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Who Should I Follow On Twitter

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Join The Twitter Conversation

should i follow you? judging chat’s twitter accounts

Maybe youre fine just reading through Twitter and not participating. Many people use Twitter that way, and thats okay. But Twitter is better if you join the conversation.

You can start by responding to tweets that other people send.

  • On the web, respond by clicking on the voice bubble icon in the bottom left corner of the tweet
  • On a mobile device, just tap the tweet you want to reply to. The tweet slides over to occupy the top of the screen. Below the original tweet, youll see any replies that have already been posted and a space at the bottom to leave your own reply.
  • In both the web and the mobile versions, a small circle at the bottom right will have a blue outline that will advance as you type if you go past your 280-character maximum, the circle will turn red .

To post an original tweet on the web, simply start typing in the Whats happening? field on top. Use the icons on the bottom of that field to add a photo, GIF, poll, or emoji. On a mobile device, tap the button on the bottom right that looks like a quill with a plus sign, and have at it.

If you go over the character maximum while composing a tweet, press the plus button at the bottom of the screen to continue your thought in a follow-up tweet, a series of which is called a thread.

Pick Something To Spark A Conversation

Replying with a thank you is a nice gesture but if you really want to build relationships review the users Twitter bio and account. Find something to personalise your tweet. Maybe youll find they like cats or perhaps they tweet about coffee a lot. Adding something personal to your tweet opens a conversation and will make you more memorable.

Look at this example from Donna Moritz. See how her comment built a conversation.

Donna involves people in conversations when she thanks people.

Create Your First Twitter List

are a cool feature provided by Twitter to let users organize the people they follow into specific groups based on industry, relationship, expertise, etc. When youre first starting out, Lists wont need to be a top priority because youll still be growing your community, but I do recommend creating at least one List to let yourself get accustomed to using them. Its much easier to keep your contacts organized from the beginning than to try to organize them when you really need them.

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When To Say Thanks

There are lots of opportunities to say thank you on Twitter. Depending on your current level of engagement you can choose which tweets you will react to.

Id love to thank everyone who interacts with me and my tweets. As the number of retweets and follows has grown I have had to limit my thank you posts just to those who .

You need to decide how much thank you time will work for your business. Here are a few examples of great opportunities:

Prioritize Visual Content Whenever Possible

Angela on Twitter: " I thought I should share this as I got ...

Conventional wisdom says that Tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares and Retweets than those without them.

Brands should strive to couple their Tweets with some sort of imagery. Although theres nothing wrong with solely text-based Tweets, images are better poised to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your posts.

As youre brainstorming posts and types of content to publish, consider:

  • Adapt text-based posts into images using editing tools like Canva, Adobe Spark or Venngage.
  • Creating infographics .
  • Videos .
  • .GIFs, memes and image macros .

I made this infographic to help explain this complicated process to my friends and family not in the medical field. If youre in a similar situation with some confused support systems, I hope this helps! #ItTakesAVillage#Physiatry

Nicole Hatchard

Whether youre looking to inform or entertain your audience , filling your feed with visual content can help bring new Twitter followers into the fold.

Note: If you are publishing external links to Twitter frequently, make sure your content previews contain an image that isnt just a random screenshot.

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These Tweeters Have Mastered The Art Of Making People Laugh In 140 Characters Or Less

Twitter is arguably one of the most hilarious places on the Internetand we could all use a good laugh sometimes. People are candid, honest, and unapologetically themselves, making for some truly stellar content. You may have chuckled over the funniest tweets on the Internet, giggled about some funny relatable tweets, and even flooded your partners phone with funny relationship tweets, but if youre looking for some consistent laughter, you may want to give some of the funniest Twitter accounts a follow.

The funniest Twitter accounts have thousands of followers for a reason. Theres a joke for everyone about everything from parenting and exercise to thoughts from a dog. There are even a few well-known brands that will make you want to hit that follow button. If youre looking to add a little extra humor to your day, these funny Twitter accounts are for you.

My husband found me intently typing, wearing yesterdays clothes, with a piece of pizza hanging out of my mouth, and I yelled , IM LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

How Do I Control Suggestions About My Account

Email or phone number discoverability

You can control whether we will suggest your account to someone else who has your email address or phone number in their contacts by adjusting your privacy settings. For more information and instructions about adjusting your settings, read this article.

