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What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Disabled

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Why Accounts Are Disabled

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Gets Disabled

Here are some common reasons why accounts are disabled. Not all Google services disable an account for these reasons.

Don’t use Google services to make phone calls or send messages automatically .

Robocalls are phone calls that use a computerized autodialer to send pre-recorded messages.

If someone doesn’t follow these policies, we might stop that person from either:

  • Using just that service

Don’t use Google services in a way that exploits or abuses children.

We remove the following kinds of content:

  • Child sexual abuse materials, including cartoons
  • Child grooming
  • Sextortion
  • Sexualization of a minor
  • Trafficking of a child

This content includes anything that’s created, shared, sent, or uploaded on Google services.

When we come across child exploitation, we’ll take appropriate actions. Our actions might include reporting to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and law enforcement.

Don’t use Google services to create a false identity to trick people into taking action . It’s a violation to create a Gmail address that implies someone works for an unrelated company or government organization.

However, uses like making a fan email account in a celebritys name are fine.

Dont use Google services or your account in a way that may result in or cause a violation of applicable export or sanctions laws.

How To Protect Yourself

Whether youve had your hand slapped or not, here are some tips to keep you from having to deal with losing your account:

1. Test ads before making a million of them. Set one up and get it approved before you duplicate the ad sets and start running multiple ads at once.

2. Be very familiar with the policies:

3. Have multiple administrators on each account for back-up.

4. Dont set up ad accounts with payment information until youre ready to use them.

5. Only have payment information on the account youre actively using.

6. Use the Business Manager and stop using your personal ad account.

7. Watch the comments on the ads carefully and if you see negative feedback, address it promptly.

8. Dont let the frequency get too high on the ad . This increases the risk of negative feedback.

9. Do a final sweep of the ad copy, ad creative and the landing page it goes to before you try to get it approved in the first place.

Spend time nurturing your page and your ad account. Dont go for crazy and try to post risky ads. Ultimately, if your account is shut down, dont dismay its happened to many of us. Be persistent in finding a solution to be back up and running as quickly as possible.

What To Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled

If it happens to you, all is not lost — just follow these steps.


As the owner of a small digital marketing agency and school, ads are a great fit for my business, my clients and my students. But, one of the biggest problems I see frequently is people dive into ads without understanding ad policy, and they end up with disapproved ads and disabled accounts.

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When things go wrong with your Facebook ads, it typically falls into two categories: disapproved ads or disabled account. If youve received an ad disapproval, its likely due to a violation, whereas a disabled account is due to repeated ad violations or highly negative feedback on your account.

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