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Where To Find Applied Jobs On Linkedin

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Where Do I Find My Saved Jobs On Linkedin

How To Search and Apply For Linkedin Jobs

To view your saved jobs, click on the Jobs icon at the top toolbar to return to the Jobs page. Then click on the link that says Track my jobs. Your saved jobs list appears. You can then apply to any of your saved jobs. LinkedIn offers a couple more tricks for job hunters. At the Jobs page, click on the link for LinkedIn Salary.

How to find and identify active job seekers on LinkedIn?

If you are a recruiter and you are not looking for other recruiters, you may want to add something like to your string/query to eliminate false positives of recruiters that mention they are seeking/looking for people with specific titles and skill terms.

Upload A Great Profile Photo

Your headshot is one of the first things people see, so if you want to use LinkedIn to land a job, make sure your profile photo is giving off the right impression. Choose a photo thats clear, professional, and friendly-looking.

It doesnt need to be stiff-looking , but you probably shouldnt choose a photo where youre drinking from a keg, either.

You can also upload a background image to make your profile stand out further. However, your headshot is more important because thats one of the things employers and recruiters see before they even click your profile.

Get Recommendations From Other Linkedin Members

Were almost done setting up your to job search effectively. The next step is to ask one or two colleagues to write an endorsement for you.

You can learn more about how to do this here.

Even one or two recommendations will help your profile stand out from all the competition when youre trying to use LinkedIn to land a job.

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Current Linkedin Stats 2022

  • LinkedIn currently has over 810 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide
  • 57 million-plus companies listed on LinkedIn
  • 77 Job applications are submitted every second
  • 110% Increase in confirmed hires year-over-year in Q2 FY22
  • 12 Million + members are taking advantage of the #OpenToWork photo frame
  • 49 Million People use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week
  • 6 People hired every minute on LinkedIn
  • 120,000 Schools listed on Linkedin
  • 38,000 Skills listed
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media.

Why Can’t I See The Job I Applied To On The My Jobs List

Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You may not see the job you applied for on the “My Jobs” list if you exited Indeed and applied for the job on another company or employer’s website. Indeed only tracks applications you send through its website or its mobile app. If you apply to jobs on other platforms, Indeed recommends you keep a personal record of all the external applications you send.

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Do You Have A Job Application Limit On Linkedin

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply for. However, it is recommended that you take care when submitting your application to many at the same time, so that you dont get confused, as well as being able to have the most control over the process.

From now on you know exactly how to see all the jobs you have applied for on LinkedIn

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Your Targeted Resume To The Rescue

Meanwhile, your keyword-rich resume shines a bright spotlight on career accomplishments as they relate to a particular job. Resume writers, hiring managers, HR personnel, and recruiters all advise that you tweak your resume with each job to which you apply.

That specificity and customization are what helps companies gain an understanding of how you add value to their team. If they feel like you’re a good fit, then you win an interview.

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When Its Worked For You In The Past

Applying for jobs is never going to be an exact science, so your search will likely include some trial and error. If youre tempted to use the Easy Apply option, give it a try for one or two jobs and make a note of whether it yields any interviews. Hearing back from recruiters is always a good sign that youre doing something right.

Conversely, if you rarely or never hear back when you use the easy button, it may not be the right tool for you and its probably worth pursuing other options, whether thats applying directly on the company website or doing some networking.

While it wont be a one-size-fits-all solution for every application you submit, clicking Easy Apply can be a fine option, depending on the circumstances. That said, nothing will ever beat a tailored resume, customized cover letter, or personal referralstatistically, its just the best option.

Is It Worth It To Promote A Linkedin Job Posting

How to See Applied Jobs in Linkedin

Because promoted job posts get three times the number of qualified candidates, according to LinkedIn, many employers go that route. Promoted job posts are also more targeted, so your job will be seen by more relevant candidates as well. As with most things, you pay for what you getthe higher your daily budget, the more views your job post will get.

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Let Recruiters Know Youre Available

Your LinkedIn profile may not be getting the attention you seek from recruiters. So, whats wrong with your profile? Are you using LinkedIn correctly?

You can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know youre open to new job opportunities with the #OpenToWork feature. Watch this explainer video on how to Enable or Manage #OpenToWork in your LinkedIn profile.

