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What Is Header In Twitter

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How Do I Create A Twitter Moment

How To Make A Twitter Header With A Canva Template

To access the Twitter Moments feature, click on the More tab, select Moments from the pop-up menu and from the Moments page you can then select Create a new moment. The Edit Moment page will open where you will be able to specify a title, add a captivating static cover photo and select the tweets that you want to add to your moment. Currently, you can include videos, images and GIFs of various sizes .

How To Process The Images

In the previous step we called a function process_img that we have not yet created. In this step we’ll create that function.

In your index.js create the function with the following code:

...async function process_image ).then =>       new Promise =>  )  ) }

sharp doesn’t support the use of remote images , so we’ll use axios to download the remote images from Twitter. Then finally when our promises are resolved will use sharp to resize and save the images in Buffer to our file system using toFile.

Note: Buffer here refers to memory storage used to temporarily store data . You can use this data as if it was in your filesystem.

You’ll also notice we created a variable rounded_corners in which we drew a rectangle with svg:

const rounded_corners = new Buffer.from 

To make our created rectangle mimic a rounded image, it has to:

  • have the same size as our resized image 100
  • have its vertical and horizontal radius be half the size of our resized image 50

Twitter Header Templates By Visme

Many people dont realize until its far too late that on Twitter, the impression that youre trying to convey is dictated a lot more than by just each 280 character tweet you make. Thats how you get someones attention if you want to keep it, you need to make sure that every last element of your profile page reflects who you are, what you stand for and why youre worth listening to in the first place. Your Twitter header or the image that appears at the top of your profile plays a big role in that. Now, thanks to our Twitter header templates, you finally have complete control over this and every element of the experience youre providing to people. You can choose from a wide variety of colorful, sleek, sophisticated and vivid Twitter header templates depending on your needs. Just make your selection, customize it in a way that properly aligns with your values and what you stand for, and youre ready to go. Should you so choose, you can even draw from our library of totally free stock images to really help sell things even further. Get started with our today!


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Unleash Your Creativity With Custom Twitter Headers

Because your Twitter profile is structured around your ideas and thoughts, its important for your banner to stand out and be unique to you. Find your style along with some inspiration through the Adobe Spark banner templates and customize them to fit your vibe. The features on Adobe Spark are easy to use for quick branding and editing, so you can save time on designing and spend more time boosting your customized Twitter profile.

Open For Surprise Meme

How to Format Your New Twitter Header Image

Despite what a writer from The Verge thought, its still possible to do the Open for Surprise tactic with Twitter images. All you need to do is make the surprise part of the image outside the 3:4 aspect ratio center.

For example:

As you can see, the Tap for Surprise meme is still highly effective if you know where the Twitter crop is.

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Twitter Photo Designs To Download For Free

The editor allows you to save and edit your designs in the platform’s internal memory whenever you want, so you can access them from any device connected to the Internet. Besides, you’ll be able to use the same design from your previous creations to design the new ones, and thus ensure that all your posts follow the same format.

In short, if you are trying to find a niche for your brand in the Internet world, will be your best ally, letting you create images for all platforms and reinforcing your professional image. Get incredible results in just a few minutes!

Go to now and scroll down to see the hundreds of categories available. Start creating the perfect image for your business in just a few minutes!

Twitters Guidelines For Header Photos

Before we dive into some optimization tactics, lets go over Twitters recommended guidelines for header images.

  • Header photo recommended dimensions are 1500px by 500px, which has an aspect ratio of 3:1
  • Photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  • Twitter recommends that profile photos and banner image file sizes should be under 2MB

Heres the problem

Even if you follow these guidelines, your header image may not look right after youve uploaded it. Thats because you need to account for your profile picture and the invisible area around your profile picture.

In reality, the recommended Twitter header dimensions actually look like this:

Lets cover the profile picture area and the invisible area in a bit more detail.

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Unique And Customizable Twitter Header Templates

If youre trying to make twitter headers in a short amount of time that are good looking, chances are you cant afford to make entire new designs from scratch. If youre in this situation then you simply need to grab a template off the shelf, edit it just enough that it contains your own unique personal touch, then set it as your Twitter header, and youre good to go. But to do this, you need two things from your go-to Twitter banner maker, lots of premade templates that are specifically designed to make Twitter headers with, and the functionality that allows you to edit and customize every element of those templates. Thankfully, with Picsart you can effortlessly do all these and more. Once you click on Twitter Cover youll receive an entire list of Twitter header templates that are designed ground-up by our own talented artists. And the best part is the fact that you can customize, change, and edit every single element of your selected template.

