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What Is Link In Bio On Instagram

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How To Put A Link In Your Instagram Bio On Desktop

What Does Link In Bio Mean On Instagram?

1. Go to and log in using your username and password.

2. On your home screen, click on your username on the upper-right hand side of your screen to go to your profile page.

3. Click on “Edit Profile” next to your username.

4. In the “Website” box, type the address of the site you want to include on your Instagram profile.

5. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Linkinbio: Drive Traffic And Revenue From Instagram

Instagram only gives you one clickable link in the app, and its the link in your bio. We want to help you turn that link into more visits, signups, conversions, and revenue for your business! With Link in bio, you can now add links to any of the Instagram posts youve published through Later, which helps direct your Instagram audience to the right content or products on your site. You can also link to multiple websites and pages, all without changing the link in your bio.

Benefits of

  • Increase traffic, signups, conversions, and revenue from your Instagram account

  • Direct your Instagram audience to the right product or content from your Instagram posts

  • Track the value and traffic from each Instagram post using or Google Analytics

  • Strengthen relationships by linking long-term to partner and collaborator sites is a web and mobile-optimized landing page that resembles your Instagram feed, and clicking on a photo will take you to a specific URL. If youre a retail store, you could add the link to buy a specific product to your Instagram post. When people click the link in your bio, theyll then be able to browse all your products and shop your feed! Or, if youre wanting to , you add direct links to your blog posts instead of a general blog link, making it easier for your followers to quickly find the content they want more of.

Which Instagram Link In Bio Tool Should You Choose

Each one of these link in bio tools operates differently than the last.

While this does give you a variety of different ways to optimize your Instagram bio link, it makes it difficult for you to narrow the list down to one or two options. This includes the first three options, which are quite similar.

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Make The Most Out Of Your Profile On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social platforms to meet people, follow world-renowned brands, and interact with people from any part of the world without any restrictions. With the information in this article, you now know how to link your website on Instagram.

Do you have a link to your website on Instagram? Have you tried adding multiple links?

Lets discuss this in the comments section below.

Do Bio Links Drive Traffic

What do you mean by a link in the bio on Instagram?

If youre looking for Instagram analytics, youll have to switch over to a business account. Analytics will show you how many people are engaging with your posts, stories, and profile. While it doesnt show you WHO is visiting, it can give you insight on whether your marketing tactics are working.

Your website host should also provide you with information about traffic to your website, but it may not show you where that traffic is coming from.

To switch to a Business accounts for analytics updates:

  • Tap on the profile icon in the lower left-hand corner of the app
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Tap Switch to Professional Account
  • Tap Business
  • Follow the verification and setup methods provided by Instagram. You will receive an email once your account has been upgraded.

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    Ready To Take Your Link In Bio To The Next Level

    With the right approach, adding a link in your bio can be a great way to attract quality leads and move them along the conversion funnel. So make the most of the ideas and tips above to start leveraging this feature for your business. Dont forget to check out our to find out how this fits into your overall strategy.

    How To Find Link In Bio On Instagram

    To get to someones profile, tap their username, displayed above their post. Then youll see their bio where they describe themselves and their account, and the blue URL. Thats the link in bio.

    For TODAY Show posts on our Instagram, when you click our link in bio theres just one more additional step to get to the right website. Tap the link in our bio, then tap the photo that matches the post you were curious about. Easy as that.

    This way, if youre looking at an older TODAY post, you can still find the link youre looking for. Just go to our profile, tap the link, then tap the photo that matches the post.

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    Where Is The Link In Bio On Instagram

    On Instagram, youll find the link in bio in the short description at the very top of a users profile. It sits underneath other important information like number of posts and follower count.

    Venture North, an organisation that promotes tourism in north Scotland, uses its link in bio to direct its audience to its website.

    How To Add A Link In Bio On Instagram And Tiktok To Drive More Traffic


    Content creators use the phrase link in bio to tell their audience they can get more info about a post by clicking the URL in their bio.

    Even if youve only seen a few posts on Instagram or TikTok, you will have likely come across the phrase link in bio. It pops up everywhere, from your favorite brands product posts to the latest snap from that #CottageCore account you follow.

    But what does link in bio actually mean? Why are people always using it? And should you get in on the action too? Lets find out!

    Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a lifestyle photographer used to grow from 0 to 600,000 followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

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    Match Your Links To Your Goals

    What links you choose to include in your link in bio landing page will depend on what you want it to achieve.

    If you want to build your email list, you might skip the other social media account links but put your lead magnet and list sign up front and centre.

    On the other hand, if youre on Instagram or TikTok to drive sales, youll want to focus attention on your online storefront and latest sale or giveaway.

    Is There A Cost

    You should also consider your budget, especially if youre a small business or solopreneur. Lnk.Bio is the most cost-effective solution if all you want is a simple way to add more links to your Instagram bio link.

    If you have a smaller audience and want to use marketing campaigns, you can get started with ShortStack for free. However, things can get pricey once your landing pages reach over 5,000 views.

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    How Does Link In Bio On Instagram Work For Brands

    Link In bio meaning more success opportunities for brands through just a link. Its process is quite simple and easy to execute.

    It is simply a link that can be of your webpages, other social profiles, or a link that itself becomes your brands storefront, which we will explain later in this blog. Stay tuned!!

    Some basic links in Instagram bio can be about:

    • Your brand website or a specific landing page
    • Social media profiles
    • Videos, blogs, forms, or information center
    • Any specific piece of content or product
    • Promotional material & marketing offers

    Link in bio meaning might make it sound like any other social media feature, but it has way more potential and scalability than expected.

    The Link in bio on Instagram is popular among brands, especially the Shoppable Instagram feed link that helps the brands to grow sales, boost engagement, and get more customers.

    Now that we know what does Link in bio mean, it is time to find out how to add a link in Instagram bio.

    The Link In Bio Industry

    What Website Link Should You Have in Your Instagram Bio

    Because of the rise of link in bio placements, an increasing number of tools have emerged to allow users to use a universal link in which to place various links. Popular link-in-bio tools include Linktree, Shorby, and Feedlink.

    Essentially, what these links do is direct you to a landing page that contains various important links. This lets people place various social media profile links, sponsorship placements, and affiliate links inside a single page. This is very common for corporate accounts and major celebrities, as they need to direct their viewers to different links in every post.

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    What Is Link In Bio On Instagram

    When someone says link in bio in an Instagram post, it is a call to action for the customer. It invites you to visit their profile and check out their biography, which contains a URL that leads you to an external website.

    Instagram has a specific policy on posting links that can lead users away from their website or app. Even though you can post links in your regular posts, users will not be able to click on the URL.

    In other words, they will have to copy and paste the link or open another window in their browser and type out the entire thing. Since the advertising space on Instagram is free, it makes sense that they decided to limit it.

    The link in your bio is the only clickable one.

    Add Links To Direct Messages

    DMs are one of the easiest ways to reach any brand or having two-way communication, so we suggest you monitor your inbox daily and respond to message requests, customer service questions, etc.

    For several big & small eCommerce brands, DMs act as a tremendous active tool to share active links in customer queries.

    This way, brands convert their Instagram followers into customers and boost sales of their product or service.

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    Pay For A Link In Captions

    According to a , Instagram may charge you if you want to add links to your captions. The platform will detect a link within a caption and display a pop-up if you want to pay to make the link clickable.

    In the patent application, the price for activating links is $2, but the actual price will be known once this feature is officially rolled out.

    Share Short Links Or Directions To Landing Pages In Your Instagram Post Captions

    Add a Clickable Link in Your Instagram Bio – Instagram Tutorial

    You cant include clickable links in the captions of normal Instagram photo posts, but that doesnt mean that post captions are useless! You can still use them to get users attention, share extracts from your content, and extend your reach with carefully selected hashtags.

    If you want to make the most of your post captions for links on Instagram, I recommend these two strategies.

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    Why Is Link In Bio Not Working

    If youve had trouble accessing web content by clicking on a Bio Link, the main culprit is that it didnt save properly.

  • Tap on the person icon in the lower left-hand corner of the app
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Pull up your web page in a web browser and copy the link
  • Copy the URL into the Website box
  • Tap Done
  • Once this is complete, your link should turn into a clickable version. If you simply type in the URL for your website, it may not work properly. Copying and pasting the URL directly from your website is a sure-fire way to make sure the link is accurate.

