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Who Has Been Banned From Twitter

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Famous Feminist Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter

Twitter Permanently Bans Trump, Citing âRisk Of Further Incitement Of Violenceâ | TODAY

The author was recently banned from Twitter for posting unfounded theories about the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines.

Story at a glance

  • Wolf has falsely claimed that vaccines are a software platform that can receive uploads, and reportedly compared the nations top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, to Satan.
  • While many Twitter users applauded the move, others voiced concern the ban was stifling free speech.
  • Wolf wrote the critically acclaimed third-wave feminist book “The Beauty Myth” in the 1990s.

The BBC reports the author behind the critically acclaimed third-wave feminist book “The Beauty Myth” was recently banned from Twitter after posting unfounded theories about the coronavirus and vaccines to her more than 140,000 followers.

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The news outlet reports that in one of Wolfs most recent tweets, she said the urine and feces of people who had been vaccinated needed to be separated from the general sewage system while studies are done to measure the impact on unvaccinated people through drinking water.

Wolf has also falsely claimed that vaccines are a software platform that can receive uploads, and reportedly compared the nations top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, to Satan.

Many Twitter users applauded the suspension.


Satirical Influencer Reporter Dennis Feitosa Has Been Permanently Suspended By The Social Media Site Though He Says He Has No Idea Why

Influencer aficionado Def Noodles has been permanently suspended from Twitter for allegedly violating the platforms rules.

The news and commentary page run by YouTuber and comedian Dennis Feitosa was banned without warning this week, with the 25-year-old claiming that theres currently no reason for the suspension.

So Def Noodles just got suspended, Feitosa said on Tuesday . Its unclear why I got suspended. I didnt have any posts removed, no copyright violations, no warnings. Ive been getting a lot of emails from Twitter tho telling me people have been reporting my account. Im working on getting it back.

Addressing the ban in a YouTube video posted yesterday , Feitosa mocked the suspension, interjecting his own ruminations about the reasons behind it with snippets from Eminems Stan.

At the time of its ban, the Def Noodles Twitter account had over 158k followers. The , which has over 18k followers, remains active.

The suspension will come as a devastating blow for fans of celeb and influencer drama with a satirical, chaotic twist Def Noodles area of expertise. Speaking to Vulture in March, Feitosa described the news he covers as the most banal and irrelevant stories that anybody could be talking about.

Watch Def Noodles discuss the latest ban in the video below.

Why Has Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Been Banned

not only Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account, but also his campaign account, prompting the president to tweet from the presidential @POTUS account – which Twitter then subsequently deleted.

Twitter Inc announced on January 8 that it had permanently suspended Trumps account due to the risk of further incitement of violence following the storming of the US Capitol.

It was the first time Twitter has banned a head of state, the company confirmed.

Trump has repeatedly used Twitter and other platforms to wrongly claim his defeat in the was due to widespread voter fraud.

He has also shared other conspiracy theories, and had urged supporters to go to Washington on January 6, and march on the Capitol to protest the election result.

Twitter then temporarily blocked Trumps account on January 6 following the deadly siege of Capitol Hill, and warned that additional violations by his accounts would result in a permanent suspension.

Trump was required to delete three rule-breaking tweets before his account was unblocked.

He returned to Twitter the following day, January 7, with a video acknowledging that Joe Biden would be the next US president.

But on Friday, January 8, Twitter said that two of Trump’s tweets posted that day were in violation of its policy against the glorification of violence.

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People Banned And Suspended From Twitter

  • On February 4, 2021, publishing Mike Lindell‘s “Absolute Proof” special, exposing data and facts about the 2020 election, caused One America News Network to be suspended for 11 hours, with Twitter claiming the contents of the video on Rumble are too “dangerous” to be viewed.
  • On January 11, 2021, journalist Jim Hoft of the conservative news outlet The Gateway Pundit received a 12-hour suspension for tweeting “They stole an election. Now they want to silence anyone who questions the fraud.”, despite Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, on May 16, 2017 tweeting “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts.”

I Ain’t Going Anywhere

LeafyIsHere Has Been BANNED From Twitter... LEAFYISGONE ...

Twitter has announced it would not block the accounts of world leaders even if their statements are “controversial,” citing a need to promote a “public conversation” on political issues. The announcement came just days after a tweet from President Donald Trump hinting at the use of nuclear weapons, which sparked criticism that the social network was allowing threats of violence. However, the social media giant has suspended famous accounts in the past. Take a look:

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Nigeria’s Twitter Ban: Government Orders Prosecution Of Violators

Nigeria will prosecute anyone found to have breached the country’s ban on the social media firm Twitter, a government spokesperson has told the BBC.

The government announced on Friday it was suspending Twitter’s operations in the country.

