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Where Are My Old Emails In Gmail

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How To Manage Your Google Contacts

How to Find Old Emails in Gmail

Knowing how to open your Google Gmail contacts page isnt enough, right?;

You also have to know how to manage your contacts to keep your contact list updated!

Dont worry.

Ill show you everything you need to know about managing your contact group in this section:

How To Restore All Old Emails In Gmail From An Email Client

Imagine a scenario, if you have stored some emails in local folders of your Thunderbird email client and want to restore all old emails in Gmail account at once?

It sounds difficult, but thats not the real challenge. You can easily restore multiple old email messages in Gmail account from an email client having MBOX or EML format. We will discuss both of these one by one:

How Do I Find And Retrieve Archived Emails In The Gmail App

Just like on the desktop Gmail website, there is no Archived label in the app where you can find all your archived messages. Instead, to search for an archived email in your Gmail app:

1. Enter recipient name, keywords or subject lines into the Gmail search bar.

2. Click on the hamburger menu to scroll through labels to find the All Mail label.

To retrieve the archived message, open the email and tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Tap Move to inbox, and your message will be instantly sent back to your inbox and the Archive label removed.


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Why Have My Messages Gone Missing On Gmail

There are a few reasons why Gmail messages may be lost. The most common reason is that users accidentally move or delete them, but forwards and filters can also cause emails to disappear.

  • Forwards: You may be forwarding emails to another address without realizing it. Log in to Gmail and select the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Select See all settings, then select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab . Any forwarding addresses will appear at the top of the screen. Delete those you do not wish to forward to.
  • Filters: Filters direct certain emails away from your main inbox to keep your messages organized. To review your filter settings, select the Settingsgear>See all settings>Filters and blocked addresses.

How Do You Manage Duplicates In Your Contacts List

Approach Parts Classification and Reuse the Way Google Did ...

Having duplicate contacts can be a headache as they clutter up your contact list.

Thankfully, Gmail can automatically clean out all the duplicates from your contact list.

All you have to do is ask Gmail to clean it up.

Lets see how you can clear up duplicates in your Gmail contact list:

Step 1

Open the Google Contacts page.

Step 2

Click on the Merge & fix icon on the left sidebar.

If there are any duplicate contacts, Gmail displays a number alongside it.

Here, I have 50 duplicates in my contacts list.

Step 3

In the Merge & fix page, Gmail will show you each duplicated entry.

You have the choice to Merge all, which fixes every duplicate entry.

Alternatively, you can choose to merge or dismiss duplicates individually. If you dismiss a duplicate, both entries will stay in your contact list.

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Cleaning Your Inbox Can Help Your Organize Your Life As Well As Save You Money That You’d Have To Pay To Google For Extra Storage

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If you have too much email in your Gmail account, it may finally be time to clean it out. This is not;simply to reach the Zen-like nirvana of inbox zero, but to address a looming threat: As of June 1, 2021, . By default, Gmail users receive 15GB of storage, shared across Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Some data, like Photos, is currently exemptedbut that goes away in June. If your total data exceeds your free allotment, youll either have to delete data, pay Google for more storage, or risk losing whatever extra data Google chooses to delete.;

Dont let that happen! Here are some tactics for deleting lots of email, pronto.

How To Retrieve Your Archived Emails On Your Mobile App

On the mobile or tablet app, locate All mail, and select the email you want to retrieve.

Step 1. In the email, click on the three dots at the top right of the message.

Step 2. In the menu, click on Move to inbox.

Step 3. Again, youll see a confirmation pop-up which gives you the opportunity to Undo the command.

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Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Gmail From Gmail Support Team

One way of recovering permanently deleted emails in Gmail is to send a request to the Gmail Support Team. While its not guaranteed to work, its always worth a shot. Heres how to do it.

Step 1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2. Open this form page.

Step 3. Confirm your account details by clicking Continue.;

Step 4. Your results are likely to be unsuccessful, although you might benefit from accessing more information about tightening up your security.

How To Import An Old Email Account Into Gmail

How to Import Old Emails to Gmail

Brady Gavin has been immersed in technology for 15 years and has written over 150 detailed tutorials and explainers. He’s covered everything from Windows 10 registry hacks to Chrome browser tips. Brady has a diploma in Computer Science from Camosun College in Victoria, BC.;Read more…

If you recently switched to Gmail, but want to import all your old emails into your account, Google makes it a breeze. Automatically transfer messages and contacts from one email address to the other within minutes.

Gmail uses a built-in migration tool offered by ShuttleCloud;that lets you import everything from your old inbox for freea service that usually costs $19.95/import!

To get started, log in to your Gmail account where want to migrate all your old emails to, click the settings cog, and then click Settings.

A new window will open. Enter your email address in the field provided and then click Continue.

