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What Is The Twitter Birds Name

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User Innovation On Twitter

Does the Twitter bird have a name?!

This became the standard method for replies, but Twitter eventually noticed its inconvenience and added a native reply option. It was the same story with hashtags, which eventually became a part of the platform.

Retweets also came as a result of user-driven functionality. Twitter users were wanting to re-post tweets by other users while also giving credit to them . For this reason, they started at the RT indicator before tweeting the message. Twitter added the retweet functionality in August of 2010.

In Religion And Mythology

3 of BirdsMaster of the Playing Cards

Birds play prominent and diverse roles in religion and mythology.In religion, birds may serve as either messengers or priests and leaders for a deity, such as in the Cult of Makemake, in which the Tangata manu of Easter Island served as chiefs or as attendants, as in the case of Hugin and Munin, the two common ravens who whispered news into the ears of the Norse godOdin. In several civilisations of ancient Italy, particularly Etruscan and Romanreligion, priests were involved in , or interpreting the words of birds while the “auspex” watched their activities to foretell events.

They may also serve as religious symbols, as when Jonah embodied the fright, passivity, mourning, and beauty traditionally associated with doves. Birds have themselves been deified, as in the case of the common peacock, which is perceived as Mother Earth by the people of southern India. In the ancient world, doves were used as symbols of the Mesopotamian goddessInanna , the Canaanite mother goddess Asherah, and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. In ancient Greece, Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patron deity of the city of Athens, had a little owl as her symbol. In religious images preserved from the Inca and Tiwanaku empires, birds are depicted in the process of transgressing boundaries between earthly and underground spiritual realms. Indigenous peoples of the central Andes maintain legends of birds passing to and from metaphysical worlds.

Feathers Plumage And Scales

Feathers are a feature characteristic of birds . They facilitate flight, provide insulation that aids in thermoregulation, and are used in display, camouflage, and signalling. There are several types of feathers, each serving its own set of purposes. Feathers are epidermal growths attached to the skin and arise only in specific tracts of skin called pterylae. The distribution pattern of these feather tracts is used in taxonomy and systematics. The arrangement and appearance of feathers on the body, called plumage, may vary within species by age, social status, and sex.

Plumage is regularly moulted the standard plumage of a bird that has moulted after breeding is known as the “coverts are moulted in synchrony with the primary that they overlap.

Feathers require maintenance and birds preen or groom them daily, spending an average of around 9% of their daily time on this. The bill is used to brush away foreign particles and to apply waxy secretions from the uropygial gland these secretions protect the feathers’ flexibility and act as an antimicrobial agent, inhibiting the growth of feather-degrading bacteria. This may be supplemented with the secretions of formic acid from ants, which birds receive through a behaviour known as anting, to remove feather parasites.

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The Twitter Bird Has A Name

World, meet Larry.

While most of us have become well-acquainted with Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” it’s likely we aren’t on a first-name basis with the site’s official mascot, Larry the bird.

The little guy may have been named after former NBA player, Larry Bird, who played for Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s home-state team, the Boston Celtics.

Ryan Sarver, product manager for Twitter’s Platform/API team, mentioned Larry’s name in a on February 27. The tweet featured a picture of Twitter’s creative directorDouglas Bowman speaking about Larry the bird’s evolution since the site was founded in 2006.

. going over Design @ Twitter. The evolution of the Larry the Bird logo

Larry Bird And His Hall Of Fame Nba Career

Who Made That Twitter Bird?

Five NBA teams passed over Larry Bird before the Celtics made him the sixth pick of the 1978 NBA draft. Their loss turned into Bostons ultimate gaineventually. Bird actually returned to Indiana State University for his junior season, where he lost to Magic Johnsons Michigan State team in the NCAA Championship.

