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What Is Whatsapp And How Do You Use It

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How To Start A Chat

What is WhatsApp & How Does it Work? | WhatsApp Guide Part 1

Now that your profile is set, its time to get to the task at hand: chatting! The first time you open the app you wont have any chats open, but you can start a new chat by tapping on the chat bubble in the bottom right.

From there, simply select the contact you want to chat with from the list. If you already have a previous chat with that contact, it will open that instead of a brand new chat. All thats left now is to type your message at the bottom of the screen. After entering your text, tap the arrow icon that appears alongside the text box to send it.

You can also send pictures or files on WhatsApp by tapping the paperclip or camera icons at the bottom of the screen. WhatsApp has a built-in camera app, but its better to use your normal camera app to take the picture and select it in the gallery to send.

You can also send pictures or files on WhatsApp by tapping the paperclip or camera icon.

To start a group chat, tap the same chat bubble as before, then tap New Group. You can then select the members you want to invite, enter a name for the group, and start chatting!

There are all kinds of additional features available, so be sure to check out our list of WhatsApp tips and tricks for more info.

How To Set Up Your Whatsapp Profile

Before you start chatting, there is one more step you may want to take. Creating a profile will help your contacts know who you are, even if they dont have your number saved in their contacts. You can add a picture, name, and a short bio.

How to set up your WhatsApp profile:

  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the app and tap Settings.
  • Tap your name at the top of the screen.
  • To change your picture, tap the camera icon and select a photo.
  • To change your name, tap the pencil icon next to Name.
  • Enter or adjust your bio by tapping the pencil icon next to About.
  • You can also change your phone number from this screen, and the process is the same as when you first set up your account. It will send a verification code via SMS, and once confirmed all of your chats and contacts will be transferred to that number.

    How To See And Turn Off Last Seen

    WhatsApp’s last seen feature allows you to see when someone last checked WhatsApp, as well as allow users to see when you last checked. If a contact hasn’t disabled last seen, it will appear under their name at the top of an open chat. To disable last seen:

    iOS & Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Switch to Nobody.

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    How To Use Whatsapp On An Ipad Or Android Tablet

    With iPadOS adding tons of new features every year that make it more and more like a computer, it might come as a surprise to learn that using WhatsApp on your iPad is quite difficult. You can install the app directly, but then you have to remove it from your phone, which obviously isnt ideal.

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    The best way to use WhatsApp on your iPad or Android tablet is with the web portal outlined above. Even then, theres an extra step involved due to accessing the site from a mobile browser.

    The trick here is to request the desktop version of This will tell WhatsApp that youre using a computer instead of a mobile device, and allow you to connect your phone with the same steps above. How exactly you request the desktop version will depend on which browser youre using, but weve outlined the steps for Safari below.

    How to use WhatsApp on an iPad:

  • Open the Safari browser and navigate to
  • Tap the three dots next to the URL field, then tap Request Desktop Site.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap Settings in the top right, then WhatsApp Web.
  • Tap the plus icon at the top right.
  • Point your phone camera at the QR code on your iPad screen.
  • WhatsApp should instantly log in on your iPad.
  • Search All Your Chats

    What is WhatsApp &  How Does it Work?

    Someone might have sent you their address or you might remember talking about a specific programme or film but you don’t want to scroll through all your messages to try and find what you’re looking for. At the top of all your chats on iOS there is a search bar. On Android, there’s a search icon.

    You can type anything into the search bar, from the start of a town name if you’re looking for an address to a specific word and all the chats with that word will appear below as specific messages. When you tap on the Search bar, you will also see a list of options, from Photos to Audio, allowing you to minimise your search.

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    Compatibility With Various Whatsapp Devices: Things To Consider

    There are certain limitations to running your WhatsApp account on paired devices for now. In case your main device is not connected to the internet and you are using WhatsApp in a linked system, you will not be able to delete messages or conversations from your account. Also, by using the paired device, you can only exchange messages with users who are running the updated version of WhatsApp on their phones.

    There are two important things to keep in mind when using multi-device support. The first is that among the four connected devices, there can be no other smartphone. You can only run your WhatsApp account on one phone at a time. Others can be laptops or desktops. However, WhatsApp could expand this capability to multiple phones in the future.

    Another important note is that if you dont use your primary phone for more than 14 days, all paired devices will be disconnected from your WhatsApp account. This means that you have to run WhatsApp on your phone at least every two weeks.

    We must reiterate that the feature is currently in beta mode and may cause some application performance issues for users. In this case, users can choose not to participate in the beta program through the application to return to the normal version of WhatsApp, which works without problems.

    Its Not Whatsapp Web Its Whatsapp For Chrome Desktop For Android Users

    I wonder why they didnt go for that title WhatsApp for Chrome desktop for Android users. Not as sexy as WhatsApp Web, but a hell of a lot more accurate.

