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Why Am I Not Getting My Gmail Emails

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Why Am I Not Getting My Emails

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issues? [ 5 Solutions]

If youre able to see your messages in Gmails web interface, but they do not show up in a desktop client, it is likely a problem with the client. You can remove the account and connect it again to see if the messages start delivering.

You should also review the settings of the desktop client to make sure they arent blocking incoming emails.

Why Is Gmail Not Receiving Emails From Outlook

There must be a conflict with the mail settings. in case, you are not getting emails from outlook in the gmail account. You have to change a few settings in the gmail IMAP server to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Update the incoming & outgoing server settings as given below.

Gmail IMAP server name imap.gmail.com

Port no 993

Gmail pop 3 server name Pop.gmail.com

Port no 995

Gmail outgoing server name smtp.gmail.com

Port no 465 or 25

SSL Optional

So, you should configure the mail account using the above details. If you cant add the Gmail account on the mail app. Please enable the third party application on the Gmail account.

Secondly You Are Expected To Check For Account Or Domain Issues

To fix it, you are supposed to follow and apply the steps that are explained here. Have a look! Here is a list of issues that you must take care of it you can have a look!

  • Maybe your Google workspace account is suspended
  • Probably your domain host disabled your account
  • Issues related to domain registration
  • There could be a Google Workspace outage

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Check Your Spam Folder First

Lets start with the easy option. Even though Gmails spam filters are very advanced, they can still snag your emails up in the spam folder. This can be due to a word in the email tripping the spam filter or many other Gmail users marking that email sender as spam.

If you see the email in spam, you can bring it out again by either clicking Report not spam or selecting Move To> Inbox.

If an email from a particular sender is always going to spam, you can set up a Gmail filter, and in the setup, specify Never send to spam.

Check To See If Your Emails Are Being Forwarded Elsewhere

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In the Gmail settings, you have the option to automatically forward either some or all emails to another email address. But again, filters can be very fickle things, or maybe youve forgotten youre forwarding certain emails to another email address?

Go to Gmails Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings tab and see if your email forwarding has been turned on. Also, check your filters list to see if a particular sender is being forwarded elsewhere.

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Turn Off Or Configure Firewalls

  • Right click the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • Click on the Startup tab, then right click the antivirus from the list and select Disable.
  • Some antivirus software also includes firewalls that can also block Gmail emails. So, try removing antivirus utilities from the system startup, which will stop them from running when users start Windows.

    If you receive Gmail messages after restarting Windows, the antivirus software must have blocked the emails when it was running.

    Alternatively, users can configure the antivirus utilities settings to stop it from blocking emails or you may uninstall the antivirus and use a Windows 10 compatible antivirus.

    Why Has My Gmail Suddenly Stopped Working

    There are several reasons why your Gmail app might have suddenly stopped working on Android. One of these is that it crashes often, or it simply does not respond at all. If you experience either of these issues, you can try one of the following tips to fix the problem. To restart your device, simply hold the power button until a menu appears. Then, press the Restart option to begin the restart process.

    Check your settings. You may need to change the default settings on your device. For example, if the Gmail app has stopped working on Android, you should first check the servers outage graph. Otherwise, try enabling Wi-Fi on your device. If this doesnt work, you can still sync your emails using cellular data. If all else fails, you should wait until Google has fixed the problem.

    Clear your apps cache. This problem can occur when the app has too many temporary files or has become corrupted. This problem can be fixed by clearing the cache of the Gmail app. This can also cause errors to occur. It is very important to keep your app up to date to avoid these issues. If the app hasnt been updated in a while, you can try clearing its cache.

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    Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails From One Person

    Whenever you are not receiving emails from the specific sender, Please confirm he/ she is typing your email address correctly.

    The sender might have misspelled the address using the wrong punctuation.

    You can send them a test email. Now, ask them to reply to the same message.

    If you are still not getting emails from a specific person, please check the block settings.

    Block settings have to inspect on both sides sender as well as the receivers Gmail account.

  • Open Gmail Settings from the top right gear icon.
  • Jump into the Filters and blocked address tab.
  • If you can view the senders email address under the blocked address, press the Unblock button.
  • Check Google Admin Console

    How To Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issues

    This step is more for users with an email registered under a business or GSuite subscription. If your email doesnt end with @gmail.com, then this is something you can try.