Account suggestions based on imported contacts

When you upload your contacts to Twitter, these contacts may appear as suggested accounts for you to follow. Conversely, your account may appear as a suggestion for others to follow. You can control whether Twitter will use your address book to suggest your account to others by adjusting the privacy settings that let others find you by your email address or phone number.

You can also remove contacts youâve previously uploaded. When you remove previously uploaded contacts, we will no longer make suggestions based on those contacts, but we may make similar suggestions based on who you already follow, and other factors. For more information and instructions for removing previously imported contacts, see this article.

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You Dont Ask For Retweets

Usually, people do not go for users asking for retweets. However, for business brands, there is no excuse to be shy or hesitant about it. Trying to ask for retweets is a huge opportunity that most brands fail to realize. Reports say that asking for retweets results in 12 or more times RTs. Moreover, spelling out the entire word, retweet than the abbreviation RT is 23 times higher than the latter. Then again, make sure that your requests are once in a while too much might be annoying.

Ways To Find The Right People To Follow On Twitter

Who should I follow on twitter to get more followers fast ?ð¤

Posted by | Apr 4, 2014 | Emerging Media, Networking, Social Media, | 9 |

Building a following on Twitter is not about racking up the numbers, especially if youre serious about using Twitter to promote your business through networking and forming real relationships. You can have thousands of followers, but if they are not followers who are actually interested in your tweets, you might as well have zero.

The quickest way to effectively ramp up your Twitter following is by seeking out people who care about what youre putting out there your target audience, customers, colleagues, others in your industry and follow them. In many cases, these people will follow you back, and youll start to grow your community.

Finding the right people to follow isnt always easy to do, though. When you consider the 200+ million accounts on Twitter, its like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it can be a major time suck.

To help you streamline the process and save time as you work to grow your Twitter presence, follow these five tips for finding the right people to follow.

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Following 100 Followers = 100 Ratio

This person has a 10.0 ratio of Followers to Following. This appears to be an ideal ratio to achieve in that this person evidently has something to say that a lot of people that he doesnt know find interesting. Thus the large ratio number. However, if you are looking for people to follow in hopes that they will follow you back, you may not want to follow this person unless they have something really important to say. Therefore, because of this fact, it is very hard to achieve this status. If you tweet good content, your Followers numbers will organically grow over time, but what about the potential opportunity cost of late time-to-market for your message? So, your Twitter Brand here is either Rockstar or someone trying to do things the old-fashioned way without maximizing what they could be doing with Twitter. I will also add that this Twitter Brand could be a negative one: Why wont this person give their Followers some respect in following them back? Or are all of their Followers spammers?

Master The Arts Of Tagging Retweeting & Replying

Getting more followers on Twitter doesnt have to be a time-sink: it just means making the most of the time you spend on the platform.

Sure, you can and totally should schedule Tweets to optimize engagement. But at the same time, you dont want your Twitter account to look like its run by a bot.

You need to get in the trenches with your followers, customers and industry leaders alike. Regularly engaging with other users via tagging, Retweeting and replying immediately lets new followers know that youre human and gets more eyes on your brand. Here are some tips:

  • When replying to accounts, keep in mind that a detailed, thoughtful response will score you more potential followers than a brief one-word reply.
  • Shout out other brands whenever possible. Tagging other brands as a compliment is a popular tactic to show some love to others in your industry.
  • Retweet your fans and followers. Despite only taking a few seconds, doing so shows that you value engagement and are actively participating on the platform.

These small pieces of your engagement strategy contribute to the bigger picture of attracting followers.

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What Are The Twitter Following Vs Followers Ratios Of Twitter Influencers

If you were curious, heres the current follower / following ratio for some of the in marketing that have large followings so that you can understand the current ranges for inspiration!

If we remove the two extremes , we can see there is a range from 10.7% to 50.1% with an average of those 8 tweeters of 27.2%. Hopefully this serves as a guide as to what ratio you might want to aim for.

Id love to hear about your Twitter Followers vs Following policies! Please tell!

Get The Tools You Need

18 Useful Free Twitter Tools

Like anything else, if you want to be successful on Twitter you want to make sure you have the right tools. There are a number of tools out there including three youll want to have access to from day one.

