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What Is Social Selling Linkedin

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Flesh Out Your Profile

Social Selling Index on LinkedIn – how to find it and improve it

Unsurprisingly, selling products and services on LinkedIn starts with the quality of your profile itself. Your LinkedIn profile is your main resource for connecting with other users, so an incomplete or unprofessional profile will reflect poorly on your business and push leads away.

One of the easiest ways to make your profile appear more reputable is to get endorsements from other professionals in your network. Endorsements will appear directly on your profile and show viewers that you really do have expertise in your particular niche.

You will also need to start posting your own content in order to position yourself as a thought leader and connect with a larger audience. Theres no shortcut to content developmentyou simply need to find ways to provide valuable insights that readers cant find anywhere else.

Exchange Value = Prospect On Linkedin

On the web, you cannot seek to sell directly, because your credibility and expertise are essentially based on the added value that you can bring to your prospects. This step is essential and essential for successful content marketing.

Once the relationship is created through LinkedIn, you can seek to meet the person in real life and discuss your project. This is when you can switch to your usual sales process.

This exchange will therefore be decisive in determining whether your prospect will convert into a customer.

It is therefore essential to know how to sell yourself during this interaction with your prospect, and to show him how you can respond to the problems he encounters.

The sale is then, not a product offered to a customer, but a solution to a problem that brings him value.

Your customer, with your solution, will also be able to bring value to their customers. It is an exchange of knowledge, of tools that solve a problem.

Your product must be a help for your target.

Look at selling this way and youll never sell the same way to your customers again.

How To Research On Linkedin

Your prospects LinkedIn profile tells you basic but essential facts like their title and company, primary responsibilities, job tenure, location, and industry.

It may also give you insight into their personality, interests, and preferred communication style. After skimming their LinkedIn summary and recommendations, try to gauge their character. How do others describe them? How do they describe themselves?

Take a look at HubSpot director Dan Tyres recommendations:

Terms like “enthusiastic,” “high energy,” and “passionate” come up again and again. A rep selling to Tyre should strive to match his ebullience and optimism.

You should also review the highlights, featured, activity, and interests sections of your prospects profile.

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Eerst Luisteren Dan Verkopen

Of je nu een professioneel merk of je eigen personal brand onder de aandacht brengt: houd eerst de vinger aan de pols met social listening. Dat wil zeggen dat je in de gaten houdt wat er online over je product wordt gezegd: waar hebben klanten last van en wat vinden ze juist geweldig aan je bedrijf? Bekijk reviews en user generated content. Vervolgens baseer je je berichten op deze informatie. Je praat met anderen en beantwoordt hun vragen, maar houdt geen verkooppraatje. Het doel is om echt het gesprek aan te gaan, dus laat reclameboodschappen achterwege.

Explore Opportunities: Expand Your Linkedin Network

How to Use LinkedIn to Get More Sales

9. Connect with colleagues and other professionals that you know outside of LinkedIn

When building your network on LinkedIn, be sure to start by connecting with people you know and have recently met. These are the most natural people to connect with whether they are an old colleague or someone you just met at a conference or networking event.

When connecting with people you have recently met, always remind them of how they know you or where you met, just in case they have forgotten who you are. If it is someone you have just met at an event, be sure to send your message soon after the event, as this will increase the likelihood that they will remember you and accept.

10. Connect with your clients on LinkedIn

Connect with as many of your clients as possible on LinkedIn. This could open the door to future opportunities with them, as well as others in their network they could recommend you to.

11. Use the Advanced Search function to find prospects

You can easily find prospects on LinkedIn using their Advanced Search function. This is a fantastic tool for finding potential prospects you can connect with. You can further increase the effectiveness of the search tool using Boolean search, which gives you the ability to filter your search so that you find exactly what you are looking for.

12. Connect with 2nd and 3rd-level connections that have engaged with your content

13. Reach out to your network for referrals and warm introductions

14. Follow and engage with influencers

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Linkedin Sales Conversion: Move The Conversation Offline

19. Once you have built rapport with a prospect, move the conversation offline

Social selling isnt about selling. Its about lead generation. You need to get to the point with social selling that you have earned the right to have a conversation offline by building rapport and trust. Its through an offline conversation that you can learn about the person, the challenges they face and then make recommendations that involve your solutions.

Its offline that you convert a prospect to a client. So many people are in such a hurry to do this that they turn prospects off and never get to this place.

Optimize Your Linkedin Profile Based On Your Ideal Customer Profile

Think of your LinkedIn as your personal landing page.

In the same way, you might have different landing pages for different solutions, we recommend modeling your LinkedIn profile after your ideal customer profile.

If you have multiple ICPs as part of your business strategy though, you can optimize your employees profiles for those profiles accordingly.

Starting from the top, you should look at the following sections of your LinkedIn profile:

Some of them are going to be more important than others, but its worth getting this step right to show your attention to detail.

