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Who Has The Most Twitter Followers 2020

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Calvin Klein 37 Million Followers

Which of my Twitter followers, has the most followers? 2020

Calvin Klein has 3.7 million followers on Twitter that adore the brand for its highly stylish product line. CK tweets an average of 2 times a day with images of celebrities and models adorned in the brand label.


Introducing our Fall 2019 #CALVINKLEINJEANS campaign featuring real couples in real life.

What gets between you and your Calvins?


How Many People Use Twitter In 2021

The first tweet was sent by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006.

It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach the milestone of having one billion total tweets on the platform.

Twitter went public in November 2013. At that time, Twitter had around 200 million users.

Fast forward to today, and Twitter is among the top 3 social networking apps in the United States. And boasts over 350 million active users.

Youll find out the latest information on Twitter demographics and usage data on this page. After reading some of these stats, it should be clear why Twitters market cap is over $40 billion.

Heres a breakdown of what youll learn below:

  • Twitter currently has 353 million monthly active users. Up from 54 million in 2010.
  • Twitter brought in $3.72 billion in revenue last year .
  • 187 million users access Twitter daily. 80% of them are not based in the US
  • Twitter is most popular among users aged 25-34
  • 10% of the worldwide social media users access Twitter
  • Worldwide, men use Twitter more than women
  • Quarterly Twitter revenue is nearly $1 billion
  • In the US, 80% of tweets come from the top 10% of users
  • On average, Twitter US users spend 158.2 minutes per month on the app
  • In the US, Twitter app was downloaded over 6 million times in Q4 2020. The vast majority of app downloads were from the App Store

Versace 47 Million Followers

Nothing wins more engagement for a fashion brand than an image of a celebrity wearing the brand label. Tweets showcasing celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kendal Jenner, and Scarlett Johansson, among others, adorned in Versace ensemble won them the most number of engagement from the brands ardent followers. The brands most engaging tweet in the last 6 months was this one of singer Mark Tuan wearing Versace for an award show which got them 53.7K likes on Twitter.


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Hashtags Are Worth It

This isnt Instagram, so you may not be too concerned with your hashtag game. However, we think that there is a place for hashtags and that theyre more important than you think.

Hashtags have quickly become the lifeblood of other social media websites, and theres no reason why they cant help you get ahead on Twitter, either.

Adding hashtags to your tweets is going to help your potential followers find your content. Just remember to make sure that your hashtags are as relevant to what youre tweeting as possible.

Dwayne Johnson 175 Million Followers

Top 10 Most

Username therock

Profession Actor

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as the rock is no stranger to anyone. The WWE star has a number of posts related to his workout routine and exercise tips. His account is flooded with captures from his personal life and inspirational posts. Fitness freaks can definitely find some eye-catching stuff in his Instagram posts.

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First Impressions Are Important

Of course, there are many aspects to a Twitter profile that can be customized. Of course, one of the first things you can customize, that your potential followers will see is your username.

This is going to tell them a lot about what your account is about, so it should be super relevant. It should also be easy to find no difficult word combinations or spellings that people are going to forget easily.

If youre trying to grow your brand on Twitter, your Twitter username should be your brand name. Whats more, you need to make sure that your profile picture is in line with your username.

Again, this is one of the first things that people are going to see, and we think that it pays to have a picture of yourself.

Master The Arts Of Tagging Retweeting & Replying

Getting more followers on Twitter doesnt have to be a time-sink: it just means making the most of the time you spend on the platform.

Sure, you can and totally should schedule tweets to optimize engagement. But at the same time, you dont want your Twitter account to look like its completely run by bots.

You need to get in the trenches with your followers, customers and industry leaders alike. Regularly engaging with other users via tagging, retweeting and replying immediately lets new followers that youre human and gets more eyes on your brand.

For starters, lets say youre replying to another brands tweet to try to get their attention. Writing out a detailed, thoughtful response will score you more potential followers than a brief one-word reply.

No consistency for me. A few 9-12s, and a few 2-hours-or-less each week. I find I’m either focused and cranking or in need of a recharge.

Rand Fishkin

Another smart way to get other brands interested in your account is by shouting them out. Tagging other brands as a compliment is a popular tactic to show some love to others in your industry.

15 apps to boost your office productivity

In turn, they might give you a shout out as well.

How can you improve employee engagement without a big budget or fancy snacks? Just ask team

Thanks for sharing, Mari!

Brent Barnhart

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Lady Gaga: 836 Million

Lady Gaga May 29, 2020

Lady Gaga’s monsters are all over her Twitter account, all of the time. The singer, actress, and entertainer extraordinaire is highly engaging on Twitter, and posts a variety of images and updates pertaining to projects she has in the works. She rarely posts personal details about her private life, and doesn’t really offer fans many glimpses into the details of her personal moments, proving that she can retain a massive following based strictly on her talents as an artist.