    Ask any of your administrators to go to and find your email address. They can track all the emails directed to you that were sent or uploaded on Googles servers, even if the email didnt reach your account. If the email cant be found on Googles servers, then the problem is with the sender.

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    Keep Track Of Google Admin Console

    This step usually works for users who have an email registered under a business or GSuite Subscription. If your email does not end with @gmail.com, then this is something you must try.

    • Firstly, you can take help from any of the administrators, just to go admin.google.com.
    • And then, find your email address.
    • Now, they can track all the emails that are directed to you that were sent or uploaded on Googles Server, even if the email did not reach your account.
    • In case the email could not be found on Googles servers, then definitely the issue is with the sender.

    Solution 6 Make Sure The Email Isnt Too Large In Size

    If youre trying to send multiple images or a larger file keep in mind that the limit is 20MB per email. Gmail doesnt compress images, which is good for preserving image quality but can easily put you over the limit if youre trying to send too many images. Thats why its a good idea to send zip files in Gmail instead because compressed files usually take less space. You can easily check if your email exceeds the limit by searching for emails in Gmail.

    This is the last thing we can suggest. If the problem persists, make sure to reach out to Google support and ask for a resolution.

    Just have in mind that Gmail, like many of Googles platforms, is an object of constant change. Changes that are supposed to make things better, but bring a lot of isolated or even public issues to end-users.

    With that, we can call it a wrap. Thank you for reading and make sure to tell us about your issues with Gmail or possible solutions that we forgot to mention. You can do so in the comments section below. Or you might as well share your 2 cents on or .

    Editors note: This article was originally published in November 2019. We made sure to revamp it for freshness and accuracy.

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    Solution : Disable Email Forwarding

    If you have enabled email forwarding for Gmail messages, your incoming emails will be redirected to the email address that you have set up to save forwarded emails. To disable email forwarding, follow these steps:

    • Open Settings
    • Now, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab from the top menu.
    • Now, select Disable Forwarding from the options.
    • Scroll down and select Save Changes.

    How To Resolve If Gmail Isnt Receiving Emails

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    Now that you are aware of the various factors that can restrict you from receiving emails on your Gmail account or trigger Gmail temporary error codes, read on to explore the various ways by which you can resolve the issue. Heres a detailed look at each of the methods by which you can resolve the issue, Gmail not receiving emails:

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    A Few Awesome Mailbird Features

    Mailbird offers a series of basic and advanced features that create a seamless user experience. Here are just a few of our favorite features:

    Mailbird has all the features you need to create a personal experience with email management and spend your day more productively. See how it works download Mailbirds free trial.

    Take Control of your inbox. Improve your email productivity with Mailbird

    Why Is My Gmail Not Getting Emails

    Most of the users face the problem of not receiving messages on Gmail due to internet connection or mail settings, which is as follows.

    • The email filters are blocking the incoming messages.
    • Emails are being forwarded to another account.
    • Gmail spam settings are activated.
    • Problem found at the browser or application side.
    • Antivirus, Firewall, & Proxies are blocking incoming & outgoing communication.
    • Account settings are out of date.
    • Mail application settings are incorrect.
    • Gmail servers are down or updating.

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    Tip 3 Check If Your Gmail Account Storage Is Full

    If your Gmail account storage is full and it doesnt have free space, then your Gmail cant receive email. To check your Gmail account storage, you can open Google Drive page and check the current storage usage of Google Drive. The total free storage of Google Drive is 15GB, and the storage is allocated to Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

    If it shows the account storage is full, then you should free up some space for your Gmail account. You can open Gmail in a browser, and delete some unneeded emails. Click More on the left of Gmail tab, click Bin and click Empty Bin to permanently delete the emails.

    Check Whether Your Gmail Server Is Down Or Live

    How to Fix Gmail When Its Not Receiving Emails

    The most dreadful thing ever could happen to access your Gmail account if its down. To check how long it would have been down, you should visit the website Downdetector.com, you can try accessing this link on your PC, Android, or iPhone device. If the Gmail server is down, you may notice several glitches might come in your way while accessing your mail account. You may get the issue of not receiving emails from Gmail or in other words, not receiving Gmail what used to get emails.

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    Why Are Emails Not Showing Up In My Inbox Outlook

    The one and the only reason why emails are not showing up in your inbox Outlook is the default view settings. Outlook comes with numerous features including filters, sorting messages, and more. And either of these features can be hiding all those emails in the default view. To fix this problem, you just need to change the View settings on Outlook.

