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Where To Find Facebook Pixel

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Custom Retargeting Pixel Id

How To Find Your Facebook Pixel 2020?

Within JotUrl you can also use the Remarketing Pixel Codes that are not currently configured among those in the list.

Through the Custom Retargeting Pixel ID option, you can take advantage of the complete pixel code and paste it into our platform so that you can freely take advantage of any Remarketing Pixel you want, even if not yet on the list.

Unlike the other Pixels, in this case, you will not be able to simply enter your Retargeting Pixel ID, but you will have to take care to totally copy and paste the code from start to finish. Depending on the provider used to obtain your Pixel, you may need different steps to obtain the code, we advise you to carefully read the documentation present within the platform on which you are advertising.

Once you have your code, copy it and go back to JotUrl.

1. At this point, if you dont already have a Tracking Link ready for your Remarketing campaigns, create a new Tracking Link.

Remember to use your custom branded domain and take full advantage of the alias to customize the look of your URL.

2. Click on Save and go to Link options

3. Select the Remarketing box

4. You can insert up to 5 different Retargeting Pixels on the same Tracking Link.


Start From The Facebook Homepage On Your Left

Once there you will see all of your pixels, which websites they are connected to, and their events. You can also easily see the Pixel ID if that is what you need

However, in this tutorial, we are looking for that little code snippet that you will need so that you can add the Pixel to a website. To find it, you need to select Add a New Event from a New Website.

Then choose to add the event manually

Now you can copy the code snippet and insert it into the website you want to link it to.

You can use this code to install your pixel in a new website, on multiple websites, or to finish the installation process if you had to stop in the middle.

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