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What Is Instagram Branded Content Tool

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What Does Branded Content Mean On Instagram

How To Use Instagram Branded Content Tool

, branded content is a creator or publishers content.

It either promotes a business partner or influences a specific feature. The promoter receives something in exchange, usually a direct payment.

Instagram policies require creators and publishers to show business partners in their branded content posts.

You can enable this option when there is a content exchange between the creator or publisher and a business partner. Or you also can place content on your page from a source.

We can say branded content is a marketing technique that involves producing content related to a brand to connect with its audience.

For an influencer or a creator on Instagram, branded content is any paid or sponsored post by a brand.

Track And Scale Influencer Relationships With Vista Social

Automating branded content approvals is a great way to build your relationship with influencers. To keep the connection growing and profitable, use a tool like Vista Social to consolidate relationship tracking.

With Vista Socialâs âInboxâ feature, you can track conversations with paid partnership influencersâalongside chats with audiences.

Other than discussing existing promotions, take this as an opportunity to brainstorm future projects.

This leads us to the next section.

Let Your Manager Deal With The Branded Content Process

As you saw, the process can get a little confusing! I would say hire an Instagram manager and be over with it.

Instagram managers of AiGrow, deal with such confusing jobs for you. Plus

  • Set strategy for your Instagram account
  • Create 2-3 Instagram content
  • Guarantee to earn you certain numbers of followers depending upon your niche

For further information read Should You Hire a Social Media Manager in 2021?

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Instagram Branded Content

The benefits of using Instagram branded content are:

  • More reach: Branded content also has the ability to reach a wider audience than just your followers. You can reach people who follow similar accounts, as well as your followers friends and family members all without having to spend a ton of money!
  • Its cheap: You dont need to pay for expensive TV ads or billboards, which means you can get better results with less money. So, if you dont have a large budget, branded content is a great way to make sure that your audience sees what you have to offer without breaking the bank.

And if you do have a large budget, its still worth considering branded content as part of your marketing strategy because itll give you more bang for your buck!

  • Its effective: Influencers have a lot of followers, so when their followers see their posts about your product or service, its likely that some of them will buy it.

Request To Promote Branded Content Posts

Instagram Opens Up Branded Content Tool To All Users  Instagram ...

Instagram allows business partner accounts to share branded content posts as Feed and Stories ads. These are called âbranded content ads,â and theyâre a great way to take advantage of your influencersâ existing posts.

But first, the creator must enable this option from their branded content tools.

Request for them to make the necessary changes and help spread their content through your clientsâ own channels. Branded content ads can be shared through their Instagram Feed or Stories format.

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How Much Money Does 10000 Instagram Followers Make

around $88 per post Micro-influencers, or accounts with 10,000 followers or less, can make around $88 per post on Instagram.

You need a minimum of 1,000 followers to be a brand ambassador on social media. Some smaller companies or companies with smaller marketing budgets may only require you to have 500 followers on your social media accounts.

One: Apply For Facebook Brands Collaboration Manager

This is officially the first step in setting up branded content tools on your Instagram business account and requires your Facebook Brand Collabs Manager application.

This awesome tool lets you search for content creators in your business niche, examine insights, and even create branded content ads from the posts you are tagged in on Instagram.

You will have to apply as a creator/publisher and follow instructions and guidelines laid down for each by Facebook.

After you have submitted your page, Facebook will review your business account. If your page is approved after Facebooks review, you will be added to brand Collabs.

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Is Branded Content The Same As Sponsored Posts

It is not uncommon to confuse branded content and sponsored posts on Instagram. While they may sound the same, they are not completely the same.

First, branded content is entirely produced by the brand that is looking to be promoted. But for sponsored posts, the content is produced together with the publishers editorial team.

When a brand wants to create sponsored content, they commission a publisher to both produce the content and publish it. This way, the brand is not involved in any way.

How To Work With An Influencer

How To Use Instagram Branded Content Tools

Working with an influencer can be a great way to increase your brands visibility and drive sales. To ensure that your efforts are successful, there are a few things you should do before reaching out:

  • Research the influencers content and style. Do they post regularly? Are they consistent across all platforms? How long have they been posting?
  • Reach out via DM or email. Dont call them out by name in public .
  • Be clear about what youd like them to do: post about your product/service/company share a discount code mention it in a video etc., then offer multiple options

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What Are Instagram Branded Content Ads

Instagram branded content ads allow brands to advertise through paid partnerships with influencers. Essentially, brands that pay for sponsored posts from influencers can pay to promote those posts and include them in other Instagrammers feeds.

In short, you can think of it as a way to add rocket fuel to your influencer campaigns and help them reach more people, faster.