But once Bird officially joined the NBA, he became an instant star. The 6-foot-9, 220-pound forward averaged 21.3 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.5 assists for a 62-21 Celtics team that ultimately lost in the Eastern Conference Finals. However, after drafting future Hall of Famer Kevin McHale in 1980, Bird led Boston to the first of three NBA titles in his career.

For the first nine years of his stellar career, Bird averaged 25.1 points per game and led the league in free-throw percentage three times. Besides his scoring prowess, Bird earned a reputation as one of the slickest passers in league history, particularly for the power forward position. Unfortunately, recurring back injuries forced Larry Legend to retire after his age-35 season. When he hung em up, Bird had career averages of 24.3 points, 10.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game.

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Twitter Logo Design Elements

While a respectable effort, Twitters first official logo can hardly compare to the iconic flattering bird being used today, from the days of the thick rounded sans-serif, Twitters logo is a testament that perfect is a process that takes time.

The bluebird, with its merry wings and beak open in the manner of a chirping bird, needs no words to describe it. The symbol perfectly sums up the concise nature of a tweet.

Twitter Logo shape and symbol: The current Twitter logo is in the form of a fluttering hummingbird. It was designed by artist Martin Grasser who had just graduated from the Art Center College of Design when he was hired for the task.

The illustration was created with 15 circles layered on top of each other. This geometric approach gave an impeccable shape to each of the parts of the bird: the wings, the head, the beaks, and the belly.

Back in 2006, the Twitter logo was a simple Twitter wordmark using a rounded sans-serif font. This roundedness seems to have been the inspiration for the design of the bird that was to make its appearance later.

The first version of the Twitter logo bird in 2010 added some sauce to the logotype, but nothing could beat the refined bird iteration introduced in 2012. The outlines of perfect circles shaped the birds rounded belly and wings. Every aspect of the bird, including the beak, was drawn from circular arcs of precise geometry.

Popular Names For Blue Birds

Bird owners are passionate about the names they select. From movie characters to food items and celebrity monikers, you can name your pet after some of the most popular things and people out there!

Therefore, we have surveyed a gamut of options thatll help you seal the deal. Have a look:

  • Rio Titled after the animated film Rio
  • Scuttle Named after a seagull from The Little Mermaid
  • Hedwig Harrys snowy owl in the Harry Potter series
  • Donald The most quintessential bird character created by Walt Disney
  • Zazu Named after The Lion Kings red-billed hornbill
  • Tweety Perhaps Warner Bros most iconic bird character!
  • Kevin Named after a gigantic South American waterfowl from the movie Up
  • Blu A domesticated bird from the Rio franchise
  • Louie Donald Ducks nephew!
  • Dewey Duck One of the major characters from DuckTales
  • Iago A scarlet macaw as Aladdins secondary antagonist
  • Daisy Duck Donald Ducks girlfriend from Micky Mouse Clubhouse
  • McQuack A duck pilot from DuckTales
  • Flit An eccentric hummingbird from Disneys 1995 production, Pocahontas
  • Diablo Maleficents pet raven from Sleeping Beauty
  • Ludwig Von Drake Walt Disneys admired anthropomorphic duck
  • Sheldon A chick egg in Garfield and Friends
  • Dodo A fictional character from Lewis Carrolls Alice In Wonderland
  • Drake Mallard Disneys St. Canards alter-ego
  • Heckle A black-feathered magpie from Heckle and Jeckle
  • Thundra Named after a phoenix in Aladdin
  • Henry Enola Holmes newest sensation!
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    The Twitter Bird Has A Name: Larry

    You’ve probably seen many versions of Twitter’s bird logo by now, but did you know that the little fella actually has a name? He’s Larry. Larry the Bird.

    A tweet by Ryan Sarver, a Twitter employee who works on the company’s platform and API, reminded us of this silly bit of trivia. Sarver tweeted that Doug Bowman Twitter’s creative director discussed “the evolution of the Larry the Bird logo” on Monday.