Taylor Swift: Singer With A Big Reputation

Top 100 Twitter Accounts with most followers 2020
Account Name:
Page Created:

About Her: Swift is a former country music star. She switched to pop music in 2012 to great success. Already popular, her music easily crossed the divide. It has slowly evolved away from her country music roots. Despite the change, it keeps many of the same themes . She writes most of her music. This makes her a notable songwriter as well as a singer.Swift is often a topic of celebrity news. Much of this stems from rumors and speculations about her personal life. Some are outright invasions of her privacy made public. She often responds to criticism through her music. Two of her biggest hits in recent years are built upon exploiting this.Swift is often involved in charity events. Most of her fundraising goes to disaster relief or cancer research. She also has a wide variety of donations to other causes. These include literacy and education.Twitter Style: Despite being outspoken about politics, this rarely shows here. Most of her feed is self-promotion or otherwise brand-related topics. They often have a whimsical or fun edge to them. This allows them to read as more interesting or personal. Swift makes heavy use of Twitterâs video feature. She often does vlog style posts or scaled down music videos for new singles. Her attitude on her profile is a strange mix of pride and humility. This lends an endearing quality to many of her posts. Her Instagram is similar in content.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Player

Instagram Followers – 198 M

Facebook Followers 124 M

Twitter Followers 82.2 M

Ronaldo leads the way as the most popular athlete in sport and by a huge margin. Ronaldo is not just a football icon but a massive brand. He is globally recognised and at the age of 34 he has still many years to grow his fantastic legacy. After leaving Manchester United he joined Real Madrid for a lot of his career helping them lift the Champions League trophy four times. Hes a 4 time Ballon dOr winner and one the greatest goal scorers the game has seen and will ever see. Since Ronaldos massive transfer to Juventus in 2019, his star power has helped the team become the 4th most followed football club on social media.

Talent Backer is a media platform for emerging athletes to tell their stories and promote themselves for sponsorship.

Follow Talent Backer:

  • Have you seen how many followers Virat Kohli have????False information.

  • Who Has The Most Followers On Instagram 2020 Top 10 Most Popular Users

    Here is a list of the top 10 most followed users on Instagram as of October 2020. It contains singers, actors, footballers and more!

    Instagram was launched on October 6th 2010, which means the app has just had its 10th birthday. Over the past 10 years, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media sites, and in 2018 it hit 1 billion users.

    Having followers on Instagram has become of huge importance as everyone thrives for popularity and success. But have you ever wondered who the most-followed people on Instagram actually are?

    Weve compiled a list of the top 10 most followed users, accurate as of October 2020.

    • Meme says Ruth Bader Ginsburg sent the fly

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    Post More Visual Content

    As you probably know, tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares and retweets than those without them.

    As such, brands should strive to couple their tweets with some sort of accompanying image. Although theres nothing inherently wrong with solely text-based tweets, images are better poised to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your post.

    Even something as simple as a colorful blog post preview like this one from Slack can do the trick:

    Free up time to tackle those big, hairy, audacious goals with these tips for streamlining your teams workflows in Slack.


    Coupling your tweets with GIFs or memes has become common practice, as illustrated by Beardbrand:

    Believe it or not, Olive Oil is not great for moisturizing your beard or hair. You’re not cooking food, so don’t cover your face with it.

    Meanwhile, infographics are than any other type of image on Twitter. If youve got some compelling data to share with the world, go for it. Heres a great example from Forbes:

    These countries are the most optimistic about 2018

    And signaling the strength of video content marketing, this medium is six times more likely to be shared than a typical text-based tweet. Quick-how-tos and listicle videos like this one from Hubspot are all the rage right now:

    Interested in Management? Here are things to know before diving in.

    What Are Your Follower Demographics

    Which of my Twitter followers, has the most followers ...

    We couldnt write a guide on how to analyze Twitter followers without mentioning demographics. Demographics are helpful for a couple reasons.

    For one, you need to know if the people following you on Twitter are aligned with your companys target customer. For instance, if your customer demographic is 18-34 year old males but a majority of your Twitter followers are 45-54 year old females, theres a disconnect somewhere.

    Also, knowing your demographics will help you craft better marketing messages targeted to specific people. You can find your followers demographics in Twitter or Sprout.