Let Adobe Spark Be Your Twitter Banner Design Expert

How to Make a Twitter Header With Free Custom Templates

Hone your creativity with the power of Adobe Spark Post. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your Twitter header from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Adobe Spark Post, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

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Importance Of Twitter Profile Photo/avatar

Why is your Twitter profile picture or headshot really important?

One simple answer:

Your Twitter profile picture is what follows your tweets and retweets.

When others follow you and read your Tweets in their feed, your headshot is the consistent branding image that associates you with that Tweet. Building visibility, familiarity, and a positive reputation takes time and a series of memorable contacts. According to Salesforce, it takes anywhere from 6-8 touches to make in impression with your audience.

The default headshot is the egg. Do you want to be remembered as an egghead? Wouldnt you agree, the egg does nothing to differentiate you from all the other eggs in the carton? You just look like a yoke.

Default Twitter headshot

Now, look at the branded Twitter headshots associated with each Tweet. They draw you into the Tweet, add personality to a silent medium and associate your brand in the readers mind.

Example of a Twitter feed with branded headshots

Profile picture details

  • Twitter recommends a 400×400 minimum
  • The image should be a square
  • Save as high a DPI
  • Maximum file size is 2MB
  • The profile photo scales down to 200×200 on your profile page, gets even smaller in timelines, and blows up to full size when somebody clicks on it, so make sure your image looks clear at all scales.

How Do I Gain Twitter Followers

If youre not sure you can create an impressive Twitter banner on your own, you can use . In addition to scheduling posts as normal, the Uniclix tool also helps with banner creation and content curation.

While can help you curate posts based on specific keywords and hashtags , the Uniclix Twitter Scheduling tool will publish your posts according to what the metrics decide is the best time .

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Let Adobe Spark Be Your Twitter Creative Content Guide

Twitter is an incredible online world to connect with friends, family, followers, and new audiences. Twitter serves as a place for impactful original content, trends, movements, and conversations. Contribute to the community by serving up beautiful, engaging, and share-worthy content. Let Adobe Spark guide you to creating impressive content by making it easy to meet image sizing requirements with pre-made templates and canvas sizes. Take pride in what you make so you can enjoy sharing it with the world to see. In a content-driven world, creativity is embraced, so make something that stands out.

Twitter Profile Pic Size 500px X 500px

62 Amazing 2014 Twitter Header Photos 1500x500 for Free ...

Twitter will reduce your big pic to be 500px maximum, so no point uploading one bigger than that. Do your profile pic 500px square.

Below are the historical changes weve made to this page for posterity, as its becoming something of a history lesson in the changes Twitter have made Hope this helped you get your profile looking beautiful today!

UPDATE there is a new image header size for Twitter in 2014, and, as the below post is still very popular, it remains, but note this is no longer the case .

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How To Make A Twitter Banner With Templates

We know just how frustrating it can be to get the sizing of your Twitter header just right. Thats why weve built these safe zones directly into our .

You can choose from a variety of professional pre-made that match your needs. Heres a video we created that shows how you can create a Twitter header photo within less than 2 minutes.

When you create Twitter header images, we cleverly display the profile picture and invisible areas that you need to watch out for. You can even toggle this on and off.

Now youll never have to worry about Twitter header sizing ever again!

The Ideal Twitter Header Size

So what is the ideal size for a Twitter header? The recommended image size for a Twitter header is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high. Panoramic photos are well suited for use as banner images. Twitter header pictures size remains constant, even when an image scales and re-crops as a user expands or shrinks a browser window.

Keep in mind that Twitter automatically crops the upper and lower edges of images that meet the Twitter banner size requirements. Make sure that the major details of the image you choose do not appear along the top or bottom edges or they will likely be cut out. You should also account for the floating position of the profile image displayed at the bottom left of the Twitter header image since it will be covering some of the picture.

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What Is The Perfect Twitter Header Size In 2021

Are you wondering what your Twitter banner size should be? What about the Twitter cover photo size? Optimizing your Twitter profile with the right image sizes is an effective way to catch your followers attention. After all, an image is worth a thousand words. At UniClix, we understand the power of Twitters quick communication. Thats why we created the , to help you promote your products and connect with your followers. An attractive banner can drive attention and show your followers what your brand is about.

