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Where To Find Archived Emails In Gmail

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How To Archive Email In Gmail

How to find Archived emails on Gmail

If your Gmail inbox is getting a bit too cluttered, there are a couple of options to clean it out. You can delete emails or simply archive them.

The latter is an exercise in out of sight, out of mind. The email messages and threads will still exist on Googles servers hidden, but accessible if you know where to look. And if somebody revives an email thread with an unexpected message, the thread will pop back into your main inbox, so theres no chance of missing something important.

Heres how to archive emails in Gmail and where to find the messages if you suddenly need them.

How To Archive Emails In Gmail

To archive an email in Gmail, you simply need to select an email and then click the Archive button.

When you select emails on the Gmail website, the Archive button appears in the menu directly above your list of emails.

In the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, or Android, tap the Archive button in the top menu that appears. The Archive button has the same design as the button shown on the Gmail website.

Any email you archive will disappear from your main Gmail inbox, including from any of the focused categories you might have.

Youll still be able to view them under any separate folder you create using Gmail labels, however.

How To Archive Emails In Bulk On Gmail App

On the condition that you want to archive emails all together on Gmail App, heres how to do it:

  • Go to the Gmail App.
  • Log in if you havent already.
  • Now, go to the main menu or inbox.
  • Select the emails that you want to archive.
  • To select an email, click on the Alphabetical icon at the left of the email.
  • In a similar way, you can keep selecting emails for archiving.
  • Once you have selected all, click on the archive icon at the top.
  • You will receive notification All Conversations Archived.

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Archived Emails Are Hiding In Gmail

Gmail doesnt feature an Archived folder that will make locating emails youve archived easy. Instead, you need to use different methods to find them. Fortunately, these techniques arent complicated and require only a few minutes of your time.

Have you ever had trouble finding archived emails in Gmail? What method did you use to locate them? Tell us in the comments section below.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Archive Emails

How to Retrieve an Archived Message in Gmail on Computer

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a bunch of time and energy. Gmail has a ton of handy shortcuts that you can use.

In order to use them, you first need to switch keyboard shortcuts on:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. In General, scroll and find Keyboard shortcuts then check Keyboard shortcuts on.

Now all you have to do is hit the e key when you have an email open to archive it at hyperspeed. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are a couple more useful shortcuts that relate to archiving:

Archive and go to previous conversation }Archive and go to next conversation {

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How To Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail In 4 Steps

Email inboxes can quickly get cluttered with the many emails we receive each day. In Gmail, the archive folder is a safe place where you can store messages and important attachments without filling up your inbox. When you want to access them later, simply retrieve the email from the archive. In this article, we define archived emails in Gmail, explain how to retrieve them and offer tips for using Gmail archives effectively.

How To Find Archive Mail

We can find archive mail easily by following the steps.

Ways 1

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”

MoreAll Mail

Here, you will find out all mail including archived mail.

Here, we can clearly see those two archived mail that we have archived earlier.

Here we will get all the mail including trash mail, archived mail, and un trashed/unarchived mail.

This is equivalent to typing “in:all” in the Gmail search bar.

This method works perfectly if you have only a few emails. If you have hundreds and thousands of mail then finding mail this way is difficult. If so, then follow Ways 2.

Ways 2: Using Google Search – Simple and Preferred Way

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”.

3 In the search bar type below the google search queries.

This short and simple way helps to find out all archived mail.

Ways 3: Using Google Search – Long approach

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”

3 In the search bar type below the google search queries.

This will give you all archived mail.

What is happening here?

Don’t worry, I will explain to you

Ways 3: Search By Domain

If you want to find archived mail from a specific domain then we can do this by the below queries.

Suppose you want to find archived mail from the Facebook domain then we can do it by below queries.

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Finding Archived Emails In Gmail Using The Search Bar

Unfortunately, theres no archive label you can use to search for when youre using the Gmail search bar at the top of the Gmail website or in the Gmail app.

Youll need to know the topic, sender, or subject of your archived email to search for it manually. Alternatively, you can use advanced Gmail search filters to search for emails that arent in typical folders like your inbox folder, sent folder, and drafts folder.

How Archive Is Different Than Deleting An Email

How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail – (And How To See Only Archived Mail In Gmail)

Youre no doubt familiar with the little trash can icon you use to delete emails.

To archive an email, hover over it and select the archive icon that appears on the right. Or select multiple emails and click the archive icon in the bar above:

Archiving an email saves it in your Gmail account indefinitely.

