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What Is The Point Of Pinterest

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How To Edit Or Delete Idea Pins

How to Save Pictures From Pinterest to Your Gallery

Once created, you can go back and edit your Idea Pins in these ways:

  • Change the board or section its published on.
  • Turn on or off the ability for people to comment and add photos on it.
  • Delete your Idea Pin.

1 | Click on an Idea Pin to open it.

2 | Click the ellipsis to the right of the Pin.

3 | Click Edit Pin.

4 | From here, you can:

  • Edit the board: Select a public board from the drop-down menu then click Done.
  • Edit the section: Select or create a board section then click Done.
  • Edit comments and photo permissions: Toggle the switch next to Allow people to comment to turn it on or off.
  • Delete your Idea Pin: Click Delete in the bottom-left corner then click Delete Pin to confirm.

5 | Click Done.

The Art Of The Pin: Title Description And Hashtags

Provide helpful, detailed descriptions

It probably goes without saying, but Pins with descriptions drive more clicks to your site than those without.

Use solid, well-researched keywords

One of the keys for ensuring that your Pins remain discoverable over a long period of time is to think of the Pinners mindset when they are looking for content like yours and then incorporate those keywords directly into the title and description.

For example, if youre a DIY blogger with great summer drink recipes, use words like summer, drinks, non-alcoholic, and recipe in the title and description.

Or, if youre a financial services company trying to reach new home buyers, try home purchase and financial help.

Pro Tip: The Pinterest Search function can help you find new keywords. If your Pin is a roast chicken recipe, for example, search for roast chicken on Pinterest. Youll see suggested searches for roast chicken whole and roast chicken oven, and search guides like simple or cast iron.

All of these are great keywords you can add to your description when appropriate!

Add up to 20 relevant hashtags

Yes, its true!

Pro Tip: Hashtags should act as broad search terms, not niche humor .

Utilize video Pins to bring your ideas to life

Video content on Pinterest can be an incredible way to bring your ideas to life with motion and sound.

Marketers: Why Should You Care About Pinterest

I lump bloggers, affiliate marketers and niche site publishers in this group. Anyone using Pinterest for exposure or traffic falls under the marketer group.

Its not a trick question. I know what youre thinking and youre correct.

For marketers, the . More crassly put, its about making money.

Thats it.

To that end, Pinterest CAN be very effective. It boils down to your niche.

Images of an automobile insurance policy arent exactly going viral.

Is it easy to make money with Pinterest?

It can be. It depends if you do it right or wrong. It depends on your line of business or blog niche.

With the right niche and methods, its a goldmine.

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The Art Of The Pin: When And How To Save Images

Heres a list of quick tips to get you started!

First five Pins each day are prioritized for distribution

Its also a good idea to save Pins regularly, rather than all at once. In other words, consistent, daily activity is much better than a once-a-week or once-a-day flurry of Pins.

By using a tool like , were able to schedule content out days, weeks, and even months in advance. This allows us to keep a consistent stream of Pins flowing to our boards without spamming our followers or missing out on positive Pinterest algorithm benefits.

Always include links

That means ensuring that your content includes a relevant link to the original source every single time even if the link does not lead to your own website.

*Note: Pinterest does not distribute Pins with broken links.

Lean into trends

Start saving Pins about upcoming trends, seasonal events, or holidays around 45 days in advance. Then keep adding more ideas daily and maintain a steady pace of content.

For example, Cristin Cooper // The Southern Style Guide shared a variety of birthday party themed Pins leading up to the summer season here in the United States:

Linking multiple Pins to the same destination

When doing so, just make sure to add specific descriptions for each Pin. This will greatly help to improve your SEO.

Save to the most relevant board first

In other words, make sure the Pin and board are a perfect match.

Avoid Shortening Website Links

25+ best ideas about Point Of View on Pinterest View video, Ela anchor ...

Its common practice to place links to your website or product pages from a pin. A direct link to your store from a pin can increase website traffic and conversions. Double check that links work and that links arent shortened using a tool like

Avoid shortening the links in your Pinterest descriptions, says Patrick Crane, founder of Love Sew. Often, when a Pinterest user clicks on a shortened link, theyll receive a spam alert. This creates friction for the user, who is less likely to proceed to your site owing to the perceived security risk.