There are two types of Instagram branded content ads available:

  • Branded content feed ads are sponsored posts that will show up in users feeds, just like normal posts.
  • Branded content stories ads are sponsored posts that will appear when a user is browsing through stories.

Compared to regular in-feed ads, branded content ads can come across as a bit more authentic since the ad content itself comes from Instagrammers, not brands. As a result, the ads are less intrusive for users and are more easily mistaken for organic posts. This is why 93% of marketers make use of influencer marketing.

Additionally, branded content ads allow businesses to measure their influencer campaigns in ways that were previously not possible. By treating influencer posts as ads, brands can now analyze sponsored posts just like regular .

How Can Brands Use Branded Content Tools From Instagram

For brands and business partners, using Instagram branded content tools is a little tedious process. First, they need to apply and then follow some simple steps to start using these tools.

Step 1: Apply for Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

For reviewing post insights, brands need to set up Brand Collabs Manager account. This tool from Instagram allows business partners to review post tags, search for content creators in their niche, and create branded content ads on Instagram from the tagged posts.

Brands and creators can apply for Brands Collabs Manager too. Post page submission, Facebook will review your business account. Once approved, the brand is added to its Brand Collabs list.

As mentioned before, the Brand Collabs Manager details insights and performance of all creator tagged posts. Select insights from the left menu and review metrics like impressions, engagement, reach, and demographics. For branded content stories, view actions as taps forward, taps backward, and story exits.

These insights help decipher whether your collaboration was a success or not. You can know more about the target audience, their residence, age-group, and use these results to market products/services to those customers.

Step 2: Find Branded content tools on Instagram

Step 5: Promoting Branded Content as Ads

Follow these steps to promote Branded Content as sponsored ads on your page.

  • Choose the target audience, placements, budget, & schedule.
  • Preview your ad and click on Confirm.

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What Is Branded Content On Instagram

Before you start creating , its helpful to understand what counts as branded content on Instagram, meaning any content posted by a social media user and paid for by a brand.

Paid for doesnt necessarily mean that money is exchanged. Sometimes goods or services, like clothing or a hotel stay, are provided in exchange for a post or posts about these items.

Now that you know what branded content is, its time to learn the Instagram branded content tool meaning.

What Is Instagram Branded Content

Instagram Updated Branded Content Tool

We already defined this at the beginning of this post. But if you miss that, Instagram branded content is a form of influencer marketing that uses Instagrams native ad platform to create sponsored posts that blend in seamlessly with other content on the platform.

In this case, brand refers to your company or organizationthe entity that is sponsoring the campaign with an influencer or influencers.

Because it looks like regular content on the platform, it has a higher chance of being seen by users than traditional ads do, which means more reach for your brand!

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Next, youll return to the Advanced Settings page and see the account listed as the branded partner. If you want to allow your partner the option to promote the post, you can enable that option on this screen before exiting.

Once youve tagged a branded content partner, youll no longer have the option to automatically post your Instagram post to Facebook or other sites.

Finish uploading your Instagram post as normal and youll see Paid Partnership with at the top.

How Does It Work

Firstly, youd have to go to your settings menu and in there, go to the Creator sub-menu. Here you can find the Branded Content tool. Clicking will take you to a screen that will ask you whether you want to approve tags from influencers manually or automatically.

Once you switch to automatically, any time an influencer tags you, your brand will show up over their posts.

Remember, an influencer has to be a registered content creator on Instagram to be able to use this tool.

Otherwise, instagram branded content wont work. Once the said influencer tags you, the lines Paid Partnership with Your brand name will show up above their posts. This helps with reach and transparency as people can see exactly whats being promoted and for whom.

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Why Cant I Use Instagrams Branded Tools

Youre no longer eligible to use Instagrams branded content tools As it appears, this error message mainly shows up on regular accounts, that were not eligible to use branded content tools in the first place. If you are not posting branded content on Instagram, feel free to ignore this message.

Who All Are Eligible To Use Instagram Branded Content Tools

How to Tag and Manage Instagram Branded Content

Not every Instagram account is allowed to use branded content tools.

To get started with Instagram branded content tools, you will first have to meet its eligibility standards.

The following points detail whether youre eligible for such tools.

  • Creators who have a public business or publisher account
  • Content creators who have a significant following and an authentic presence on the channel
  • Content creators who comply with Instagrams guidelines
  • Creators who arent government officials
  • Creators who dont have any stacked-up policy violations associated with their page
  • Creators who have genuine followers
  • Creators who share reliable and accurate information

Once you meet all the above-stated guidelines, setting up your account to use branded content tools from Instagram will be a cakewalk.

