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What Is Twitter Good For

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How To Get Twitter Followers: 44 Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

Good Question: What exactly is Twitter and what’s the point?

All Twitter marketers are after one thing: more followers. But how do you do it? Find out how to get Twitter followers with these 44 simple tips.

Look, no matter how many thought leaders opine that its a vanity metric, we all care about increasing our Twitter followers.

And for good reason.

A respectable follower ratio is fundamental to your brands credibility and authoritynot to mention organic reach on Twitters timeline. Basically, your entire exists in a symbiotic chokehold with this number. Which is why everyone wants fast shortcuts to get more Twitter followers.

But despite the tantalizing whispers of cash-for-follower glory, theres no shirking the elbow grease. We advocate building up your presence the old-fashioned way: by providing value. Of course, there are some fast wins, too.

Here, weve compiled a checklistfrom easiest to most complexof every minor and major move that will help you on the path to the high-quality Twitter audience your brand deserves.

Bonus:Download the free 30-day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

Explainer: What In The World Is The Olympic Truce

Mallika Sen

FILE – The Olympic flag is carried into the stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Feb. 4, 2022, in Beijing.

BEIJING Observe your commitment to this Olympic Truce, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach beseeched the international community at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. “Give peace a chance.

Whether echoing John Lennon or not, it’s a plea that has been issued time and time again to little avail an apparent exercise in futility. As the Games unfold against the backdrop of heightened tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine, even Bach himself had palpably distanced the IOC from the Olympic Truce in the runup to the opening ceremony.

We can only appeal: Please respect your own commitment,'” he said at a Feb. 3 press conference where he labelled the U.N. resolution merely a highly symbolic act. “We can only go so far and say: Please do not touch the Games.

Every two years, the host country of the upcoming Olympics introduces a U.N. resolution that other member states can co-sponsor. The truce is intended to secure safe passage for athletes during the Games and, in the long term, promote the idea of working toward world peace.

A U.N. resolution upholding the Olympic Truce has been passed 15 times. The continuous renewal each Olympics is based in the idealism that undergirds the modern Games and perhaps international law in general: It’s aspirational.

Create A Branded Hashtag

Want to get some user-generated content on Twitter? Start by creating your own branded hashtag.

Branded hashtags give you and your audience a way to easily see all the tweets related to your brand even if they dont include your Twitter handle. Theyre also great for tracking tweets around specific campaigns. For instance, Netflix often has hashtags for its original content. These branded hashtags make it easy to track conversations about new or upcoming shows and movies.

Our first look at Netflix’s #LostInSpace reboot premiering April 13

Rotten Tomatoes

To take things to the next level, combine branded hashtags with your social media analytics tool to gather data on sentiment analysis, reach, impressions and more.

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Is Twitter Stock A Buy Now That Jack Dorsey Relinquishes Ceo Role

co-founder Jack Dorsey gave up his position as chief executive, a change that became “effective immediately” when it was announced on Nov. 29. Is Twitter stock now a buy?

The new CEO is Parag Agrawal, who has been with Twitter for more than a decade and served as chief technology officer since 2017. Dorsey, who served as CEO for the last 18 years, will remain a board member until his term expires at the 2022 meeting of stockholders.

“I’ve decided to leave Twitter because I believe the company is ready to move on from its founders,” Dorsey said in written remarks with the . “My trust in Parag as Twitter’s CEO is deep. His work over the past 10 years has been transformational. I’m deeply grateful for his skill, heart and soul. It’s his time to lead.”

“We think appointing a technology leader as CEO makes a lot of sense,” wrote Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, in a note on Twitter to clients. “Twitter is competing in a market where the ‘winners’ are engineering-oriented companies that are nimble, take risks, and prioritize technology over marketing,”

Twitter stock jumped sharply in premarket trading when rumors of the deal surfaced. But it later gave up those gains.

Be An Industry Resource

Twitter starts organizing tweets by topics in the Explore ...

This Twitter tip probably isnt too far off from youre currently doing. Content curation has been a staple for many brands social content strategy since the early days.

But the reason were adding this tip to the list is to encourage you to be more strategic about what you choose to curate.

Instead of automatically tweeting every new post from a blogs RSS feed, take the time to hand curate the content you share.

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Good And 20 Bad Things About Twitter

Barry CollinsRead more March 5, 2009

PC Pros great Twitter adventure is barely a fortnight old but already weve found a great number of things that both amaze and annoy us about the micro-blogging site.

Here, in no particular order, are things we like, and cant stand, about Twitter. Ideas suggested by others on the PC Pro Twitter feed and elsewhere are duly credited in brackets.


