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What’s My Twitter Url

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How To Make Twitter Preview Your Website Links

How to Find My Twitter URL

If you use Twitter you may have already seen a URL tweeted like this:

However, youve also probably noticed not every tweet with a URL appears that way. Thats because not all websites support .

In short, Twitter Cards let you display links more richly, by displaying a cardwith more useful information than a simple URL. And the good news is, if youre a website owner its very easy to update your website so that Twitter can display Twitter Cards for your website.

There are multiple types of cards you can use, namely:

In this blog post, Im going to cover how to enable your websites links todisplay summary cards but the knowledge should apply to all of the types ofcards, youll just need to check the specific documentation for the type youreusing.

Viewing Your Broadcasts On Twitter

Where can I see broadcast captions?When a broadcast with captions, or subtitles, is viewed on Twitter, the captions will appear as an overlay atop the broadcast. By default, captions appear when the broadcastâs sound is not playing, and will be hidden when sound is playing. Some users may have captions enabled within their deviceâs accessibility settingsâif this is the case, then captions will always show, regardless of whether audio is on or if full-screen view is in use.Â;

Why canât viewers of my live broadcast use the chat functionality?The current limit for having an active chat is 5000 concurrent viewers watching; once that threshold is crossed, chat is temporarily turned off. If concurrent viewers drop below 5000, the functionality will return.

Where is the title of my broadcast shown on Twitter?Â;Once Tweeted, the title of your broadcast will appear on the Tweet details page under the broadcast player. It will not appear when the Tweet is viewed on the timeline.

Can I embed a broadcast on a site outside Twitter?Â;No, we do not allow embedding of broadcasts outside Twitter. However a Tweet can be embedded, but the video will not automatically playâwhen the play button is clicked, the viewer will be directed back to Twitter to view the broadcast.Â;

Why Is Twitter Displaying The Wrong Image For Your Post

Like many long-time bloggers, I update older posts regularly with new content, adding new info as well as resources and a new featured image to draw interest to the updated post.

For example, for my How to Find the Original Source for an Image post, I knew some of the content was outdated.

I wanted a fresher look for the post, so I created a new featured image and updated the content.

Before I published the changes, I checked the featured image for the post to confirm it was configured with the new image.

It was.

So I went ahead and published my post.

But when I shared my updated post on Twitter later that day, the old featured image displayed on my Tweet.

What happened?

Why wasnt my new featured image displayed on Twitter?

I quickly switched into troubleshooting mode to figure out what was going on.

If you run into this issue when you tweet a link, heres how you can resolve it.

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Creating A Scheduled Broadcast To Start Later

How far in advance can I schedule my broadcast?â¨We have set the maximum date that can be scheduled in advance at one-year in the future.Â;

What is the maximum duration for my scheduled broadcast?â¨Broadcasts scheduled to Start later are restricted to a six hour maximum duration. Broadcasts that Start immediately do not have a maximum duration.Â;

Can I edit the date and duration of my scheduled broadcast, or end it early?â¨Yes, you can edit the start and end times of a broadcast before it goes live. Once a broadcast is live, you can edit only the âEndsâ field, either to end the broadcast early, or extend the end time to a maximum of six hours.Â;

Can I Tweet a scheduled broadcast that is not yet live?â¨Yes, you can Tweet any scheduled broadcast, as long as its audience setting is âPublicâ. The Tweet for a scheduled broadcast will contain the image you uploaded during broadcast creation. Include information about the scheduled date and time within your Tweet text to ensure users tune-in at the right time.Â;

Scheduled broadcasts are slow to load on Twitter.comIt may take up to 30 seconds for a scheduled broadcast to show live video once the scheduled broadcast starts. During this time, you may see the generic Twitter poster image or your custom poster image.Â;

When a live broadcast is scheduled, when does the Twitter app push notification get sent?Twitter notifications are sent out once the broadcast goes live at its scheduled start time.Â;

How To Find My Twitter Profile Url On The Twitter App

Twitter Url On App
  • In your Twitter app, tap your profile pic in the top-left and tap Profile.
  • Choose any of your tweets on your profile feed and tap share icon.
  • Next, tap Copy link to tweet.
  • Copy & paste the link and delete the part before your Twitter username.
  • The URL of your Twitter profile link is just

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Going Live On Twitter Using Hls

What kind of HLS streams are supported?Producer in Media Studio accepts HLS streams in the form of .m3u8 or .m3u URLs. When specifying an HLS stream URL in Twitterâs Media Studio, you are specifying a URL to a playlist. We accept both types — so-called âmaster playlistsâ and âmedia playlistsâ.

Producer in Media Studio will automatically select a video variant, and if audio is not multiplexed together with video, an audio variant from your âmaster playlistâ using the following logic: the video variant with highest bitrate and resolution such that the resolution is 720p or lower, unless the only video variants available are above 720p video, where the variant closest to 720p will be chosen.

