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What Is Instagram Used For

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Save Photos And Build Collections

What is Instagram & How Does It Work? | Instagram Guide Part 1

Theres lots of incredible content on Instagram. Maybe youve seen content by competitors that you want to emulate, or maybe youve found some user-generated content youd like to repost. How can you save this content to access later? Well, Instagram makes it easy through Saved content.

On your Instagram feed, you can like, comment, and message posts. You can also save them, using the ribbon icon in the right corner. When you tap it, youll see Save to Collection pop up along the bottom of the post. If the image or video youve saved falls into a collection, such as UGC content or inspiration, you can create a collection for that content.

Access your Saved content through your profile. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner and click Saved in the list. Under All, youll see all your saved content in chronological order. Under Collections, youll find that content organized into Collections.

7. Leverage user-generated content.

Keeping up with your Instagram can be a lot of work, especially if you’re managing multiple social networks at a time. As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, in order for you to find success on Instagram you must be prepared to post content and engage regularly. If this sounds intimidating, don’t fret; I’ve found the perfect solution for both user-generated content.

How To Get Started With Instagram

The best way to understand more about how Instagram works is to start using it for yourself. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for an account on , or by downloading or .

You can also install , which is basically a port of the mobile app.;While Instagram has a desktop site, it’s fairly limited. It’s passable for browsing your feed, but Instagram is definitely a smartphone-focused service. Check out your if needed.

When you sign up, you can do so through Facebook. Alternatively, provide your name, email address, and set a username and password. You can , should you ever need to.

Building A Complete Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a must-use platform that ecommerce businesses and marketers should add to their marketing roster if they havent already. Embrace it fully by diving into its different features enthusiastically, posting different types of content regularly, and engaging with your audience. You may even be surprised by how quickly you see results come pouring in.

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Instagram Messenger For Business

As of October 19, 2020, Messenger from Facebook announced API Support for Instagram. The combination of these two massive channels has huge implications for marketing professionals everywhere.

Prior to this announcement, there was a big gap for marketers trying to further leverage with the platforms existing messaging features. Thats because Instagram DMs didnt feature a developer API that allowed for private messaging at scale, which excluded Instagram from most chat marketing funnels.

But all of that is about to change.

Businesses can reach an incredible number of engaged Instagram users with the tools enabled through the Messenger API. Messenger API support for Instagram means businesses and developers can now manage their customer communications on Instagram at scale.

For more on Instagram and for marketing, in particular, check out these super helpful !

Dont Rush The Process

Free binary options signals software, why use instagram ...

Write several drafts and ask your friends or co-workers for their opinion. Yes, your content should be timely, but it should also be engaging. Instagram recently changed its algorithm to organize each users feed to show what theyll likely find engaging. The visibility of each post will depend on the number of likes and comments it receives. Take the time to create content that will delight and engage your customers.

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Upload A Image Or Video To Your Stories

In 2016, , a feature that allows you to post videos or images that disappear after 24-hours. Instagram’s Stories feature is similar to Snapchat in terms of content — users often post more casual and candid videos and images, offering glimpses into their every day lives.

For instance, you might post a heavily-edited picture of yourself and friends at a baseball game. But you might post a more candid video to your Story of the stadium singing “Sweet Caroline”.

To learn how to upload an image or video to your Stories, follow these steps:

1. Click the camera icon in the top left.

2. Once you’re within the Stories feature, you can take a picture or video right from within the app. Alternatively, if you have an image saved to your phone that you’d like to use, click the small square in the bottom left corner.

3. Click on a photo you’d like to use in your Stories.

4. In the top right, you have a few different editing features. The smiley face lets you add a location, hashtag, time, date, and other fun images or emojis to your picture. The pencil lets you handwrite or draw on your image. And the “Aa” icon is your text button. Once you click “Aa”, you have the option to change your font by clicking “Classic” at the top.

5. If you click the smiley face icon, you’ll see the following screen. Simply click on one of the icons to add them to your image. If you don’t like it, drag it to the bottom, and a trash can will appear so you can delete it.

The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over

The look made famous by the platform just doesnt resonate anymore.

As Instagram has grown to more than 1 billion monthly users, it has ushered in a very particular look: bright walls, artfully arranged lattes and avocado toast, and Millennial-pink everything, all with that carefully staged, color-corrected, glossy-looking aesthetic. Photos that play into these trends perform so well on Instagram that the look became synonymous with the platform itself, then seeped into the broader world. Even if you dont use the app, youve undoubtedly encountered an , a pop-up experience like the Museum of Ice Cream, or a brightly patterned restaurant bathroom just made to be photographed.