A new window will open. Enter your credentials into the sign-in page to continue to the next step. Otherwise, if youre already signed in, you may get to skip this step.

Based on the email service you used, you need to give the tool different permission to access your email. Read over the page that specifies the permission it will have. When you finish, click Yes.

If the app has successfully gained access to your email, you should see the below message. Close the window to continue.

A confirmation message will appear. Click OK to stop the process.

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Copy Your Gmail Messages To Your Desktop

Mac users: If you are using Outlook for Mac 2011, there are other export and import instructions.

When you’re finished with this step, a copy of your Gmail messages will be stored in a file that Outlook creates on your desktop. The file is called an Outlook Data File . If you receive more email to your Gmail account after you take this snapshot, those additional messages won’t be copied to your .pst file, but you can always repeat these steps to copy them.

  • In the Outlook app , choose File>Open & Export>Import/Export.

  • Choose Export to a file, and then choose Next.

  • Choose Outlook Data File , and then choose Next.

  • Select the account you want to export by choosing the name or email address of your Gmail account, and verify the Include subfolders box is checked , and then choose Next.

  • Choose Browse to select where to save the Outlook Data File and to enter a file name. By default, the name is “backup,” so choose another name that’s easy to remember, such as gmail. If you are exporting to an existing Outlook Data File , under Options, specify what to do when exporting items that already exist in the file. Choose Finish to continue.

  • In the Add an optional password dialog box, add a password if you want. Choose OK to save the data file even if you leave the password boxes empty. Without further notice, Outlook begins exporting the data immediately. It doesn’t give you a message when it’s done, either.

  • Go to the location where you saved the .pst file to confirm it’s there.

  • Can Gmail Translate Emails

    Yes, Gmail can translate emails. Normally, when Gmail detects that an email has been received which isnt in your default language, a translation bar will be added to the top of the message. You can activate translate manually by clicking the three dots next to the reply button and then hitting Translate message.

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    How Clean Email Archives Emails Automatically

    Email archiving is great because it allows you to clean up your inbox without deleting any email messages. Since all Gmail users get 15 GB of data per account for free, it simply doesnt make much sense to delete emails anymore. You never know when a message will be usefuleven if it seems completely useless at the moment.

    Ideally, you want to archive emails automatically, but Gmail doesnt have this feature. Thats why we recommend Clean Email, an online bulk email cleaner with intelligent filters that sift through your inbox for you, grouping emails into easy-to-manage bundles and automatically applying various actions, such as archiving emails.

    Apart from Gmail, Clean Email works with all other major email services, and all you need to do to get started with it is log in with your email address and password. To automatically archive emails using Clean Email, you simply choose to apply an action to all matching emails in the future with a single click. For example, you can automatically archive all social media notifications because you most likely dont read them anyway.

    To archive Gmail emails using Clean Email app:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your mailbox account.
  • Select the Inbox option from the left pane and choose the group of emails you want to archive.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the Archive button.
  • How To Recover Missing Emails In Gmail

    Tricks for Finding Old Emails in Gmail

    There are few ways to find missing emails. They might have gone to spam, been archived or deleted, or something else.

  • Check your spam. It’s possible the missing email was caught by Gmail’s spam filter. Select Spam from the left menu pane. Browse the list of emails in the Spam folder. If you find the missing email, select the checkbox next to it, then select Not spam.

    Emails marked as Spam stay in the Spam folder for 30 days and then are permanently deleted. Once deleted from the Spam folder you will not be able to access the missing email.

  • Check your trash bin. It’s possible your missing email was accidentally sent to the trash bin. From the left menu pane, select More>Trash. If you find the email you’re looking for, right-click it and choose Move to inbox.

    On a touchscreen, press and hold the message and then choose Move to inbox.

    Emails sent to the Trash folder are permanently deleted after 30 days. If you deleted an email more than 30 days ago, it is gone forever.

  • Check the Social, Promotions, and Updates tabs. Your missing email may be categorized as a promotional or social email, which have their own Inboxes in Gmail. Select either the Social, Promotions, or Updates tab. If you want to move any of these emails to your main inbox, click and drag the email to the Primary inbox.

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    Combining The Search Operators To Narrow Your Search

    In the above section we discussed the basic Gmail operators which you can use to find specific email messages in your inbox. However, if the results arent accurate and you are unable to pinpoint a specific message, you should use combined operators for a refined search.

    Another advantage of combining the operators is when you get an overwhelming number of search results. Say, you want to search for all the emails sent to John and which contains an attachment. You use the sent:john operator and get 80 results. Then you try the has:attachment operator and get 100 results.

    In such cases, just combine the operators and you will be amazed to see very few search results which are more relevant to your search. Combining the operators will ensure that your search criteria is more targeted and hence it will help, when you have either a lot of search results or none at all.