Keep your links in their original format to minimize the opportunities for friction and resistance to develop.

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Create Beautiful Pins To Boost Engagement

Here are some of our top tips for creating beautiful Pins that your viewers will want to save and share:

Use high-quality photos: Make sure they are sharp, in focus, well-composed, properly showcase your product, and match your brand aesthetic.

Use portrait shots: Because , taller images perform better as they fill more of the screen as a user scrolls down through the explore page. The max aspect ratio for Pins is 1:2.8 so getting creative with the length of your images could make a big difference to your engagement rates.

Create Pins with multiple images: If youre skilled in Photoshop, you can edit multiple images together to create one, long Pin. However, we suggest you keep it to less than four images for clarity.

Keep text on your Pins to a minimum: Remember that your Pin is just a snapshot of the link youre sharing, so youll want to keep the text on your Pin short and simple.

Create A Pin Using An Image Saved On Your Computer

To create a Pin from images on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Select Choose Image and find the file on your computer

  • Pick a board for your Pin and add a description

Heres how to schedule your Pins with Later:

  • Drag and drop an image from your Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at the date and time of your choice.

Important: Your board settings must be set to Public in order to schedule your Pin to that board. When scheduling your Pin, you can search your boards by name, or simply scroll through a list of your boards

  • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.

  • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!

Not signed up to Later yet? What are you waiting for! Start managing and scheduling your Pinsnow:

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Branding & Graphic Design

Since Pinterest is a creative platform for image sharing it should come as no surprise that a lot of famous designers use it to create lookbooks that center around a certain visual aesthetic.

But, even if you arent a designer you can still have a mood board filled with branding ideas and graphic design inspiration.

If you are running your own business, you can use this board as a starting point for building your brands design . How? Click More Ideas and Pinterest will generate a ton of pins that are related to the ones you have already created or shared.

Perhaps you have a blog with articles that you are creating images for it is now time to too. That is what we use our for. We take all the images that our amazing in-house designers make and share them with our target audience.

Interacting With Your Followers

A Remote and Hidden Home with a Breathtaking View and Interior Design (House Tour)

If a friend pins something you like, however, you can interact with that pin in several different ways. First, you can “like” what they’ve pinned. This is a fast and easy way to give your followers kudos for posting something you like. Second, if you really like their pin, you can leave a comment. This is a more personal and interactive way to communicate with someone you’re following. Finally, if you really, really like what they’ve pinned, you can “repin” it to one of your own pinboards. This will enable people who are following you to also see the item. They’ll also be able to click through to the original pinner and see the rest of his or her pinboards.

With all of this pinning and repinning, it’s easy to let your pinboards get out of control. We talk about organizing your pinboards next.

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Create A Regular Pinning Schedule With Later

Whether youre posting once a day, or once a month, making sure your Pinterest account is staying active is easier than ever with Later!

Heres how to use the within the Later app:

  • Drag and drop an image from the Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at your selected date and time.

  • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.

  • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!

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    Create Boards To Inspire Others

    The whole point of Pinterest is to inspire each other. Weve mentioned earlier that this platform is super useful to save anything from the web and get back to it later. Basically, you are free to create boards on any topic that you are fond of. You can either pin pictures to it from the web, or pin from Pinterest itself. So, creating boards on a given topic is not such a biggie. Here is how to

    Once you name your board, all you have to do is click on Create. You can choose to make your board either public or secret by flipping the Secret toggle. The secret board will be visible only to you and the people who you invite to collaborate with you on your board.

    You can always edit your board later by clicking on the Pencil icon above your boards name. You can edit the boards name itself, add a description, choose a category, switch between secret and public, add collaborators to your board, or even delete it.

    To help you get started filling your board, Pinterest will even show you recommended searches based on your boards name.

    Carefully Plan Your Boards

    1000+ images about Teaching: Point of View on Pinterest

    As , your brands boards can help reach new Pinners interested in specific topics or learning specific things.

    For example, Oreos boards include Pins with inspiration for upcoming seasonal holidays like its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board as well as recipe ideas, like its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board.