No one has capitalized on this looks popularity more than influencers. Some have even started to make thousands of dollars on photo presets that warp anyones pictures to fit this mold. But every trend has a shelf life, and as quickly as Instagram ushered in pink walls and pastel macaroons, its now turning on them. Avocado toast and posts on the beach. Its so generic and played out at this point. You can photoshop any girl into that background and it will be the same post, said Claire, a 15-year-old who asked to be referred to by a pseudonym because of her age. Its not cool anymore to be manufactured.

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Build Your Instagram Content Strategy

As we discussed earlier, you have several posting options for building your Instagram content strategy. Choosing the right ones depends largely on knowing your audience.

Ask yourself: What are the key demographics of my audience? What do they like to do, see, and experience? What entices and entertains them? How do brands generate trust and motivate them to make a purchase?

You probably wont know all these answers right away, which is perfectly normal. Its a learning process that youll get the hang of as you go. But youll find that as you get a laser-focused understanding of your audience and what makes them tick, your Instagram marketing strategy will perform better and better.

Here are some pointers for building a strong Instagram content strategy:

  • Make sure every post is aligned with your branding and aesthetic.

Keep a consistent vibe. For example, if your brand is high-fashion, ensure that all of your images are high-quality, conjuring feelings of elegance and sophistication. If your brand is quirky or funny, Instagram is a great place to let your true colors shine.

Shoe company Allbirds knows that their audience loves animals and memes, so they incorporate these regularly into their content strategy.

Like this post, which shows a photo of some lambs wearing sweaters, with a caption that reads: When the whole squad has their fall fashion looks down. Cute.

  • Get valuable intel from your friends and enemies.
  • Create a social media content calendar to stay on track.;

You Can Effectively Engage With Customers

Here’s How to Use Instagram Reels

What is better than having customers know you exist? How about the opportunity to engage with them on a daily basis? The fact is that people like to make their opinions known, especially if they like something. Instagram is a platform for users to like, comment on and share their favorite posts. The more likes and comments you get, the more visible your company becomes. You can;get more likes;by taking high-quality photos, using local hashtags and partnering with other brands.

FYI: High-quality photos, local hashtags, and partnering with local brands can help you drive engagement and visibility.;;

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Using Hashtags In Instagram Stories

You can also add hashtags to your Instagram Stories. When you use a hashtag in a Story, you might get in front of a wider audience if your Story gets added to the hashtag Story.

How do you get added to a hashtag Story? Thatâs up to Instagramâs algorithm and based on engagement and the quality of the media. But it doesnât hurt to try!

To add a hashtag to your Instagram Story, simply tap to add a sticker and select the hashtag sticker. Youâll notice that as you start typing Instagram will suggest hashtags towards the bottom of the screen.

Dont Steal Other Instagram Users Content

Just because you like someone elses photo doesnt mean you can post it as your own. If you want to utilize user generated content in your strategy, have users tag you or use hashtags on their posts. When reposting, always, always, always provide proper attribution.;There are some third-party apps which will allow you to repost another users post to your account while giving proper attribution to the original user.

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How Many Hashtags Can You Use On Instagram

You can include up to 30 hashtags in a single post. But although you can include 30 hashtags, there is some debate about whether you should. Some people say it looks spammy. However, studies have shown that posts using 11 or more hashtags get the best engagement. Experiment to determine what works best for you.

I Just Mastered Photo Now I Have To Take On Video

Instagram vs Doxagram: Hackers claim they

Instagram itself is new, and the video portion of the network is a fresh as a loaf of homemade bread. A few brands have dipped their toe in the Insta-video water,;and we can learn a few lessons from their attempts and what we already know about Instagram:

  • Use a unique filterThe filter you assign to both photos and videos really sets the tone for how people perceive your content. Some of us might be prone to shy away from filters and keep the video clear, but assigning that sort of “feel” is precisely what makes it intriguing to viewers.Experiment with filters, and try using different ones to drive different emotional responses.Nike used a black and white filter to keep it simple and use video to promote their new campaign allowing the public to “Leave Lebron James a Voicemail“.
  • Tell a real storyA picture says a thousand words, but a video says as many as you want . Using 9-second videos to share a deeper look into your company or what it provides is a phenomenal way to get people really thinking about your brand.Check out this Charity Water video for a truly fantastic example of storytelling through video.
  • Have funBecause Instagram allows you to potentially add hundreds of shots to your video , take advantage of the time-lapse effect.;Maybelline created this lighthearted video which absolutely centers around the idea of fun as it pertains to their personas, and simultaneously showcases their product.

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Grown And Engage Your Audience

Respond to comments and mentions

Respond to comments and mentions of your business on Instagram, so users feel motivated to keep engaging with your brand.

You might be tempted to automate your engagement using bots. Dont do it. We tried it, and it doesnt work out so well. Dedicate some time to responding authentically when someone mentions or tags your brand.

