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What To Put On Your Linkedin Profile

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How to add Video on your LinkedIn Profile Photo

I talk a little about the SEO of your profile below, but those that put in keywords, or even worse phone numbers, as part of your name look cheesy and like youre blatantly out to sell me on something.

LinkedIn is the most trusted social network out there, so you should have a name that is cognizant of that and stay away from gimmicky nicknames.

Youll have plenty of other areas in your profile where you can differentiate yourself. Check out this link for more .

Next Steps: Updating The Rest Of Your Linkedin Profile

At this point, you should have a clear understanding of what a great LinkedIn headline looks like and how you should go about upgrading yours.

But headlines are only one part of the full LinkedIn profile optimization. If you want to tap into the full potential that your profile can offer, you’ll want to make some upgrades to your profile picture, your cover photo, your About section, and the rest of your profile as well.

The good news is, I made it easy for you!

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile:

+ Essential Linkedin Profile Tips For Job

LinkedIn is still the hottest place for job-search in 2021:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers come to YOU instead of vice versa. You can sit back and just wait for all the job offers to pour in without lifting a finger, saving you A LOT of time and effort
  • You get A TON of offers, LinkedIn is full of recruiters spending their entire day on the platform looking for candidates just like you
  • The job offers youre getting are always relevant to your experience and preferences
  • If you personally havent been contacted by potential employers, though, you might be wondering whats wrong

    Well, thats because you havent properly optimized your LinkedIn profile.

    Want to know how?

    Read on & follow our essential tips to turning your LinkedIn profile into a lean, mean, job-offer generating machine!

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    Spiff Up Linkedin Before You Add A Link To Your Resume

    You want your to be polished and robust. If your profile simply restates the same information that’s included on your resume, it won’t improve your chances of getting an interview.

    A less-than-compelling LinkedIn could even hurt your candidacy. No one likes to feel that they’ve wasted a click, and hiring managers may assume that your sparse profile is an accurate picture of your qualifications.

    Prospective employers can visit LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and credentials.

    Tips To Write Great Linkedin Headlines

    How to put a video on your LinkedIn profile

    Before we dive into what it takes to write great LinkedIn headlines, lets brush up on the basics. The LinkedIn headline appears next to a persons name and is used to describe what the person does in less than 120 characters.

    Ideally, it should be written in such a way that it intrigues the reader and makes them want to check out a users profile. While the default headline is enough to inform the readers about what you do, it doesnt highlight your unique traits.

    Related Content:

    If you want to tell recruiters what you can bring to the table, you need to customise your LinkedIn headline.

    Here are a few tips that will help you write a stellar LinkedIn headline:

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    Call Out Your Specialties And Skills

    After highlighting your expertise, tell us what you focus on in 1-2 sentences. For instance, if youre a digital marketer, do you focus on SEO or social media?

    If you recently graduated from college, did you study something specifically within your field?

    Specialties and Skills Example

    “Im a mid-market sales executive with experience in direct sales and SAAS product demonstrations.”

    How To Write A Linkedin Summary

  • Create a quick outline prior to writing your about section.
  • Hook readers with a strong opener.
  • Tell the reader why you do what you do.
  • Speak to your industry expertise.
  • Provide data to back up your results and prove your expertise.
  • Mention if your team is currently hiring and invite people to apply.
  • Highlight your professional interests.
  • Include a call-to-action with your contact information.
  • Tip: Break up large blocks of text.
  • Think of your LinkedIn summary as the objective section of your resume: In just a few sentences, it should give the reader a clear idea of who you are, what sets you apart, and what you’re looking for from the viewer.

    LinkedIn differs from a resume because resumes are usually shared in job applications or interviews, but someone can review your LinkedIn profile at any time. For that reason, you want to make sure the summary is generally targeted: You dont want to call out recruiters specifically, not unless youre looking for a new role.

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    Your Basic Linkedin Profile

    Note: To punch up any of these elements of your LinkedIn profile, simply select Edit Profile and the Edit icon for the appropriate section.

    Whats in a Name?

    When it comes to your name, its best to keep it plain and simple. More importantly, it makes it easier for potential employers to find your profile.

    Resist the temptation to include things like Killer Video Game Programmer or Tax Shredding CPA. Stick to the basics first and last name.

    For SEO purposes, you can highlight your skills and experiences in your About section.

    Headline Design for Success

    Your headline is one of the most important portions of your LinkedIn profile. Not only is it an excellent place to include critical career-minded keywords, but it will show up frequently throughout key LinkedIn locations such as:

    • Search Results
    • Company Pages
    • Messages

    This is the place where you can use some superlatives and creative wordsmithing in order to attract attention. You want to keep it professional, but this is an important opportunity to make yourself memorable. Dont squander it.