See our full guide on optimization and for a more detailed breakdown and examples of each section.

Your profile sections and communications should be related to the LinkedIn profile description, based on your ICP.

When your profile is ready, you can start preparing for social selling outreach! The first step you should do is warm up.

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Provide People With A Compelling Reason To Connect

As noted, LinkedIn discourages users from adding each other at random.

To stay in line with their best practices, you should provide some sort of context to your connections in your connection note.

Hey there! I saw that you work for Company X – Im always looking to connect to new experts in .

I absolutely loved your latest blog post for Company X! Thought we should connect – thanks!

I saw your comment on s post – spot on! Would love to connect.

You dont need to write a novel here or worry about pitching here. Simply tack on a sentence or two that highlights why you want to connect and provide a personal touch in the process.

Use The Customized Search Options

What is social selling? Twitter & LinkedIn best practices!

LinkedInâs customized search filters provide many options for finding the right prospects.

For example, if youâre using the BANT qualifying network, these search options will help you to easily locate purchase decision-makers and people in director positions. If youâre selling something aimed towards content writers, for example, you can find them in no time.

You can expand your research depending on your needs and filter prospects easily.

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Your Top Competitors Are Already Social Selling

Using social selling means staying competitive. Other brands are active on social media interacting with potential customers on popular social platforms. According to data from Statista: In 2020, an estimated 25% of e-commerce enterprises worldwide were planning to sell their goods on social media.

Now, consider the numbers:

  • users visit a profile at least once a day and are researching products and services on the platform.
  • 70% of YouTube users have bought a brands product after seeing it on YouTube.
  • for organic marketing. Facebook is the next most popular platform, used by 82% of B2B content marketers.

Connect With The Target On Linkedin

Once youve determined your target, you can start prospecting by adding them to LinkedIn.

To have a chance that they accept you in their network, you will have to be able to show your expertise and prove to them that you are able to answer their problems.

Always remember to send a personalized message when adding, this will increase your chances of being accepted.

This is the most important step in the process. Because the first interactions will remain in the memory of your target. You need to add value, show that you understand the issues or take an interest in their business or industry.

There are different ways to connect with your target on LinkedIn:

  • Interact, comment on their publication while providing value.
  • Show off your expertise by posting content.
  • Send an invitation to join your network .
  • If theyve visited your profile, invite them!
  • Develop confidence.

If someone new comes to your network, dont forget to thank them. This allows you to start the conversation and make the transition to the next step.

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Can You Use Linkedin For Social Selling

Yes! While LinkedIn is often overlooked as it was created for professional networking, it is a great social media platform for social selling. It works especially well for B2B businesses, but B2C businesses can also use it. The platform offers all the features you need to educate your followers and establish your authority in your industry or specialized segment of the market. You can also use LinkedIn to share information and engage with your followers to help them through your sales funnel.

Post Interesting Updates That People Can Interact With

Strategies for Social Selling Using LinkedIn  The Pain, Prescription ...

The goal of LinkedIn is to enhance interaction by prioritizing relevant material. People want to enjoy content from people they know or choose to follow to gain knowledge and insight. Hence, only relevant material will garner the most attention and shares.

In our opinion, we believe its best to present your point of view on an issue that is highly debated in your industry. The more contentious the topic, the more interest it generates. This is why you need to tread carefully on this one. In the comments, ask your audience what they think.

You can also talk about what your predictions about that particular industry are. Speculating about it can result in a lot of interest in your comments. Share your forecasts about how your industry will evolve, what the industrys future looks like, what the future looks like for firms, and so on.

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Reaching Out To B2b Influencers

LinkedIn B2B influencers are busy people, if you want to do business with them, you need be patient and play it smart.

1/ Interact with their posts first

Try to like and comment their posts multiples times before reach out. That way, they will automatically remember you even if your message is poorly written or sales pushy a bit.

2/ Send a hyper-personalized DM

If you followed step 1, you actually don’t need to hyper-personalize your DM but just in case do it to maximise your reply rate close to 100%.

Use recent content they posted or old ones along with company news to craft a compelling DM.

3/ Follow-up manually

If people don’t reply to you, it’s most of the times because they’re busy, especially B2B influencers. You need to follow-up.

Even billionaire Ryan Breslow needs to follow up 15 times another CEO before creating a business opportunity.

Je Komt Meer Te Weten Over Je Klanten

Bedrijven die social listening gebruiken en goede gesprekken met hun klanten aangaan, komen veel te weten over wat die klanten drijft. In die zin is social selling niet alleen een verkooptechniek, maar ook een manier om te doen. Zelfs als er geen verkoop voortkomt uit een sociale interactie, kan die het bedrijf waardevolle informatie opleveren over de wensen en interesses van de klant. Aan de hand van deze informatie kunnen bedrijven hun toekomstige marketingcampagnes vormgeven, nieuwe productontwerpen ontwikkelen en productbeschrijvingen aanscherpen.

