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What Is The Point Of Snapchat

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You Can Use Geofilters With The App:

What is Snapchat ? Explained

Snapchat is doing a great deal by providing the users with location-specific filters, called Geofilters. Once you enable location on your phone, you can access geofilters easily. These filters get activated whenever youre in a certain area and you can then amuse yourself and others by adding fun designs to your snaps.

Geofilter Is A Distinct Feature of Snapchat

It is such a great tool that companies also use to share their fun and comical side to generate more leads and spread their brand awareness.

Sometimes You Need Visual Proof That Youre Drunk

The best part about Snapchat? Drunken pictures. My favourite hobby is taking screenshots of drunken Snapchats and then sending the picture back the next morning to whoever sent it in the first place. The results are always funny, especially since they often dont remember what they sent in the first place.

Reasons Why Snapchat Is Awesome

Heres the thing I love Snapchat, and have managed to turn a bunch of my friends into regular users. However, Team MissMalini is proving a lot more difficult especially MissMalini, who keeps saying that she doesnt get the point of using Snapchat! So for her sake and because I need a lot more people on my list to share selfies with Im listing down 10 reasons why Snapchat is amazing. Read on if youre still flirting with the idea of joining Snapchat or send the link to those people in your life who scoff at it!

P.S. You may notice that I left out sexting as one of the points. Thats because it pretty much goes without saying, dont you think? 😛

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How Many Users Does Snapchat Have In Each Age Group In 2021

Data published in the platforms self-service advertising tools in October 2021 indicated that marketers could reach the following worldwide audiences using ads on Snapchat:

  • 110.9 million users aged 13 to 17

  • 104.5 million users aged 18 to 20

  • 99.8 million users aged 21 to 24

  • 115.3 million users aged 25 to 34

  • 70.7 million users aged 35 to 49

  • 18.9 million users aged 50 and above

Want to know more about the age profile of Snapchat users in your country? Check out our free country report library.

Notes: the figures shown above are based on Snapchats potential advertising reach, and may not correlate with the platforms total number of daily or monthly active users. Rounding in source data may mean that individual figures do not correlate with totals. In particular, the share figures for each age group shown above may not equate to the sum of each genders share shown in the image below. Snapchats tools publish ranges for each data point we use the mid-point of these published ranges for our calculations.

Profile of Snapchat’s Global Advertising Audience by Age and Gender October 2021 DataReportal

Stories You Share Are Available Only For A Limited Timespan:

What is the highest Snapchat score?

Your Snapchat community can only see your stories or content for a maximum of 24 hours. This implies that after 24 hours, your shared moments will automatically disappear. This is what we call the self-destructive nature of Snapchat.

Snapchat Content Is Self-Destructive

If youre someone with a sole marketing aim, youll have to create and post new and engaging content every day for people who follow your stories. Otherwise, your content or message may easily be washed away from the minds of your target audience.

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The Dark Side Of Snapchat And Teens

Snapchat is an application for mobile devices that allows users to send photos and videos to other users. However, unlike with photos or videos sent via text or email, those sent on Snapchat disappear seconds after they’re viewedthe sender gets to decide how long a photo will “live,” from one to 10 seconds, after it’s viewed.

How Often Does Your Snapscore Update

While there are mixed answers about this, we have noticed that the Snapscore takes just a few seconds to a few minutes to update. This usually depends on your internet speed. Some users claim that it is linked to your location services being turned on or not. However, we did not find this to be the case.

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Respecting The Services And Snaps Rights

You must also respect Snaps rights and adhere to the Snapchat Brand Guidelines, Bitmoji Brand Guidelines, and any other guidelines, support pages, or FAQs published by Snap or our affiliates. That means, among other things, you may not do, attempt to do, enable, or encourage anyone else to do, any of the following:

Can You Hide Your Snapscore


No, there is currently no way to hide your Snapscore on Snapchat. The only way to stop someone from viewing your Snapscore is to block that person. However, in that case, they will no longer be able to find your profile at all.

Well, now you know how to increase your Snapscore. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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It Offers A Useful Discover Feature:

Some of you might not know about this Discover feature of Snapchat. It permits users to explore premium video content and create brand awareness. This feature also gives you suggestions of people you may know so that you can connect with the concerned one easily.

Explore The Discover Feature

Just as a coin has two sides, similarly a situation or a thing may have more than one aspect. Knowing only the pros of Snapchat is not whats intended here. Calling your attention to both the pros and cons of Snapchat best describes the aim of this article.