    Repair Gmail Account In Outlook

    Outlook offers an option to repair added accounts in the app. If the Gmail email provider is misbehaving on Outlook, you can repair the account and try again. Follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Open the Outlook app on Windows.

    Step 2: Go to the File menu at the top.

    Step 3: From the Info menu, expand Account Settings.

    Step 4: Click on Account Settings and find email accounts. Click on Gmail and select Repair at the top.

    Let Outlook repair the Gmail account. Check if you are receiving new emails from Gmail.

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    Outlook Not Receiving Emails From Gmail

    In this post, we are going to talk about what you can do if Outlook does not receive emails from Gmail. Outlook is useful for sending and receiving emails, managing calendars storing numbers, and keeping track of different tasks. The best part about this platform is that it works absolutely fine with all the other email providers including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and many more. However, with the latest Windows update, Microsoft Outlook has stopped receiving emails from Gmail. So, if you are experiencing the same problem, follow the below-mentioned workarounds to fix the issue.

    Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails On Android/ Gmail Not Receiving Emails On Iphone

    Why Am I Not Getting Mail Notifications

    Gmail has a dedicated app that works great on both iPhone and Android. Follow the steps given below in case Gmail App not receiving emails.

    • Firstly, you should check and confirm that your android/ iPhone has a wifi or mobile data connection.
    • Ensure that your phone is not working on airplane mode. Please note that you cant send or receive emails in airplane mode.
    • Check the version of the Gmail app you are using. If you are using an obsolete version then you should update immediately.
    • If the problem continues then you may switch to a browser instead of the app. Officially, Gmail only supports the Google Chrome browser for Android devices.

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    Why Is Gmail Not Working Today

    If your Gmail isnt sending or receiving emails, you can check whether the source of the problem is on Googles side. Go to the to see if there is a Gmail outage, suspected outage, or a credible report of a problem with the service.

    How to Check the Google Status Dashboard

  • When you are on the dashboard, you will see a page that lists all the Google Workspace apps.
  • On the right, there is a list of the dates leading up to the current date.
  • A red or orange circle next to Gmail would mean a service outage or service disruption, while green signifies that there are no issues with the service.
  • In the case of an outage or disruption, you can refresh the dashboard page from time to time to see if the proper functioning of the email provider has been restored.

    Another way to check if Gmail is down is to review a site like downdetector.com or isitdownrightnow.com for updates. You can also discover whether Outlook or other relevant services are down.

    Other Reasons Why Gmail Is Not Working

    Perhaps your Gmail issue is not a universal one, and its time to start problem-solving. Try to pinpoint the issue from our options outlined below to remedy it. If you have other email queries, let us know. Were happy to help!

    Supercharge your email productivity with Mailbird

    Th Method: Get Prompt Assistance From Google Support

    In case none of the above-mentioned steps work, you can always get immediate assistance from . If you want to contact Google and seek assistance related to problems like Gmail not receiving emails, you can find Googles contact number on their official contact page. Besides, if you visit the support page of Google, you can click on the relevant option and carefully follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem if your Gmail account isnt receiving emails. You can either describe your issue in the Describe your issue search box or browse the help topics available on the Google Support page itself.

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    Try A Different Browser

    If youre using a web browser to check your Gmail, it is worth switching it. Try a different browser like Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Mozilla. There are countless new options available for browsers to check emails in Gmail. Access your Gmail account from a different browser or email client and see if this works.

    Sometimes, the browser is just not compatible. If youve already tried clearing the cache of the browser, change it.

    Solutions : Check If Gmail Is Down

    My phone Is not receiving Emails Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail

    Gmail is hosted on Google servers and thus when the Google server is down, under maintenance, or having unexpected difficulties, Gmail is not likely to perform even the basic function such as sending and receiving emails. Therefore, if Gmail is down temporarily, you should wait till the situation improves you can connect with your sender and request them to send the email again.

    To check if Gmail service is down in your area or Gmail is not working, go to websites like Downdetector.com and check if there is a service outage, or its just you who is having difficulty in receiving emails using Gmail.

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    Clear Your Google Storage Space

    Plenty of us are guilty of hoarding messages and files that we don’t need. If your inbox is filled with old emails, you run the risk of running out of storage space.

    Go through your inbox to delete large files from your account or Google Drive to help free up space. If you want more space to save your emails, you can also upgrade your storage plan.

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