    How To Put A Link In Your Instagram Bio On The App

    1. On your phone’s home screen, tap the Instagram icon to open the app.

    2. On the lower-right hand corner of your screen, tap the icon of your profile photo to be taken to your profile page.

    3. Tap on “Edit Profile” at the top of the screen.

    4. In the “Website” field, add the website address you wish to add to your Instagram bio.

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    The Good Quote uses a consistent color palette for their Instagram posts and Linktree page.

    Alternatively, you can choose a service that looks more like a native Instagram experience. Instead of tapping on text buttons, users are presented with an Insta-style photo grid, as in the example below. When they tap the photo from the post that originally caught their attention, the link service directs them to the relevant page on your website.

    Some services, like Laters, include video links, photo carousels, and even Shopify integrations.

    Just be aware that photo grids like this can be data killers. Check that your chosen link service works on a wide range of mobile devices and that all of the links are functional. In theory, the experience should be seamless.

    Why Link In Bio

    How To Add Multiple Links in Instagram Bio (Profile) 2020 ...

    Therefore, that single link on a users account profile has become the center of Instagrams business aspect. It is the most prominent way that a user can redirect their followers off of Instagram and onto another website.

    Because of this, you will constantly hear the phrase link in bio spoken out loud in Instagram videos and placed in the captions of image posts. For example, a gaming studio might write out, Our new expansion is out now! Click the link in bio to download, with the link leading the user to the games download page.


    Another app where link in bio is commonplace is TikTok. Like Instagram, it only allows for a single primary link in a profile and does not allow users to place links in the captions for videos. Therefore, users have to encourage their viewers to check the link in bio instead. There are also links in Twitter profiles. However, link in bio is less prominent there, since the platform allows for links in tweets.

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    How To Put Pronouns In Instagram Bio

    In keeping with progressive principles, Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to specify the pronouns that they prefer to be identified with. Keep in mind that this feature is currently only available in a few countries, but Instagram has planned to introduce this feature to users in more countries in the future.

    Heres how you can check if the feature is available to you and add the pronouns to your Instagram bio:

    Tap on your profile at the bottom right corner.

    Tap on Edit profile.

    Here, if you see a section called Pronouns, tap on it.

    On the next page, tap on the Add your Pronouns section, type in a pronoun, and select it from the list.

    You can add up to 4 pronouns to your profile. Below it, you also have the option to allow only your followers to see your list of pronouns.

    Once youre done, tap on the tick mark at the top right corner.

    We hope youve been able to find the bio section and add the link to your businesses and content. These are sure to get you better reach for your work and allow your followers to understand you better.


    Pay To Promote Links In Instagram Posts And Stories

    With an , you can pay to promote posts and stories. Not only does this help you segment your audience, but you can also add clickable links to the captions of promoted posts. Thats right: Instagram lets you share links in post captions as long as you pay for them.

    Sustainable toothbrush brand The Bam & Boo uses promoted posts to share links to blog posts and products.

    The same rules for any ad apply here, too. Make sure your links are absolutely relevant to the post and story in which they appear, because if people click and then bounce, youve wasted your ad spend.

    Think about the conversion youre looking for. Are you promoting a shoppable post, educating users about your brand, or drawing them in with interesting content? Different conversions require different designs. Try to find a balance between attractive post design and a glaringly obvious CTA.

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    Instagram Bio Link Tips

    You can edit your link, remove it or add a new one as often as you wantwithout any limits. You also don’t necessarily need to put HTTPS:// or HTTP:// in front of your link for it to be clickable.

    Long links look spammy, so if yours is long, consider shortening it first with a link shortening tool like Bitly. You may want to experiment with including the phrase “link in bio” in some of your post captions and stories, a well-known Instagram trend people use to encourage their followers to go to their profile and click on their link.

    If you want to promote multiple links to your followers, you can do so with a tool called Linktree, which is very popular among users. It acts as a simple landing page for all your links. All you have to do is add your Linktree link to your Instagram bio using the steps above.

    Create Links In Instagram Shoppable Posts And Stories

    How to Find Links in Bios on Instagram

    Shoppable posts are another example of highly specific links. Each shopping tag links to one product only . Shopping tags are the most targeted conversion possible.

    To use shopping tags, start by . Once you have a full range of products uploadedwith shopping links, images, and descriptionsyou can start adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts.

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