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What’s The New Instagram Update

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Turn Of Audio And Video On Instagram Live

Instagram New Update 2020-How To Use Quiz Sticker On Instagram Story

As Adam Mosseri tweeted:

Have you ever wanted to turn off your video or audio when youre Live?? now you can. Hopefully, this gives you more flexibility and lessens any pressure to look or sound a certain way during a Live.

As Adam Mosseri explained in his announcement of this new feature on Instagram Live, many people are uncomfortable broadcasting themselves with visuals or sound on.

Thats why the latest Instagram update allows users to mute their microphones and turn off the video during Instagram Live, turning the live stream into something similar to audio chat rooms.

Similarly, like other video chat apps, when users decide to shut down their camera, therell be no more live video but rather only a profile picture.

Users can find the options on their phone screens during their live broadcast on Instagram.

For now, the host wont be able to mute or turn off cameras for the other participants in the live chat.

The new options are available for both Android and iOs users around the globe.

Instagram Testing New Feed Options

Instagram is testing new feed display options, including a variation of the platforms long-gone and much-missed chronological feed.

Users will be able to mark some of the accounts they follow as Favorites. Content from those accounts will then be prioritized in their feed.

We want to be clear that were creating new options providing people with more choices so they can decide what works best for them not switching everyone back to a chronological feed. You can expect more on this early next year!

Instagram Comms

Currently, Instagrams feed is influenced by an algorithm and includes recommended posts based on user activity.

While a chronological feed can help users see more posts from friends and family, it is also likely to help Instagram make the platform a safer place for teens.

Facebook Is Merging Messenger And Instagram

Weve just got the best of both worlds!

by combining the Messenger app and Instagram. This update will allow users to communicate across these two apps more smoothly.

So now, no matter which app you use, you can have access to the best messaging experience. For example, people who use the Messenger app can get in touch with you on Instagram without downloading the Insta app . The best part is that you have full control of the app where you want to receive your messages and calls.

Do not worry, messages, and calls from your contacts that use Instagram will remain in your Insta app.

With the , you will get the following new features:

For now, this update will be rolled out in just a few countries, but soon we can expect them to expand globally.

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Instagram Tests Ads In Its Shop Tab

The last year and the COVID-19 were awful. So, its time for some great news for eCommerce and small businesses!

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow companies to display ads in the shopping tab.

The ads can be displayed as a single image or as a carousel, and of course, they will be shoppable.

Recently, Instagram announced ads in reals that look the same as any real with the difference that there is a sponsored tab on these short clips.

A fantastic addition to the checkout feature, right?!

New Instagram Update Will Now Allow Users To Share Photos Via Their Desktop Or Ipad

Why Whats App And Instagram are Down Globally

Instagram has heard the pleas from the masses and has decided to grant their wish. One of the biggest annoyances that users have found when using the photo-sharing app is that youre only able to share your photos via your mobile device no desktop or iPad.

However, that may all be about to change as the social media platform has recently announced a major update that will include this change and much more, reports IOL.

The photo-based platform has begun implementing the new feature, starting earlier this week and users will no longer have to make do with the basic desktop features which included only being able to like and comment on posts and view their feed.

Along with this exciting development, there are a few new creative-driven features on the horizon.

Here are a few cool new features we could see on the app:

  • Collabs: This interesting new feature will allow users to co-author Feed Posts and Reels which will then be displayed on both accounts in the Instagram feed.
  • Fundraiser Prompts: A feature that will allow people to lend a helping hand by creating fundraisers for non-profit organisations via Instagram.
  • Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics: Intelligently applies special effects to the beat of a users song while the latter will display lyrics in a 3D format.

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Instagram Update : Sharing Feed Posts In Stories

Growing an authentic and organic Instagram following is tough.

Fortunately, features like Instagram Stories can help with that.

Stories give you a fantastic way to connect with your target audience through snippets of engaging and entertaining content. Of course, it can be tough to find the inspiration you need for a great story. Fortunately, in June, Instagram announced a new feature that allows brands to on their feed in their stories.

Any post you create links back to the original post and includes the original posters username. This is a great way for brands to easily drive attention to their feed, promote their latest posts, and more, without needing to manually take screenshots of their content.

To use the feature, simply tap the arrow icon under your feed post, click on Add post to your Story, customize, and send. Simple.

Top 8 Instagram Updates In 2021 And 2020

Now, there have been more than a dozen Instagram updates in the last year and a half. Many of them introduced new features while others bettered existing ones. Here we take a look at the top Instagram updates of 2020 and 2021 that you must know about to get the most out of your Instagram experience.

