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Why Are My Emails Going To Spam Gmail

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Theres A Large Image With Minimal Text

How To Avoid Emails Going To Spam // How To Improve Email Deliverability

Incorporating visuals into marketing campaigns has never been more popular.

In fact, creating visual content is a top priority for 55 percent of B2C content creators.

So its easy to see why many marketers would want their emails to be image-heavy. Its simply a matter of aesthetics.

And some of the best, most professional-looking emails I see contain images.

This one from hobby boutique Rito is a great example.

But Email on Acid explains that using a large image with minimal text can sometimes get you into trouble.

Heres what they have to say on the matter:

The idea is that image-heavy emails without much text can raise a red flag for spam filters. This theory was formulated because spammers sometimes display information in large images instead of text so that the filter programs cannot read the content.

And this makes sense, and I can see why they would be wary of image-centric emails.

But at the end of the day, spam filters could easily misconstrue this type of email and think youre a scammer when in reality youre simply trying to give subscribers some eye candy.

So you need to be aware of this fact.

Now, this isnt to say that you shouldnt use images. Thats not what Im saying at all.

But you should be aware of your text-to-image ratio and strive for 60/40, meaning that your email should be roughly 60 percent text and 40 percent image.

Your Open Rates Are Too Low

An open rate is the percentage of people who opened an email campaign.

For example, if you send an email message to 100 subscribers in your email list and they all delivered, and only 10 people opened it, it means you have an open rate of 10%.

How does your email marketing platform know that someone has opened an email?

When you send an email message to your subscribers, the platform adds a piece of code that requests a tiny, invisible image from their web servers.

So, when a subscriber opens your email message, the image is downloaded, and they can report to you that the recipient has opened your message.

An open rate between 20% 40% is great.

Achieving an open rate above 80% is extremely hard. A hundred percent open rate is impossible.

While an open rate below 5% is considered worse.

If your open rate is below 5%, then theres a problem. Your emails may be landing in the spam folder.

And if its already in the spam folder, you should expect it to get worse than that.

So, your open rate is something you should track and try to improve each time you send an email campaign.

Tag The Senders Email As Not Spam

Tagging emails in Gmail works for any devicePC, Mac, or mobile. Lets see the steps:

  • Enter in your browser and log in to your account
  • In the spam folder, open the email that you want to move to your primary inbox
  • In the box titled Why is this message in spam? press the Report not spam button

Note that you might find yourself repeating this process until Google applies the new algorithms for that particular sender.

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You Dont Have A Reputable Ip Address

An IP address is a number listed in the domain name system that is used to send email messages on behalf of your domain name. Marketers can use dedicated or shared IP addresses to send emails.

It may be dedicated to a specific sender or used by multiple senders to deliver emails.

Maybe youve just gotten a new IP address and didnt warm it up enough! You should definitely create some reliability before sending too many emails!

Building a reputation is necessary for the quality of your IP! Also, after building a reputation, I recommend maintaining consistent volume levels. Apparently, Mailbox providers tend to filter emails out if they observe spikes.

To see your IP reputation in the virtual world, check the Sender Score tool and find out more.

You can also use Mail-Tester which allows you to easily check if your email address appears spammy to other email servers .

Moreover, if your IP address was used by any other company for spam purposes, your emails are going to be flagged as spam.

If you have a new IP address or have not got a reputable one yet, in order to raise deliverability of your emails, you may use some email providers like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and ConvertKit.

Also if youre sending emails from multiple IP addresses, that is a big mistake!

Your Domain Has A Bad Reputation #

Reporting Gmail Spam

Just like your sending IP, your domain has a history tooand spam filters are putting more and more weight on domain reputation when scoring your emails. That makes sense: You might be changing email service providers or will use different providers for different types of emails, all of which will use different IPs to send your emails. Your domain, though, is likely the same across providers, so looking at your domain reputation is a clever way to judge your trustworthiness as a sender.

To find out whether a low sending domain reputation could be the reason behind a spam folder placement

  • Check your domain reputation for senders who share the data with you. Gmails Postmaster tools, for example, will provide you with a detailed domain reputation score.
  • See if your domain is on any blocklists as those have a significant impact on your domain reputation. MXToolBox or are two popular services to check multiple blocklists at once.

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A Plan Only A Politician Could Love

Google is offering politicians an end run around one of our last refuges online: the spam filters that protect Gmails 1.5 billion users from unwanted junk, scams and malware.

Over the next few weeks, emails from campaigns participating in Googles trial will start to show up directly in everyones Gmail Primary tab. Youll see a new gray Unsubscribe box at the top the first time you open one of these emails. But the system means youll have to look at and tap unsubscribe on each of these emails, whose senders have a habit of multiplying every election season.

