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What Should My Summary On Linkedin Say

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A Personal Human Connection Point

What Your LinkedIn Summary Should Say

This isnt essential, but its often encouraged. Including a personal piece of information about yourself allows people to connect with you on a more human level.

People want to work with those whom they know and trust, so providing a little personal information about yourself can break the ice and potentially foster a stronger professional relationship!

Linkedin Headline Examples For Job Seekers

If you search on LinkedIn for unemployed, youll be shocked to find hundreds of LinkedIn users in your extended network with some variation of this headline:

Recruiters on LinkedIn are after the best candidates for the job, period. Theyre not typically limiting their search to users who are actively job hunting. Its OK to mention that youre looking, but what youcan actually do is far more important.

Be specific. Experienced media professional seeking new opportunities is better than unemployed, but still reveals next to nothing about your skillset. List hard skills and job titles.

Identify the most important hard skills with Jobscans .

Here are four quality LinkedIn headline examples from real job seekers:

The most important search keyword is the job title. Dawn leads with Digital Marketing Manager then packs a ton of meaningful and frequently searched hard skills, keeping them organized with vertical bars/pipes .

Amanda is job hunting after moving to a new city. She doesnt mention that shes seeking in her headline, but does in her profile summary. Her LinkedIn headline features the specific job title shes targeting even though she hasnt held that exact job title in the past. This headline is geared towards her future and specific roles recruiters are searching for.

What To Put In My Linkedin Summary 5 Tips

A good LinkedIn summary contains certain elements. It should convey who you are, what youve done, and what you know how to do. Additionally, there are optional elements that you could includ in your summary so as to increase its effectiveness. Here are some examples:

  • A tagline. We tend not to think about it, but as we said, your summary must engage users. A dynamic tagline will grab the reader. A question, a shocking statement, a joke, or a direct appeal to the reader are examples of different types of hooks that are possible.
  • A presentation: let people know who you are. A user who looks at your profile must understand who you are as a person and as a professional, in order to assess whether or not your profile interests them. Dont be satisfied with a bland description of yourself: tell them about what drives you, your aspirations..
  • Tell them about your experiences. The way you describe them will change according to your objectives. Are you prospecting? Rather than just talking about your experiences, talk about the problems you have solved, your knowledge of a field, your expertise. Do you want to be noticed by recruiters? Highlight your professional achievements and acquired skills!
  • A Call-To-Action. Remember that you want to engage your profile visitors. A CTA will allow you to encourage them to contact you, add you as a relationship, or visit your website. Its a great way to encourage interaction!
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    Example #: Passionate And Driven

    Justin Graci is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot. While his profile summary is lengthy, it covers a lot of ground.

    In the first paragraph, he defines some key elements of his work ethic: Passionate, cross-functional, creative and results-driven while also revealing his extensive experience within his industry.

    Things He Does Well

    • Adds personal flare: Justin adds his professional personality into the first paragraph, giving an opinion on the stakes of the market. This shows his passion for and engagement with his work.
    • Includes an action point: He directs people to his marketing blog, which drives traffic towards his site, and also shows that hes actively engaged with content relating to his field.
    • Lists his skills: He includes a long list of his relevant skills, which also acts as a list of keywords that his profile can now be found for through search engines. However, while a list of skills is direct, its also a good idea to try and work those skills into the fluid narrative of your summary.
    • Injects humor: In his final section, Justin includes a little information about himself and even adds a particularly funny line: cooking new dishes while my goldendoodle anxiously watches makes the reader laugh, and it allows us to connect with him on a more relaxed, personal level.

    Difference : They Serve Different Purposes

    5 LinkedIn Summary Templates and Tips to Get You the Job ...

    Because career objectives are used exclusively for job hunting, they always hit the same points: here is what I bring to the table and here are my goals. After reading it, a recruiter or hiring manager should be able to answer the questionare you a good fit?

    LinkedIn summaries are quite different. People have LinkedIn profiles regardless of whether theyre actively job hunting, which means that they arent written with the sole purpose of attracting job offers.

    Because of these other purposes, when you craft your LinkedIn summary, you need to approach it differently than if you were writing a resume introduction.

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    The Structure Of A Linkedin Profile Summary

    LinkedIn profile summaries follow a pretty straightforward and easily replicable format. Heres a three-step breakdown that almost all winning LinkedIn profiles incorporate:

  • A catchy opening line. Its critical to start out with something more interesting than My name is X and I work at Y as a Z. Yawn. Instead, consider what aspects of your career would interest people, how youre different than others in your field, a compelling story about how you got into the business, etc., etc.

    There are countless ways to be interesting while still keeping things professionally relevant. We recommend a judgment-free brainstorming session where you spit out as many opening lines as you can think of . Chances are, youll find a gem in there somewhere.

    You dont have to have one single opening line, either. Sometimes a quick series of short sentences to start things off can also be rhetorically effective.

