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Where Can I Find Archive In Gmail

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How To Retrieve Your Archived Emails In Your Browser

How to find Archived emails on Gmail

Retrieving your archived emails simply means placing them back in your inbox.

To do this, go to All mail as shown above:

Step 1. Select the email or emails you want to retrieve back to your inbox. Emails that are already in your inbox are marked Inbox.

Step 2. Click the Move to inbox icon in the top menu.

Step 3. Youll then see a pop-up to confirm that your email is being sent to your inbox. You also get a chance to Undo this command.

What Happens When You ‘delete’ An Email

To delete an email in Gmail on your computer, it is quite simple. Simply check the box to the left of the emails you want to delete then click the trashcan icon at the top of the page.

You will only want to use the delete feature for emails that you want to get rid forever. In Gmail, the deleted emails are saved for 30 days in case you delete something by mistake. You can always empty your trash folder whenever you want however, those emails will then be gone immediately and no longer retrievable.

What Does It Mean To Archive An Email

What happens when you archive email?

When you archive an email, it moves to a special folder where it stays indefinitely or until you move or delete it. Email clients do not delete these stored emails after a specified period, unlike mail in the trash folder that is deleted automatically after 30 days.

How do I find archived emails?

Your archived emails are found in the archive folder of your email client. This folder is usually labeled as Archive, but some email clients may use a different name. In Gmail, it’s the All Mail folder.

How do I retrieve archived emails?

Most email clients provide a way to move archived emails out of the archival folder and into your inbox folder. When you want to retrieve a message, go to the archive folder, select the message, and then find the option that unarchives the message and moves it to the inbox.

What is the best email archive solution?

The best email archiving solution is the one that makes it easy to store archived mail and manage the rest of your inbox. Clean Email can do all this and more, making your inbox organized and your work more productive.

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How To Find Archive Mail

We can find archive mail easily by following the steps.

Ways 1

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”

MoreAll Mail

Here, you will find out all mail including archived mail.

Here, we can clearly see those two archived mail that we have archived earlier.

Here we will get all the mail including trash mail, archived mail, and un trashed/unarchived mail.

This is equivalent to typing “in:all” in the Gmail search bar.

This method works perfectly if you have only a few emails. If you have hundreds and thousands of mail then finding mail this way is difficult. If so, then follow Ways 2.

Ways 2: Using Google Search – Simple and Preferred Way

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”.

3 In the search bar type below the google search queries.

This short and simple way helps to find out all archived mail.

Ways 3: Using Google Search – Long approach

1) Click on the “More” link located at the left side navigation as shown below.

2) Click on “All Mail”

3 In the search bar type below the google search queries.

This will give you all archived mail.

What is happening here?

Don’t worry, I will explain to you

Ways 3: Search By Domain

If you want to find archived mail from a specific domain then we can do this by the below queries.

Suppose you want to find archived mail from the Facebook domain then we can do it by below queries.

Save Time With Automatic Email Archiving

How to Archive Emails with Gmail: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Most mail services support automatic email archiving to some extent, typically requiring users to create detailed filters that are hard to manage. A better approach is to use an intelligent email organizer that separates different types of emails and applies actions to them automatically.

Clean Email is an online inbox organizer that can archive, delete, or label emails in bulk and automate parts of your email management. It relies on smart algorithms to analyze email headers and group emails into bundles based on their type. The app never looks at your message content or attachments, only the headers.

You can then apply actions to groups of emails instead of selecting them one by one. When you apply an action to a group of emails, Clean Email gives you the option to use the same action automatically in the future, so you can set it once and forget about it.

For example, you can tell Clean Email to automatically archive all social media emails as soon as they arrive in your inbox to prevent them from appearing on your smartphone. Or you can archive emails from your bank but delete all emails from PayPal. The options are limitless, and so is the time-saving potential of Clean Email.

Unlike email filters present in email services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, Clean Email is highly intuitive and easy to use. Any action performed in this app can be automated with the tick of a checkbox. Plus, all automatically applied actions are conveniently displayed in the Auto Clean tab.

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What It Means To Archive Something

The first thing you should know before moving on is that Gmail orders everything by labels and not by folders. The main difference between traditional folders and labels is that with a folder structure, an email can only be found in one place. But with labels, on the other hand, you can apply multiple labels to one email. Emails you receive is automatically marked with an inbox label so that it appears in your inbox. You can then choose to mark it with additional labels.