We the users dont want to be overwhelmed by unwanted political emails, texts and robocalls. Nor do we want to be targeted with misinformation and misleading fundraising appeals.

Youll only see the unsubscribe box the first time you open one of these messages and it will only show up on the Gmail app or website, not on other popular mail apps like Apples Mail for iPhones.

We dont yet know how many politicians will participate or how bad things will get for our inboxes. Google says theres bipartisan enrollment in its pilot, but eligible senders are still working on meeting its special technical criteria.

The idea that exceptions should start falling in on what was a fairly flimsy evidentiary record of this really being a problem seems deeply unfortunate, said Alexandra Reeve Givens, the CEO of the nonprofit Center for Democracy & Technology.

We can do better.

Follow Email Design/ Copy Best Practices

  • Avoid spammy copy. Dont use spammy words, dont abuse punctuation/ emojis, and avoid spelling/ grammar issues.

  • Dont abuse images. Dont use only one large image or a lot of small images. Use text/ HTML rather than include everything in images.

  • Avoid unnecessary attachments. Dont include attachments unless they are absolutely necessary.

  • Ensure to add sender information. For marketing emails, ensure to include your sender information and physical address.

  • Only link to reputable sites. Dont do anything that could be considered tricking people to click links they didnt intend to visit.

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Why Emails Go To Spam Instead Of Inbox

Globally, email has an inbox placement rate of about 83%, which is OK. That means roughly 1 in 6 emails get sent to spam or blocked for your subscribers inbox altogether.

And you may think 83% is pretty good. But heres a question:

Would you be OK with only achieving 83% of your earning potential? If you knew that you could make $100,000 this year, would you be OK with bringing in $83,000?

Because when we talk about your emails going to spam, were really talking about something else:

Youre losing out on profits you could have earned had your emails gone to your customers inbox.

So you really need to pay attention to why emails go to spam in the first place. Otherwise, youre leaving revenue needlessly on the table.

One of the big reasons that your emails go to spam is that spam filtering has become more rigorous over the last few years.

Email service providers like Google and Yahoo are cracking down on spam to better serve their customers. The problem is that the filtering process isnt 100% perfect. Which means that sometimes legit emails go to spam, too.

But theres another side to this story that you need to be aware of:

plays a huge role in email deliverability. Your email service providers look at your engagement levels and recipient behavior when deciding which emails make it to the inbox, and which go to spam.

Well explain all of these factors in detail so you can avoid getting flagged and stop your emails from going to spam.

You Have A Low Sender Score

How To Prevent Form Emails From Going To Spam With Gmail

Sender score is an algorithm that ranks every outgoing mail servers IP address. It is related to the reputation of the sending IP and sending domain.

Some email metrics determine the Sender Score as the unsubscribes or spam reports.

It shows your sender reputation on a scale of 0 100. Having a low sender score leads to rejection by ISPs causing your emails not to reach the inbox folder. Therefore, the higher your sender score is, the higher the possibility of reaching the targeted inbox folder.

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Reason #: Your Email Has Multiple Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

While some scammers have a poor understanding of written English, most intentionally write their emails poorly. It acts as a filter for them, as reasonably suspicious people would read the email and move on, while likely scam victims are likely to respond to it regardless.

This tactic is why spam filters send all poorly written content directly to the spam folder. However, this unfortunately affects those who write emails poorly on accident. As such, you should always avoid spelling and grammar mistakes if you want to prevent your emails from being sent straight to the spam folder.

How To Avoid Emails Going To Spam Summarized

1. Be careful about your sender reputation . Dont forget, the higher your sender score is the higher the possibility of reaching the targeted inbox folder.

2. You can authenticate your domain with the Zoho Campaign tool.

3. You need to have a good domain and IP reputation

To keep the rates mentioned above ideal, you should:

  • Have a list that is free of inactive email addresses,
  • Create relevant contents to reduce complaints,
  • Keep your mail volume and frequency consistent,
  • Set appropriate expectations for your subscribers when sending a welcome email, and
  • Create email campaigns that enable your audience to engage in the matter.

Moreover, after you check your domain and IP reputation via Talos, you will be shown a reputation as Good, Neutral or Poor .

  • If the result is Poor, the best thing to do is set up a new email and work on a good reputation by warming it up.
  • If the result is Neutral, you can try to improve it by optimizing your sending workflow .

