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What To Say When Someone Calls You Pretty On Instagram

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A Compliment On Your Post

How To Call On Instagram On Laptop, PC or Desktop (video call also)

These are often some of the most common comments youll receive on your posts. People may appreciate the beauty of the image, the artistic composition of the photo, the value of the quote, or some other aspect. Their comments typically offer some variation of a compliment on the content.

If the person is genuinely complimenting your post, respond in a thankful manner. Something as simple as Thank you or Thanks or Glad you liked this one is more than fine. If they called out specifics or got detailed in their comments, responding with a similar level of personalization is ideal. In these situations, the extra step makes you more genuine and relatable.

Now, if the person is being spammy in their compliments, you can choose how you want to handle them. Spam attempts are those who say great pic! Follow me back or You look great! or other variations on these. And they usually try to get you to check their profiles or follow them back.

Personally, I usually call them out, tell them I dont condone spam on my content and that I will be deleting their comment. You can do this to if you feel comfortable with it. Otherwise, simply ignoring or even deleting the comment is an alternative. Also, if you do delete their comment, you can choose to do so while deleting and reporting as a spam/scam. I do this frequently when the spam attempt is blatant. Instagram does review this feedback in its analysis of what accounts are adhering to their terms.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls A Guy Cute

This means that the girl sees you are alright, upright, cool with outstanding qualities that will make her find you attractive.

Being described as cute is a nice complement for both men and women. The adjective cute is frequently used as a synonym for highly attractive and appealing.

Here are some other meanings of when a girl calls a guy cute.

  • She admires the adorable way he plays with tiny tots.
  • The girl adores his sense of humor.
  • When he is amicable with pets, especially dogs, cats, etc.
  • She admires the way he eats as if it is his passion.

I Really Believe That Hanging Out With You Rubbed Off On Me

Youre thanking the girl who complimented you. It basically indicates that some of her cuteness and sweetness have rubbed off on you, figuratively speaking.

This will almost certainly make the girl happy. You can then say something like, I need to keep you around, so it doesnt wear off. I guess I should stick around a little longer, you can also say.

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What To Say When Someone Calls You Pretty On Instagram

Who doesnt love compliments? There will not be a single person on Earth who doesnt love being complimented. But not everyone knows how to respond to sweet compliments. Its not just about thanking the person who is complimenting you but rather the way you compliment that matters the most. Many females on Instagram often get complimented for their beauty or their looks. If the compliments are genuine and not offensive say for example someone calls you Pretty- then it is your job to express gratitude. Do not waste time thinking about why the person has chosen to do so. If you inquire, the person may feel like you are hurting their sentiments and it not desirable.

To help you with what you to say when someone calls you Pretty on Instagram we have listed a few ways in which you can express gratitude and show that you are honored that they think so. So lets dive straight in!

Sarcastic Comebacks For That Perfect Insult

What to say when people call you weird

Ah, sarcasm. Sarcastic comebacks come in handy any time someone is behaving in a particularly annoying way. This way, youre insulting themand they just might be dumb enough not to notice.

61. I dont know whether to laugh at you or pity you.

62. Looks like I overestimated the number of brain cells you have.

63. Youre not as bad as everyone says. Youre worse.

64. Now, I understand why some animals eat their young.

65. No, keep talking. I always yawn when Im interested.

66. Talk is cheapbut then again, so are you.

67. This is the perfect time for you to become a missing person.

68. Hey, I can see straight to the back of your head when I look into your eyes!

69. The person who told you to be yourself gave you some bad advice.

70. Are you always this dumb, or are you making a special effort today?

71. If you want me to accept you as you are, Im going to have to lie to myself about liking you.

72. You get bullied a lot, dont you?

73. I dont mind you talking so much, as long as you dont mind me not listening.

74.I dont think youre an idiot but whats my opinion compared to countless others?

75. I know youre nobodys fool, but maybe youll be adopted someday.

76. I used to think you were a pain in the neck. Now I have a much lower opinion of you.

77. Id love to insult you, but you probably wouldnt understand.

78. If you were twice as smart as you are now, youd be stupid.

79. Impressive! Ive never seen such a small mind inside such a large head before.

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Compliments Coming From A Guy

So he thinks you are cute, does that mean he considers you childish and doesnt find you attractive? He is comparing you with a puppy! Its so confusing. Why cant guys be more transparent while complimenting? Now how on earth, can we girls discover the true meaning of cute? Yes, we girls do get confused when guys compliment us like this. If they call us beautiful, then we feel good, and accept it, but if they call us cute, then we get all worked up because we are not sure what thats supposed to mean.As per guys, cute is actually a nice thing, if you dont translate it literally. He is not comparing you with a cute child. They know you are all grown up, so chill. A cute woman is not sexy or center of attraction in the bar. She is too shy for that, but she gives you the friendly vibes and if she wants, she can attract anybody towards them with her cuteness their is like me written all over her persona. A cute woman is youthful and possesses soft features and the best part of cute girls is that they dont have to try hard guys get attracted towards them anyways.

