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What Is Snapchat’s Largest Age Demographic

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Snapchat Marketing And Advertising Statistics

What is the BEST Ad Platform FOR YOU? TikTok vs. Snapchat vs. FB

As you may already know, Snapchat is much less popular for marketing than other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But it is experiencing some improvement in this aspect with more marketers leveraging the platform for their marketing campaigns. It does offer some interesting advertising features such as sponsored lenses.

Hootsuite and We Are Social’s Digital 2021 report examines the advertising audience of each social network, including Snapchat, as of Q4 2020. They observe that the potential audience that can be reached with adverts on Snapchat is 498.2 million, which is 8.2% of the total population aged 13+. There was a notable increase in potential advertising audience for all age groups .

Image Source: eMarketer

The top countries with the highest Snapchat reach, giving the most significant opportunity for marketers, are the U.S , India , France , U.K. , and Saudi Arabia . In the case of Saudi Arabia, this gives an Eligible Audience Reach Rate of 71.4%. The equivalent figure for the U.S. is 38.6%.

When it comes to working with influencers on Snapchat, brands are doing it, but not as much as they do on other platforms. According to Linqia, only 22% of marketers say that Snapchat is the most important platform for their influencer marketing campaigns.

Image Source: Linqia

The Secret To Succeeding On Snapchat: Quality Content

People will only follow you and view your snaps if they enjoy your content. Often your content can be limited to one video or picture, but the most engaging content utilizes multiple snaps and a storyline starting with a hook and ending with a sign-off/resolution. Here are some ideas to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more:

Step-by-step tutorials. Create a tutorial about how to use your product, how to perform a related activity, or other how-to videos. Linked to your product, these can be fun, entertaining, and valuable to viewers.

Q& A session. Feed questions from followers either via snapchat or from other social media platforms and then create snaps that answer those questions. This is a good way to 1.) be relevant with the mind of your followers, and 2.) let others generate ideas for content when you are feeling stagnant generating your own.

Takeovers. Give a loyal customer control of your snapchat for a day and give your viewers a captivating change of pace especially if the customer is an influencer. Reach out to these customers and offer some of your product in exchange for their day of snapping and promotion. Use your other social media platforms to promote the day.

Polls. Polls are interactive and can range from silly to providing valuable feedback. They also create an opportunity for shares.

Promotions. Periodically post discounts and deals. Let your viewer know they need to screenshot to redeem!

Number Of Snaps Created

According to the latest Snapchat statistics, over 210 million snaps are created every single day . As a result, the company increased its total snaps created per quarter to a whopping 3.5 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

The company attributes this growth to the higher number of users that are using newer Android devices. Snapchat says this group of users is sending 7 percent more snaps than users who are still on the older versions of Android. One of the platforms most popular features is Snapchat streaks . Users create Snapstreaks by creating and exchanging at least one snap per day for consecutive days. This feature encourages users to constantly create snaps, which boosts engagement, interaction, and user retention. You may be interested to know that the current record for the longest Snapstreak stands at 1,756!

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What Is Snapchats Largest Age Demographic

  • 18 years to 30 years
  • 22 years to 35 years
  • 30 years to 50 years
  • 12 years to 24 years

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Around 68% Of Snapchat Users Open The App Multiple Times Per Day

15 best Social Media images on Pinterest

When it comes to Snapchat users, the number of visits the app gets on average proves that Snapchat isnt far behind other major social networks. Namely, 68% of its users open the app multiple times a day, 15% of them access it daily, while the rest are not as devoted. For comparison, 51% of Facebook users access the site multiple times in a day, 23% do so once a day, while the rest are on the site less often.

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Snapchat Predicted It Would Spend $196 Billion More On Mobile Advertising In 2020 Compared To Previous Years

A bold predictionbased on the recent facts about Snapchathad been circulating on the internet. The total advertising expenditure for last year was expected to exceed $767 billion. A decent chunk of that money would have likely gone toward mobile ads.

With the growth Snapchat has seen in recent years, advertising on this social platform has the potential to exceed some of the top competitors, including that 98% of users access through their mobile devices.

Distribution Of Snapchat Monthly Active Users In The United States As Of March 2021 By Age Group And Gender


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Who At Your Company Will Buyer Personas Most Benefit

Who at your company will buyer personas most benefit?

  • The marketing department because buyer personas are primarily a marketing tool.
  • The sales team because buyer personas are primarily meant for qualifying leads.
  • All customer-facing teams because a good buyer persona can provide value to marketing, sales, and services.