1. Simplicity. You sign up, start Tweeting, and the balls rolling within minutes.

2. Its a brilliant way of breaking news. Its almost like the old Telex machines says senior news reporter, Stu, whos barely old enough to remember them.

3. Its good for getting other people to write your presentation for you

4. Celebrities talk like real people without agents/producers/editors getting in the way. And the best Tweeting stars actually interact with their audience. Dave Gorman being a prime example.

5. Immediacy.

6. 140-character limit makes you think more about what youre saying

7. Anyone can do it.

8. Twitter allows people to fire-off inane day-to-day stuff that keeps other channels of communication tidier.

9. Variety of ways to access: PC, mobile, multiple apps and widgets.

10. You can stamp personality and bespoke design on profile pages, yet they retain a simple, consistent structure.

11. Trend spotting. Services such as TwitScoop make it easy to spot whats going on right now.

12. Its free.

15. No need for niceities. You cut straight to the point.

2. Anyone can do it.

When In Doubt Include A Keyword

Believe it or not, Twitter is a search engine.

And just like Google, it ranks profiles based on keywords that match Twitter search queries.

Making a list of keywords with adequate Twitter search volume can be a great way to get discovered.

Don’t just add the keyword to your username.

Make sure you add it to your Twitter name, bio and tweets, too!

Heres an example:

Copywriter shows up in her handle and bio.

Using that keyword in those spots makes it easier for someone looking for a copywriter on Twitter to find her!

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Monitor And Respond To Keywords In Your Niche

Even if you havent been directly tagged. But please, whatever you do, dont do this by hand. There are many social media monitoring tools that can help you.

Theres a reason its called live-tweeting: this is one of those Twitter-specific things that no other platform has been able to replicate. Capitalize on it.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate On Twitter

How to Use Twitter: What Makes a Good Tweet?

Georgia Mee

Find out how to calculate and make sense of a good engagement rate on Twitter

In the last couple of weeks, weve spoken about and defined engagement rate and why it is so important in influencer marketing. More recently, weve looked at and analysed what a good engagement rate is on Instagram. Today were turning our attention to Twitter, exploring what a good engagement rate is and how you can find out the expected engagement rate of an influencer you are planning to collaborate with.

The equation

The process of defining what a good engagement rate is can be difficult, and in our blog post How To Measure An Influencers Engagement Rate our technical team delves right into the details. But here is a more simplified breakdown of the process.

To calculate an engagement rate, we total the engagements across all of the influencers posts on a particular profile then divide by the total number of followers and divide that by the number of posts .

Once we have our percentage, we can start to analyse and understand what this number is telling us about an influencers engagement rate on each social platform. While an influencer may perform well on Twitter, their engagement rates may not be as strong on Instagram, which is why it is so important to have this information when searching for and comparing potential influencers.

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Witty Puns And Wordplay Are Gold

Who doesn’t like a GOOD laugh?!

If you can figure out a witty way of saying your name, youll make an approachable, entertaining 1st impression that attracts new followers.

Take a look at this play on Mary Poppins:

And check out this guy:

Remember: if you tweet something awesome and someone loves your tweet, you want them to remember who tweeted it!

When they try to recall who it was, a memorable handle can help them find you better!

Pro-Tip: Make your Twitter name the same as your username for easier discoverability

To make your username memorable, you can do a couple of things:

  • Keep it short
  • Have it illicit emotion – humor, curiosity, etc.

Researchers have found that eliciting emotion is one of the BEST ways to make something memorable.

But don’t be offensive.

When narrowing down your username ideas, avoid anything offensive .

The last thing you want is to get a bad name !

If Twitter doesn’t already flag an offensive name, it may suspend your account if people report it!

Be sure to review Twitter’s profile policy if youre worried youre crossing the line.

Us Adult Twitter Users Are Younger And More Likely To Be Democrats Than The General Public Most Users Rarely Tweet But The Most Prolific 10% Create 80% Of Tweets From Adult Us Users

Twitter is a modern public square where many voices discuss, debate and share their views. Media personalities, politicians and the public turn to social networks for real-time information and reactions to the days events. But compared with the U.S. public overall, which voices are represented on Twitter?

To examine this question, Pew Research Center conducted a nationally representative survey of 2,791 U.S. adult Twitter users who were willing to share their Twitter handles.1 The design of this survey provides a unique opportunity to measure the characteristics and attitudes of Twitter users in the United States and link those observations to actual Twitter behaviors, such as how often users tweet or how many accounts they follow.

