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Where To Get Headshots For Linkedin

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Keep The Backdrop Simple

Take BETTER UNIQUE HEADSHOTS for LinkedIn – Step up your Profile!

If you are doing your own headshots I would suggest a plain background and strong lighting, Boorem says. With a nice, plain background, tripod and lighting you can easily take some great photos right on your cell phone. She adds that an off-white wall will work best, but grays, greens, and blues can be nice as well, ideally in muted tones.

Up Close And Personal

As a general rule of thumb, if your work involves dealing with people, it is better to have your headshot up close and personal but not right in the face.

This gentleman below is a commercial insurance broker. Notice the body language and facial expressions in the before and after versions. Colors in the after version match his company logo colors, as I also I helped him create his own brand identity.

This young lady is a family law attorney, who needs to win the trust from her prospective clients by allowing them to look at her in the eyes. The before version seems to make her prospects feel they are being examined by her from a distance.

Linkedin Photo Tips: Linkedin Profile Photo Dimensions Sizes & Cropping

A LinkedIn headshot photo has a circular crop for photos and the minimum size is 400px by 400px. I usually recommend clients stay at or slightly above with their Linkedin image dimensions. Anything bigger with the Linkedin headshot dimensions is usually too big and will take up too much of ones screen, reveal less than flattering detail and increases opportunity for theft, misuse etc.

Due to LinkedIns circular crop, not all photos can easily be formatted to fit a LinkedIn profile. Often times users have a portrait oriented headshot that is too tall and narrow and ends up being cropped too closely on the left and/or right sides resulting in the face taking up too much of the space provided.

I typically recommend heads and top of shoulders should occupy around 70% of the frame. Anymore is too close and anything smaller is too distant and small for traditional headshots. When taking photos for clients, I always provide various options for crops for clients to accommodate various needs .

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Tip #: Keep Your Linkedin Headshot Up

Ever meet someone who looks completely different than their photos online?

In the dating world, thats called cat fishing, and its not something people appreciate.

In fact, it conveys untrustworthiness to people who are just now meeting you in person.

In general, you should update your LinkedIn headshot every 1 to 2 years or after any drastic changes in appearance.

Headshots Tip #4 Research Yourself

LinkedIn Headshots

Look at photos of yourself what is different in the photos you like vs. the photos you dont like of yourself? Do you have a good side? Angles that work for you better than others? Recognize patterns, and communicate with your photographer what you prefer this will assist them in posing you to get the best shots!

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What Size Are Headshot Photos

If you are looking to get headshots in Los Angeles or any other market you might be wondering what size your headshot should be. There is no standard size and the answer to this question is both very simple and can be technically difficult too. It all depends on the application how will it be used? Is it for LinkedIn, Actors Access, Facebook, Twitter, something else? And will it be printed?

A Professional Headshot Is Commonly an 8×10 Photo for Print But, What About for Digital Use?

Print remains highly relevant despite the belief we live only in an online or digital world. So, it is first important to have a quick understanding of the difference between sizes for prints and digital forms. Continue Reading.

Dont Incorporate Hobbies Into Your Photo

Future employers may be impressed by your hobbies and interests, however, there is a specific area dedicated to this on your profile. Dont use your profile photo as an opportunity to show your diverse side.

Investing in a profile photo is your chance to increase your profile viewings and response rates. That little square can determine who views your profile, allowing you to show them your friendly, engaged and hard-working personality. Following these steps will help you build your personal brand and make you stand out from the crowd!

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Thoughts On Headshots On White Backgrounds

Usually these are a bit plain, same philosophy can be applied as to corporate headshots taken in black and white more so done for consistency but they lack individuality, character, personality. This is true for solid color backgrounds .

I like some texture, color and distinct backgrounds in headshots. Environmental portraits are great especially if they capture your place of business, industry or work product.

Where To Get Headshots For Linkedin How Do You Get A Professional Headshot On Linkedin

How to Shoot Your Own Professional Headshots for LinkedIn

Try recommendations from friends, look at Google/Yelp but make sure the photographers have a good selection of photos, styles that match what you seek. Make sure services cover editing for Linkedin, size adjustments etc. Similarly, contact HR at your company and see if they offer headshot services or ask when headshot day is. You can also try Linkedins Profinder service for people in your area or just browse headshot images in your areas to see which photos grab your attention.

Update 7/1/2020 #OpenToWork Photo Frame Linkedin released a photoframe for those seeking jobs. You can enable this function already in your settings but now Linkedin has made it more visible within your photo.

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Best Linkedin Photos: Things To Avoid In A Linkedin Headshot

Group shots, selfies, excessive photoshopping , filters, loud backgrounds and outdated photos should all be avoided.

LinkedIn headshots are often the first thing people notice about you when looking you up online. Your professionalism, approachability are called into question. Networking is made easier. Trust and familiarity is improved slightly.

Without LinkedIn headshots, people are forgotten and often out of site, out of mind. Stay connected, use the status update of a new headshot to trigger an opportunity to get in touch with lost connections.