The Global Social Media Statistics For 2021

Do “Digital Natives” Exist? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

There are now an estimated 4.20 billion social media users globally, according to the Digital 2021: Global Overview report. This is nearly 54% of the total global population.

Since January 2020, active social media usage has increased by 13%, or 490 million users.

Almost all social media users access platforms via mobile devices, a whopping 98.8%. If youre not already thinking mobile-first then this should be a priority for 2021. Optimising your campaigns for mobile will ensure your content is eye-catching, professional, and is more likely to drive success.

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India Is Snapchats Second

Following the US, India is the second-largest market for Snapchat, accounting for over 28% of all users. The use of Snapchat is also prominent in France, where 24.5 million people use the app. Sorting Snapchat users by country, we can see that Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, and Germany all have more than 10 million app users, while the UK has more than 20 million users.

Number Of Lenses Created On Snapchat

As previously mentioned, Snapchats lenses are one of its users favorite features and the numbers certainly prove it.

By the end of Q1 2020, Snapchat users had created more than 900,000 lenses with Lens Studio . Thats an approximate 28.5 percent increase from the 700,000 at the end of the previous quarter.

In fact, according to the companys estimates, one out of every three Snaps sent by users today is created with a lens. Aside from having fun in creating lenses, users are also enjoying seeing them, with top-performing lenses on Snapchat receiving billions of views.

Snapchat lenses are also proving to be particularly popular during the coronavirus lockdown. The company says that downloads of Snap Camera, the desktop app that allows users to add lenses to their video conference calls, increased by as many as 30 times.

The popularity of lenses means Snapchat is constantly looking to add new lenses to its existing supply of lenses. Just recently, the company launched two new lenses, the Beard Lens and the Beard Removal Lens, for its users to play around with.

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What Types Of Ads Can You Create On Snapchat

Lenses and filters are what makes Snapchat unique. Since its inception, thousands of advertisers have used Snapchat to present their brand across Snapchat to users in new, creative ways. These options allow for a very personalized delivery so that you can target your specific demographic and geographic location.

Snapchat Users By Gender

Snapchat Marketing: A Beginners Guide

There is some difference in the distribution of Snapchat users by gender. It seems that the platform is more popular among women. Statista reports that, as of January 2021, 57.4% of users were female, and 40.9% were male. This is slightly more balanced than we reported on in a previous version of this post, which showed that in January 2019, 60% of users on the platform were female, and 38% were male.

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My Snapchat Stats Are A Great Way To Learn About Your Audience

Advertisers can have a hard time deciding whether their time and money are perhaps better spent elsewhere. This is the reason why most social platforms offer some form of analytic tools. For Snapchat, that tool is called Insights, though its primarily considered a source of valuable statistics. The tool enables advertisers to see real-time data on age, gender, and other necessary viewer information and follow their story views, view time, and reach.

It Would Take A Person 10 Years To See All The Snapchat Photos Shared In A One

Considering that over 20,000 photos are shared every hour on Snapchat, it would take a long time for us to view them all. Some guesstimates show that 10,000 hours is the period needed to master a new skill, such as a musical instrument, a trade, or a programming language, so our time might be better spent elsewhere.

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How To Get Insights On Snapchat

Snapchat has built in tracking features that make it easy to see how your ads are performing. Based on the results, you can better target your campaign and maximize your spend. Having a professional marketing team constantly monitor your Snapchat ads positions you for better, more immediate results. Geminis team knows how to get snapchat analytics to work for your business.

Snapchats analytics report impressions, video views , quartiles of watch duration, watch completion totals, and average screen time.

Spend metrics show effective cost per thousand impressions , effective cost per video view , total Swipe Ups, Swipe Up rate, effective cost per Swipe Up , average attachment screen time, app installs, app install rate, and effective cost per app install . Geofilter Metrics also break down the watch time of Swipe Ups by quartile.

Top Snapchat Demographics That Matter To Social Media Marketers

Generation Z | Bobby Thakkar | TEDxYouth@FortWorth

Its crucial for marketers to understand key Snapchat demographics so they can plan a marketing strategy that makes the most of the apps unique features.

Snapchat may not be as familiar to marketers as Facebook and Instagram, but its dedicated user base cant be ignored. Think about these two facts for a moment: The entire population of the world is 7.4 billion people. Snapchatters watch more than 10 billion videos every day.

