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Where To Put Conferences On Linkedin

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Attending A Conference Heres How To Walk Away With A Solid Network

How to use LinkedIn Events for your next webinar

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The inherent problem with attending an industry-related conference is that all or most of the attendees are on a similar mission. You are all seeking the same connections and, as such, are unlikely to directly meet your goals. After all, the speakers cannot have meaningful interactions with everyone in attendance.

So, if you have an Eventbrite ticket for your next conference in your inbox, you may be asking yourself, now what? As a serial conference attendee who attends a conference roughly every other week , Ive come up with a method that helps me get the most out of any given event. Here are five ways to maximize your investment of time, energy, and money:

Use Linkedin To Promote Your Next Event: Before During And After

by Tim Flors | Jan 16, 2020 | Hotels, Planners

Comments like What a great conference! or I learned so much! are great to hear after your big event, but what would really help is for your attendees to share their experiences particularly on , the social media platform where fellow business colleagues, executives and thought leaders gather to network and share ideas and inspiration.

LinkedIn more so than any other social media platform is the perfect place to promote your next trade show, association meeting, convention or conference because it was created for users with a business mindset. And with 640 million users and counting, its blowing up with a 50% increase in engagement year over year. CNN Business reported that a metric that tracks how often users are coming to LinkedIn in 30 minute intervals is up about 27% from the year prior.

While Instagram seems like the natural choice for attendees to post about their conference experiences because of its photo-friendly format, your business connections are on LinkedIn. But rather than posting on your company LinkedIn page where only a portion of your followers will see it , leveraging individual connections is much more effective.

So how can you encourage your guests to share their wonderful experiences at your next event? By encouraging them to share their enthusiasm for it before, during and after your event.

Before your event
During your event
After your event

How To Add Academic Qualifications And Ceus To Your Linkedin Profile:

1. Scroll down to the “Education” section on your profile. Depending on your settings this may be anywhere on your profile but it usually features prominently in the first two sections.

2. Click the “+” icon

3. Add the name of the training company that led your course as well as the year. Decide whether your course fits better into the “Degree” or “Field of Study” box, depending on the length of the course and whether it resulted in a qualification.

4. If the professional implications of your qualification is an important topic for potential employers , consider writing a description that highlights how the learning experience developed relevant skills and accomplished personal goals.

5. If you want to share this achievement with your network, remember to check the Notify network box. However, this is optional.

6. Click “Save”

The course will now show in your Education description beside your other qualifications and educational achievements.

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What Does The Linkedin Events Feature Do

Have you ever hosted a Facebook event? If yes, then LinkedIn events should make you feel just right at home. By creating a LinkedIn Event, youll be assigned as the events organizer to provide details and invite attendees.

Events can be both in-person and online. However, LinkedIn Events does not provide a digital venue to host the event itself. For a private event, youll need to send out invites to provide permission for attendance. Attendees will be able to connect and engage in the feed, making it a potentially invaluable tool for community-building.

Since the event doesnt have to be held on LinkedIn, this means you get a no-strings-attached engaging channel that can get the eyeballs of B2B decision-makers. Why wouldnt you use it?

How To Set Up Your Linkedin Event In 5 Easy Steps

Kate Stoltzfus

Event marketers and planners know everything that goes into setting up a great in-person event. Theyve refined and built upon their processes with each successive effort. Its no coincidence that some of our favorite conferences and summits just seem to get better each year.

With events shifting completely online for the time being , were all being challenged to rewrite the playbook. Luckily, setting up and executing a successful virtual event has much less of a learning curve, with fewer barriers to entry.

No physical space to rent and set up. No goodie bags to pack. No in-person registration. Virtual events are easier to run and easier to attend.

While theres nothing quite like bringing people together in person, online events are a great alternative and strategic complement, allowing brands to engage their communities in an interactive, scalable, and repeatable way.

Were excited about the , and were especially excited about how quick and easy they are for marketers to get running. Here well run you through the process in five steps.

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How To Showcase Your Professional Development On Linkedin

Do you find that simply listing your degrees on your LinkedIn profile doesn’t reflect the learning and development you’ve done since graduating from university?

You’re not alone.

Thanks to technology and a new focus on employee learning and development, you have likely participated in a number of training opportunities. Perhaps you have completed courses via e-learning, workshops, engaged with impactful webinars, been involved in company training, or done some valuable volunteering.

What’s more, through these experiences you might have gained notable skills that you want to showcase. LinkedIn offers you several places within your profile that allow you to display these proudly Education, Licenses & Certificates, Skills, and Volunteering.

Prospective employers are looking for lifelong learners and they want to see how you have sought to enhance your professional development by keeping your skills up to date. Read on to learn how to update your LinkedIn profile with all of your professional courses and skills.

