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data to remove unnecessary data from your phone and enable the app to work correctly.
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    Fix : Restart Your Device

    Doing a restart would automatically reset the power cycle of your Android or iOS device, fixing most of the minor issues. Therefore, if WhatsApp messages are not being delivered, then press the Power button on your phone.

    In some iPhone models, you need to press the Volume Up/Down and Side keys instead. Swipe the Power slider option, wait for a while for your phone to be switched off, and press the key again to turn it on.

    Tips To Staying Safe On Messenger

    How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

    Private communication is built on trust and knowing that you have the choice and control to chat with who you want, how you want. Theres nothing worse than falling for a scam or not knowing how to avoid a potentially harmful interaction. At Messenger, we work hard every day to protect your conversations. We want to share some tips for navigating our safety features and our approach to help combat abuse.

    6 Tips to stay safe on Messenger.

    1. Check your messaging settings. Weve changed the way people experience Messenger by giving them more options to manage their message requests. New message delivery controls let you choose who can contact you online and where those messages go. Message requests are even safer now and route messages from unconnected users to a dedicated folder with safety and privacy protections that ensure these unconnected users cannot call you or see your online status unless you reply. We also blur images and videos from an unconnected user as well as unlink website addresses so you do not accidentally tap on potentially malicious links or view an image that could be lewd or offensive.

    6. Stay informed, stay alert. One of the best ways for you to stay safe online is knowing what to look for in scammers and imposters. Our team has resources you can review to educate yourselfon common scams.

    Messengers approach to combating abuse: Prevent, Control, and Care.

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    The Messaged Person Has Deleted The App

    Another reason may be this the person youre trying to message has deleted the app and doesnt use it anymore. To check if this is true, try to reach them via some other app or call them. Maybe theyre using a new device now, and they havent installed the Kik app yet.

    When they decide to use the app again, reinstall it and log in, theyll receive your message.

    Solution : Force Restart Iphone

    Apple devices can glitch out occasionally – a minor software glitch can cause the problem. You can clear it with a force restart.

    Here’s how iPhone users can force restart:

    • Press one of the Volume buttons while holding the Power Button
    • Slide the shut-down slider when it appears
    • Press the Power button again to reboot

    When you force-restart, your mobile would be power-cycled. Don’t worry, your data won’t be erased.

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    The Carrier Is Blocking The Sms

    Operators are also known to block some SMS routes from time to time. This also requires SMS services to re-route the message via another working route, which can cause temporary delivery issues. These problems are usually resolved quickly, but they can slow down your message delivery quite significantly.

    Keep an eye out for any service updates from your provider since they will usually let you know when they’re experiencing problems. In the meantime, it might be worth holding back on sending too many messages that won’t be delivered right away.

    Fix : Complete Whatsapp Verification

    Why is my message not delivered on Facebook Messenger? I ...

    If you have just started using WhatsApp and have not completed the verification of your account, then you can encounter this issue as well. For this, you can just launch WhatsApp or reinstall it on your device. Now, enter a working phone number for the device you are using and enter the one-time generated code to complete the verification process.

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    Set Up Your Own Sms Marketing Campaign Today

    Sign Up For A Free Trial Today!

    Other causes of invalid numbers include attempting delivery to landlines landlines cannot receive SMS messages, so delivery will fail.

    And, of course, SMS messages may fail if an individuals phone number is incorrect, disconnected, or otherwise invalid.

    Youre Sending Too Many Messages

    Similar to the point above, if youre sending a lot of text messages and are doing SMS blasts, your messages might be caught in the spam filter. There are guidelines around how many messages you can send depending on the number youre using.

    Phone numbers designated for P2P traffic are generally only allowed to send 1 message per second. There should also be a fairly even one-to-one balance of sending and receiving messages. If youre sending 300 messages but only getting 10 responses, thats a red flag and can result in your messages getting blocked.

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    The Message Contained Illegal Content

    If youre sending messages with illicit content, such as adult content, references to drugs, or anything referring to criminal activity, they can get blocked by the receiving carrier. CTIA is a regulatory body that enforces guidelines for SMS messages. You must ensure that the content of the messages you send complies with all applicable laws of the jurisdiction in which the message recipient is located.

    The Sender You Are Using Is Prohibited

    How To Fix Message Not Sending Problem Facebook Messenger | Messenger Message Not Sent Problem

    Some countries or operators are blocking some types of senders or A2P messaging platforms. Japan, for example, doesnt allow sending A2P SMS messages from regular phone numbers. Telia Sonera in Finland, on the other hand, blocks messages from alphanumeric senders like CarService1 or BestHotel.”

    These restrictions are put in place to prevent companies from engaging in high-volume messaging or spam. In these cases, it’s more difficult to run A2P marketing strategies, even if you’re not going to be spamming your clients.

    Make sure to do your research around the rules and laws in your country. As long as you understand what is and isn’t allowed, you shouldn’t have any problems running a successful marketing campaign with an A2P strategy.

