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When Do Audience Insights Become Available On Linkedin

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Build Your Audience With Ads

LinkedIn Ads For Beginners: How To Run Your First Campaign In 2021

As said before, you cannot sell butter to a tailor so you definitely need to create your persona.

You should definitely go through this important step because you want to have the portrait of the ideal customer. With that in mind , you will be able to deliver the right message at the right time because youll have insights of what your potential client would like to have from you.

Ok, things are getting pretty serious right now . Its time to use Campaign Manager for some ads online and start to define your audience. If you are not familiar using this tool, we will show you a piece of it.

  • Start by connecting on Campaign Manager.
  • If you have not settled it, you will have to create an Ad account .
  • Next step is to create a Campaign Group.
  • Once in it, you will need to create a campaign.
  • From here, youll have to click on next .
  • Its time to chose your objective according to what you have in mind for your business.
  • Fun part incomiiiiing concerning audiences: selecting your target and implement your targeting options.
  • From audience attributes, you select your first demographic.
  • We are not going to stop here, of course not! It is time to narrow down the selected audience by adding other criteria. You just need to click on Narrow and add what you need.
  • Once finished, you can then chose your ad format, associate a Company or a Showcase page to associate with the account.
  • Set up your budget and schedule.
  • Chose your bidding strategy.

Find New Contacts Through Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn makes it so easy to find groups that are related to your industry. Use these to not only find new leads but to promote your work as well. If you really know what youre talking about, you can participate in discussions and get recognized as a subject-matter expert.

There are millions of groups you can join. All you have to do is to join the groups where you think your target audience is. There are filter options available on LinkedIn to help you narrow down your options.

How To Create Linkedin Content That Builds Your Brand

CEO of Judi Hays, Inc., LinkedIn marketing strategist and author of Elevate, Expand, Engage – a Refreshing Approach to Winning on LinkedIn.


Creating content for LinkedIn is one of the most impactful ways to stand out from the crowd on this powerful business platform. Yet, many business owners are missing out. It may be that all they can think is, I am not a writer!

It is worth the effort to create compelling content. It builds credibility, establishes rapport and helps keep you top of mind with your most important audience. You can accomplish this without writing a 2,000-word blog post or reinventing the wheel. In fact, you are probably overlooking some key content right under your fingertips.

What Is Business-Building Content?

First, not all content is created equal. In order to be effective, your content needs to be:




Every piece of content you create should be tailored to your ideal audience. It is not one size fits all. In order to know what will be a good proverbial fit for your specific customers, take inventory of what their key problems are that you can solve. What questions do your customers repeatedly ask? This is the starting point of your content.

If you are not sure what those problems are, content can even help you find the answer.

Using Polls To Create Content

Not only is a LinkedIn poll itself a piece of micro-content, but you can use the results as the foundation for an in-depth article, video or podcast.

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Update Metrics To Track


This metric lets you know the total number of times your LinkedIn update is visible for at least 300 milliseconds. This tracks when the post is also, at minimum, 50% in view to a user thats logged into LinkedIn.

Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

You might also want to track unique impressions. This is the number of times your post displays to individual signed-in members.

Reactions, comments and sharesThese engagement metrics count the number of times your post received a reaction, comment or share.

Reactions are used to display different emotional responses to your content. Users can select different emojis to show that they like, celebrate, support, love, feel the post is insightful or feel curious about the content you share.

And comments is the number of user comments left underneath your post:

A click tells you your call-to-action worked. In other words, a user engaged with something of yours on LinkedIn, instead of just scrolling past it.

On LinkedIn, clicks are counted when a signed-in member clicks on your post, company name or logo. It does not include other interactions like shares, reactions or comments.

CTR, or click-through rate, is a metric shown as a percentage that divides the number of clicks your post receives by the number of impressions it got it gives you a better idea of its engagement.

Engagement rate

Having A Posting Schedule

LinkedIn Audience Demographics: Beitrags

What is the best day to post on LinkedIn?

Based on the latest heatmap by SproutSocial, the highest LinkedIn engagement periods in 2021 are between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Do use these windows of opportunity when many are active and scrolling on their LinkedIn feeds to get engagement.

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The Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Analytics For B2b

LinkedIn has evolved into the go-to social network for B2B brands.

From finding top-tier talent to flexing your industry influence, a staggering 79% of marketers say that the platform is a prime source of new leads.

However, growing on LinkedIn requires a totally separate strategy from what works on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Not only does LinkedIn demand more professional and polished content, but the platform also relies on a unique set of metrics.