Mobile phone networks blocked access after being ordered to do so, but some users are getting around the ban.

The move comes after Twitter deleted a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari for breaching the site’s rules.

Some users saw his post, which referred to Nigeria’s civil war four decades ago, as a veiled threat towards a secessionist movement in the south-east of the country

His government said on Saturday the tweet’s removal was “disappointing”, but not the only reason for the “temporary” suspension.

“There has been a litany of problems with the social media platform in Nigeria, where misinformation and fake news spread through it have had real world violent consequences,” the government said.

Twitter said the announcement of a ban on Friday by Information Minister Lai Mohammed was “deeply concerning”.

The move also brought widespread condemnation from human rights groups and international powers, who say it will limit free speech in Nigeria.

In a statement, Justice Minister Abubakar Malami said he had “directed for immediate prosecution of offenders of the Federal Government ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria”, telling the public prosecutor to “swing into action”.

People Permanently Banned From Twitter

  • On June 6th, 2021, American author and feminist Naomi Wolf was suspended after tweeting about COVID-19 vaccines, including claiming the vaccines were a “software platform that can receive uploads”, comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Satan, waste products had to be separated from vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, and an image of an adult film star dressed up as a doctor.
  • On February 11, 2021, Project Veritas, an activist journalism organization founded by journalist James O’Keefe, was permanently banned for “repeated violations of the platform’s policies prohibiting sharing or threats of sharing other people’s private information without consent.” According to Project Veritas’s Telegram account, “The tweet in question arose when asking for comment from Facebook’s VP of Integrity about censorship” and “Project Veritas is appealing this decision, as no privacy was violated.” O’Keefe claims Twitter initially said they would reinstate the account if the tweet was deleted, but in a response to CNN Business, Twitter claims they mistakingly communicated with Project Veritas and the suspension is permanent.
  • On February 4, 2021, Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai was permanently banned after “he specifically mentioned one particular official in Galvin’s office, Michelle Tassinari, whom he claims was part of the plot to keep him from his rightful seat in the Senate by destroying one million electronic ballots”.

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Nigerias Twitter Ban Is A Misplaced Priority

In early June 2021, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announced the indefinite suspension of Twitter after the platform deleted one of his tweets and temporarily suspended his account. The tweet pertained to Nigerian secessionists and to treating those who misbehave today in the language they will understand, infringing on prohibiting content that threatens or incites violence. Despite the ban, many Nigerians still have access to the site using virtual private networks and can share their opinion on other apps, like Indian-based microblogging site Koo.

The deletion of the tweet is part of a larger conversation around the role of social media in politics and the national conversation. Indeed, in recent years, the world has seen social media platforms like Twitter impact democracy and politics, social movements, foreign relations, businesses, and economies around the world.

President Buharis retaliation sparked massive global and national reactions. In this piece, we analyze the reaction of Twitter users to this move using a collection of over 2.6 million tweets generated from June 4 to June 11, 2021 that contain any mention of Nigeria .

Katy Tur On Trumps Silence: Maybe Twitter Did Him A Favor

Trump Has Been Permanently Banned from Twitter

Segal also pushed back against claims that users may have fled to other social media platforms in response to Trumps removal.

We added 40 million people to our DAU last year, and 5 million last quarter, Segal said. In January, we added more DAU than the average of the last four Januarys, so hopefully that gives people a sense for the momentum weve got from all the hard work weve done on the service.

Twitter was the first social media platform to take permanent action against Trump following the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, after applying an initial 12-hour suspension.

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After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence, the company announced in a blog post on Jan. 8.

Snapchat has also permanently banned Trump.

Facebook continues to uphold its temporary suspension on Trumps Facebook and Instagram accounts until further notice. The Facebook Oversight Board, an independent digital supreme court for the company, is in the midst of reviewing the case and is expected to announce whether the decision stands in the coming months.

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Possible Discovery Of The Twitter Admin Censorship Panel

…hackers gained access to many of the top accounts on the site, screenshots of the platforms administration panel were released showing administrators have the ability to blacklist accounts from being searched for or being allowed to trend on the app. Several screenshots, allegedly of a secret admin panel were circulating last night, presumably made by the hackers themselves. Twitter seemed to confirm they were genuine when it began to suspend every account that shared the images.

Figure 1 Top 50 Most Retweeted Users In Collection

Political activists have the most dominant voice in the conversation while institutional actors and organizations have some of the smallest. While Nigerian citizens and activists continue to use the platform, the Nigerian government has effectively shut itself out from the conversation with only the governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, still maintaining a presence on Twitter.