If audio and video are multiplexed together and separate audio renditions are provided, we will use the audio in the chosen video variant.Â; If multiple AAC audio tracks are provided, we choose the audio track included in the rendition with the highest bandwidth.

Which HLS source region should I use?Choose the region that is closest to the source location of your encoder:Â;

US West – Oregon, USAUS East – Northern Virginia, USAEU – Frankfurt, GermanyAsia Pacific – Tokyo, JapanÂ;

Why does my HLS stream seem to be ingesting a low variant?For live broadcasts on Twitter, we ignore variants that don’t work for us , and then choose the variant with the highest resolution as long as it’s 1280×720 or lower.

How To See Your Twitter Profile Url Link In 2021

Just follow these steps and you will learn how to do it:

  • Open Twitter app and make sure to login to your Twitter profile.
  • Select Profile.
  • Tap on three-dot icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Now select Share.
  • If you dont see an option to Copy link to clipboard, then just click on Notepad option and your Twitter profile URL link should be displayed here.
  • Thats it!

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    I How To Change Facebook Url

    If you run an online business, giving your business cards left and right is not an option. Facebook, on the other hand, is one of the most important tools you can have in building a strong ecommerce community. Changing your Facebook URL so it fits your company well can improve the number of visitors your Facebook page attracts, whilst also protecting your privacy.

    In order to change your Facebook URL, you have to change your username. But thankfully, thats pretty easy:

  • Log into your FB account, and then go to your Settings menu.;
  • Write your new URL in the username field.;
  • It might be that the username you want is taken, but once you find one that is free to use, you can click Save.
  • Go to your Facebook profile to view your new URL.;
  • What If My Tweets Have Never Been Public

    How to find your Twitter account URL ?
    • If your Tweets have never been public , your updates should never show up in Twitter search or other public search engines.
    • If they are showing up in search results, change your password immediately and revoke untrusted third-party applications. You can also file a report with the following information:
    • When this started happening
    • Where you’ve seen your private updates posted
    • List any/all third-party applications you use

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    Iii How To Change Linkedin Url

    Your LinkedIn URL is not only important if you are job searching as most people would think, but it also helps you build an online reputation. Your Linkedin profile page should look as professional as possible, and so you should include both your surname and forename and potentially an indication of what you do for business.

    Changing your LinkedIn URL is as easy as the other networks on this list:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account, and go to your profile page.;;
  • On the right, you will see the option to Edit public profile & URL. Click that.
  • Under the Edit URL section on the right, click the pencil icon next to the current URL.;
  • Type your new URL for LinkedIn, and then click Save.;
  • You can then check that you were successful by going to your profile page.;
  • Heres How To Find Your Twitter Url

    The social networking site allows you to share your thoughts online with friends . One of the easiest ways to gain followers is to share your Twitter URL with friends.

    This valuable link sends friends directly to your Twitter account, where they can read your tweets and choose to follow you. In your Twitter account settings, the website allows you to change your username, which always appears in the URL.


    • Log in to Twitter. Click View my profile page, located near your name and profile picture.
    • Look at the Web address in your browsers address bar. This is your Twitter URL. Copy the link and share it with friends to lead them directly to your Twitter profile.
    • Shorten the URL when sharing by eliminating the #!/ between and your username, if youd prefer.
    • Eliminating these characters wont break the link, but will make it a bit shorter and easier to remember.

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    Suspect And Contested Accounts

    In January 2016, Twitter was sued by the widow of a U.S. man killed in the 2015 Amman shooting attack, claiming that allowing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to continually use the platform, including direct messages in particular, constituted the provision of material support to a terrorist organization, which is illegal under U.S. federal law. Twitter disputed the claim, stating that “violent threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear.” The lawsuit was dismissed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, upholding the Section 230 safe harbor, which dictates that the operators of an interactive computer service are not liable for the content published by its users. The lawsuit was revised in August 2016, providing comparisons to other telecommunications devices.

    On May 10, 2019, Twitter announced that they suspended 166,513 accounts for promoting terrorism in the JulyDecember 2018 period, stating there was a steady decrease in terrorist groups trying to use the platform owing to its “zero-tolerance policy enforcement”. According to Vijaya Gadde, Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety Lead at Twitter, there was a reduction of 19% terror related tweets from the previous reporting period .

    Adding Social Media Links To Your Linktree

    How to post a URL on Twitter without showing the URL

    Linktree is a great place to link your audience to the different social platforms you have a presence on.

    You can use the Social Links feature to add your social profiles, or you can add your social profiles as a link by following the steps below:

    Adding social media links to Linktree

    Adding your profile to Linktree

    To add your Facebook profile, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Linktree Admin

  • Give the link a title

  • An example title could be: Like my Facebook page

  • Find your Facebook profile URL.

  • It should look like this: .

  • Copy the link and paste it in the ‘URL’ field in your Admin.

  • Adding your YouTube Channel to Linktree

    You can either link to an entire YouTube channel or to a specific video.