    I know what youre thinking. Doesnt web mean you can access it from anywhere, on any browser? Web is, after all, the shorthand for www . Here, thats not the case. Im sure theres a good reason for WhatsApp to only go with Chrome . Tighter integration with Android and the built-in support for notification mirroring comes to mind.

    But as of right now, you cant access WhatsApp Web from web browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox . Who knows what the future holds though. After all, in the wise words of Katy Perry: after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

    Yes, not all of the 700 million WhatsApp users will be able to use WhatsApp from the desktop tomorrow . The number is going to be substantially small, but still in hundreds of millions so thats good.

    Clarification: WhatsApp Web also works with BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone and Nokias S60 Symbian based phones. Hurray for those twelve guys.

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    Whatsapp Revenue And Finance Statistics

    Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014.

    Instagram, Chainspace, Oculus VR, OneChatthe list of Facebook acquisitions just keeps growing. WhatsApp statistics improved after Facebook acquired it, but one of the co-founders, Brian Acton, has regretted his decision to sell the company. I sold my users privacy to a larger benefit, Acton said to Forbes. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.

    WhatsApp used to charge a $1 yearly subscription fee.

    In some countries, WhatsApp used to charge $1 a year, one year after joining. In others, it used to cost $1 just to download the app. At its peak, the subscription model had 700 million users worldwide, as most people didnt mind paying a single dollar to get a great app they could use to their hearts content. However, WhatsApp personal statistics show that usage really kicked off once the subscription model was dropped in 2016.

    Since WhatsApp was monetized in a very limited manner, the owners decided that it wasnt generating any kind of meaningful long-term revenue. They dropped subscriptions, and the app became free to use. So the public came rushing in, and a new influx of subscribers flooded the market. This increased market penetration once a member of a social group downloads the app and starts using it, they inevitably encourage everyone else from the group to use it.

    WhatsApp was generating about $12 per user by mid-2017.

    In 2009, WhatsApp got $250,000 as its first investment.

    Easy Chatting And Calling Over Most Platforms

    How to Use WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is platform agnostic. You do not need to own the same brand of the phone as your call recipient or be on a specific platform the app works with iPhone and Android phones and Mac or Windows desktop or laptop computers, which you can use to send and receive messages, but not make calls. Like any other SMS messenger, you can initiate a conversation with an individual or a group and video chat with up to eight people. The iOS version also has in-app support for video playback from both Instagram and Facebook. You can also share your location, broadcast your status to your contacts, share contacts, set customized wallpapers and notification alerts, email chat history, use the camera to shoot photos and videos from within the app, and simultaneously broadcast messages to multiple contacts. You are always logged in so you never miss messages, but even if you miss notifications while your phone is off, the app saves recent messages for when you re-open the app.

    Like iMessage for the iPhone, WhatsApp has a simple interface that showcases your chats in text bubbles complete with a timestamp and notifies you when your recipient has viewed your text.

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    Require Face Id Or Touch Id To Unlock Whatsapp

    If you want double security on your WhatsApp chats, it’s possible for iOS users to set their WhatsApp account to require Face ID or Touch ID authentication when opening WhatsApp, even when your device is already unlocked.

    You’ll still be able to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked. It’s also possible to set the duration of time you want the Screen Lock feature to kick in.

    iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Toggle on Require Face ID / Require Touch ID > Select the time duration .

    How Can I Change My Status In Whatsapp

    You can post images, videos and GIFs as a status that disappear after 24 hours, just like stories. Press the status icon in the bottom left hand corner when you open WhatsApp on an iPhone, or the Status tab at the top of the screen on Android. Now press Add to My Status or My status and youll be able to select a picture from your phone or take a new image. You can even annotate it.

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    No Support For Iphone Yet

    This wasnt a shock for many, given how the web client works. WhatsApp Web is essentially mirroring the data from your phone, not from WhatsApps servers. This is great for security reasons, with a phone number still being a users identifier .

    On Android, the app has an easier time running in the background and sending push notifications and data from the phone to the connected browser. And this needs to happen even when you havent touched the phone in hours and its essentially in deep sleep mode.

    This just isnt possible on iOS right now. And then theres the whole issue of WhatsApp pulling data from the app and sending it to a different machine. Thats also a strict no-no in the Apple-verse.

    How To Get Whatsapp On Ipad

    Best WhatsApp Features You Might Not Be Used Yet: Small ...