Listen: your LinkedIn analytics represent a treasure trove of marketing data.

But making sense of that data starts by understanding the dashboards and metrics at your fingertips.

Why You Should Use Linkedin Retargeting Options

LinkedIn retargeting helps businesses reach audiences based on their interaction with their brand, such as those who viewed their LinkedIn Page or clicked on a call-to-action button. This tool uses a piece of code to track people who have been to your website so you can retarget them with ads as they browse the internet. A study revealed that click-through rates for retargeting display ads could be as high as 10 times more successful than non-targeted ads. Also, retargeting ads provide a 1,046% increase in trademark search behavior. Other LinkedIn retargeting benefits are:

1. It allows you to send highly relevant and personalized content to your audience.

For example, if a user has visited a product page on your website, you can target the user with exclusive offers related to that product. This will improve your conversion rates immensely. The more personalized your content is, the higher conversion rates you will get.

2. It helps accelerate the buyers journey from awareness to conversion.

With this method, most of the users you are targeting have already interacted with your business, which makes them warm leads. All you need is to rekindle their interest with a persuasive offer and move them further down the sales funnel.

3. It helps retain your customers through personalized offers to improve customer lifetime value.

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Quality And Brand Safety With The Linkedin Audience Network

We’re committed to protecting your brand from fraud and objectionable content on site and on the LinkedIn Audience Network. We help customers uphold their brand safety standards on top of our own so customers can feel confident that their message is delivered in brand-safe placements when advertising with LinkedIn. Learn more about brand safety on the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Maximizing Potential On Key Audiences

Audience Discovery: Hootsuite Impact and LinkedIn

Lookalike audiences can be a viable option to find new individuals that closely match users who have previously purchased, signed-up, or converted on your offerings. This can depend on your advertising goal.

Lookalike audiences are based on your curated audiences that exist/can be built within the various ad platforms. These audiences are referred to as source audiences.

These goals include awareness, lead generation, and engagement. This takes the guesswork out of the targeting options available, leaving more control in your hands and mitigating wasted ad spend.

Lets look at a few examples and how much we can efficiently increase our reach by:

In the screenshot below, you can see the original list of marketing qualified leads that were uploaded into Facebook was below 1,000. Through the use of the lookalike audience functionality, the audience size increased by +2,100%, translating to over 2,100,000 people to advertise to.

Similar results can be seen in the example below.

On LinkedIn, an account-based marketing list was uploaded, and through the use of lookalikes, the total audience with similar characteristics increased by 436%. This allows the team to efficiently continue to focus on their ABM accounts and market to an audience similar to our ideal customer profile. This combination helps us to hit our MQL goal.

Thats a pool 417% larger than the original.

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The Best Linkedin Metrics To Track

There are countless LinkedIn metrics available to marketers, but does that mean you should be tracking, monitoring and reporting on them all?

Simply, no. Thats a lot of data.

Which LinkedIn metrics you should track depend on the For example, if your brand is experimenting with thought leadership articles and trying to engage new audiences through its published posts, keep an eye on update analytics. If you want to grow brand awareness on this platform, track followers and visitors analytics.

If youre brand new to monitoring LinkedIn metrics, start simple. Here are some basic metrics you should be tracking.

Scheduling Your Post To Reach Your Audience Linkedin

Scheduling? For something as trivial as social media? Yes, absolutely. You cannot say that you havent time to post on LinkedIn because multiple tools exist in order to help you in this area.

The main benefit of scheduling is that you will be able to reach your target audience when they are on the Internet even if you are not on it at this particular moment.

When you are implementing a communication strategy, you also create content. You will need to focus on when to write, which subject you are going to talk about and on which media you are going to post it.

It is the same story for all of us, particularly when it comes to social networks. You need to be organized in order to be able to give the right information. And in order to be organized, you will need to schedule your post.

Doing this, it will allow you to :

  • Earn precious amount of time.
  • Post at the right moment.
  • Touch your audience at the right time.

We insist on how important it is to schedule your post because if your target see that you are not very active, it can affect in a terrible way your business.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn cannot help you in scheduling your post. But you can use softwares such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Another sweet tool to help you do that is Podawaa. Definitely a game changer!

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Setting Yourself Up For Success

The key to lookalike audience success is ensuring you have a high-quality source audience. If you are confident in the quality of your source audience, your lookalike should work efficiently, as your new audience will be similar to your existing ones.