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    Fix : Your Number Should Be Added To Their Contacts

    This is a common issue that users face when their WhatsApp broadcast messages are not delivered. Ideally, the user you are sending the message should have your contact saved on their device. You can just ask them to do it as it is pretty easy. They just need to go to their WhatsApp Contacts option and choose to add a new contact from here.

    My Aol/comcast Addresses Have High Bounce Rates


    We’ve found that Comcast periodically greylists Alchemer’s email servers. This means that they will temporarily reject messages due to the volume and frequency of email we send on behalf of our customers. The initial rejection of messages from our servers can last for fifteen minutes in some cases and hours in others but the messages are still trying to be sent which is why they’ll show up as soft bounces. Once a predetermined time has elapsed , the servers will try again.


    The situation for AOL is a little different. AOL often returns a status of undeliverable. This is effectively a bounce. AOL throttles delivery such that there are limits on the number of emails that can be sent for a specific message from a specific domain to their servers per hour and per day. If you exceed the limit, AOL may fail to deliver your email.

    One thing to consider for both Comcast and AOL is to break up large lists of these addresses into smaller batches and send in waves. This could potentially help improve your deliverability but we can’t make any guarantees.

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    Backup Your Whatsapp Messages To Your Computer

    By now, you would be able to troubleshoot an issue like WhatsApp messages sent but not delivered. Apart from that, if you donât want to lose your WhatsApp data, then use MobileTrans â WhatsApp Transfer. The application can be used to backup, restore, and transfer WhatsApp data on any Android/iOS device pretty easily.

    • â¢Simply connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer and backup its WhatsApp data to your computer with MobileTrans.
    • â¢It will save your WhatsApp chats, attached media, contacts, group information, voice notes, and so on.
    • â¢The application will maintain different versions of the backup instead of overwriting your data.
    • â¢You can later restore the WhatsApp backup content to the same or any other device using MobileTrans.
    • â¢Furthermore, it can also help you directly transfer your WhatsApp data from one device to another .

    Thatâs it, folks! After reading this guide, you would be able to fix the WhatsApp messages not delivering issue as well. I have listed solutions to fix the WhatsApp messages not delivered to one contact too. Also, if you donât want to lose your WhatsApp data again, then maintain its backup with a reliable tool like MobileTrans â WhatsApp Transfer in a jiffy.

    How To Know If Someone Has Blocked Me On Fb Messenger

    Reasons Why Facebook Messenger Chat Sent but not delivered

    Facebook messenger has gone beyond its humble start as it currently boasts a myriad of functionalities, offering users the ability to send or receive money, play games and even request for crucial services such as Uber or Lyft. However, the Facebook messages Sent but not Delivered issue often misleads people to think they have been blocked by their loved ones or friends. To confirm if this is true or not, follow the below procedures.

    Note: Facebook blocking and Messenger blocking are different entities.

    1. Open your Messenger and Launch the Search Engine 2. Type the persons name and open their account 3. Type a brief message to them and click send 4. Notice the send status. If it fails to send and returns This person is not available right now, its either that account has been deactivated or you have been blocked 5. Try to access the persons profile, if unable to do so, then you have been blocked. If otherwise, the account might be deactivated

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    From Three Dots To R Receipt

    The most frustrating Kik read receipt is the letter S. If you see the three dots, you know its just a connection issue, and thats easy to fix. Your message will get sent in no time. But if the S doesnt turn into D quickly, thats when you start to worry.

    Are they offline? Have they deleted Kik? Or have they blocked you? All of these options are possible. But also, Kik might be down for a moment.

    Have you ever had a problem sending a message on Kik? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Fix : Reset Network Settings On Your Phone

    As I have listed above, the WhatsApp messages not delivering issue can be caused due to a network problem. If WhatsApp is still not delivering messages, then you can choose to reset its network settings.

    For instance, on iOS devices, you can go to its Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Tap on this option and wait for a while as your device would be restarted with its default network settings.

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    How To Fix It: Why Are My Text Messages Not Sending On My Iphone

    A bit of context here before we launch into the possible reasons why your messages arent being delivered: iPhone sends a text message as an iMessage or as an SMS . iMessage can be sent over Wi-Fi or cellular connection and SMS can only be sent over cellular connection. When iMessage isnt available , text messages can be sent as an SMS as a backup. Well cover troubleshooting for both types of messages.

    And just in case you havent done this already: If you see a red exclamation point with the alert Not Delivered under your text, tap on the exclamation point then tap Try Again. If that doesnt work, tap Send as Text Message.

    Didnt work? If your text messages are not sending on your iPhone, try these options.

    Step 1. Check your cellular coverage or Wi-Fi connection. Start with the easiest culprit to identify: your network connection. You cant send text messages without access to either a cellular or Wi-Fi network. If you have weak cell service, you may have to wait to send your text when you have a stronger connection.

    Are you near Wi-Fi? Check the following:

    Is your iPhones Wi-Fi switched off?

    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
    • Locate the Wi-Fi icon
    • If the icon is white, tap to enable Wi-Fi.

    Are you on Airplane mode? This shuts off both your Wi-Fi and cell connection

    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
    • Tap on the Airplane icon . If its orange, tap to turn it off.

    Check that your iMessage is turned on

    • Go to Settings

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