  • Monitor your profile on the go with the Twitter mobile app
  • Schedule tweets and track your reach with Hootsuite

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Factors To Consider Before You Follow Someone On Twitter

Two of the most common questions asked when some begins using Twitter are, “Who should I follow? and “What should I look for when doing so?”

There are a couple of schools of thought on the answer and it ties directly to what your goals are with your account. Some focus on growing the follower number as high as possible as quickly as possible. Others focus on building a targeted community of like minded people, associations, and brands – with the goal being more focused on the quality of the list versus the quantity of followers.

For me, I take a combined approach – find and follow as many people, brands, associations etc. as possible that share common interests, feelings, situations and experiences with me and that align with the buyer personas I have for Make Good Media and It is a very systematic and careful approach to who I follow with both of my Twitter accounts. Why? Because I have a specific purpose defined for each account. So in this article, as my aim has been with all of our Twitter for Business related posts thus far, I am sharing a how-to.

The 7 factors to consider before you follow someone on Twitter.

Follow Those Who Provide What Youre Looking For

There may be a variety of other people you choose to follow as well. Depending on how you use your Twitter account , you may choose to follow news and media accounts, celebrities, friends and family, and other people from around the social sphere. Whatever your purpose is for Twitter, follow people who provide what youre looking for.

Twitter is highly reciprocal. So if you follow more people in your industry or niche, or more people with similar interests, chances are they will follow you too.

While it should never be about the numbers specifically, lets face it, the more people who are following you, the greater the chances of your content getting seen on a highly active platform. Yes, you want more followers. But you also want followers who care about what you have to say. Otherwise, theyre just numbers. And if you want more followers, it helps if you follow more people.

And thats why I live by Twitter lists . Twitter lists allow you to divide up those you follow into a variety of custom categories.

For example, I have a Twitter list for people Ive met in real life, one for people from San Diego , one for social media influencers, one for friends and family, one for people who share my blog posts, and a bunch of other ones.

Lists can also be set to private so that people dont know how youve classified them. In the new Twitter layout, click on the More button to access lists.

So now you have to head on over Twitter and get busy! Have fun

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Should You Follow Back All Of Your Followers On Twitter

As you use Twitter, people will follow you. The more consistently you use Twitter, the greater the rate of growth will be. The more appropriately you use it, the better it will be. There are a million articles written about how to grow Twitter quickly, including ours, so you have no lack of information for spurring on this growth.

When a new user follows you, should you follow them back? In my opinion, no. However, youre free to do as you see fit.

Tell Your Network Youre On Twitter

Should Elon Musk sell 10% of his Tesla stock? Twitter users vote ‘yes’

Before we go any further, I need to tell you something you need to know: growing your following on Twitter is not easyespecially if youre starting from scratch. However, lucky for you, your business already has a following and many of those people that shop at your business.

If someone has already joined your email list, they most likely would love to connect with you on Twitter too.

Send out an email to your contact list, inviting people to follow you on Twitter. Its easy to do with Constant Contacts email templates.

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Have You Figured Out How To Get Followers On Twitter

Growing your Twitter following doesnt happen by accident. A combination of planning your content, engaging with fellow users and optimizing your profile is key to attracting new followers.

If youve been struggling to figure out how to get more Twitter followers, start with these steps. Many of them only require a small commitment of time but can make all the difference in terms of new leads, customers and exposure for your brand.

Either way, the publishing and analytical features baked into Sprout are perfect for giving your follower count a much-needed boost. If you havent already, take a test-drive a trial of Sprout Social today!

Following 10 Followers = 01 Ratio

This one is an obvious red flag. Evidently this person thinks that following many many more people will lead to more Followers, but with this sort of ratio, not only will only the spammers be following back this person, but Twitter may soon close down this account! Suffice to say this is a lopsided ratio that you never want to display unless you want to get your !

So what is the ideal ratio? It will change depending on how many Followers you have, but it has to be in a range near 1.0 if you want to grow you Twitter Followers. Anything above that shows that you may not have anything interesting to say and below that range may indicate that you dont care about who follows you and may not follow them back anyway .

For those who scoff at what I say, I ask You are on Twitter with hopes of increasing your followers, right? And there are so many great people to follow on Twitter! Just as LinkedIn has 45 million people in its network, Twitter also has tens of millions that you can follow. One Twitter Rockstar, Chris Brogan, who I would consider a Windmill Networker, has some if you dont have any.

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