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Video Trimming Tool For Stories

It has been a while since we have seen an Instagram Stories feature.

Instagram was probably busy testing a video trimming tool for Stories, a functionality that will allow editing and trimming videos for Stories within the app.

As announced, this tool will be very similar to other video editing tools that you may encounter if you use Android or iOS on your smartphone.

For many brands to create and edit their video Stories with other apps, and then upload it on the Instagram platform, this feature will make their job easier and faster, especially for small businesses who are creating Stories on the go.

We look forward to seeing this feature in action!

Instagram Addresses Racial Bias With Equity Update

New Instagram Interface & Features – Nov 2020 Update

No one wants negativity on their homepage. So the company made it clear that theyre taking new measurements to eliminate racial bias on the platform.

They have an internally launched machine learning method that will capture and prevent algorithmic bias to reduce unintended harms on specific communities. They keep working on adding more transparency and restrictions towards BIPOC creators so they will be shadowbanned on the app.

This refers to all forms of content: feed posts, stories, and IGTV videos.

This updates priority skyrocketed earlier this month when posts by activist movements in Colombia, East Jerusalem, and posts related to the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women were affected.

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Im Only Give This Crap App 5 Maybe Ppl With See This

Too be totally honest Id give this app a -5 stars if possible deleted the app from the App StoreI mean seriously there is sooooooo much wrongthe reels its just a copy of tiktok a fake version cause 80% of the time no one sees it and its the same things posted on tiktok go figurewhen making a story and adding music 90% of the time it take so long you just give up on making a video theeeeen when you do and post it up no one can see it because feed area where ppl post videos and photos doesnt even load.!!! Heck I had to delete that app redownload it sign out then sign in just to have it work for 2 days theeeeen its a hassle just to edit your profile you have to tap the edit button like 15 times before it actually loads the information on your profile and when done editing you have to hope pray and heck even sacrifice your left arm for it to update the information with out a problem happeningyet this app has a 5 star rating are you all crazy this app needs so much help that even its beta version was way better you know when thing worked you can down load a video and a photo or two and still look at your friends pics that you followedInstagram yall trying tooooo hard to be something you just aint. Go back to the old version what how much more people will actually enjoy the app.

Ig Story Create Interface

Instead of having to use separate IG story apps like Mojo to create story.

After a huge study of IG users, they receive a ton of complaint how to hard it is to swipe up to use IG Story activities such as Gifs, Countdown Timers, Quizzes, Polls and Q& A boxes, etc.

Now they separated the most used feature that makes our life easier.

These are two examples of Instagram Create Interface and there are more to the Create.

Instead of having to use other Instagram story editors, you can pick and choose all the features in there. However, Id personally choose to use story editors which designed to have more features and to be more creative.

Do you see the green boxes in the photo?

If you want to pick different styles, thats where youd tab into.

How To:

  • Open your IG story and look at the bottom of your phone.
  • Slide over to the Create interface.
  • Enjoy all the features and have a look around.

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Testing Continues On The Option To Turn Off Like Counts

In late 2019, Instagram announced its plans to begin testing an option to make the number of likes invisible to the user. After the project was temporarily put on hold, it was picked back up.

The feature would provide users with an option to turn off the like counts, so they would not see the number of likes on their own posts and/or others posts.

Or, users could opt to keep like counts visible on all posts. By offering the option to customize the user experience, Instagram appears to be seeking out new ways to improve and personalize the platform as a whole.

Get Verified On Instagram

Instagram Updates 2020

is now super easy.

  • You dont need to pay to get verified
  • Dont need any tricks to get verified
  • And also, dont have to use a fake Instagram symbol to fake people youre verified.

Things are now getting simpler and its free, I mentioned in this post How to Get Instagram Verified on the exact steps on how you should could do it.

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Live Rooms To Chat With Up To 4 Friends At The Same Time

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, announced launching Live Rooms, a place where you can gather your friends and chat together at the same time.

With the latest update, you can add up to three persons in your Live Room and experiment with filters to make the conversation even more fun.

In pandemic times when we cant meet every person we want to chat with, this feature will definitely come in handy.

Guides A New Way To Discover Recommendations On Instagram

Instagram users struggle to find reliable information from their favorite Instagram accounts during the pandemic.

And relying on hashtags only is not an option anymore.

To tackle this, Instagram introduced Guides.

This feature is developed to help users easily discover recommendations or tips and from your creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers on Instagram.

Primarily, the focus is set on creating Guides on wellness content.