    In other words, the brand skillfully mixes useful, engaging and inspiring content boards with boards that are more promotional:

    And Aveeno has boards for their own products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards:

    But the brand also has other boards, like the Earth Day board that includes Pins indirectly showcasing the brand while showing an understanding of what their audience values and supports.

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    Pinning Stuff From The Internet

    I’m one of those frustrating people who never read an instruction manual. So, once I had my “Pin It” button installed, I skipped the “getting started” section and immediately began surfing the Web looking for something to pin.

    And speaking of “pin,” one of my favorite bands, Pinback, has a new record coming out on Oct. 16, 2012. Pinback: What a perfect first thing to pin! I surfed over to their Web site, clicked the “Pin It” button and was greeted with the following disheartening message: “Sorry, couldn’t find any pinnable images or video on this page.”

    Leave it to me to find one of Pinterest’s few limitations on my first attempt. Pinterest’s support page offers this helpful tidbit: “Currently you can’t use the Pin It bookmarklet when viewing Flash sites or .” Pinback’s Web site relies heavily on Flash, so that explained that.

    I went to another of my favorite artist’s sites and was able to add Arooj Aftab to my very first-ever board with a single click. Would it be just as easy, I wondered, to upload my own original content to Pinterest? You’re about to find out.

    What Is A Pin On Pinterest

    When someone clicks on a Pin, it will enlarge to show the full image and description. If they click again, they will be taken to the link associated with the Pin usually a blog post or product page with more information than can be included on the Pin. Your Pins can be saved to other Boards owned by other Pinners.

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    Whats The Actual Point Of Pinterest

    18 September 2017 by Tarryn Rothstein

    Just one pin can lead to more pins, which can then lead to even more pins!!!

    Whats the actual point of Pinterest?

    This will ensure that your brand reaches additional possible customers who might not otherwise have seen your existing marketing channels.

    Top Tips!!!

    • Write an interesting profile, make it informative and give it lots of personality
    • Research competition before you set up boards and see what your competitors cover so you start to create boards that will be popular and interesting
    • Give each board a name and make sure you include a keyword focused board description
    • Make sure all images contain descriptive keywords. Once uploaded, edit your pin and include a link back to the original source or the relatable content on your website.
    • Create a board to showcase your latest, best selling or favourite products

    Convert more browsers into buyers!!!!!

    Navigate Your Account Options

    How to Search for Pinterest History | Clear Your Pinterest Search History
  • Select the drop-down arrow from the upper-right menu to see more options. You’ll go through each of these options in the next several steps to see where each takes you.

  • Add another account takes you to a screen where you can create a new Pinterest account and switch between accounts.

  • Add a free business account helps you set up a business account, so you can run ads, access analytics, and more.

  • Settings brings you to a screen where you can edit your account profile, add a photo, change account settings, choose notification settings, see and change privacy settings, turn on two-factor authentication, and more.

  • Tune your home feed brings you to a screen where you can edit your preferences and interests.

  • Install the app allows you to install an app that lets a Pinterest tab run in the background when you’re using a Pinterest-optimized browser.

  • GetHelp brings up the Pinterest Help Center.

  • See terms and privacy brings up the Pinterest privacy policy.

  • Selecting Log out will log you out of Pinterest.

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    Create Your First Pin And Board

    Now its time for you to create your first pin . The anatomy of a pin can be broken down into several parts:

    Visual asset: This is what youll be pinning, whether its a video, graphic, or image. You can drag and drop or click the open space to upload directly from your computer or device. The platform recommends that images are high quality, use the .jpg format, and are less than 32 MB. For videos, they recommend .mp4 files that are less than 2 GB.

    Title: Your pin title can be 100 characters long, but only the first 30 characters will show up before it is cut off in pinners feeds. Its best to keep it under the 30-character markor to include the most important information first. You can also take advantage of emoji, as these only take up 1 character but tell viewers a lot.

    Description: A description of a pin can be 500 characters, which is a good amount of space to explain whatever it is that youre pinning. Again, however, the description will be truncated after a certain character limit, so a pinner has to click See more to view the rest. So be sure to make those first couple of sentences count!

    Destination link: Where do you want pinners to visit when theyve seen your pin?

    Publishing time: You can choose to publish a pin now or at a later date. Scheduling posts for later can be a great way to stay organized and ensure that your account is actively publishing content for the next couple of days .

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