First thing’s first…open your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the relevant section:

How To Set Up Linkedin Events Complete Guide 2021

Have you heard of LinkedIn events and wondered how they work and how you can promote one?

With 41% of more than a thousand mid-level and senior marketers surveyed classified live events as the most critical marketing channel for reaching their business objectives, there is no better time to expand your knowledge.

Is there a stronger justification than having 63 million users who occupy decision-making positions within their company? Theres nothing more powerful that can tap you right into a business-oriented audience.

How to use LinkedIn events to spread everything about your next online workshop, product launch, or in-person event?

Lets find out!

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How Do I Format My Resume Into A Cv

Determine the resume format youll use by following a few simple steps for converting your CV to a resume. We strongly recommend using a chronological resume format.

Identify the necessary skills and qualifications for the job youre looking for. Make a list of your relevant experience and transferable skills.

How To Leverage Social Media While Attending Conferences

How To Use LinkedIn Events

Its not easy to build meaningful relationships at conferences. Organizers may try to ease awkward introductions with networking events, and a majority of people at the conference may be interested in networking, but that doesnt make it easy. Youre surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands of people.

Some conference attendees are vying for attention, others refuse to socialize. While some have sales agendas, others have bad breath.

So how do you cut through the noise , to make the most of your conferences?

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How Do I List My Speaking Engagements On Linkedin: 5 Essential Locations You Want To List Your Gigs

A common question that many speakers ask is How do I list my speaking engagements on LinkedIn? And it is an important speaker question because listing your speaking engagements on LinkedIn increases your credibility, and highlights that you are an expert in your industry.

To ensure your success, Im going to give you the five essential locations that you can list speaking engagements on LinkedIn.

What Kind Of Events Is Best To Promote On Linkedin

Since LinkedIn is more B2B than B2C, you are right to think B2B events are the best to be promoted on this platform. Think about conferences, trade shows and networking events. However, you will also find companies specialised in corporate yoga lessons, music event organisers and cooking classes. It looks like, even suit and ties people eat and listen to music. Take advantage of all this.

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Chief Strategy Advisor At Content Marketing Institute& Senior Contributing Analyst At Digital Clarity Group Author Of Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing

Whats the best way for conference goers to connect with influencers/speakers on social media while at a conference?

I find that its through LinkedIn. Certainly outreach through Twitter is good too but unfortunately, if its a popular session, or there are a lot of tweets happening during the event it might go unseen. But a connection through LinkedIn, with context, and a reason to connect and all of that is what gets my attention.

Which social media channels are the best to use while attending a conference?

Well, Twitter and LinkedIn are my two go-tos. But, honestly, Im seeing A LOT more Snapchat and Facebook Live Video these days so dont overlook those just because Im not on them.

What mishaps or mistakes have you seen people do on social media at conferences that they shouldnt?

I think the biggest is either trying to sell or make an ask as the first outreach. I will often get the hey, just saw you speak you should stop by our booth to check out our new solution Tweet. There is nothing that guarantees that I WONT stop by the booth more than making that your first outreach to me.

What should attendees do to increase their chances of networking on social media while at a conference?

Dont be afraid to reach out to speakers, or other attendees. Everyone is there to learn and meet new people. And, if you think youre shy, just know that EVERYONE is in the same boat as you. Even the speakers are often looking to have good conversations.

How To Use Linkedin Nearby For Networking At Conferences & Summits

Bowery CTO Injong Rhee on the grand challenge of AI for indoor farming ...

How many times have you lost the business cards that you gathered from people you met at a conference? Networking is one of the most important reasons to attend a conference but if you lose the persons information or don’t follow up with them afterward, it could be a waste. Networking gives us opportunities to connect and build business relationships with new peers as well as find new clients for our business.

Nowadays, technology makes networking easier than ever through social media channels. LinkedIn has joined these efforts by recently launching their Find Nearby feature. According to LinkedIn, Find Nearby is a new way for people to connect with their fellow attendees at a conference.

In this article, we will show you how to take advantage of this feature as well as how to build a business relationship with your new fellow attendees after a conference.

What can you do with Find NearBy?

With the Find Nearby feature, LinkedIn wants to help you connect with other industry leaders and top professionals who are nearby at conferences, summits and events.

The new feature uses your devices Bluetooth to scan people who are nearby. Other people who are around would need to activate the feature to be discoverable.

Through LinkedIns Nearby feature you are able to network with speakers and attendees you meet at our conferences. You will also be able to find new potential clients during our conferences.

How To Use Find Nearby
  • Enable your Bluetooth
  • Then, tap on Find Nearby

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Navigate To The Create An Event Button And Enter Info

Youll find this option in the Admin Tools menu when managing your Page from the Admin view. Click Create an event and youll be taken to a creation form where you can enter information. Fill it out entirely. A couple of key things to note:

  • On the second field of this form, youll want to ensure that the Organizer is the Page youre creating an Event on behalf of .
  • For virtual events, theres a button you can toggle to indicate it is online-only.