Archiving an email means that you remove the inbox label from it. The meaning of archiving an email in Gmail is to tidy up your inbox, without having to delete anything. It’s like marking something as done in your to-do list or to save something for safekeeping. This way, you can keep all your relevant emails and avoid cluttering your inbox!

The benefit of organizing your email in this way is that if you get an email from your wife, you can label the email wife, reply and then archive it. It then disappears from the inbox, but you can still find it by navigating to the wife-label.

Archive Emails On A Desktop Computer

Follow these steps to archive messages in Gmail on a desktop computer or web browser.

  • To archive a message on a computer, access the Gmail interface via a web browser.

  • Select the email or emails that you want to archive by clicking their accompanying check boxes so each of them is highlighted.

  • Select the Archive icon at the top of the screen, represented by a folder with a down arrow inside of it.

  • The messages are moved and a confirmation message appears with a link labeled Undo, which reverses the change if you click it.

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    Can Archiving Emails Be Automated

    If you are receiving dozens to hundreds of emails a day, manually archiving them can quickly become a pain. A solution many businesses opt for is automation.

    If you are using Mailbird, email archiving automation is easy.


    1) Go to the Mailbird menu in the top left of the main window.

    2) Select Settings.

    3) Click the Composing tab

    4) Check or un-check Send & Archive: Show send & archive button.

    Doing so will ensure that all outgoing emails are automatically archived. Just adjust your setting in the Settings menu so you receive and archive outgoing emails automatically. This will save you plenty of time and allow you to easily archive all your important communications.

    How Can I Search For Archived Emails In Gmail

    How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail on PC?

    Frustratingly, Gmail doesnt have a specific Archived label, so you dont have the option to scroll through the left hand menu to find where all your archived emails are stored.

    Instead, you have two options for locating your archived Gmail messages:

    1. Type in the relevant information into the Gmail search bar.

    2. Scroll to the All Mail label to locate every single email in your Gmail account .

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    Using The All Mail Folder

    If you are just looking through your inbox, youll quickly notice that no archived emails appear there. Thats because, by default, they are hidden by Google. What you need to do to see archived emails is go into the All Mail folder.

    To do this:

    • Bring your cursor to the icons in the top left of the Gmail application screen.
    • When your cursor hovers over this area, the side menu will expand.
    • With the side menu expanded, scroll down until you find the All Mail folder.

    If you are archiving dozens to hundreds of emails a day, this method wont be ideal for you. Having to manually archive every important email will be both tedious and time-intensive. To avoid having to sift through hundreds of messages, use the following method instead.

    How Clean Email Archives Emails Automatically

    Email archiving is great because it allows you to clean up your inbox without deleting any email messages. Since all Gmail users get 15 GB of data per account for free, it simply doesnt make much sense to delete emails anymore. You never know when a message will be usefuleven if it seems completely useless at the moment.

    Ideally, you want to archive emails automatically, but Gmail doesnt have this feature. Thats why we recommend Clean Email, an online bulk email cleaner with intelligent filters that sift through your inbox for you, grouping emails into easy-to-manage bundles and automatically applying various actions, such as archiving emails.

    Apart from Gmail, Clean Email works with all other major email services, and all you need to do to get started with it is log in with your email address and password. To automatically archive emails using Clean Email, you simply choose to apply an action to all matching emails in the future with a single click. For example, you can automatically archive all social media notifications because you most likely dont read them anyway.

    To archive Gmail emails using Clean Email app:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your mailbox account.
  • Select the Inbox option from the left pane and choose the group of emails you want to archive.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the Archive button.
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    View All Your Archived Emails In The Gmail App On Iphone And Android

    Archiving an email is always a good idea than simply deleting an email in Gmail or any other email service. Thats because when you archive an email in Gmail, it simply gets hidden from the Inbox and can be accessed anytime later. Whereas the delete option removes the certain email forever from your Gmail account.

    We usually archive old emails and those that are of less or no importance. Having said that, those using Gmail on Android or iPhone often tend to accidentally archive an email through the swipe gesture. Such emails can include important messages that you cannot afford to miss.

    For some reason, Gmail no more allows users to directly view archived messages, neither on desktop or mobile app. Earlier there used to be a dedicated Archive label in Gmail which is not present anymore. As a result, Gmail users cant find the list of emails they have archived over time, and cannot restore or delete them.