Best Response To When A Girl Calls A Guy Cute

Theres no such thing as a mythical maxim for handling conversations, nor are there any super-slick lines or reactions that always work for everyone.

Youd be astonished at what you can get away with saying as long as you dont break any etiquette standards or anything.

Here are the selected best responses to when a girl calls a guy cute and reactions

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Lets Watch That Again In Slow Motion

INSTAGRAM GUY: hi beautiful.

Reaction part 1: Panic. Duck before he sees me!

Reaction part 2: Anger, at him and myself. That sneaker. I let him in, and hes being creepy.

Reaction part 3: Disappointment. I almost made a new friend, but nope.

I didnt think rationally about how to respond to him. I just clicked that block button and walked away.

Want To Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A Jerk

How to VIDEO CHAT on Instagram (New Video Call Features)

Ever feel like you dont know what to say to challenging people? Grab our FREE starter guide, so you know not only what to say- but how to say it. Discover the secret of shutting down rude people.


You cant control what other people do, however you can choose your reaction to it. Next time someone is making rude comments and snarky remarks towards you, shut them down with one of our great comebacks and come off looking like the good guy.

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Dealing With An Accusation

  • 1Review the overall context of the conversation. Think about what you just said, and try to pinpoint what specifically may have offended the other person. As difficult as it may be, focus on separating yourself from the heat of the moment. Its perfectly normal to feel defensive and upset at this type of accusation, but lashing out wont help de-escalate the conversation at all.XResearch source
  • It can be easy to say things you regret if you dont give yourself a moment to step back and breathe.
  • 2Try not to view the statement as a personalized attack. Racist isnt a term that was crafted just for you. Rememberyou arent the first person to be labeled with this term, and you definitely wont be the last. At the end of the day, you cant control what people say and believe. However, you can make a choice to engage in calm, informed discussion that doesnt escalate into something worse.XResearch source
  • Instead of becoming defensive, try to view the situation from a curious, compassionate standpoint. Does the other person have a valid point? How can you explore this subject and learn from it?XExpert Source
  • Funny Comebacks Thatll Leave Everyone In Splits

    The following responses dont require wit, but do require a funny bone.

    41. Oh, a thought crossed your mind? It must have been a long, lonely journey.

    42. How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?

    43. Id smack you, but that would be animal abuse.

    44. Earth is crowded. Go home.

    45. Dont let your mind wander. Its too small to be out there all alone.

    46. Heres an idea. Go play in traffic.

    47. So, you changed your mind? Does the new one work any better?

    48. Nice outfit. I bet if you stood on a street corner, youd make some money.

    49. Hide! The garbage truck is coming!

    50. Im a little busy right now, but Id love the chance to ignore you some other time.

    51. Your birth certificate is an apology to your parents from the hospital.

    52. Keep talking. Someday, you might actually say something intelligent.

    53. Youre like Monday: no one likes you.

    54. Its a shame you cant Photoshop your personality.

    55. How impressive! You can put your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass at the same time!

    56. You should really come with a warning label.

    57. Im sorry I hurt your feelings. I thought you already knew you were a sociopath.

    58. Acting like a prick doesnt make yours grow bigger.

    59. Theres only one problem with your face: I can see it.

    60. Its good to see youre not letting education get in the way of your ignorance.

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    If The Compliment Is Flirty

    If you’re on a date with someone, they may give you a flirty compliment as a way to show you that they’re interested in you and feel attracted to you. To respond to a flirty compliment, you can say:

    • “Thanks so much- I picked this outfit just for you.”
    • “I think you’re really attractive too.”
    • “Thanks so much- I love how you are too.”

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    What to say when someone calls you an idiot

    “I’ll be around if you need me.”

    “Do you have anyone to talk to about that?”

    “I’m happy to listen.”

    “Let’s talk.”

    … he’s sharing that he wants to be a part of your life and he won’t just let you sit on the sidelines idly.

    11. He calls you a pet name.

    If he calls you any type of nickname other than your last name, he’s decided he needs to make you his.

    If he calls you by your last name, he either views you as a comrade or perhaps he’s simply sarcastic and takes a more teasing approach with women he’s into.

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    What To Do When Someone Insults You 10 Powerful Ways

    Feeling insulted?

    Dont take that too personally when someone insults you particularly when that someone is your family member or true friend, who thinks only good for you. Just prefer to stay calm before saying and acting in your favor. You also have to understand who has insulted you and for which reason.

    Of course, Its harder to deal with insults from family members, than other strangers.