Five Or More Skills Even Better If Theyre Endorsed

To gain an All-Star LinkedIn status, youll need to add a minimum of five skills to the skills section of your LinkedIn profile. These should be relevant skills that you believe you possess. By doing this, youll increase your visibility on LinkedIn, appearing in many more searches.

Be quite strategic when you’re listing skills, said Wilkinson. List the ones that are important in your industry or profession over other things and try to keep them relevant to your current career goals.

You can then get endorsements on these skills. This is done by your contacts on the site, which may be your work colleagues, managers, friends and peers from university or other professional contacts.

On gaining endorsements, Wilkinson advised: if you endorse the skills of other people, they’re far more far more likely to lend their support and endorse yours too. You can also ask people that you’ve worked for previously to provide endorsements.

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I Recommend Including A Value

Each of the application emails I received contained a maximum of 14 lines of information on the applicants current experience, past experience, highlights and education. I couldnt tell a rhyme or reason to how many positions or lines of text they decided to include in each section.

For instance, some applicants had 8+ past positions listed but LinkedIn chose to only include the first 5. For others, they may have had 8 lines of content in the current experience section but LinkedIn only included the first 4 lines.

The most recent positions are listed first and then go in reverse chronological order.

Possibly my favorite part of the candidate snapshot email is the section called Highlight.

Log In To Your Indeed Account

How to add the " Apply with LinkedIn"  button to a job application form ...

To find your saved applications, the website prompts you to log in to your Indeed account first. Here’s a list of steps you can follow for accessing your account:

  • Go to

  • Once the site has loaded, find the “Sign in” button at the top right corner of the page. Click on the button.

  • On the next screen, in the prompt boxes, type in your email address and password or use your Facebook or other account information to sign in.

  • After entering your information, click the “Sign in” button. You also have the option to check a box that says “Keep me signed in on this device.” You can check this box if you’re using a personal device.

  • After you’ve logged in, in the top right corner of the screen, find your email or username and click on it. When you click on it, Indeed gives you a drop-down menu from which you can select the “My Jobs” tab.

  • When your “My Jobs” page opens, look at the panel on the left side of the screen. In that panel, you can select “Applied,” and it shows you all the jobs you’ve applied for using Indeed.

  • If you don’t have an Indeed account, follow these steps to create one:

  • You can start creating an account with the same prompt as the sign-in screen. You can connect with an established sign in, such as a Facebook account or you can enter your information of email address and password.

  • Once you’ve entered your information, verify you’re a person with the reCAPTCHA and click “Create Account” at the bottom of the form.

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    Use Linkedin Job Alerts

    LinkedIn can notify you of new opportunities as theyre posted, even if youre not online. This is the best way to hear when companies post new positions that youre interested in.

    Youll get job alerts based on the type of positions youre interested in.

    has more details on how to get notified when relevant companies post a new job.

    This beats having to check in each day to see if a company has posted any new jobs. Plus, youll find out about jobs from new companies that you werent even aware of.

    So always take the time to set up job alerts once youve completed your LinkedIn profile. Its a quick step that could land you your next job.

    Sending An Introductory Message To Recruiters

    After identifying a pool of key recruiter contacts, youll need to craft an introduction that is succinct, professional, and related to your area of specialty.

    Keep in mind that this note should be tuned specifically to each of your new contacts.

    As one person noted in a survey from LinkedIn on recruiter queries, many recruiters are very receptive to receiving a note from a candidate, especially one whose experience and career level aligns with their particular area of specialty. Be aware, however, that this note must explain the purpose of your query.

    Another recruiting manager noted that a good approach includes an explanation of your reasons for the contact and what youre seeking. Its not enough to ask if the recruiter is seeking candidates with your background!

    Heres a sample script for reaching out to a recruiter:

    As an IT auditor engaged in a search for new positions within the Chicago area, I am interested in finding out more about the positions you source. Ive recently completed an assignment with Ernst & Young, and my intent is to build relationships within the banking community. I welcome any suggestions you might have for me, and as I maintain contact with colleagues in the auditing field, I can also help refer candidates to you. Thank you for your time.

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    How Can Linkedin Help Me Find A Job

    First and foremost, as we mentioned before, when you are creating a LinkedIn profile it is important to add some essential professional information about you. For example, your qualifications, your previous jobs, your education, and your skills.