Lets get you to the negative side- the Cons of Snapchat

What Is Snapscore On Snapchat

We all know that Snapchat lets you send disappearing messages and snaps. But did you know that Snapchat also keeps a count of all your activity on the app? Snapscore is basically a number that indicates how active you are on Snapchat. The score starts counting from the moment you download the app and start sending out snaps.

Your Snapscore is unique to you and is constantly updating to reflect your activity. The score is attached to your account, so even if you uninstall the app, you will not lose your Snapscore. Your Snapscore is generated depending on a couple of factors that Snapchat claims to be a Super secret recipe.

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Snapchat Makes An Offer For Your Parents Misses The Point Of Snapchat

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Snapchat aired its first television commercial last weekend at the NCAA Final Four, and it seems to have set its sights on a new audience: your parents. The ad sees Snapchat as a camera in which the way you feel matters more than how you look, while painting it as an easy way to take pictures of messy babies and put your dogs ears on your grandmother.

But, framed as another milquetoast social app designed to showcase idyllic vacations and family gatherings, the ad completely ignores what makes Snapchat attractive in the first place. These extremely clean photos are already on Instagram Stories. Snapchat is where you exchange silly jokes with your friends, non-essential thoughts, or show silly nights that you dont want to save after a five-second timer. Snapchat is not for hot and fuzzy family moments. It is not a space for your feelings. Snapchat is for posting shit.

Or at least it was. Once the youths favorite method of sex and ephemeral videos with your best friend on a 3 a.m. spree, Snapchat took a late dive. After Kylie Jenner confessed that she doesnt use the app much anymore, the companys stock price fell at a loss of around $ 1.5 billion in market value. Just last month Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna publicly condemned the platform after posting an ad asking whether users would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.

Snapchat is for sex and videos with your best friend on a spree starting at 3:00

You Are Safe And Secure:


In terms of privacy, Snapchat is an exceptional platform. There is no chance of breaching privacy or even bypassing the privacy settings because of highly secure Snapchat servers.

Snapchat Gives Safety To Users

Youre notified whenever someone views your snaps. This indicates that lurkers, which constitute a large fraction of internet users, cannot be kept out of sight. Youll get to know whosoever is catching a glimpse of your images or is attempting to take a snapshot.

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Is Snapchat Dangerous

Despite the fact that theres nothing inalienably risky about Snapchat, its regularly alluded to as the sexting application. Theres no exploration demonstrating that is valid and a lot of recounted proof that it isnt the concentration for adolescents, howeverlike any media-sharing helpSnapchat can be utilized for sexting, provocation, and so on.

What Is A Snap Score

Snap score is an indicator of your activity on Snapchat, displayed in form of points.

Its determined by a number of factors like the number of friends, Snaps volume, Snapchat streaks. It indicates to other Snapchat users how active and popular on Snapchat user is.

In order to retain users and make the app more fun to use, Snapchat had to come with something that could be equivalent to follower count on platforms with an open design like Instagram or Twitter.

Snapchat score was the perfect answer and propelled Snapchat growth, increasing user retention and in-app engagement.

You can locate your Snapchat score by going to your profile screen – it should be right below your username.

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What Does It All Mean

In a word: nothing. Your Snapchat score will not unlock special Snapchat features. It will not make it easier for people to find and follow you. It does literally nothing functional . It will get you trophies that you can brag about to your friends.

Keep this in mind when youre agonizing over your Snapchat score. Dont let websites scam you into thinking they can artificially boost your score if you pay them money. They cant do what they claim, and its not worth the trouble of finding out the hard way.

Just snap a lot, make new friends, and admire your internet trophies.

How To View Someones Snapscore


You can only view the Snapscore of users that you have added on Snapchat. To view a friends Snapscore, launch the Snapchat app, and tap on the Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner. Now select My Friends.

Tap on their Bitmoji avatar of the person to view their profile. The Snapscore is located beside their username.

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How Do Snap Scores Work

As noted, your Snap Score is an indication of how active and how social you are on Snapchat. You can’t actually use it for anything it’s purely cosmetic but raising it can be fun.

Your Snap Score counts:

  • How many Snaps you’ve sent and received
  • How many Stories you’ve viewed and posted
  • How many Discover videos you’ve watched
  • How many friends you have

You’ll also get bonus points for sending Snaps to multiple people at once, and for keeping up Snapchat Streaks by sending Snaps to your friends every day.

There are probably more factors, but it’s not clear what they are. When asked for comment, Snapchat declined to provide any more information on how Snap Scores are calculated.

If you’re curious about your score or someone else’s, here’s how to find it.