4. Take your customers permission to receive emails from you.

5. Set an email sending frequency based on your customers wants and needs.

6. Increase your open rates by:

  • Using engaging language
  • Picking the right time for your customers
  • Keeping your email list fresh and full of active emails
  • Segmenting your email list based on needs and wants of the target audience

7. You should use a double opt-in form in order to collect real data and provide your value to people who want them.

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Your Email Isnt Properly Authenticated #

Its surprisingly easy for spammers and phishers to send emails that appear to come from your brand. But heres the good news: There are a bunch of clever email authentication standards that you can put in place to prevent scammers from using your domain without your permission, and inbox providers rely on these standards to decide which emails are legit

So when an inbox providers spam filter spots an email that lacks authentication, that raises red flags. In fact, missing or improperly set up authentication is one of the most common reasons why legitimate email gets thrown into the spam folder. So when youre troubleshooting spam issues, start here:

  • Check if you set up SPF correctly to provide a public list of sending IPs that are approved to send email from your domain. Heres our full guide to SPF.
  • Are your emails signed using DKIM , an email security standard designed to make sure messages arent altered in transit? Our DKIM guide can give you more details about how it works to secure your email.
  • Did you set up DMARC correctly? DMARC allows you to tell inbox providers to quarantine or reject emails that werent sent from a trusted source. If you dont have it set up, scammers might send spam using your domain and hurt your domain reputation . If you set up DMARC but its not configured correctly, you might accidentally send your legit email to the spam folder. To avoid these mistakes, learn how to set up DMARC with our ultimate DMARC guide.

Consider Using Spam Checkers

Gmail Spam  How to Log In and Access the Gmail Spam Box  famclam

If you follow all of the above solutions and still have a problem with your emails getting sent to spam, below are some spam checkers that you can use to test your emails for issues.

Mail Tester

This is a free spam checking tool, giving you an easy-to-understand and straightforward score out of 10 on a scale of spamminess.

You will need to check each email manually, but it checks to see if you are blacklisted, DKIM, as well as the quality of your message.


Litmus is a comprehensive suite of email optimization tools that includes a spam checker. Litmus helps you:

  • Scan your messages by all the major spam filters before you send in order to ensure that they pass

  • Check your reputation by investigating your IP addresses and any domain name used in your email, as well as checking them against known blacklists

  • Verify that your email authentication, such as DomainKeys, SenderID, DKIM, and Sender Policy Framework, is correctly set up

  • Give you a spam score that explains why you got that score and how to improve it

With this free spam checker, you will have to check each email manually, and it does not have a comprehensive testing capability. However, it will check your SenderID, Sender Policy Framework, and DKIM to ensure theyre set up properly. Besides, itll do a SpamAssassin check to score your email content.

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The Easiest Solution To Your Spam Problems

GMass is an email marketing and outreach platform that works within Gmail and is used by employees at tech giants like Google and Uber and social media titans like LinkedIn and Facebook.

However, this email marketing tool is also perfect for startups, SMBs, solopreneurs, and churches who send individual or bulk emails that can get past spam filters.

With GMass, you can:

Additionally, GMass is super easy to set up.

Just download the GMass Chrome extension, and youre good to go!

Android users can also download the Gmail add-on to stay productive on the move.

How Do You Unjunk Messages On Iphone

How to Stop Your iPhone Messages Being Delivered as Junk

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Send & amp. Receive.
  • Make sure that only your phone number is selected under Start New Conversations From.
  • Why are all my Gmail emails going to junk?There are a few reasons for this: The sender does not have permission to email you. The IP address is labeled as spam. Emails contain spam features.

    Use Junk Mail preferences in Mail to change options for managing junk mail and blocked senders. To change these preferences in the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail & gt. Preferences, then click Junk Mail.How do I move emails from junk to inbox?Recover Messages from Trash

  • Find the message you want to move out of Trash.
  • Open the message
  • How do you unmark Junk Email on iPhone?Unmark an email as spam

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app . Note: If you don.t have the Gmail app, download it.
  • In the top left, tap Menu. Spam.
  • Select the message that isn.t spam.
  • Tap More. Not spam.
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    How Do I Avoid My Emails Being Marked As Spam

    Learn how to Avoid your Emails being Marked as Spam! Since the beginning of the internet, we have been fighting spam. In fact, almost 86% of global email traffic is unsolicited junk mail .

    To stop being bombarded by junk, people sometimes buy third-party email filtering services or create filters on their own to ensure that they only receive content that they deem to be relevant.

    The downside of this is that depending on the receivers settings, your legitimate messages can get marked as junk quite easily. Its not a server or hosting issue, its just a common problem in the digital age.

    This guide will teach you:

  • Get your name off a Blacklist
  • More articles

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