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    Ellen Degeneres: Queen Of Games

    Account Name:
    Page Created:

    About Her: DeGeneres is a stand-up comedian, actress, and TV show host. She has been entertaining audiences since the early â80s. Her style of humor is often sarcastic but rarely feels mean-spirited. She has won the most Peopleâs Choice Awards given to any single person . She is perhaps even more well known as an LGBT+ rights activist. Being a lesbian is a large part of her public identity. She came out on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997. In the same year, her character on her self-titled comedy came out as well. She has been both criticized and praised for opening up about herself. She is often considered an icon of the gay community. DeGeneres is also a vegan and supports animal rights.Twitter Style: As might be expected, most of her posts are funny. However, they still do an excellent job of serving their advertising purpose. Many are for her talk show . On it she discusses current events and news, among other things). Recently more have been for her new game show and stand-up appearances.Most of her tweets are about her talk show. It is often hard to distinguish between DeGeneresâ âad voiceâ and her real thoughts. They are often closely intertwined by the nature of that type of show. As a result, the feed reads like a miniature slice of The Ellen Show. Overall her the tone is similar in the text as in speech.

    How To Use Twitter Followers To Promote A Website

    Social networking has taken off in a big way and with it so has the use of these sites to promote and market various products and services.

    However, in comparison to the likes of facebook and linkedin, not many organizations know how to use twitter effectively for this purpose.

    What is this social network at the end of the day but a means to share ideas? This simple notion has stretched the site to the extent that television news reporters will share breaking stories with their Twitter followers even before they are broadcasting them on television.

    The majority of private users tend to follow their favourite celebrities and sports stars, all of whom will spread news of their latest film releases, autobiography publishing dates and so on.

    But individuals who only have friends as followers may be sometimes ashamed to turn this non commercial platform into an advertising tool.

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    When In Doubt Tweet More Often

    Versus the likes of Facebook or Instagram, Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy.

    According to data by CoSchedule, the sweet spot is anywhere between three and seven tweets per day to maximize engagement. Some brands tweet as often as 15 or 20 times per day, though, so context and competitive analysis are important here.

    But given how quickly the platform moves, brands can always err on the side of posting more often rather than being reserved.

    The key is to not only promote yourself. The good news? The possibilities for filling up your content calendar are seemingly endless.

    Tweets from your followers. Relevant industry articles. Buzzworthy stats. Breaking news. Personal updates. The list goes on and on.

    With shoppers of all ages wanting and needing less, marketers need to understand consumers’ desire for authenticity and it’s impact on their strategies. via:

    Sprout Social

    Filling up your Twitter feed with fresh content lets potential followers know that youre active, engaging, and well, worth following.

    With the help of social scheduling software, you can regularly queue up content without having to constantly tweet in real-time. This effectively allows you to attract new followers around the clock.

    Armani 34 Million Followers

    Top 100 Twitter Accounts 2020 | Most Followed Twitter Personalities

    Armani is yet another luxury brand that does well on Twitter. The brand launched a campaign on its new line of eyewear in 2016 with the hashtag #FramesOfLife featuring 5 real individualsnot influencers or celebritiessharing their real-life stories, which won them tons of engagement for its innovative campaign theme.

    Stop and See. The future is right in front of you. Delve into the #FramesOfLife eyewear campaign on


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    Who Has The Most Twitter Followers

    Would it surprise you to learn that the person with the second highest number of Twitter followers is a pop star? How about number one being a former president? Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know each of the ten people on the list of the accounts with the most Twitter followers.

    Katy Perry is the pop star referred to above. Her more than 10000 tweets have brought her to the top of the list because she is known for her engagement with her followers. Also, she is a huge pop star. Perry has a staggering 108 million followers .

    The former president referred to above is Barack Obama. President Obama follows 611 thousand people. He is a former president, and still, he boasts 110 million followers .

    But who makes up the rest of the list?

    What To Do On Instagram

    Unless youve been living under a rock, then you certainly know what Instagram is. But, just in case, here is a reminder. Instagram is a social networking platform that was launched in 2010 for iOS users first. This platform was and still is about sharing photos and videos with your friends, family, or even strangers. The platform, later on, became available for Android users as well, and its been successful ever since. Finding a good is key for any campaign.

    Nowadays Instagram enables you to:

    • Follow people

    So, lets move on now to the most followed accounts on Instagram!

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    % Of Americans Get Their News From Twitter

    And worldwide, 12% of people use Twitter as a news source. That puts Twitter behind Facebook , YouTube , and WhatsApp .

    Its interesting to note that Instagram is gaining on Twitter as a news source, with the two networks almost tied for news use since 2019.

    Heres a different but related stat: regularly get news from the platform. Thats the highest among social networks.

    So, Twitter is not the social network Americans use. But getting news is a key feature of the platform for existing Twitter users.

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