    Though, one can look for archived emails or manually search for a specific email by exploring the All Mail label. Needless to say, that is a tedious and unintuitive way.

    What Is The Gmail Archive

    How to Archive Emails with Gmail: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

    Rather than deleting an email and losing it for good, you can choose to archive it instead. As soon as a message is placed in the Gmail archive, it is removed from your inbox and tagged with the label All Mail. These messages remain in your Gmail account and can be retrieved easily at a later time, but in the meantime, they are out of sight and out of mind.

    Sending a message to your Gmail archive is easy, so much so that some people mistakenly archive emails by clicking or tapping the wrong option. Still, retrieving archived messages is also easy.

    When someone replies to an archived message, it automatically returns to your inbox.

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    Faqs About Gmail Archive

    How do you find archived emails in Gmail?

    First open your Gmail account. Then, scroll to the bottom of the left menu and find All Mail. Your archived emails will be there.To find archived emails in your Gmail app, tap on the hamburger button in the top left corner of the app. Scroll until you find All Mail. Your archived emails are stored there.

    How long are archived emails kept in Gmail?

    Messages you archived arent deleted, and you can access them at any time. Gmail keeps your archived emails indefinitely or until you delete them. Only messages that are deleted are removed from the Trash after 30 days.

    How do I retrieve archived emails?

    If a message has been archived, you can find it by opening the All Mail label. Then, you can move it back to your Inbox or reply to it directly from the All Mail folder.

    How do I unarchive in Gmail?

    To unarchive Gmail messages on a computer you need to:1. Open Gmail in your browser.2. Scroll down the menu on the left side until you find the All Mail label.3. Search for the email you want to unarchive by scrolling or by using the search bar.4. Once you find the email, select it and click the Move to Inbox button that is located right under the search bar.

    Anastasia KryzhanovskaSenior Content Manager

    Published on

    An Introduction To Email Archiving

    There are many ways to clean out your inbox to see only current messages and messages that need your immediate attention. One way is to delete unwanted messages. But what if you’ll need those messages sometime in the future? For important messages that you want to keep filed away, use the archive feature of your email client.

    What does it mean to archive an email? Archiving mail messages is one way to organize your inbox by moving unneeded but essential messages to a special folder called an archive. When you store messages, those emails no longer appear in your inbox. Still, those messages are easy to find and simple to move back to your inbox when you need them.

    What is an archive in email? An email archive is a separate folder that’s listed in an email client along with other folders, such as the Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and Spam folders. This folder is like a file cabinet where you store messages for safekeeping and future reference.

    Why archive email? There are several reasons to archive email. One is to reduce the clutter in your inbox without deleting messages. Archived messages can be accessed at any time but aren’t stored with your other mail. Another reason is that some emails are important and removing them from your inbox doesn’t make sense. Or you may have important emails that might be of use in the future, but you may not need them two or three years from now.

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    Archive Emails From Multiple Accounts

    The great thing about Gmail is it allows you to check, archive and complete other actions to these emails all in one place. Though, your alternate email providers must support secure connections and have POP access for you to be able to link these accounts to your Gmail.

    So, the first thing you need to do is enable POP access in the other account. Then add these accounts to Gmail:

    Step 1. Go to Settings and click the Accounts and import tab.

    Step 2. Find the section that says Check mail from other accounts and click Add a mail account.

    Step 3. Type in the email address for your alternate account and click Next.

    Step 4. Here you can choose to either link accounts using Gmailify or import emails from your other account.

    Step 5. Sign in to your other account.

    Step 6. Its recommended that you check the following boxes: Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail and Label incoming messages.

    Step 7. Click Add Account.

    Now emails from the other account will appear in your Gmail account. And you can archive them as you would a Gmail email.

    How To Find Archived Emails On Gmail

    How to Find Archived Messages in Gmail

    Time Needed :3 minutes

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to locate the archived emails on your Gmail account via the desktop version. After that, you can unarchive the email and put it back into the Inbox folder.

  • Go to Gmail and click More button on the left panel.
  • Select the All Mail folder. It will show you the entire email you ever received.Advertisement
  • Take a look at the emails I pointed with red arrows. If it doesn’t have the Inbox label, then it must be archived email.
  • In order to retrieve it back, select on the email, and click the Move to Inbox icon.
  • You should notice the selected emails now have the Inbox label on it.
  • Go to the Inbox folder to see them normally.
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