When you delete an email in Gmail, it goes into your trash for 30 days. After that time period is up, the email is automatically erased forever.

You can, of course, completely erase emails during the 30-day period by emptying your trash folder.

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Moving An Archived Email To The Inbox Via The Web

If you change your mind, you can always move any archived content back to your inbox. Follow these steps to move archived email back into your inbox using the Gmail website:

Step 1: Visit the Gmail website and sign in.Step 2: Locate the email you wish to relocate.Step 3: To the left of the email, check the small box.Step 4: At the top of the screen, select Move to Inbox.

Your archived email will then be moved back to the inbox for regular viewing. If you wish to return the piece of mail to archived, hover over the email once again and select the Archive button .

Archiving An Email Vs Muting An Email

You may have heard of the ability to mute an email and archive an email discussed in the same breath. Both features will remove messages from your inbox to keep things tidy, but archived emails will return to your inbox if someone replies to them. On the other hand, muted messages will stay out of your inbox permanently. Follow these steps on either the web or mobile app if you wish to mute an email:

Step 1: Access your Gmail account.Step 2: Open the email you wish to mute.Step 3: Select the More button . For the web, it is important that you click on the More button that is located towards the top of your screen, just under the Search box.Step 4: Select the Mute option.

You can follow these steps on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The only minor difference with iOS devices is that the More icon for iOS is not three vertical dots but instead is three horizontal dots.

If you wish to unmute an email conversation, you can do so on the web by following the steps given above, but select the Unmute option in step 4. Youll still need to select Move to Inbox if you want the email to return to your inbox. Unmuting an email doesnt move it to a different folder in Gmail, so it will remain in All Mail if you dont move it yourself.

All of your muted conversations are grouped so that you can easily access them by searching for them under the name is:mute in the Gmail search box.

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What Are Archived Emails In Gmail

Archived emails in Gmail are messages the recipient has marked to move into the service’s archive folder. The archive tag stores the email with other messages in the same folder, rather than deleting them or leaving them in the inbox. You can access archived emails by clicking the “All Mail” icon and searching for the desired message using the sender’s details, delivery date or subject line.

People with crowded inboxes find the archive option useful because they can archive old or unnecessary emails instead of deleting them or leaving them under other labels. You can search and access archived messages quickly and easily. Gmail also gives users the option to archive emails as soon as they arrive to free up storage space. Archived emails remain in secure folders where you can save them indefinitely. Once you archive your emails, they move under the “All Mail” label on the Gmail server for future retrieval.

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How To Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail

How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail On Android Phone

Many people dont know where to find archived emails in Gmail because they dont understand how Gmail organizes email messages, and even more, people dont know how to access archived emails in Gmail and retrieve them. You already know how to access archived emails in Gmail, so simply use any of the three methods described in the previous chapter of this article to locate the email message that you would like to unarchive.

If you want to retrieve Gmail archived emails, this is what you need to do:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find the archived message. You can either search for the message using the search bar or look for it in the All Mail label.
  • Check the box next to the message. Or tap and hold the message if youre using the Gmail app.
  • This will remove the Archive label and you will be able to find the email message inside your inbox.

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    Search Emails In Gmail By Labels

    Creating and assigning labels in Gmail is easy. We recommend not creating too many labels but think it through and keep it simple.

    Open an email and click on the label button that looks like a price tag icon. You will see a list of existing labels and a search bar. Select one or more labels here to assign them to this particular email.

    Start typing in the label menu search bar to create a label on the fly.

    You can create sub-labels too or nest the newly created label under another existing label for better management. A new pop-up will reveal itself where you can do it. Click on the Create button when you are done.

    I just archived the Microsoft email that was sent to intimate me about an invoice. Lets see if we can find it using the search operators and labels.

    So, I can find using the Microsoft label and you will notice the Inbox label is missing because the email in Gmail is actually archived. Otherwise, as noted earlier, it will carry the Inbox label instead.

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    How To Find Archived Emails On Gmail

    Time Needed :3 minutes

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to locate the archived emails on your Gmail account via the desktop version. After that, you can unarchive the email and put it back into the Inbox folder.