How To Set Up And Manage Linkedin Events

Lets get into how LinkedIn Events work before setting up an event.

While you can create a LinkedIn event from your company page, setting it up from your profile will give you the advantage of bringing in a third party. This is a good option if youre inviting someone to become a page admin and manage the event for you, and also if its a larger event and youll be partnering with an outside team.

When creating your event as your page, keep in mind the following:

  • Page admins can create the event as your page.
  • Page admins can only invite 1st-degree connections to the event.
  • Page followers cannot be invited unless theyre connected to one of the page admins via their personal profile.

Have your copy, graphics, and ticketing link in hand before you get started, as there is no draft option. Once you start setting up your LinkedIn Event, youll have to complete it or abandon it.

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Highlight Your Presence At The Event On Your Company Linkedin Page

This first step will help expand your audience of attendees and speakers.

Edit your pages and profiles to emphasize the upcoming event. Add a new header image that mentions your affiliation with the event, including details like your booth number and/or the date and time of your scheduled presentations.

Next, create a post sharing all of that pertinent information and a CTA for attendees to follow and connect with your brand at the event. If theres an event hashtag being used on LinkedIn, add that to your posts. Pin that post to the top of your updates section for the duration of the event.

Linkedin Tips For Connecting With People At Live Events

How to Create an Event on LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Events Feature

Do you want to strengthen the connections you make at conferences?

Have you considered using LinkedIn to develop relationships during events?

As a business-centric social network, LinkedIn is valuable for connecting with peers, colleagues, and prospects before, during, and after conferences.

In this article, youll discover 10 tips for using LinkedIn to connect with people at conferences and events.

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What Are Linkedin Events

A great feature to make setting up public or private events much quicker and easier than email. It helps you reach your attendees and audience, especially if you host virtual events, invite your connections, see who is attending, and make updates directly on the page. Think of it as a hub where you can build excitement leading up to your event.

Why Use Linkedin To Amplify Your Impact At Live Events

LinkedIn started as an online job fair. Unless you were in the market for a new gig, it was hard to justify spending time there.

But over the past few years, LinkedIn has evolved into a full-service platform for building your professional reputation. You can use the platform to publish thought leadership, connect with colleagues and peers, and follow inspiring mentors.

And there are plenty of folks to network with: The latest count was 675+ million members and rising. LinkedIn is also reporting higher engagement on posts than other social networks.

Basically, if youre not investing in building your professional brand on LinkedIn, its time to start. As a marketer and public speaker, Ive especially found a great deal of value in leveraging the platform before, during, and after industry events.

Are you presenting at or attending a conference soon? Want to expand your network, increase engagement, and get more opportunities from your appearance? Heres how to maximize your impact on LinkedIn before, during, and after an event.

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Curious About Nfts Daos And Web3

Follow the Crypto Business podcast to find out how NFTs, social tokens, DAOs will affect your business in the near future.Every Friday, host Michael Stelzner interviews leading industry experts about what works right now in Web3 and what to expect in the future, so you can prepare your business for the shift, even if you’re a total newbie.

Harness The Network Of Your Speakers And Partners

Fabulis vs. GayCities: A social

If your speakers and partners have networks, you can ask them to share the post with their network on LinkedIn. This approach works well if you have a speaker who has the “influencer” designation offered by LinkedIn their posts reach everyone on the network.

Reaching your target audience is essential to a great attendee experience, but so is ensuring the conference runs smoothly. There’s no reason to let the promotion of your event hang only on your shoulders. Delegate that too by leveraging your volunteers and by using their excitement to promote your event.

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Founder Of Monumental Shift Author Of Brandscaping: Unleashing The Power Of Partnerships

Whats the best way for conference goers to connect with influencers and speakers on social media while at a conference?

I think this is a great question, but Id actually break it into three parts.

Before a conference, I think the best thing you can do is actually pick a few influencers or speakers you want to meet with, and consume their content. Comment on their blog posts or their LinkedIn posts, or interact with them on Twitter about the stuff theyre already doing.

You want to build a relationship with them before the event by not even mentioning the event but just consuming what they share. I think thats a great start so that theyre familiar with the person before they get to the event.

During the event, I think one of the things you can do then- you know, as the event approaches- is say, Im going to the event, Im looking forward to seeing you speak, Id love to connect while were at the conference. And you can do that on social media, or- you know- you can do that via email, but I think thats a great way to do it.

While youre at the event, I think- first- you want to- you know- say hi to the person if you see them before the event in person, remind them of who you are, try to- you know- tweet at them or with them just before you meet them so theyre familiar and remember who you are.

Which social media channels are best to use while attending a conference?

What mishaps or mistakes have you seen people do on social media at conferences that they shouldnt?

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