  • An engaging and descriptive body section. The body of your summary is where you want to use keywords relevant to your field, describe your passions, accomplishments, etc.

    You can think of this section as your elevator pitch 100 or so words on why youre awesome and love doing what you do. Dont worry about going overly cover letter with this part not everything has to be totally job-related. Anything that shows how your mind works and gets people interested in talking to you is valuable stuff here.

  • Call Out Your Specialties And Skills

    After highlighting your expertise, tell us what you focus on in 1-2 sentences. For instance, if youre a digital marketer, do you focus on SEO or social media?

    If you recently graduated from college, did you study something specifically within your field?

    Specialties and Skills Example

    “Im a mid-market sales executive with experience in direct sales and SAAS product demonstrations.”

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    Make Use Of Seo Techniques

    Professional marketers learn SEO techniques to help Google, Sing, and other online search engines find their text. If you want to increase the traffic to your own LinkedIn profile, you need to leverage that same power by using the right keywords.

    That means using important keywords in your professional headline to get your profile ranked higher for those terms. It also means adding keywords to your job title, and effectively using them in your summary. Know your goal, learn which keywords are most relevant to your desired position, and then make sure to use them throughout your profile text. You’ll know it’s working when you see how many times you appeared in searches, and what keywords people used to find you.

    Example #: Professional And Focused

    How To Write A LinkedIn Summary – LinkedIn Summary Examples

    Greg Brown is a Senior Sales Manager for HubSpot. His summary is concise and focused, making it efficient and easy to read. Lets take a closer look at this.

    Things He Does Well

    • Makes a strong and clear statement: Greg starts by saying, I help companies grow, telling the reader what he does right at the beginning.
    • Tailors to his target audience: He also states who he works with and how he contributes to those professional relationships: by helping them adapt their marketing and sales strategy to match the modern customer journey. Within these first two sentences, Greg has told us what he does and what he brings to the table, addressing a very specific audience he aims to connect with.
    • Expresses his passion: At the beginning of his second paragraph, he uses the phrase, Im very passionate about. Displaying passion for your work goes a long way in most professional industries because it proves your dedication to what you do. He also says that he enjoys teaching sales and marketing executives about the areas within he works. While these small touches might seem insignificant, they can make a big difference to the audience.

    Its also important to note that Greg doesnt overdo it while he expresses passion for his work, he does so with understated language, maintaining a very professional tone.

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    What To Do After Writing A Linkedin Summary

    So youve drafted your LinkedIn summary, incorporated a healthy amount of keywords, and even proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors. That means youre all done, right? The answer is sort of.

    Even if youre totally happy with your LinkedIn summary, its a good idea to revisit it once per quarter, or at least every time you start a new job, as there may always be more to add to it. Maybe you worked on an incredibly rewarding project, branched out into a new industry, or even developed a new skill that you didnt have any experience in before.

    At any rate, its important to remember that a LinkedIn summary isnt a set-it-and-forget-it type deal. Youll continue to grow as a professional over time, and as you step into each new phase of your career, youll want to update your summary to reflect that. Cheers to continued professional development!

    Why Your Linkedin Summary Matters So Much

    The summary for your LinkedIn profile will appear on your profile page underneath your profile picture, job title, and highlights. It is one of the first things that people see when they view your page, and its where you get to really showcase what makes you unique.

    Your job title shows past experience, for example, but not details like performance metrics, details of your job role, or traits that you may have that can help you exceed.

    In the summary for Jonathon’s LinkedIn profile, which you can see above, he gets the chance to stress the following:

    • Im motivated and strategic, and this has led to demonstrated success
    • Extensive training and experience in different subjects
    • Explanations of Jonathon’s two ventures and their status now

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    Linkedin Profile Summary Template For Social Media Marketers

    In many cases, its much easier to put together social media profiles for others than it is to try to compile them for ourselves.

    While the options for your LinkedIn profile summary are endless, heres a template that can help you get you started:

    social media practitioner with and . Worked with on , which resulted in . Prioritises to drive .

    Heres what this can turn into:

    Data-driven social media marketer with 4 years of experience and an education from Social Media College. Worked with two different agencies on B2B accounts including organic and paid marketing, resulting in conversion rate increases of up to 4.5%. Prioritises a tested, systematic approach combined with best practices and hard data to get results.

    Freelance social media marketer with 8 years of experience. Ive worked with over three clients, the majority of whom had sales volumes of 500k+ per year, to offer boutique social services to increase customer retention and reach. By using a custom approach and tailored-to-you services, Ill help you get the results you want fast.

    Why A Good Linkedin Summary Matters

    10 LinkedIn Profile Summaries That We Love (And How to ...

    Writing a good LinkedIn profile summary is one of the main ways to set yourself apart from the billions of other LinkedIn users. While the LinkedIn headline is 120 characters, there are 2,000 characters in the LinkedIn profile summary. This gives you around 400-500 words to make your LinkedIn profile come to life by adding personality, telling your career story and including a call to action from readers. In no more than one paragraph, your LinkedIn summary should convincingly show readers why they should keep scrolling.