  • Go to Gmail and click More button on the left panel.
  • Select the All Mail folder. It will show you the entire email you ever received.Advertisement
  • Take a look at the emails I pointed with red arrows. If it doesn’t have the Inbox label, then it must be archived email.
  • In order to retrieve it back, select on the email, and click the Move to Inbox icon.
  • You should notice the selected emails now have the Inbox label on it.
  • Go to the Inbox folder to see them normally.
  • Tools

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    How To Delete Archived Email On Iphone

    One of the downsides to archiving emails is that archived email on iPhone still takes up the storage space you’ve been allocated by your mail provider. While it’s great for holding onto important messages, then, it’s not ideal for junk and other emails you don’t need to keep.

    To delete emails from your archive folder, simply find and open the message using the steps outlined above, then tap the delete button which looks like a trash can. To delete multiple archived emails at once, follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold one of the messages you want to delete
  • Once your first message is selected, tap all the other emails you want to delete
  • Tap the delete button which appears at the top of the screen in Mail and Gmail and at the bottom of the screen in Outlook to delete them
  • Log Into Your Gmail Account

    How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail on PC?

    Sign in to your account using your Gmail email address and password. You can access your account through your desktop computer’s browser or the Gmail app on your smartphone or other device. Once you’ve logged into Gmail, locate the menu on the left side of the screen that displays the email labels.

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    Finding Archived Emails Via Mobile Apps

    If you are using the Gmail mobile app on your iOS or Android device, you can also access archived content easily. As on the web, you can use the search bar displayed above your mail to initiate a search it will include archived content. Otherwise, if you wish, you can access all of your available mail, including archived content, under the All Mail option.

    Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your device.Step 2: At the top of the screen, tap the Menu button it is displayed as three horizontal lines.Step 3: Scroll down if needed and select the All Mail option.Step 4: You may now browse your emails on-screen it will include all emails in your account, including archived pieces.

    Archiving With The Gmail Iphone App

    Google Workspace is Googles modern office solution for businesses and freelancers. In addition to the popular Gmail service, Google Workspace also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive and many other helpful tools. You can connect a Google Workspace account with a domain you host at IONOS find out in this article.

    • 28.08.20

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    Find The Archived Emails Using The Search Bar

    Another way to locate archived emails is to use the Gmail search bar. For this to work, you need to know the sender or the subject. This option enables you to find the email youre looking for much more quickly.

    Follow the steps below to find an archived email using the search bar:

  • Open Gmail on your iPhone.
  • Type the senders name or the emails subject in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Find the email youre looking for.
  • Although this method isnt perfect, it can help you narrow down the list of emails.

    In addition to using the senders name or the emails subject, you can also apply different search filters such as:

    • has:attachment Only emails with attachments will appear in results.
    • from:emailaddress See only the emails from a specific email address.
    • filename:example If you know the name of the attachment but cant remember the sender or the subject, use this filter.

    How To Find Archived Emails Through The Search Bar

    How to Find Archived Messages in Gmail

    The easiest and most straightforward way to find an archived email is through the search bar.

    While its not possible to simply select a category for archived emails, you can search for an archived email using its details. For example, you can search the senders name, email, company name, or even elements of the email that you remember.

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    How To Retrieve Your Archived Emails In Your Browser

    Retrieving your archived emails simply means placing them back in your inbox.

    To do this, go to All mail as shown above:

    Step 1. Select the email or emails you want to retrieve back to your inbox. Emails that are already in your inbox are marked Inbox.

    Step 2. Click the Move to inbox icon in the top menu.

    Step 3. Youll then see a pop-up to confirm that your email is being sent to your inbox. You also get a chance to Undo this command.

    How To Recover Archived Email With Gmail Website

  • You first have to log into your account on the Gmail website.
  • Once you are logged in, you will have to search for the archived message through the search box located at the top of the page. The archived messages can still appear in the search result if you use the proper keywords. The best way to use the search result is to input any of the following information: sender, part of the body of the email, subject, or any other parts of the email.
  • You can look through the labels as well. Some messages were archived but were tagged with a label beforehand. Even if you have accidentally archived the message, this message will still appear under the label by which it was tagged. To find the labels, you can go to the left-side tab on the page and look through the available labels.
  • If the label you are looking for is not easily seen in the left-side tab, then you have to click on the More option in the menu. Once you click on MORE, you will see the option ALL MAIL. This option, once chosen, will allow you to view all of the messages in the account. It does not matter if the messages are labeled or not. Also, it does not matter if the messages are archived or not as well. Note: To determine whether a message is archived or not, there should be no label attached to it.
  • By the way, you can also learn how to recover Gmail password here.

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