The Content Of Others

Much of the content on our Services is produced by users, publishers, and other third parties. Whether that content is posted publicly or sent privately, the content is the sole responsibility of the user or entity that submitted it. Although Snap reserves the right to review or remove all content that appears on the Services, we do not necessarily review all of it. So we cannotand do notguarantee that other users or the content they provide through the Services will comply with our Terms or Community Guidelines.

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Why Cant I See My Friends Snapscore

If youre an avid Snapchat user you know how serious the Snapscore really is. Aside from your friend emojis and getting responses to your Snaps in a timely manner, keeping your friends and growing your friends list is equally important.

If you have a friend on Snapchat but cannot see their Snapscore that means they either havent added you to their friends list, or they deleted you. Snapchat only shows you the Snapscore of the users who are mutually your friend.

If this is a concern of yours you could try to send the user a message on Snapchat or using an external social media site to see if they will add you.

Sending & Receiving Snaps

World 1st 1 Million Snapchat Points

Every time you send or receive a snap, your score increases. The higher the number of Snaps you sent to your friends, the higher the score. Snaps you`ve sent will also count toward Snapchat streak.

Also, remember that no matter what number of snaps you are sending, the score wont increase if they are just plain text messages.

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The Filters Are Awesome

True story: I now find myself taking pictures using the Snapchat camera, applying one of their filters, saving the picture and then uploading that to Instagram without any other filter. They only have two coloured filters, but both of them are so good that I wish they were in-built on Instagram so I could use them for photos that I havent taken in Snapchat.

Personalize Your Snapcode With Your Bitmoji

Tap on the ghost icon on the top left of the screen, then tap Create Bitmoji. Tap Create Bitmoji again on the next screen. If you dont already have the Bitmoji app installed, youll be redirected to the App Store or to download it.

Follow the directions to link your Bitmoji to your Snapchat account or create a new one. You Bitmoji will be your digital representation on Snapchat and appear in your Snapcode.

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Post Snapchat Stories Daily

A Snapchat story gives you one point per snap that you post. You do not get points based on how many users view your Stories. Keeping that in mind, you should post multiple Snaps to your story every day.

To post a snap to your story, click the snap and then select My Story while posting. This will post the snap to your Snapchat Story.

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Snapchat Features And Terminology


Each social network seems to have its own language. Lets take a look at the key Snapchat terminology you need to know to understand how to use Snapchat for business.

Snap: A Snap is a picture or video you send through the app to one or more of your friends. A video snap can be a maximum of 10 seconds long. Snaps are deleted once theyve been viewed by all recipients, unless you add them to your Story, in which case they disappear after 24 hours. Unopened Snaps are deleted after 30 days.

Stories: The Stories section of Snapchat showcases photos and videos that youd like to share with all your Snapchat friends.

Custom Stories: Custom Stories allow groups to create Stories together. You can choose to create a Group Story, which allows specific people to contribute Snaps, or a Geofenced Story, which allows your friendsand friends of friendsto contribute Snaps to a story as long as they are at a specific place.

Snapstreak: If you and a friend Snap each other within 24 hours for three consecutive days, youre on a Snapstreak. Youll see a flame emoji next to your friends name, with a number indicating how many days youve kept the streak going for. Note that chats do not count toward Snapstreaks.

Filter: A Snapchat filter is a fun way to jazz up your Snaps by adding an overlay or other special effects. Filters can change based on special events or holidays, location, or time of day.

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What Exactly Is A Snap Score

They have also made it more fun for users by integrating the Snapchat Score, or more conveniently called a Snap Score. It is the number logged by your username that is connected to your Snapchat profile. You can view two scores in your profile: one for the number of snaps you have sent and one for snaps you have received.

But waitthats not all there is to it. Snap Inc. has confirmed that other factors can boost your total snap score, and knowing all of them does not hurt your chances of getting one of the highest snap scores on the platform. Well get to that in a bit.

Its More About Creating Content Than Just Passively Absorbing It

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the first thing you see when you open Snapchat isnt a massive feed of information. Its a camera.

Thats on purpose, and its telling of Snapchats strategy. The whole idea behind the app is to nudge users into creating content to send to a friendeven if its just goofy videos. Snapchat has developed products around this, like Live Stories, where Snapchat curators pick snaps from a particular location and turn it into a story from the event, like, say, an NBA basketball game or the E3 videogame expo.

The push toward making, rather than consuming, content, has paid off. CEO Evan Spiegel recently told investors that the service was getting 10 billion video views a day, up from 2 billion views in May 2015.

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