    At its heart and soul, LinkedIn is another search engine. Whatever you choose to make your headline say, make it something searchable that will help people who are looking for the services you provide or the particular skill set you to bring to the table find you.

    Just take a look at the keyword laden, yet memorable LinkedIn headline for John Paul Engel.

    The Right Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    URL Customization

    • Video
    • And More

    Connect The Right Way

    How to set up your LinkedIn Profile | Wonsulting

    Connect with your teachers, classmates and colleagues. Take the time to write a short personalised messages when you add a new connection. You can request an introduction to a new connection if you have someone in common. Use the alumni tool to search for graduates from your uni who have your dream job. Get in touch with them to get advice.

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    How Long Should My Linkedin Summary Be

    Your LinkedIn summary must be under 2,000 characters.

    At least a few sentences is best you dont want to just say Social media practitioner with five years of experience seeking full-time work. That feels a little dull and uninspired. You also dont want to ramble on forever.

    If you stick to a solid paragraph that explains who you are, what makes you a qualified worker, and what youre looking for, you should be good to go.

    How To Include Your Linkedin Url On Your Resume

    One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it gives prospective employers and professional connections a synopsis of your credentials. Viewing a LinkedIn profile is a quick and easy way to get insight into someone’s career history.

    You can create a custom LinkedIn URL to add to your resume, email signature, and anywhere else you’d like to market your credentials. Hiring managers will be able to easily access your profile and see recommendations and skill endorsements from your colleagues, clients, and managers.

    Get advice on how to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume, create a custom URL, and make your profile stand out to employers.

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    The Linkedin Summary Is Part Of Your First Impression

    The LinkedIn profile summary is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. Its part of the introductory business card at the top of your profile that also includes your name, photo, headline, most recent company, education, and contact information. This information is above the fold on both desktop and mobile, meaning its one of the first elements visible on your profile and someone doesnt have to scroll down to find it.

    When most users visit your profile, theyll see the first 300 characters or so of your summary (and can then click Read More to open up the full description. However, LinkedIn Recruiter shows the entire summary by default.

    Left: LinkedIn view | Right: LinkedIn Recruiter view

    Know Your Audienceand What Keywords Will Get Their Attention

    How to put a video on your LinkedIn profile

    As you craft your profile, think about who will be reading itlikely other professionals and recruiters in your industry. What will those people specifically want to see in a job candidate? Are certain technical skills the most important? Or certain experiences or qualities?

    To help figure out the answers to these questions, follow a similar process to the one you would when writing or tailoring your resume. Pull up a few job descriptions for the type of job you have or would like to have, Dunay says. Take a look at what they keep talking about, common themes, what seems to matter to these employers.

    Think about which ones apply to you and your experience and which specific words and phrases are being used to describe them: These are your keywords. Theyre likely what recruiters are searching for when theyre looking for people like you. For example, maybe many companies youre interested in are looking for a programmer proficient in JavaScript or a digital marketer with experience putting together webinars. If youre struggling, look for people who have the jobs you want, Hallow says, and see what skills and experiences they emphasize on their profiles.

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    Make A Custom Profile Url

    When you first create your LinkedIn profile you get an automatically generated URL – a pretty clunky one with a string of random numbers.

    Having a more professional, clean, name-only URL is much easier to find, read, and share.

    To change your URL, do this:

  • Go to your profile
  • At the top right of your profile page click Edit public profile & URL
  • Again at the top right of the page now click the edit pen image button
  • Fill in + , like in the example above
  • Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples

    Here are 13 examples of strong LinkedIn summaries that use different approaches. Take inspiration from these sample LinkedIn summaries but DO NOT copy them.

    Cal, Marketing & Communications Director

    Contextualizes his experience with a personal anecdote, shows off entrepreneurial spirit, and peppers dollar signs and percentages throughout.

    Dina, Marketing Executive

    Confident opening, context into what makes her passionate about her work, keyword dense, and uses every available character. We dont advise using this many special characters, but the content is very strong.

    Daniel, Customer Experience Specialist

    Contains personality and a look into his interests, but most importantly demonstrates his process and allows prospective employers to see exactly how he would approach the work.

    Jessica, Software Engineer

    Not everyone is a writer and not every job will care if you can craft a narrative in your summary. If youre not sure what else to do, use the summary to clearly lay out your skills, tech proficiencies, and certifications.

    Alaina C., Social Media Director

    Short, easy to read sentences keep this summary moving while still providing important information about who the writer is beyond just a description of their job. This is an excellent example of providing a holistic viewpoint of an individual, beyond just the hard skills.