The analysis indicates that the are representative of the broader population in certain ways, but not others. Twitter users are younger, more likely to identify as Democrats, more highly educated and have higher incomes than U.S. adults overall. Twitter users also differ from the broader population on some key social issues. For instance, Twitter users are somewhat more likely to say that immigrants strengthen rather than weaken the country and to see evidence of racial and gender-based inequalities in society. But on other subjects, the views of Twitter users are not dramatically different from those expressed by all U.S. adults.

How Pew Research Center linked survey data with social media accounts

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Use Photos Videos Gifs

A boost in engagement can help your Tweets ranking with the Twitter algorithm. And its well known that Tweets with photos, videos, and GIFs tend to get more attention.

shows a 95% increase in video views on Twitter in 18 months, and 71% of Twitter sessions now involve video.

Twitter recently began testing an expanded amount of space for visual content with edge-to-edge Tweets on iOS and Android, so graphics will be even more thumb-stopping.

Now testing on iOS:

Edge to edge Tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs, and videos can have more room to shine.

Twitter Support

Use captions in videos: this results in a 28% longer view time.

How The Twitter Algorithm Works In 2021

Good Tweets (29 pics)

All social algorithms use machine learning to sort content based on different ranking signals.

The truth is, the fact that its machine learning means not even Twitter knows exactly what its algorithms will surface. Thats why Twitter is currently involved in analyzing the results of its algorithms as part of its responsible machine learning initiative.

This initiative has identified Twitter algorithm bias issues, including:

Twitter algorithm change is not taken lightly. Especially since the algorithms first appearance on the platform made #RIPTwitter a trending hashtag. But Twitter has formed a Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability team to address inequities, which will likely lead to changes in the algorithm over time.

For instance, to address the image-cropping issue, Twitter changed the way it shows images. Now, Twitter presents single images without cropping and shows users a true preview of what images will look like when cropped.

As far as right-leaning political content, thats a work in progress. Twitter says, Further root cause analysis is required in order to determine what, if any, changes are required to reduce adverse impacts by our Home timeline algorithm.

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Ten Reasons Why We Use Twitter

I spend several hours a month managing the Open Society Foundations. I train others in the organization to use the platform, and, typically, spend way too much of my own time there. So I take it as an article of faith that Twitter is a key tool in our foundations communications strategy, and that it ultimately supports the larger Open Society mission.

Yet after two years and some 2,000 tweets, people still occasionally ask Why do the Open Society Foundations tweet? I thought it would be useful to share my top ten reasons with you. Do they sound familiar to other tweeting foundations? Do you have others to add? And, if you dont tweet or you cant make a convincing argument inside your foundation does this help?

Read the list and comment. Wed love to get a conversation going here and on Twitter, of course.

1. Breaking news. News is increasingly broken on Twitter, and you can follow events as they unfold in real time, often in the voices of real, on-the-ground people. Sometimes Twitter is itself part of the story. Look no further than recent developments in Tunisia or Egypt.

2. Fast, wide distribution of our news and ideas, and those of our grantees. We currently have more than 14,000 followers from around the world, and that number increases by several hundred more every month. And with a click of a button, those followers can share our content with their own networks, multiplying our reach exponentially.

What Is A Twitter Bio

A Twitter bio is a small public summary about yourself or your business displayed under your Twitter profile picture. In the bio, you can include 160 characters of text, hashtags, emojis, and handles of profiles you’re affiliated with.

It might not seem like a big deal, but keep this in mind: Your bio is one of the main things people use to decide whether or not to follow you on Twitter so what you write needs to count. Here are a few quick steps to help:

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Dorsey Previously Pressured To Leave

“We believe a succession plan has been in the works since last year after Dorsey got pressure from activist Elliott Management to step down,” wrote Angelo Zino, senior equity analyst at CFRA Research. “While we think Dorsey has seen success during his time as CEO, we think Agrawal’s tenure at Twitter and background make him a suitable replacement.” Zino kept a buy rating on TWTR stock.

Twitter said there are no changes to the company’s previously shared outlook for the fourth quarter and full year 2021, or its 2022 goals.

In October, Twitter reported third-quarter-results that missed widely on earnings but met estimates on revenue.

Revenue jumped 39% from the year-ago period to $1.28 billion, matching estimates. But it reported a 54-cent loss. Analysts expected Twitter to report a profit of 15 cents. The company reported third-quarter results on Oct. 26. Since then Twitter stock is down about 25%.

Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Twitter Bio Ideas and Examples, What Makes a Good Twitter Bio, DOs + DONTs

Thousands of people advertise their recruiting services, consulting businesses, and retail stores by using Twitter, and it works.

The modern internet-savvy user has grown tired of television advertisements. People prefer advertising that is fast, less intrusive, and can be turned on or off at will. Twitter is precisely that when you learn how the nuances of tweeting work, you can get good advertising results by using Twitter.

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