Outlined below are various methods to leverage to build your lookalike audiences.

How To Reach Niche Audience With Linkedin Groups

3 Quick

Ok, we know how to do ads on LinkedIn to find your audience, but there is something that we havent talked about yet. A little tip that can easily be exploited by you.

If you dont know anything about it, it exists on LinkedIn things called groups. Inside of these ones, you share content related to your work area with people who have the same interests as you. You can either join one already made and begin to discuss with other members or create yours.

This trick could do good to your business and improve your targeting options. If you join a group, people from this group are most likely to share the same interest as you. Or you join a group in order to find new customers for your business.

You will aim at the exact right target and moreover, already qualified.

How do we know that? Quite simple! If you chose to join a group by yourself, that means that you are explicitly interested in the topic chosen. You see where we want to go here ? You have the topic, and the people in the group match your demographics, you can even build a nice persona from all the information you will collect .

Then, to reach them, its as simple as going back to our beloved Campaign Manager and when it comes to choosing your audience, youll use the search bar to find groups.

We are pretty sure that if you want to have a better ROI, you should use LinkedIn groups in order to target the right audience.

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Audience Research Using Linkedin Ads

Well, within LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you are able to gain insight into your website demographics, with data matched from LinkedIn itself.

When it comes to audience research, this is gold!

This requires you having set up website audiences which is an audience built on website visitors. An audience you might use for retargeting, for example.

You can set multiple website audiences up, such as a general audience of all website visitors, or ones who visit specific pages on your site.

When you look in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and at website demographics, selecting the audience you want to look at, youll then be presented with some awesome data.

As I said, this is your website data mixed with the data LinkedIn has on those users super valuable.

Youre able to break this down by specific date ranges, and have a look at the following data:

Which other analytics tools can tell you which companies are looking at your website?! This is great for B2B businesses!

Using these inbuilt tools from LinkedIn allows you to research your audience and make informed decisions about your future marketing efforts, making sure youre nailing it from the get go.

We highly recommend pairing it with audience research from other sources to get a full-rounded view on your audience but remember that peoples motives on each platform are likely different.

Thats how to conduct audience research on LinkedIn!

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How To Add A Matched Audience To Linkedin Campaigns

The LinkedIn Matched Audiences tool allows you to add matched audiences to your campaigns. You can do this either by uploading a company or contact list, or through a third-party app.

1. Uploading a company or contact list.

The company or contact list is a list of email contacts of companies. Heres how to upload a company or contact list as a matched audience to your LinkedIn campaign.

a. Click on Advertise on LinkedIns home page. This will take you to the Campaign Manager. Select the right campaign group and account name.

b. On the Campaign Manager page, click on Account assets and then click on Matched Audiences.

c. Find the Create audience in the dropdown menu and click on Company / Contact under Upload a list.

d. Give the audience a name and click on the Select list button to pick up the CSV file from your computer.

There are two files specified list templates in the image above. The company list template and the contact list template. Use them appropriately to create your list to make it easy to upload.

e. Upload the saved file from your computer and click Upload.

At this point, you are all done! However, uploading takes about 48 hours to process and 24 hours to start delivery. After that, you can select and add the list to your campaign.

2. Use a third-party software.

Mailchimp integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Pipedrive integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

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Use Waalaxy To Gain Visibility

Ok, you can find prospects through groups but you can also just gain visibily with our fantastic tool by connecting with your potential clients as well.

Just like we showed you, once you finished building your audience, then you need to import all the new leads in Waalaxy. Whats next? Messaging. Yes, you are going to send personalized messages . It would be a very good time to showcase your landing-page for example in order to see how many clicks you can have on your link and gain visibility.

If you want to know more about how to create a personalized message, we suggest you to go here.

And as Waalaxy is very complete, you will be able to measure the opening rate of your messages on the dashboard.

How Do I Reach A Large Audience On Linkedin

Getting to know LinkedIn Career Pages

One of the best can be sometimes free . If you like talking about your experiences, your work and your area of expertise, you can easily do so by .

What we mean by posting is not only about creating content, it is also by replying to others posts or reshare them. And who knows, you might be one of the best influencers on LinkedIn and by doing so, attract your type of client!

If you want to be successful on it, you will need to deliver relevant AND valuable information. You need to show to your network that you are an expert in your area, so do not hesitate to provide helpful, valuable and inspiring content.

That is not all, you need to be consistent. Your content strategy need to be thought out and to do this, you need to think long term.

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