What Is A Commercial Headshot

If youre looking into getting into acting, youre likely going to try and find an agent or manager. Inevitably, they will ask for your current headshots or for you to get some new headshots. And this means considering getting commercial looks, theatrical looks, or both. So, what is a commercial look?

Getting Acting Headshots Done Will Require an Actor to Decide Upon the Looks They Are After for the Roles They Want to Pursue

You might be wondering what is a theatrical headshot too. It is likely you are going to want both types of looks. There are clear differences between the two and for how they might be used too. Continue Reading.

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Why Your Headshot Needs An Update

If you dont have a good headshot, then youre not leaving a good first impression with potential clients, business partners, employers, employees, etc. These people need to know that you are three things: friendly, trustworthy, and professional. What better way to demonstrate that then through an amazing profile photo? It doesnt matter what you write in your profile, no one is going to take you seriously if your photo is amateur.

So what makes a good headshot? Im glad you asked! Whether you take your headshot yourself or get it done professionally. Its important to take these things into consideration:


The background of your headshot photo matters. Colored and patterned backgrounds can be distracting. Go for a clean and simple white or grey. Black is okay too but sometimes I find it to be harsh. You just dont want to distract from what really matters here, YOU.


The lighting is probably the most important while also the trickiest aspect to a headshot. Lighting can change a persons look and feel with the slightest move of an angle. There are many different studio lighting techniques to create amazing definition. But if youre doing this at home, the best lighting is right in front of your window! It will offer a natural, soft, even light for your headshot.

The DOs:

The DONTs:




The DOs:

The DONTs:

Hair and Makeup



To schedule a headshot session with Audrey, please contact the studio.

How To Take Your Own Headshot

What should your LinkedIn headshot look like?

If you arent familiar with I recommend you stop reading this article and check them out right this minute. Besides being a super cool app that helps you select the best photos of yourself by removing self-bias, they have a fantastic blog full of tips on how to look better in pictures. I followed their suggestions in the post, How to Take Your Own Professional Headshots at Home, and it worked like a freakin charm.

You may be thinking, Im not a professional photographer. How can this possibly work? The reason it works has to do with context. Unless youre an actor or model and the photo is going to be reviewed by an art director, a good enough amateur photo can make a great LinkedIn photo. It does not have to be perfect. You do not have to look like a model. On LinkedIn, your audience consists of recruiters and hiring managers, not art directors. Recruiters arent looking for a runway-worthy headshot. Recruiters are looking for two things: first, the presence of a photo, which completes your online footprint, and second, the good judgement to know a professional photo from an inappropriate photo. Presence, and good judgement: thats what your photo needs to communicate, and you can certainly achieve those goals without hiring a professional photographer.

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Dont Have A Distracting Background

If youve managed to perfect your genuine, approachable face, why let it go to waste with a garish backdrop? Keep the background simple, so that the person focuses purely on your face. The background is extremely important, as a bad background can completely change someones opinion and even distract from the subject. Dont let your newly perfectly, approachable face go to waste by having a garish backdrop.

A plain backdrop is recommended in most cases – a soft charcoal grey or oxford blue. However, if you want to make it a little more interesting you could use a bokeh backdrop. This is where the background of a photo is blurred substantially to create a soft, compelling, deliberately out-of-focus effect, that doesnt distract from the subject

What If Im Not Photogenic Or Hate Getting My Photo Taken

Weve got you covered! Most portrait photographers are unfortunately guilty of creating a cringe-y environment for their clients. They force you into awkward poses and dont truly understand what clients are looking for from their session. Either that, or they rush you through the session.

There are also many photographers who refuse to specialize in one form of photography, so theyre frankly not very skilled at any specific type of session.

At HeadShots Inc, we strive to create a fun & stress-free environment for every client. At our studio, we play upbeat music and constantly get feedback from the client so that we can work towards an amazing headshot that youll be proud to show online. We only offer headshots and so weve mastered one service that we do exceptionally well.

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Eye Contact In Linkedin Headshots:

Most of the time, it is better to look at your target audience right in the eye, to show sincerity and willingness to be engaging and open, especially for those whose professions deal with people.

It is a really bad idea to wear sunglasses on your LinkedIn headshot, as shown above, which is worse than using casual and unprofessional selfie photos, since it makes people wonder: what do you have to hide?

What Are Linkedin Headshots


LinkedIn headshots are a type of business portrait photograph typically used for company websites, business cards, press releases, and of course, LinkedIn profiles. While the word LinkedIn might imply that theyre only used on that specific platform, these photos are oftentimes used on a variety of professional platforms.

LinkedIn headshots should focus on making you look professional, friendly, and competent.

A great headshot is a great first step for building an awesome personal brand that helps you get hired faster, improve your sales numbers, or attract investors to your company.

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Tip #: Pick An Industry

Different industries tend to use different backdrops. While there arent hard-and-fast rules, check out peers in your industry on LinkedIn and their websites to see what theyre using.