Of course, the entire world is not using Snapchatyetbut more than 100 million people do use it every day , and there are 200 million active users worldwide. And Snapchats user numbers are still growing fast: eMarketer forecasts that by the end of this year, Snapchat will have a larger user base in the U.S. than either Twitter or Pinterest.

With all those people posting all that content, its important for marketers to get a sense of the most important Snapchat demographics segments so they can plan a marketing strategy that maximizes the apps unique characteristics, rather than just getting lost in the noise.

With that in mind, weve pulled together the key details social media marketers need to know before they start Snapping.

Bonus:Download a free guide that reveals the steps to create custom Snapchat geofilters and lenses, plus tips on how to use them to promote your business.

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Taco Bells Snapchat Lens Had 224 Million Views In A Single Day

During their Cinco de Mayo promo campaign, Taco Bell decided to spare no expense and spent a ton of money on a Sponsored Lens. What they didnt expect was to create the most viewed Lens of all time: Snapchat stats show that the ad ended up reaching 224 million views in just 24 hours, with an average view time of 24 seconds.

Demographics Of Us Snapchat Users

Snapchat seems to be more popular among a younger crowd, according to the Pew Research Center. 73% of American internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 used Snapchat in 2019. Among Americans aged between 25 and 29, 47% of them were Snapchat users. The usage rate faces a massive drop among those aged between 50 and 64 at only 9%, with only 3% of those aged over 65 admitting to using Snapchat.


As you can see from the chart above, Snapchat is slightly less popular than Instagram among teen internet users in the U.S. Teen preferences for Snapchat versus Instagram have see-sawed over the last five years, with each app spending time as the teen app of choice.

According to the latest Piper Sandler survey reported by , 36% of teens in their survey chose Snapchat as their favorite social platform in early 2020. Instagram came in next, with 31% of teens citing it as their favorite platform. However, the most noticeable change in the 2020 survey was the emergence of TikTok, making a first appearance in the survey as the third most popular social platform for 13% of those surveyed. Twitter and Facebook each got a mere 4% of the votes.

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Around 34% Of Us Teens Consider Snapchat The Most Important Social Network

According to the survey, 34% of US teenagers listed Snapchat as their primary and most important social network in 2020. And 29% of those surveyed said that TikTok was their preferred platform. This information is important for those looking to advertise their products or services, as the younger audience is commonly their target audience.

% Of Us Adults Are On Snapchat

Survey of Snapchat users shows that distrust in the media ...

While Snapchat isnt nearly as popular as certain other platforms among US internet users, it still manages to attract close to a quarter of all US adults. For comparison, 73% of US adults who use the internet are on YouTube, 69% use Facebook, and 37% are on Instagram. The data on the Snapchat user demographics points out that 97.55 million of its audience is from the US.

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How To Set Up A Snapchat Account For Your Business


Looking for a unique and creative way to reach 290 million daily users with your ads? A Snapchat business account could be your winning strategy for grabbing the attention of Millennials and Generation Z.

While there are several competing platforms, such as Tik Tok, Snapchat offers the most reach for your advertising dollar. Its a more mature and versatile social media option thats geared toward conversions. If youre not sure if Snapchat is a viable option for your paid advertising efforts, well explain how Snapchat works and why we recommend it for many of our clients.

Sponsored Lenses Can Get Quite Costly

Innovation isnt a common thing in the world of advertising. However, Snapchat made a breakthrough with its implementation of Sponsored Lenses. Snapchat statistics show that brands pay anywhere between $100,000 and $750,000 for special edition Lenses that last for just 24 hours. Even though its expensive, this form of advertising increases engagement massively.

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The Longest Snapchat Streak So Far Is 2033 Days Of Continued Use

Two Snapchat users need to message each other at least once in 24 hours to keep a streak going. As of December 2020, Caitlin OMahony is the record holder, with a streak that exceeds 2,033 days. Snapchat facts such as this one change daily, so who knows who will be at the top by the end of this month.

This Is It The Ultimate List Of Snapchat Statistics That You Need To Know In 2022

Hoop Dating App Review [Snapchat + Tinder = Hoop]

When was the last time you actually used Snapchat? It may surprise you to know that app still averages over 230 million daily active users. Should you be on it, too?

Weve scoured the web and compiled everything we could find into one complete record, full of sources.

From the global reports such as the Digital Report, to more localised Australian sources such as the Yellow Report, we regularly update this page with the latest news we can find.

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