    To add your YouTube channel to your Linktree follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Linktree Admin

  • Give the link a title

  • An example title could be:

  • Copy the link from the ‘Channel’ section on your YouTube profile.

  • Paste it into the ‘URL’ field in your Admin.

  • Adding your YouTube video to Linktree

    To add an individual video from your YouTube account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Linktree Admin

  • Give the link a title

  • An example title could be: Watch my YouTube blog video.

  • Copy the video URL located at the top of the webpage.

  • Your YouTube video link will look like this: .

  • Paste the YouTube URL into the ‘URL’ field in your Admin.

  • Adding your profile to Linktree

    To add your Twitter profile, follow these steps:

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    How To Find Your Linkedin Url

    1. Go to the and log in with your username and password.;

    2. In the toolbar running across the top of your home screen, click the Me button under your profile photo to open a drop-down menu of options.;

    3. Click View Profile to go to your profile page.

    4. Once your profile loads, look at the URL bar at the top of your web browser. The URL there is your LinkedIn URL.

    Finding Your Twitter Url On Pc

    Open the Twitter website on any browser on your PC and click on the Profile option in the sidebar menu. Your profile page will open and the URL you see in the address bar at the top is your Twitters profile URL.

    You can copy the URL and share it with your friends to help them get to your Twitter profile directly.

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    Live Video Specifications For Rtmp And Hls

    Please follow the stream specifications recommendations below for the best experience.

    RTMP & HLS Audio Video Specifications

    Video codec: H.264/AVC

    • 24 fbs = Keyframe interval of 72 frames
    • 30 fbs = Keyframe interval of 90 frames
    • 50 fbs = Keyframe interval of 150 frames
    • 60 fbs = Keyframe interval of 180 framesÂ;

    Note: Additional HLS requirements and specifications can be found here.

    What Is The Difference Between Public And Protected Tweets

    How to find my Twitter URL on the app and on desktop
    • When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with your Tweets. Should you choose to protect your Tweets, you can do so through your account settings. Learn more protecting your Tweets.Â;
    • If you protect your Tweets, youâll receive a request when new people want to follow you, which you can approve or deny. Accounts that began following you before you protected your Tweets will still be able to view and interact with your protected Tweets unless you block them. Learn more about blocking.

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    Why You Might Need An Update

    Even if youve been using your Twitter username for years, there are a number of reasons why it may have fallen out of date. Fortunately, Twitter allows you to change your username without losing any of the posts and interactions youve shared with your followers. To ensure that your online presence is current, consider updating your username if any of the following applies to you:

    • Youve changed the name of your business or have done substantial rebranding.

    • The evolution of our industry has led to a change in your clients needs, and youd like your profile to reflect that change.

    • Your current username is not strategic or includes a mistake.

    • Your Twitter username is inconsistent with usernames you use on other social media accounts.

    Be sure its the best move. While its simple to carry out, the decision to change your Twitter username should be considered carefully. Some brands can lose more than they gain from changing their username, as it can be confusing to followers if theyre not informed of the change or if the new username is more difficult to remember and include in tweets.

    Most Cards Are Unexpanded So Make Users Want To Click

    First of all, your Twitter card ensures that all your extra information will travel with every post to Twitter. However, theres no guarantee that your audience will click to see it. For instance, heres how the Huffington Post would likely want you see their post.

    But in the Twitter stream, and as it gets retweeted by fans, heres how it looks. Only when that view summary text at the bottom right is clicked will users see the full Twitter card.

    The default for all Twitter cards is this unexpanded version that relies on the user to click for more. The lesson here? Make your copy so compelling and intriguing that users want to click One great example I came across is Etsy. Their tweets are short and sweet and do a great job of compelling the viewer to click.

    What arent they getting out of? Lets find out:

    Ah, got it. Looks comfy! Basically, whichever card you choose youll want to be aware that every word countsin the tweet itself and in your extra space for descriptions and calls-to-action. Make your offer clear, your text compelling. You might even consider including a click to expand call to action in your tweet to ensure maximum visibility.

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    Absolute Urls Vs Relative Urls

    What we saw above is called an absolute URL, but there is also something called a relative URL. Let’s examine what that distinction means in more detail.

    The required parts of a URL depend to a great extent on the context in which the URL is used. In your browser’s address bar, a URL doesn’t have any context, so you must provide a full URL, like the ones we saw above. You don’t need to include the protocol or the port , but all the other parts of the URL are necessary.

    When a URL is used within a document, such as in an HTML page,Â; things are a bit different. Because the browser already has the document’s own URL, it can use this information to fill in the missing parts of any URL available inside that document. We can differentiate between an absolute URL and a relative URL by looking only at the path part of the URL. If the path part of the URL starts with the “/” character, the browser will fetch that resource from the top root of the server, without reference to the context given by the current document.

    Let’s look at some examples to make this clearer.

    To better understand the following examples, let’s assume that the URLs are called from within the document located at the following URL:

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