To make things easier fo you, weve outlined the most common industries and their typical backdrop below:

Finance: Neutral Colored Studio Backdrop

Law: Neutral Colored Studio Backdrop

Real Estate: Any Type Acceptable

Tech: Any Type Acceptable

Healthcare: Any Type Acceptable

Energy: Neutral Colored Studio Backdrop

Consulting: Neutral Colored Studio Backdrop or In-Office

Therapy: In-Office

Local Services: Outdoor or In-Office

Design/Marketing: Studio Backdrop or Outdoor


Clothing Style Wardrobe Accessories Colors Fit For Headshots

Make sure your wardrobe is fitted to your body-type and not too bulky nor too tight. Your clothing should be free of wrinkles and stains. For the most part, shoulders should be covered, low/plunging necklines avoided, bulky necklaces avoided, makeup should be kept at a minimum .

Being professional is always key but you can add some flair and individuality with your haircut, necklace, eyeglasses, piercings , facial hair, background, color of clothing etc. Wardrobes should exemplify what you are trying to sell creativity, professionalism, approachability, power or knowledge.

I am a big fan of jewel tones and pastels. This might not be appropriate for industries like investment banking, government jobs etc. so look for examples in your organization, leadership and competitor profiles. If wearing white, beware of glare in your photos that might blow out the color and reveal too much shine.

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What Is The Best Background For Professional Linkedin Portrait

The background normally defined by the application where a business headshot will be published. The banks, as well as LinkedIn, need white or neutral backgrounds. The white background is excellent, yet often is not the best foot for some colour skins. The white backdrop is limiting the ability of the photographer to play with various light situations. The white background does not assist to slim the individual and normally is not the most effective choice for dark colour skins. This is our individual experience as well as often we damage the duties as well. The most effective method is to record the photo as well as review the very best fit.

GSR Studio Inc provides a massive range of backdrops to locate the best fit for you. We can turn the background at no time for you. The digital photography studios objective is to satisfy and exceed your assumption. You will see the pictures in the actual time of the cinema. You understand exactly what is the picture you love by the end of the picture shoot. We will send you a connection to all caught photos on the very same day. All photos will certainly be edited and prepared to print. Your preferred image/images will certainly be retouched to perfection at no extra cost. Please examine the amount of the images based on the bundle that you picked.

A Little Bit Of Your Personality

The Power Of A Professional Headshot: Some People Get It ...

Thats key at a time when the average job posting gets over 250 applicants and maybe 20% of them are granted interviews, according to Byrd. HR executives are more likely to remember people whose headshots theyve seen. With virtual job interviews the norm during the pandemic, this is even more crucial.

Its about building an authentic and genuine relationship. People want to know who theyre engaging with. People will feel comfortable with you, she says. Thats another way to really tell your story, demonstrate your brand, and make people feel connected to you before they even have a chance to meet you.

Alicia Trimble was dumped into that world last Tuesday, when she got laid off after three-and-a-half years as a sales manager and nutrition coach at a diet-food company, due to a decrease in business in the wake of COVID-19. The following night, she was having trouble sleeping, so she decided to scroll through her Facebook feed. The Little Elm, Texas, resident spotted a post about free headshots and signed up for a spot in neighboring Frisco, so she can replace the six-year-old photo she currently uses on social media.

In addition to networking with friends, family, and former business contacts and responding to two or three job postings a day, Trimbles getting ready for her new headshot. The current plan calls for a white pressed shirt and a black blazer with very neutral, matte makeup and maybe a little color on her lips and stud earrings.

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Tip #: Ditch The Selfie

Theres nothing more cringe-y than a selfie or other unprofessional photo in a linkedin profile.

While some people think casual = good its very likely that the decision-makers involved in hiring, promoting, and purchasing wont see your profile that way.

Not only does a professional photo make you look more competent, influential, and reliable but the fact that you took the time to get your headshot taken speaks volumes about your professionalism and work ethic.

First Impressions Are Everything Here’s How To Make Them Count

Like it or not, your LinkedIn profile picture functions a lot like your cover letter. It’s what your prospective employers are looking at as they form their first impressions of you. It’s time to confront an unpleasant truth: appearances matter, whether that’s fair or not. Nobody wants to hire someone they perceive to be a slob, or worse, someone with poor professional judgment.

I’ll pause for a moment here to tell you that I’m a work-at-home mom of three little boys under the age of four. Plus, I’m a writer. Put plainly, I am a slob. There’s just no denying it. The sweatpants and the Grumpy Cat t-shirt I’m wearing as I write this are dead giveaways.

If you can count yourself among my slovenly co-conspirators, your mission is clear: you need to use the magic of technology to trick people into believing that you are a well-groomed professional, the perfect candidate for any challenge that might come your way. It’s not a far stretch. You are that person, and you can rise to any challenge. It’s just that you have to clear the pesky hurdle of the LinkedIn profile picture in order to look the part and nail that first impression. People can get to know and appreciate you for your lovable misfit ways later on.

LinkedIn is here to stay, and so I’m here to share the dirty secrets of crafting the most flattering LinkedIn profile picture possible:

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