    Michelle V., Software Developer

    Alison H., SEO Content Writer

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    Write In The First Person

    For some reason, some people on LinkedIn use the third person when writing about themselves on their profiles. And were not talking famous people, who have a page and someone wrote it for them, were talking regular people with regular jobs.

    Things like:

    Josh is a grade-A accountant with over 15 years of experience in

    Thats a big no.

    Stick to the first person. Your LinkedIn profile is supposed to sound personal and sincere. The third person expression sounds more fake and pompous.

    Benefits From Creating And Following A Robust Pep

    How To Make A Linkedin Profile For College Students? | Career Move

    The most successful projects I have worked on have all contained a robust project execution plan which our teams followed. By structuring the projects in this way, we found many obvious and not so obvious direct benefits:

    1. Facilitates More Effective Meetings

    We found that the PEP actually provided us with a structured guideline of areas for which meetings were naturally scheduled and more efficiently conducted as they specifically targeted sections of the project that needed to be updated on a periodic basis. Project reports were then issued on the agreed templates which saved us time when presenting to stakeholders.

    2. Reference Document for the Current Project

    At any given time during the life of the project, the PEP provided thorough information and detailed instructions on each part of the project. This made consultations by project team members, on-boarding of new project team members, as well as consultations by stakeholders much easier.

    3. Provides Information to the Project Governance Authorities

    4. Lessons Learned

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    Fill Out Your Profile Thoroughly

    Ok, theres a reason were putting this tip at number one – it is essential that you thoroughly fill out your LinkedIn profile.


    Because the most filled-out profiles on LinkedIn come up first in a recruiters search.

    You may be the countrys leading professional in your field, but you might never be approached for it, only because your profile wasnt thoroughly filled out. While that is not the ONLY factor that affects your place in hiring managers search, it is perhaps the most important one.

    So make sure to check out all the profile sections LinkedIn lets you include and add and fill in as many of them as you can. And no worries, we will now walk you through how exactly to do that for each essential section.

    Speak Directly To Who You Want To Serve

    For consultants, business owners, and sales reps, speaking directly to who you want to serve in your LinkedIn summary is a smart approach to take. This career strategist and author does this masterfully in the first few sentences of her LinkedIn summary. By immediately calling in who she aims to serve, she can hook the right readers, increasing her chances of connecting with the right people.

    Try it yourself: In the first few sentences of your summary, try writing a hook that would appeal to your ideal customer or client and keep their attention.

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    Be An Active Member And Build Your Network

    Remember, the more active you are, the better. So as you move on to new jobs or master new skills, make it a point to update your profile.

    Being active also means engaging with your community. You can do this by:

    • Sharing updates and interesting content. This can include anything from new accomplishments and industry announcements to a blog post you’ve written or an article that people in your network may want to read.
    • Inviting past and current coworkers, classmates, friends and family to connect. I’m often asked whether I request or accept connections from people I’ve never met. For me, it’s a yes but only if I’m genuinely interested in developing a professional relationship with the person and their field of work is somehow related.
    • Engaging with your connections'”Recent Activity.”LinkedIn allows you to see what folks in your network are posting, liking and commenting on. If they shared a blog post that you enjoyed reading, for example, why not give it a like or reply with a nice comment?
    • Join groups. This will help you strengthen connections with people who share common skills, experiences, industry affiliations and goals.

    Dustin McKissen is the founder of McKissen + Company, a strategic communications firm in St. Charles, Missouri. He was also named one of LinkedIn’s “Top Voices in Management and Corporate Culture.” Follow him on LinkedIn here.

    Create A Quick Outline Prior To Writing Your About Section

    How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Maximum ...

    While your LinkedIn profile isn’t an academic essay, you should still outline the things you want to say and the order in which you want to say them.

    The last thing your audience needs is long, rambling paragraphs with no clear progression from sentence to sentence.

    Sticking to a predetermined structure will help you communicate clearly and concisely.

    Consider following a format similar to this:

    • Hook: A sentence that makes the reader want to keep reading. Remember: only the first 3 lines are visible when a user enters your profile. With a hook, you ensure they click See more.
    • Mission: Tell the reader why you do what you do.
    • Expertise and Skills: Tell the reader what youre good at.
    • Accomplishments: Show the reader how your expertise delivered results in the past.
    • : Tell the reader what you want them to do after theyre done reading your summary.

    If youre not sure how to get started, use our free professional bio templates, which you can use to write your LinkedIn bio.

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    Make Yourself Seem Approachable

    Although it might be a bit untraditional to mention your personal hobbies on your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good way to make yourself more human off the bat. A prospect reading this summary might think, “Oh, I also love to travel.” They’ll immediately feel more connected to you.

    Try it yourself: List a few of the things you like to do in your free time . Then explain why you chose your current role and how your customers derive value.

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