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Social Sellers Have To Switch Their Mindset From Traditional Sales

We mentioned that one of the two main things to highlight to decision-makers when preparing for social selling is that it requires a shift in the mindset of the sales team. But how is this the case?

Traditional sales tactics push the sale and will focus on pitching the products or services. But simply pitching is not social selling. Social selling is more about building a relationship with the clients and pitching when the time is rightâonly after a relationship has been built.

This may take some training or time for some members of your sales team to understand. Throughout the process of becoming a successful social seller, your modern selling team will need to change a few specific aspects of their strategy or thought process.

Publish Authority Content Following Linkedin Rules

How to Use LinkedIn Newsletters: A Guide for Marketers

What do we mean by LinkedIn rules?

Essentially, you have to take into consideration the LinkedIn algorithm when posting any kind of content on the platform.

If your post gets a lot of likes or comments within the first few minutes of it being published, LinkedIn is more likely to give it a boost and increase your reach.

Most posts on LinkedIn are structured this way:

  • Hook or attention grabber sentence.
  • Clickbait so that the reader clicks read more.
  • Problem or main pain points.
  • Solution, benefits, or a before and after

Here are some other best practices you should keep in mind when posting content on LInkedIn:

  • If you want to include a link , include it in the comments section, otherwise, LinkedIn will limit your reach if you include it in the post.
  • Use PDF files, videos, polls, and other forms of content to boost your organic reach.
  • Experiment with CTAs to boost your engagement and reach .
  • Use bullet points and 1-2 sentences per paragraph at most. See our guide on for even more info.
  • Test different LinkedIn engagement pods to increase your reach and connections even more.

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Research Your Linkedin Prospect

On their LinkedIn profile you can see the following information:

  • Interests â This is where you can see all the businesses, pages, influencers, and companies your prospect follows. The interests section will help you find topics on which you can connect with the person and build rapport.
  • Highlights â This section will show overlapping information such as mutual connections, interests, and previous employers. Use this if you need a good ice-breaker.
  • Activity and articlesâ Here you can check out your future leadâs content and engagement chronologically. This includes not only articles and posts, but also comments, likes, and shares.

How To Get More Employees Interested In Social Selling

One of the challenging aspects most companies have if they want more employees active in social selling, is sparking their interest.

Outside of marketing and sales, everyone is and has a different understanding of social media. And, not all employees feel they have time to get involved. Yet, social selling on LinkedIn is more feasible than most realize.

Below are a few ways to make sure more employees are interested and start getting involved in social selling.

Provide guidelines

Before any social campaign or initiatives takes place, your company needs to have a social media policy or set of guidelines in place.

Most companies have some guidelines in the current digital time, but it may need to be updated.

It should be clear, easy to follow, include the goals of being social, any repercussions for tarnishing the brand, etc. And most importantly, employees need to be aware it exists.

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Provide training

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has a different understanding of social media. On top of that, not everyone is clear on social selling or even LinkedIn for that matter.

If your company is taking social selling seriously, then having training workshops for employees to freely attend will be key. This is also a great time to present the goals, values, benefits, and guidelines along with the actual training.

Provide simple technology

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Do Not Optimize Your Content For Conversion

Even if your main goal is to help your target to solve their problems, you should not lose in mind the development of your business. Your content should also aim to convert your prospects into customers. You must therefore put call-to-action or encourage the prospect to become a customer by purchasing your services or your products.

To read:

Take Note Of Your Clients Linkedin Connections

Optimizing a Linkedin Profile for Social Selling

Pay close attention to the activity of your leads and the people that react and engage with them. Chances are that they would have the potential of becoming prospects, as well.

This is very important when looking for leads because a lot of times, people only follow others without connecting with them on LinkedIn. And since there is not an option where you can see which are the followers of other LinkedIn users, this is the best way of finding them.

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Social Selling Makes Personalization Easy

Weâve already mentioned personalization, but this is important enough to be a separate point. Since you want to build relationships with social selling, it is a great opportunity for personalization. Sending a improves the response rate, as well as your ability to go hand-in-hand.

And it is easy to personalize with social selling. After all, you are focusing on an individual, not a massive group of people. You can take the lessons you learn about personalization in your LinkedIn campaigns and apply it to other types of marketing to improve your results. For example, use it as a lesson in the importance of segmenting your email list or using cookies to make product suggestions.

Part of social selling is building a connection or relationship with the prospect before pushing the sale. Alfredâs Greetings feature is an excellent way to do this. It lets you automate customized messages to send on connectionsâ birthdays or when they change jobs, have a job anniversary, or endorse you. This way, you never forget to send congratulations, a crucial part of maintaining a relationship.

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