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Influencer Marketing And The Branded Content Tool

The problem with influencer marketing has been that its pretty tricky to measure. Businesses know its working as far as reaching a larger audience, but cant tell exactly how much.

Well, this branded content tool allows both the influencer and tagged business access to insights on these kinds of posts. So now, when partnering with an influencer, once tagged as a paid partner using the new tool,

Instagram has allowed influencers to basically do whatever they want in regards to advertising on the platform, choosing from hashtags like #ad or #spon to give their followers a heads up that they were getting paid. And, while there was no legal push for Insta to start doing things a little differently, the community called for transparency. So, they delivered.

Promote Branded Content In Ads

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page
  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Click Create an Ad
  • Pick your ad objective. Branded content can only be used for App installs, Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, Conversions, and Page Post Engagement
  • Go through all the steps of ad creation
  • When you get to the creation of the ad image, click Use Existing Post, then branded content. Youll be able to see all the posts that creators have approved you can use for ads from them
  • Preview the ad placements and click confirm to create the ad


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Learn How To Use Instagrams Branded Content Tool

More and more brands are relying on influencers and content creators to promote their products each day. Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most successful strategies on social media. Due to this boom, the relationship between influencers and advertisers when it comes to launching branded content, is becoming stronger. As brands are always seeking to satisfy the interests of the public and be as transparent as possible.

With this purpose in mind, in the search for transparency in collaborations, Instagram has recently launched the branded content tool. The idea is that with this tool, it will be much easier to label and catalog collaborations, allowing content creators to indicate when a publication is the result of an agreement with a company. In this post, we are going to explain what this new tool consists of and its advantages.

Its More Authentic And Trustworthy

Meer Transparantie in Instagram Branded Content met Paid Partnerships

Its no secret that word of mouth is one of the best ways to market a brand or product. Thats exactly what branded content can offer to you.

With Instagram branded content, real people share their real experiences with their followers. For that reason, its highly effective.

Good influencers spend massive amounts of time and energy carefully nurturing their following and building loyal, engaged communities. Because of this, their followers view them as authentic and trustworthy.

As a result, any sort of product or brand endorsement from them has a big impact on their following.

For their followers, its like receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend, as opposed to seeing an ad from a business.

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Three: Promote Branded Content On Ads

These are the steps to follow to promote branded content in ads:

Go to your Facebook business page. From your business page, locate the ads manager, and choose to create ads.

Select your ad objective. Please note that Branded content can only be used for App installs, Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, Conversions + Page Post Engagement.

Complete all the steps laid down for ad creation, such as target audience, placements, likewise, budget, and schedule.

Once you get to Ad, click on Use Existing Post. Then, click Branded Content. Here youll see the organic branded content posts and Instagram Stories that a Creator has tagged you in with permission to promote.

Finally, youll be able to preview your ad placements and see how the branded content Instagram examples look on different feeds on Instagram and Facebook. Finish creating, and click Confirm!

That will be all for now on how to use branded content tools on Instagram. I hope this article has done enough justice on the topic and has been able to shed some light on the subject about how to use Instagram branded content tools.

However, before you go, you might want to see some more answers to relevant questions about the subject. Lets consider some of them for better understanding.

How Much Does It Cost

Branded content will set you back by $5 CPM. This means youll have to pay a dollar per every one thousand impressions. You can choose to get a basic or comprehensive view of the stats.

And as always, you can always go for the custom option to make your campaign really effective. Plus, there are also influencer options and targeting tools to give you even better results.

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How To Review Insights For Branded Content Youre Tagged In

If youve been tagged as the branded partner in a post on Instagram, you need to use Facebook Brand Collabs Manager to view any post insights. You cant see any post performance details within Instagram.

To access Brand Collabs Manager, follow the steps mentioned in the section above. Once in Brand Collabs Manager, navigate to the Insights tab.

Youll see two tabs at the top, one for Tagged Posts and one for Published Posts.

The Tagged Posts tab shows any Instagram posts, stories, or feed posts youve been tagged in. Youll see the information related to the date the post was published, the account that created the content, the post preview, and some basic metrics on the posts performance.

The details on the post include overall reach and how many taps forward and taps backward the post received. This is very limited detail on the posts performance.

As you can see in this example, the story post included a swipe-up link and two clickable @mentions. The story creator can view how many taps or website clicks that story generated but the account tagged in the post doesnt have access to that data from Brand Collabs Manager.

Additionally, the story insights for tagged partners are only available in Brand Collabs Manager for 14 days.

For a feed post, the tagged partner can see simple insights, which include post reach, post clicks, and the number of reactions, comments, and shares.

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