Make sure to have social media guidelines, troll policies and mental health resources in place to support the person in this role so they can manage a positive community.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags help make your Instagram content easier to find.

Captions on Instagram are not searchable, but hashtags are. When someone clicks on or searches for a hashtag, they see all the associated content. Its a great way to get your content in front of people who dont follow you yet.

You might want to consider creating your own branded hashtag. A branded hashtag embodies your brand and encourages followers to share photos and videos that fit that image. It can be a great source of user-generated content and encourage community among your fans.

Tableware brand Fable encourages customers to post with the #dinewithfable hashtag and shares their posts in Stories.

Want to know more? .

Promote your Instagram business account on other channels

If youve got an established following on other social networks, let those people know about your Instagram business account.

Collaborate with Instagram influencers

Additional Platforms And Acquisition By Facebook

On April 3, 2012, Instagram released a version of its app for Android phones, and it was downloaded more than one million times in less than one day. The Android app has since received two significant updates: first, in March 2014, which cut the file size of the app by half and added performance improvements; then in April 2017, to add an offline mode that allows users to view and interact with content without an Internet connection. At the time of the announcement, it was reported that 80% of Instagram’s 600;million users are located outside the U.S., and while the aforementioned functionality was live at its announcement, Instagram also announced its intention to make more features available offline, and that they were “exploring an iOS version”.

On April 9, 2012, bought Instagram for $1;billion in cash and stock, with a plan to keep the company independently managed. Britain’s Office of Fair Trading approved the deal on August 14, 2012, and on August 22, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. closed its investigation, allowing the deal to proceed. On September 6, 2012, the deal between Instagram and Facebook officially closed with a purchase price of $300;million in cash and 23;million shares of stock.

In November 2012, Instagram launched website profiles, allowing anyone to see user feeds from a web browser with limited functionality, as well as a selection of badges, web widget buttons to link to profiles.

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How To Create An Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels gives you two options to create a Reel:

  • Press and hold the record button to capture footage.
  • Upload video footage from your camera roll.
  • Reels can be recorded in a series of clips , or all at once.

    Follow these six steps to create your first Reel:

    Step 1: Scroll to REELS at the bottom of the screen and tap it.

    Step 2: Use tools to prepare for your recording. Tap Audio to select audio from the Instagram music library and add it to your video. You can even choose to add your favorite part only.

    Tap Speed to change the speed of your video, tap Effects to apply special effects, and tap Timer to determine how long your video will be.

    Step 3: When youre ready, tap, and hold the record button to record a clip. If you set a timer early on, theres a countdown before the hands-free recording starts.

    During the recording, you can tap the record button to end a clip, and then tap it again to start a new clip. Then, the Align button will appear, allowing you to line up objects from the previous clip before recording your next. This is useful to create seamless transitions for moments like changing outfits, adding new music, or adding new friends into your Reel.

    If you want to watch, trim, or delete the previous clip you recorded, you can tap the clip and edit it.

    Step 4: Once youre done with recording, you can add stickers, drawings, and text to edit your Reel.

    For a crash course in Reels creative editing features, download our free 10-day Reels challenge:

    How Do You Create A Visual Identity

    What is Instagram Stories and how to use it for business

    In the digital era, your brand’s aesthetic is much more than your logo and advertising imagery. Instagram gives companies an ideal opportunity to build an entire visual identity around their company, helping audiences to understand and connect with on a much deeper level.

    To get you started on Instagram, here are a few of my favorite tips and guidelines for photo sharing, exemplified by some of the companies dominating marketing on the app:

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    Set Your Goals For Instagram

    Before you start posting on Instagram, ask yourself one thing: Why are you on Instagram? As popular as the platform is, your answer shouldn’t be, “… because everyone else is.” To be successful on Instagram in the long-run, you must have a set purpose and goals so you can justify your time, energy, and monetary investment.

    There’s no right answer here. Maybe you’d like to use your Instagram feed to post and sell your products to customers, like Anthropologie.

    Maybe you’re leveraging Instagram to share portfolio content so followers can see your product in action, like my esthetician, The Wicked Waxer.

    Perhaps you’re on Instagram to simply build brand awareness by posting motivational quotes and fun visuals, like one of my favorite organizations, The Blurt Foundation.

    Maybe you’d like to use Instagram to share user-generated content so that followers can see real people using your product or service as Orangetheory does.

    Whatever the reason, be sure to define your Instagram goals first thing. And, guess what? Your Instagram can have multiple goals you can post product images while also sharing user-generated content . It’s less about the type of posts you share and more about why you’re sharing them. If you know the why, you can know how to measure your performance and use Instagram Analytics tools.

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