    Sarver’s tweet doesn’t mark the first time we’ve heard someone reference Larry’s name. to try drawing the Twitter bird logo better than TODAY’s Ann Curry in March 2011, a #sketchLarry hashtag was used.

    So how’d Larry get his name? Is he named after Google co-founder Larry Page? Or perhaps after Larry the Cable Guy? Maybe Larry King?

    No. Larry the Bird is named after former NBA basketball player Larry Bird of Boston Celtics fame.

    This detail was confirmed when Peter Stringer the Boston Celtic’s director of interactive media about it in Aug. 2011.

    Early Diversity Of Bird Ancestors

    Twitter bird name


    The first large, diverse lineage of short-tailed avialans to evolve were the Enantiornithes, or “opposite birds”, so named because the construction of their shoulder bones was in reverse to that of modern birds. Enantiornithes occupied a wide array of ecological niches, from sand-probing shorebirds and fish-eaters to tree-dwelling forms and seed-eaters. While they were the dominant group of avialans during the Cretaceous period, enantiornithes became extinct along with many other dinosaur groups at the end of the Mesozoic era.

    Many species of the second major avialan lineage to diversify, the Euornithes , were semi-aquatic and specialised in eating fish and other small aquatic organisms. Unlike the Enantiornithes, which dominated land-based and arboreal habitats, most early euornithes lacked perching adaptations and seem to have included shorebird-like species, waders, and swimming and diving species.

    A study on mosaic evolution in the avian skull found that the last common ancestor of all Neornithes might have had a beak similar to that of the modern hook-billed vanga and a skull similar to that of the Eurasian golden oriole. As both species are small aerial and canopy foraging omnivores, a similar ecological niche was inferred for this hypothetical ancestor.

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    Stock Launch And Tax Issues

    On September 12, 2013, Twitter announced that it had filed papers with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of a planned stock market listing. It revealed its prospectus in an 800-page filing. Twitter planned to raise US$1 billion as the basis for its stock market debut. The initial public offering filing states that “200,000,000+ monthly active users” access Twitter and “500,000,000+ tweets per day” are posted. In an October 15, 2013, amendment to their SEC S-1 filing, Twitter declared that they would list on the New York Stock Exchange , quashing speculation that their stock would trade on the NASDAQ exchange. This decision was widely viewed to be a reaction to the botched . On November 6, 2013, 70 million shares were priced at US$26 and issued by lead underwriter Goldman Sachs.

    In September 2016, Twitter shares rose 20% after a report that it had received takeover approaches. Potential buyers were Alphabet ,Microsoft,,Verizon, and The Walt Disney Company. Twitter’s board of directors were open to a deal, which could have come by the end of 2016. However, no deal was made, with reports in October stating that all the potential buyers dropped out partly due to concerns over abuse and harassment on the service. In June 2017, Twitter revamped its dashboard to improve the new user experience.

    The Twitter Bird Icon

    After four years of the wordmark, the founders decided to add something that would reflect its identity. This was when the bird was born, and it was said to symbolize the nature of a tweetquick and short, just like the noises a bird would make. The bird was placed to the right of the wordmark, which remained unchanged except for the color switch to black.

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    Defence And Intraspecific Combat

    A few species are able to use chemical defences against predators some Procellariiformes can eject an unpleasant stomach oil against an aggressor, and some species of pitohuis from New Guinea have a powerful neurotoxin in their skin and feathers.

    A lack of field observations limit our knowledge, but intraspecific conflicts are known to sometimes result in injury or death. The screamers , some jacanas ” rel=”nofollow”> Jacana, Hydrophasianus), the spur-winged goose , the torrent duck and nine species of lapwing use a sharp spur on the wing as a weapon. The steamer ducks , geese and swans , the solitaire , sheathbills , some guans and stone curlews use a bony knob on the alular metacarpal to punch and hammer opponents. The jacanas Actophilornis and Irediparra have an expanded, blade-like radius. The extinct Xenicibis was unique in having an elongate forelimb and massive hand which likely functioned in combat or defence as a jointed club or flail. Swans, for instance, may strike with the bony spurs and bite when defending eggs or young.