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    Linkedin Uses Your Summary For Search Results

    When , summary content plays into the results. Your summary is not weighted as heavily as your headline or the job titles and descriptions in your work experience section, however, they can still strengthen your searchability and help you rise above similar candidates.

    Using the LinkedIn summary to include terms that a recruiter might plug into a search bar hard skills, job titles, or industry keywords increases your visibility and reveals opportunities.

    Jobscans analyzes your LinkedIn profile against jobs youre interested in and industry data to show you exactly which keywords youre missing.

    Linkedin Summary Examples For Students And Recent Graduates

    For students and recent graduates, LinkedIn is an absolutely essential resource as you enter into the job market. Not only does it act as a great supplement to your resume, but now you can even apply to some jobs directly through LinkedIn, using your profile in place of a resume.

    Its also a popular tool for recruiters, so its important to keep that door for potential opportunities open. With all that said, lets take a look at some LinkedIn summary examples for students.

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    Prepare The Raw Content

    You may feel overwhelmed by the different options for presenting your info. I recommend arranging your raw content into the following six buckets:

    Victories: Write a sentence for each of your significant accomplishments in terms of the value you create/created .

    VPs : List your operating principles and the things that energize or inspire you .

    Valiant superpowers: Describe the things you do better than anyone else the skills that enable you to be a hero for your colleagues and your team . Strong personal brands demonstrate their superpowers in all that they do.

    Vital statistics: Provide a few quantifiable facts interesting figures and things you can count .

    Verve: Capture the quirky things that make you YOU and differentiate you from your peers .

    Validation: This could include quotes from others and encompasses all the awards and accolades bestowed upon you .

    Make sure you have content in all six buckets because a truly compelling About will paint a 3D picture of you. Remember, your About is YOU when you arent there, so you want your personality to shine through.

    All About Your Mission

    How to Write a High-Performing LinkedIn Summary

    Deep down, every professional has a mission. Its essentially a goal for how they want to help companies, putting their skills to use for specific gains. With this approach, you can talk about what you do, where your professional passions lay, and how you apply your skills.


    Today, content makes the world go round. isnt just about showcasing products or services its about crafting compelling stories that engage audiences and resonate with the masses.

    I strive to be the bridge between brands and consumers. Along with embracing data analytics to identify customer needs and interests, I also use that information to create strategic content. My goal is to enhance the companys brand, increase conversion rates, and drive sales, all through the power of digital marketing and SEO.

    My experience as a content strategist and creator has not only ignited my passion for branding and inspiring consumers but has given me skills that allow me to support growth initiatives. Digital media and design, social media marketing, and company branding are just some of the specialties I use to support companies who want to reach greater heights.

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    Linkedin Summaries For Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs

    If you’re an entrepreneur and / or thought leader on LinkedIn, your goals are probably similar.

    You want more people to find your profile, follow along, and then reach out about / find their way to your offerings. An endless funnel of inbound leads!

    While your LinkedIn Headline can help , it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Most people want to learn more about the person they might be spending money with.

    That’s where the Summary comes in.

    I’ve spent years A/B testing my own Summary. I’ve also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and thought leaders on LinkedIn Growth.

    Here’s the template that I’ve seen work best:

    What Is A Linkedin Summary And How Do I Edit It

    Okay, lets start with the basics. Your Linkedin summary is a block of text found at the top of your Linkedin Profile. You can find yours right below your profile photo. Heres mine:

    Youll have 2,000 characters here to provide a brief overview of your professional lifehowever you choose to define it. You can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon above the section labeled About.

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    A Sample Linkedin For Student Linkedin Profile

    Professional Headline:

    Amherst College21 Graduate. Looking for Sales & Marketing Entry-Level Position in Japan in International Sales or Marketing Division of Technology Manufacturer.


    *** I am currently looking for an entry-level Sales & Marketing Position in the International Sales or Marketing division of a Technology Manufacturer in Japan. *** I am currently a Junior at Amherst College where I am majoring in Asia Studies and plan to graduate in May, 2020.

    Currently holding a 3.6 GPA, I have excelled in the studies of Asian cultures and languages and has already acquired proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and am currently studying Japanese.

    I have also been involved on campus in a number of activities that showcase my initiative and passion for community, including being a DJ at my college radio station 89.3 WAMH, a contributing writer to the college newspaper Amherst Student, and organizing a photo exhibit on the Beijing Tianmen Demonstrations that I witnessed while studying abroad this Junior-year in China.

    A believer in learning by doing, I plan to spend my summer after graduation at the International Christian University in Tokyo in their intensive Japanese summer school program.

    In addition to my education in Asian Studies, I minored in Art History, where I undertook two different internships during school breaks at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

    Summary / Additional Facts

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