So, for now, this feature is limited to wellness-focused creators and companies that Instagram selected to launch this feature such as , , , , , , , and .

To see how the Guides feature works, visit the Instagram profile of participating creators or organizations mentioned above. Next, tap the middle icon to view their Guides.

As announced, this feature will soon be accessible within the Explore tab too.

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Instagram Direct Messages Filtering

I hope you already switched to IG business account so to access this new Instagram update.

As your IG page is getting more and more followers. Automatically, youd be bombarded with messages and its going to be harder to manage the inbox. With this feature, you can now filter messages by clicking the button there.

This Is How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2022

The NEW Instagram Messenger Update – How To Download New Instagram Messenger – IOS/ Android

13 minute read

We’re lifting the veil on the Instagram algorithm and sharing how to hack it for maximum growth.

How does the Instagram algorithm actually work?

Its a question thats caused a lot of confusion since Instagram moved away from a chronological feed.

In this blog post, were sharing how the Instagram algorithm works for feed posts, stories, the Explore page, and Instagram Reels.

Plus, discover our top tips to hack the Instagram algorithm, so you can get more engagement for your business or brand.

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Threads Instagrams New Direct Messaging App

Over the years, Instagram was always trying to level up Snapchat when it comes to connecting with people you care about from sharing everyday moments on Stories to visual messages on Direct.

But there was always some private space missing.

The new Instagram feature Threads seems like the answer to this.

This is a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated and private space.

It allows you to share photos and videos with a smaller circle of friends and help you stay more connected with them throughout the day.

You can install this feature from Store or App Store.

To customize the experience around the people who matter the most for you , you can choose a Status option that can show your close friends what are you up to.

Practically Every Day There Are Changes On Instagram With New Tools And Features Emerging But The Vast Majority Of Them Go Unnoticed

Instagram is constantly evolving. Unlike other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, for example, which have changed quite a bit over time, Instagram is constantly introducing new tools and updates.

The goal is to strive to improve the user experience, while creating new features with a focus on the competition. Being aware of these changes is essential, especially for those who work in social media.

After all, Instagram tends to reward with more participation those who use its original tools and functions. The best example we can give is the bobbins, which are organically great to have on hand.

But there have been other updates that Instagram provided recently, which I present below!

#1. Updating is ongoingThe first thing that social media should know is that there has actually been a big update on Instagram lately. But it is not isolated: changes are constantly occurring.

Practically every day there are changes on Instagram, with the introduction of new tools and features, but the vast majority of them go unnoticed. However, others draw a lot of attention.

Generally, these updates occur when the application evaluates user behaviors. At the same time, we also teach Instagram how to become better through our behaviour.

All this information is received by the algorithm, which is an artificial intelligence, and it updates itself as this new information is used in the way the application is used.

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Top Instagram Updates In 2020

Lockdown has been an unsettling and confusing time for consumers. Many social platforms have had to adapt their functionalities to help their users.

But, Instagram has gone one step further. Despite providing COVID-19 advice from health organizations, they developed various new features to help small businesses, given the current lockdown restrictions.

To wrap up the year, our team has summarized the major updates on Instagram that happened in 2020.

Support Small Business Sticker

WhatsApp Privacy Policy changed after new update  What

Its no secret that the global pandemic has had a big negative impact on businesses, especially small ones. In order to support small businesses, Instagram has come up with a Support small business sticker. You can tag any business on Instagram using this particular sticker, your Story ring will also change and youll be shown first in Story feeds.

An interesting use case of this sticker is that of Alohas a clothing brand from Spain. Alohas ran a giveaway contest and gave participants 3 conditions, one of them was to add a Support small business sticker to their Stories, and the other was to follow Alohas on Instagram. Fast forward 2 weeks, and Alohas gained over 11 thousand followers.

You can read about all those fancy Story stickers in our 2020 Instagram Stories Guide here.

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Timeliness: Freshness Of A Post

Well! Freshness is the key factor in every aspect of life and how Instagramâs new algorithm could escape this. Instagram fills your feed with posts having the freshest and relevant content.

Older posts might not be of interest to you, when you have latest content which is a day or an hour older. Even if the old posts had lot of engagement, they wonât crawl up your feed. The relevance of your posts is important along with the timeliness to rank higher on Instagram feed.

Instagram probably re-orders fresh posts between your recent and last visit only. Letâs say you have visited Instagram 2 AM and revisit at 11 AM the same day. If there were 40 posts created when you were away, then the new Instagram algorithm would fetch only those 40 posts. According to this algorithm, the best time for posting content is while your followers are active.

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