    Dinosaurs And The Origin Of Birds

    Who Made That Twitter Bird?

    et al.Anchiornis huxleyi

    Based on fossil and biological evidence, most scientists accept that birds are a specialised subgroup of theropoddinosaurs and, more specifically, members of Maniraptora, a group of theropods which includes dromaeosaurids and oviraptorosaurs, among others. As scientists have discovered more theropods closely related to birds, the previously clear distinction between non-birds and birds has become blurred. Recent discoveries in the Liaoning Province of northeast China, which demonstrate many small theropod feathered dinosaurs, contribute to this ambiguity.

    The consensus view in contemporary palaeontology is that the flying theropods, or avialans, are the closest relatives of the deinonychosaurs, which include dromaeosaurids and troodontids. Together, these form a group called Paraves. Some basal members of Deinonychosauria, such as Microraptor, have features which may have enabled them to glide or fly. The most basal deinonychosaurs were very small. This evidence raises the possibility that the ancestor of all paravians may have been arboreal, have been able to glide, or both. Unlike Archaeopteryx and the non-avialan feathered dinosaurs, who primarily ate meat, recent studies suggest that the first avialans were omnivores.

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    Color Specific Names For Blue Birds

    Another great way to choose a name for your feathered friend is to target the hues of its body. Blue-colored birds are one of the fascinating raptors across the world and are distinguished from other species due to their incomparable charm.

    Their vibrant azure bodies mirror the shades of the sky, leaving their pet owners and visitors simply spellbound. While researching, we even stumbled across a set of finches named Mrs. White and Mr. Red!

    So, here is a list of the most striking names for blue-colored birds thatll be a great addition to your range of options!

  • Azure Derived from the Spanish origin. Translates into sky blue.
  • Celeste Named after the Latin word Céleste, meaning heavenly.
  • Sapphire An English version of the Hebrew name, translating into a gem.
  • Aqua Embodies sea-blue color and vast oceanic waves.
  • Blue A quite literal name for your blue-colored bird.
  • Teal Named after a stunning bluish-green color.
  • Kai A Hawaiian name that translates into sea.
  • Bluebell The name of a delicate flower occurring from American origin.
  • Azura A female Spanish name that means sky blue.
  • Blueberry A popular fruit that also means Gift of God in English.
  • Oceane A sophisticated French name that translates into the ocean.
  • Sprinkle The act of splashing of water, used to address a pet with a joyous character.
  • Luna A Latin name that means the Moon.
  • Cobalt Originates from the German word Cobald, which means Goblin.
  • Chip A friendly name for bird pets.
  • The History Of Twitter

    Co-founder Jack Dorsey originally conceptualized twitter in 2006. He first imagined Twitter as a text-based communications platform. Friends could keep tabs on one another based on their status updates, similar to texts but not quite. At the time, Myspace ruled the social networking scene, with Facebook hot on its heels. Social media was all the rage, and Dorsey knew it.

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    What Is The Name Of The Twitter Bird

    The bird seen in the Twitter logo is named Larry the Bird. It has a catchy and friendly name that alludes to the casual nature of the platform.

    The story behind this name is something that sports buffs will definitely love. Its been a huge topic since the company confirmed the birds name in 2010.

    The co-founder Biz Stone, who grew up in Boston, was asked by the Boston Celtics if the bird was named after the NBA legend Larry Bird. Stone confirmed this theory in 2011. Bird was a known figure in basketball who played with the Celtics for 13 seasons. The power forward was also crowned the MVP for three consecutive years. And the logo was a way for the business to pay homage to their basketball idol.

    And if youre wondering what type of bird Larry is, it is designed after a mountain bluebird with some hummingbird features. It is depicted in a flat illustration for a mobile-friendly look.

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