Importantly, hashtags are a powerful way to voice an opinion or bolster a movement, as seen with the #EndSARS protests that broke out in October 2020. Taking a deeper look at the content of the tweets, as seen in Figure 2, #keepiton, #twitterban, #openinternet, #june12protest, and #twittersuspendbuharisaccount are some of the most popular hashtags.

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Figure 3 Top 10 Emojis Used In Response To Twitter Ban

Nearly 70 percent of the tweets with location entries are from Nigeria, with the most common locations being Lagos, Aduja, and Biafraa former secessionist state in the southeast region of Nigeria. While the discussion is primarily centered in Nigeria, many tweets are from users all over the world, with the top three countries after Nigeria being the United States, United Kingdom, and India. Within Africa, countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya have the highest rates of tweets discussing the ban in Nigeria, and their responses largely echo the same concerns and anger as the rest of the world.

This brief examination reveals that this move has led to damage of Nigerias image on the world stage, as key diplomatic and economic allies like the EU and U.S. have condemned the ban at a time when the country needs to foster inclusive dialogue and expression of opinions, as well as share vital information in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria. The global spotlight from the ban also highlights the governments evident ineffectiveness in addressing serious economic, social, security, and political challenges.

People Censored In Other Ways At Twitter

Ira has been banned from Twitter  : FriendsofthePod
  • On March 15, 2021, , one of the most cited epidemiologists and infectious-disease experts in the world , Harvard Professor and co-creator of the Great Barrington Declaration, had engagement disabled and received a misleading flag on his tweet: “No. Thinking that everyone must be vaccinated is as scientifically flawed as thinking that nobody should. COVID vaccines are important for older high-risk people, and their care-takers. Those with prior natural infection do not need it. Nor children.”.
  • On January 23, 2021, journalist Jack Posobiec was censored for a tweet repeating Amazon’s claims about mail-in ballots: “The owner of the Washington Post has officially stated that mail-in ballot elections have serious and systemic flaws.”
  • On January 19, 2021, journalist Michelle Malkin and the Right Side Broadcasting Network were suspended for 12 hours preceding the inauguration of Joe Biden. No explanation was given but Malkin posted on Telegram: “Twitter doesn’t want me expressing my opinions 24 hours before inauguration. No reason given, but of course we know the reason. If you’re on Twitter, spread the word. Thanks,”.
  • In late September, 2018, actor James Woods was locked out of his @RealJamesWoods account, prompting tweets and hashtags such as #FreeJamesWoods from other Twitter users.
  • Links to WikiLeaks were declared “unsafe” on 12 October 2016.

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A #freeportnoy Hashtag Has Been Created In Response

Dave Portnoy, the founder of popular blogging and podcasting organisation Barstool Sports has been permanently suspended from Twitter for reportedly celebrating the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

User @mcm_ct, an account mostly focused on market commentary, was the first person to notice that Portnoy, who had 2.5 million followers, had been permanently banned from Twitter at around 7:50 EST on Friday, with the last reply tweets to his account having occurred only a few minutes before, suggesting the ban took place somewhere around that time.

Initial reaction from some users highlighted that Portnoy, who founded Barstool Sports, the popular blogging and podcast organisation, had been celebrating the end of the coronavirus pandemic. In a video which is still available on his Facebook page, Portnoy drank a bottle of champagne engraved with the word coronavirus, which he declared was a ritual he does whenever an enemy of his is defeated, claiming that now the pandemic is over and coronavirus is dead, he can finally open the bottle:

Did really suspend because he said COVID was dead?

Bet The Browns

In response, the hashtag #FreePortnoy was created. Although there has been no official comment from Portnoy himself or from Barstool Sports as to the banning situation, the official Barstool Sports account did tweet out a picture of Portnoy together with Twitter CEO and Founder Jack Dorsey at an event coupled with the hashtag.

Barstool Sports

Dave Portnoy

Screenshot Is From Gab

The screenshot being shared is actually from a post made on the online platform Gab through a account.

The account says it is “Reserved for the 45th President of the United States of America,” and it is “an uncensored Twitter archive and shares email statements sent by The Office of Donald J. Trump.”

Trump had more than 88 million followers on Twitter, but his account is inactive and his past tweets not directly accessible. In a statement to USA TODAY, a Twitter spokesperson said the account remains permanently suspended.Trump’s permanent ban remains in place.

A May 27 statement, which matches the Gab post, was posted on, a blog Trump launched May 4 as an alternative to the sites he was banned from, such as Facebook and Twitter. He recently shut down the site, USA TODAY reported.

Twitter has suspended various accounts that attempted to dodge Trump’s ban from the social media platform by reposting Trump’s posts from his website, Reuters reported. Trump’s team told Reuters the accounts weren’t affiliated with him.

Fact check:Both Biden and Harris commemorated veterans on Memorial Day, despite false claims

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