    This is important because these will be taken into account so that LinkedIn will keep you updated for new job postings that are relevant to your background. This is one of the ways that LinkedIn helps you find a job as you are aware of the new job vacancies and you can apply for whichever you are interested in.

    Also, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to search on your own for a job. You can do that either using the search bar that appears on top of your LinkedIn homepage or you can opt for the Jobs page where you get access to all the job posts and you can apply for whichever you want.

    At this point, we need to mention that after you apply for a job on the LinkedIn site, you can see it whenever you want.

    After examining how LinkedIn can help you find a job, lets dive in the process you need to follow in order to see the jobs you have applied for on LinkedIn.

    In case you are using your desktop and you wish to see the jobs you have applied for on LinkedIn, here is the process you must follow:

    In case you are using your mobile and you want to see the jobs you have applied for on LinkedIn, you have to follow these steps:

    Comment Post And Engage

    LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

    The more active you are, the more youll get seen by recruiters, potential new colleagues who can refer you to their company for a job, etc.

    One good way to get seen is following a few big influencers and commenting on their posts. When I comment on a big influencers post, my comment usually gets 10 likes. Whereas a regular comment of mine might get 0-2 likes.

    Then you can go connect with those people who liked your comment. Youll build more and more connections by doing this.

    You never know when one connection will be able to introduce you to a hiring manager or get you an interview. So you need to just keep engaging and building your network if you want to use LinkedIn to find a job.

    You can also post content yourself just keep it positive and professional. You can post examples of past work, case studies, interesting articles you find, questions, and more.

    The more active you are, the more youll get seen and potentially receive invitations to interview

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    When Youre Planning To Attach A Customized Resume Too

    LinkedIn allows you to attach additional documents to your application, so if you have a tailored resume ready to go , the Easy Apply button may be a great option.

    Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile will be the first thing a recruiter sees when receiving your application, so youll still want to make sure that parts up to date. If your profile doesnt look great, the hiring manager may not even bother opening your beautifully written resume.

    Take Advantage Of Linkedin Easy Apply

    You can also apply directly for jobs on LinkedIn via their Easy Apply feature. Search for job titles or keywords, narrow down by location and other search filters , and then start applying.

    If a job offers Easy Apply, you can submit your details and attach a resume in just a few clicks without ever leaving LinkedIn.

    This is ideal because it saves you a ton of time and you dont need a cover letter, either. .

    And if a job doesnt offer Easy Apply, you can click through the company website and apply that way.

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    Should I Apply Through Linkedin Or A Company Website

    Many people wonder is it better to apply through LinkedIn or company website. Companies determine how they want applicants to apply. If companies allow Easy Apply, you should feel good about your decision to apply through LinkedIn.

    Applying through LinkedIn allows prospective employers to view your job history and recommendations. You cannot customize your profile to fit every open position. However, you may attach your resume and cover letter. By attaching these items, you better tailor your application to fit a specific job. This almost mirrors the process of applying through a company website.

    Should You Apply To Jobs Using Your Resume Or Linkedin

    How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job from a PC or LinkedIn App

    ZipJob Team

    8 min read

    While applying for jobs online, job seekers may have come across an option to “apply with LinkedIn.” This would allow you to use your LinkedIn profile instead of a resume. So should you apply to a job with your LinkedIn profile or a resume?

    In this article, we’ll answer this question with career advice from our experts, along with some good tips when using your LinkedIn profile when applying for jobs.

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    Build Your Employer Brand On The Platform

    Good recruiting isnt just about posting jobs. Its also important to build your brand to connect with passive candidates. Building a strong company brand opens the door to better hires, shorter time to fills and better retention rates.

    Heres how to use LinkedIn to build your brand:

    Write compelling company and job descriptions on your company page

    Know your audience. Keep your job descriptions clear, dont ask for too much and sell your job and company. Make sure your descriptions address what LinkedIn identifies as the top three things candidates want to know about your company:

    Spotlight employees in status updates

    Highlighting new hires and employees on your company page humanizes your company. It will also show some of the best potential candidates that you care about how you treat your employees, and that youre proud of their accomplishments.

    Personalize your InMails

    The way you write InMails says a lot about your company. Be courteous, spell your recipients names correctly and personalize your messages. Template emails can save time, but its best to personalize your messages to speak directly to the passive candidate youre attempting to recruit. Read up on their work, mention one of their accomplishment double check their name and keep your message brief no more than 100 words.

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