    Remember, not all insults are aimed to impact negatively as the person thinks it is. Especially for a young age group, when a family or parents insults you, then you better identify their purpose behind it. There must| be some positive cause for such so-called insults. Family and parents want you to get ahead in life. They criticize for your goodness so that you can understand most important things in life if you are going on the wrong track.

    Insults are an informal way of expression in which a person speaks or treats another person with disrespect. So what to do when someone insults you. Moreover, if you just cant get rid of the feeling of being insulted, then here are the top 10 possible ways over how to react when someone insults you.

    Is It Really Insults Or Is It You Who Think It Is

    I know how it feels when someone insults you. But before doing and saying anything as a counter-attack, you can first check if it is really an insult for you or if its your mindsets that persuade you to think, it is. Indeed, the thinking process of a person is the root of all that we think and what we do. It may feel like an insult to you, But a person who expresses such emotions may not have the intention to do it.

    For example, jokes and funny insults are common in friends circles. Your friends who you think insults you have expressed their funny comments as part of witticism, not necessarily to demotivate or make you feel inferior. So dont take that personally. Yeah, its your mind which believes you, that your friends tried to put you down. That just shows you the negative remarks. So better to read their tone of voice, plus check your sense of humor, before labeling as Feeling Insulted.

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    Humorous And Flirty Replies To Compliments

    • Shucksmy hair!
    • You must be looking at a mirror.
    • Is that the best youve got?
    • I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you . . . could you please say that again?
    • Look whos talking.
    • Just today? What about yesterday?
    • Your *insert romantic partner or family member here* thought so too.
    • Yeah, the genie finally granted my wish.
    • So I have been told.
    • Well, that makes two of us!
    • Thanks, would you like to borrow it for a second?
    • Thanks, I sacrificed many lives for it.
    • Thanks, but it’s not for sale!
    • I know.

    How Do You Graciously Accept A Compliment

    ashi singh new ð cute ð instagram reel â?¤ï¸?| can I call you baby ð|#ashisingh |#meet |#zeetv |#insta |

    Accepting a compliment from your date or partner can feel difficult for some individuals for various reasons. If you aren’t sure what to say, you can consider:

    • “Thank you so much, I really appreciate hearing that from you.”
    • “That means a lot coming from you.”
    • “Your opinion really matters to me, so that’s really nice to hear.”

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    Sign 7 : Three Signs She Thinks Sexually Of You

    Men are notoriously bad at picking up signals from girls.

    Just look at this example from Reddit:

    Lets not make this happen to you!

    Has a girl ever sent you a photo?

    Did it show what she was eating? Was she shopping and asking for advice? Did she just show herself?

    All of them have a different meaning, but all of them are good news.

    If you ever face a situation like this:

    Then you are IN, my friend.

    This screenshot tells me BOATLOADS.

    Therere four different signals in this screenshot. Ill talk about three of them now.

  • She sent you a photo. A photo means more than words. On top of that, you didnt ask for a photo, she just sent it. A clear text sign a girl likes you.
  • In this case, it isnt a photo of her food or her view. Its a photo of herself. Her face to be exact. Its a selfie.
  • A selfie shows more interest than other photos.


    Because when someone shows themself to you, the sub communication is this:

    Here I am, this is me right now. I look good dont I?

    Im just dumping this selfie here so you get reminded of how cute I look. Just so youd like me

    3. The third sign is the timing of the text. If someone texts you this late at night, its one of the clear signs of flirting over text.

    Just how clear this sign is, depends on the amount of alcohol the other person has in their system.

    The true meaning of drunk texts thats a topic for another time. But one things for sure.

    Getting late night texts, is a good thing .

    Instagram Fuels Both Body

    For 17-year-old Toronto student Scarlett Pourmatin, Instagram has been a bit of a mixed bag. It has provided the opportunity to be part of a larger social network, exchange information and share experiences with her peers.

    But it’s had some drawbacks, significantly when it comes to self image and comparing herself to others models like Kylie Jenner, who post their glam shots to be seen by millions of followers.

    “I feel unworthy. I just don’t feel great. I don’t feel pretty. I don’t feel right. I don’t feel like I’m up to the beauty standard that women kind of have to uphold,” she said.

    “Sometimes I feel depressed about it. I definitely went through a phase where I was unhappy with my body because I was on social media so much.”

    Facebook conducted studies

    Pourmatin is among many teenagers who struggle with body image when comparing themselves to others on Instagram. Indeed, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has discovered this through its own research, according to the Wall Street Journal. Company documents, obtained by the Journal, reveal that for the past three years, Facebook conducted studies into how Instagram affects its millions of young users.

    Pourmatin says it’s not just comparing body images pictures of others engaging in fun social activity can also affect her mood.

    Even for someone like Hannah Alper, 18, a Canadian social activist with nearly 13,000 followers, Instagram can exacerbate her insecurities.

    ‘Impossible to not compare yourself’

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