    How To Manually Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    One of the best things about Gmail is that it lets us manually delete bulk emails or set automatic filters as well. Therefore, if you have limited free space on your account, then you can learn how to delete old emails in Gmail in the following way.

    Step 1. Firstly, just log-in to your Gmail account on any computer and go to the search option from the top.

    Step 2. Now, you can use keywords such as âbeforeâ or âolder_thanâ to get old emails. For instance, to get emails that are older than 60 days, you can just write âolder_than:60dâ in the search option.

    Step 3. Similarly, if you want to look for emails for a particular time, then write the date in YYYY/DD/MM format .

    Step 4. As I have included above, you can also take the assistance of the Advanced Search of Gmail to manually enter the date for old emails.

    Step 5. That’s it! Once you get the searched results on your Gmail, just select all the old emails by clicking on the checkbox at the toolbar. After all the old emails are selected, click on the trash icon to delete them from the Inbox.

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    How To Archive Everything In Gmail

    If you want to start from a clean slate and archive all Gmail messages, you can use Gmail’s filter function. You can also use other commands to refine your filter further.

  • In the search bar, input the following: in:inbox. This returns all emails in your inbox.
  • If you want to refine the filter, write before:yyyy/mm/dd to include all emails before a specific date. You can also use after:yyyy/mm/dd if you want to archive a particular period only.
  • When the search has return results, click on the tick box at the upper menu.
  • A notification saying All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search will appear.
  • Click on Select all conversations that match this search
  • Choose the Archive button
  • A Confirm bulk action window will appear. Choose OK.
  • Depending on how many emails you have, Gmail will take some time with this filter. But after a while, all your emails will disappear from the inbox and be safely stored in the Archive. It’s the simplest step to achieve and maintain inbox zero.

    How To Delete All Emails On Gmail At Once On Gmail App

    How to forward emails from your old gmail account to another

    Unfortunately, you can’t delete all emails at once using the Gmail app. However, you can remove multiple messages if you still want to proceed with this mobile app. While this is not the quickest option, for many users it is still the easiest way on how to clean up their mailboxes. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Gmail mobile app.
  • Tap the icon just to the left of an email to “tick” it and reveal tick boxes for all of the other messages you no longer need.
  • While this can remove all of your messages, it can take an extremely long time. This is particularly true if you have let your inbox grow to unmanageable levels. For a quicker solution, we are going to look at other methods.

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    How To Delete Old Emails In Yahoo

  • On the right, select the up arrow.
  • Fill out the date field.
  • Press the search button and all the messages within that timeframe will show up.
  • Then youll select the checkbox to select all the emails.
  • After youve double-checked the messages you want to be deleted, have a checkmark in the boxes next to the email itself, press the remove tab with the trashcan icon.
  • Learn how to delete multiple emails in Yahoo Mail in our other post.

    Recover Deleted Emails In Gmail: My Message Has Been Emptied From The Trash Folder

    If you can’t find the email in the Trash folder, this may be because you have either accidentally emptied the Trash folder or hit the “Delete Forever” button on a message.

    If this has happened, you can send a request to the Gmail Support Team to ask it to recover these deleted messages and emails in your Gmail account. However, don’t get your hopes up as there’s;a good chance that the messages have well and truly disappeared into the ether. This service is geared more towards messages that have gone missing as the result of a Gmail account being compromised.

    To submit an enquiry, you simply need to go to Gmail’s missing email web page;and then fill out the form with the necessary details, such as the email address from which the emails have been deleted, whether you are currently logged in, and a short description of the problem.;

    When this is all filled out, click on the Submit button. It isn’t likely that they’ll be able to find the email for you though, and the longer you wait, the less chance that an email can be recovered.

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    How To Filter Emails In Gmail

    Filtering, you say? Yes, absolutely. The Gmail search box at the top of your screen will do more than just search for keywords. You can use search filters for all sorts of things to help weed out unnecessary email, and Google lists a number of them on its Gmail search;support page.;

    Here are a few commands that are especially useful for reducing the storage space your inbox consumes, listed below. Simply type the bolded text into the Gmail search box.

    • before:04/18/2018 This returns all email in the folder sent before April 18, 2018.
    • older_than:2m This displays all email thats older than two months. You can swap the m for y or d . Note that newer_than can also be used.
    • has:attachment Any email with attachments.
    • filename:pdf Any email with a PDF file as an attachment.
    • size:
    • larger:
    • smaller: Either size: or larger: can be used to find messages that are larger than a certain size in bytes. Here, you can use larger:100 for a message thats larger than 100 bytes, or larger:15M for a message thats larger than 15 megabytes.

    Others, such as from:eliza or is:important , may also be useful.;

    Hopefully these tools will allow you to keep your Gmail inbox down to a manageable size. Happy hunting!

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