    Follow these steps to get WhatsApp on an iPad:

  • Open Safari on your iPad and head to If you’re on iPadOS 13 or later, this will load the correct desktop version of WhatsApp Web automatically.
  • Those on iOS 12 and earlier will be taken to the WhatsApp home page instead. To solve this, tap and hold the refresh button to the right of the website address. After a second or two, tap the option that appears saying ‘Load desktop site’.
  • You’ll now see the familiar WhatsApp Web interface, complete with a QR code to pair with your iPhone. Open the iPhone’s Settings, go to WhatsApp Web, and scan the code to pair the two devices.
  • The page should now load and display all your recent WhatsApp messages, along with any media or voice notes.
  • Be aware that there are a few limitations when using this workaround. Most importantly, unlike when the service is used on a Mac or PC, notifications from web browsers aren’t supported on iOS/iPadOS. You won’t be notified of new messages.

    Apart from that and a few small bugs, however, the service is pretty easy to use and a great alternative for WhatsApp users keen to access the service on iPad.

    WhatsApp Web

    • Best Prices Today:

    WhatsApp Web is a free and easy way to access the WhatsApp service on your iPad. Although you won’t get notifications , it’s a great way to easily access your messages on a tablet.

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    And So Is Updating Your Status

    WhatsApp Status includes all the familiar features of Snapchat and Instagram Stories — stickers, text captions, drawings and more. Here’s how to update your Status:

    • To add a photo or video to your WhatsApp Status, open the app and tap the camera icon. Take a photo or video, or pick one from your camera roll.
    • You can draw, write and place emojis on the photo. There’s also an option to add a caption that will be shown on the bottom of the photo or video as your contacts watch it.
    • Finally, tap the paper airplane icon. You can either send your Status directly to a friend, as a photo or video within a conversation thread, or you can tap My Status at the top of the list to update your Status.

    Who Can See My Status

    WhatsApp includes privacy settings, giving you complete control over who sees your Status. By default, only your contacts can view your Status, but the privacy settings let you change that.

    With the Status tab selected on an iPhone, tap on Privacy. Android users, tap the menu button> Status Privacy.

    You are given three options:

    • My Contacts: All of your WhatsApp contacts can view your Status.
    • My Contacts Except…: Select the people you don’t want to show your Status to. This still shares your Status with the rest of your Contact list.
    • Only Share With..: Select only with the contacts you want to show your Status to.

    If you change your privacy settings after uploading a Status, keep in mind the new settings will only impact future updates.

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    How To Call Using Whatsapp

    One of the most useful features when using WhatsApp internationally is the ability to make phone calls. Unlike standard international voice calls, WhatsApp calls use your internet connection rather than your phone line, so theyre completely free .

    To start a phone call on WhatsApp, all you need to do is open a chat window and tap the phone icon in the top right. If its a group, you can even select multiple people to call at the same time.

    The steps for how to make a video call on WhatsApp are virtually identical. Just tap the video camera icon next to the phone icon. Its a great , especially for Android users!

    How Does Whatsapp Work

    How to Use Whatsapp – Beginner’s Guide

    The main draw of WhatsApp is it allows you to send and receive calls and messages using only an internet connection, which means it’s virtually free to use and ideal for international calling. There are no fees to sign up, and no data plan allowances to worry about.

    While WhatsApp is similar to other messaging services like iMessage or Messages by Google, it still offers a few key advantages, the most significant being cross-platform functionality .

    At a glance, WhatsApp may seem like nothing more than a text messaging app, but it can do much more. Here’s a brief rundown of WhatsApp’s core features:

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    Which One Uses More Memory

    Comparing the memory usage of both the interfaces produced some interesting results. For WhatsApp Web, the Microsoft Edge browser was used to experiment because it generally uses less memory than Chrome. With my WhatsApp account running actively on a single tab on the Microsoft Edge browser, an average of 260 – 300MB was used.

    Note: It is important to state that ongoing activities within the WhatsApp Web on your browser could interfere with the level of memory consumption. For this experiment, however, messaging activities were kept minimal and constant.

    For WhatsApp Desktop, memory usage average between 210 – 260MB. Albeit the margin isn’t too wide, the memory consumption of the WhatsApp Desktop app is relatively lower than WhatsApp Web.

    How Does Whatsapp Work And Why Use It

    WhatsApp is considered one of the best messaging apps for many reasons. For starters, it allows you to communicate with other people in more ways than one: Through chats, audio and video calls, and through exchanging media files and documents. You can use it on your phone, your computer, and tablet. The app is also highly customizable, so you can choose what your WhatsApp app and your chats look like.

    Aside from all the basic features, WhatsApp has some impressive add-ons. Live location sharing can help you keep track of your loved ones and vice versa. The ability to unsend messages will save you some embarrassing accidental texts that you meant to send to a different person.

    Switching from one phone number to another without losing your data is a great feature for anyone trying to keep their professional and personal communications separate.

    If you want all that as well as end-to-end encryption for the messages you exchange with other people, heres how to install and start using WhatsApp.

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