Your Twitter banner is the first thing users notice when they land on your page. It is a free piece of advertising real estate that complements your bio which usually allows for only 140 characters. Brands that have leveraged their banners have reaped huge success in social media goals. If you are looking to tap into the potential of your Twitter banner, then we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to explain the ideal banner size as well as how to choose the best banner image for your marketing campaigns.

Automate your Twitter messages

The Right Twitter Banner Dimensions

  • Even though Twitter accepts the GIF file format, Twitter Header size doesnt support animated GIFS at this time.
  • Your Twitter cover photo size should be 1500 x 500 px but all the significant elements should not exceed 1500 x 360 px.
  • Keep the profile picture area clear from any elements.

Here is another example of what we are talking about:

And dont even get us started on this one:

Track And Report Progress

How to Make a Pretty Cute Twitter Header in Seconds with a Twitter Header Maker

is a free built-in tool that comes with every Twitter account. The feature allows you to view tweet activity, number of impressions, and detailed audience data such as demographics and behavioral insights. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your Analytics page to assess how your Twitter content is performing and make adjustments accordingly.

Knowing which metrics to track is essential to effectively monitoring your progress. Here are the most important metrics you should focus on:

  • Mentions: How many times your brand was mentioned in tweets.
  • Impressions: The number of users that saw your content.
  • New followers: The number of new users that have followed your account.
  • Engagement: How many times users are interacting with your content.

Depending on your marketing goals, some metrics might carry more weight than others. For example, if Twitter is a primary channel for answering customer service inquiries, then looking at number of mentions is probably more important to you.

If youre advertising on any social media platform, you need to have a reporting strategy in place. Without it, youll surely miss out on opportunities to improve your content and grow your following.

Tip: If you promote your brand on multiple channels, it’s a good idea to consider investing in social media monitoring software. This type of solution allows you to track and gather relevant data across multiple platforms.

Time to tweet

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What Is Twitter Header

A Twitter header is the cover image that you can put up on your Twitter profile. Now, what is so special about it? It is a very important piece of visual content for your profiles engagement. People come to your profile . Take a first look at your header and decide whether to follow you or not.

With , Twitter has a hugely important role to play in creating the first impression. Your business can stand out among the rest with

Great graphics + Effective message = Great Twitter Header

Twitter Header Image Size

  • The ideal image size for your Twitter header photo is 1500px by 500px.
  • Keep in mind that header photos display differently on various devices. You may experience cropping of around 60px on both the top and bottom of your header photo, so keep any important information near the center.
  • Dont forget that your profile photo will also block part of your header in the lower-left corner, so avoid putting any key visual information there.
  • Twitter supports images that are JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats.
  • If you experience any errors in the upload process, be sure your browser is up-to-date, or try using a different browser.

Keeping track of the header sizing requirements can be a bit overwhelming. Adobe Spark keeps things simple by providing professionally designed templates that are already sized to fit your header photo space. Find a free template that resonates with your creative vision and customize it to perfection. Just remember to keep all important visual information in the central safe zone.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Twitter Header: 5 Examples We Love

How can you use that valuable Twitter header real estate to make an impression? Take some inspiration from these exceptional examples.

Canvas Twitter header is simple, sleek, and makes a bold statement that also helps the company gain traction with its #mydesignstory campaign.

Takeway: Use your Twitter header to promote current events or #hashtag campaigns.

Change The Color Scheme

62 Amazing 2014 Twitter Header Photos 1500x500 for Free ...

To change the background color of your Twitter Header template, open the Customize tab in the left-hand menu. Under the Background Color section, click the first color tile to choose a new hue.

If you have a specific color in mind, youre even able to type in the HEX Color Code or use the Eye DropperTool to select a color that already exists on your template. Both of these options are found in the Color Picker that appears when you click on that first tile under Background Color.

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Tips For Using Images On Twitter

First up, your profile photo. 99% of the time, your profile photo should be a photo of you or your logo. I know a lot of artists choose to use a piece of their art, or an artistic self-portrait, as their profile picture this is perfectly fine as well.

In general, you should avoid other forms of profile photo. Leaving your profile photo blank will result in a basic empty profile silhouette, which is likely to leave you with less trust than with a filled out account.

I dont recommend using your profile photo as a call to action. In almost every mode of display, it is simply too small. Nothing you put in that space will really be visible.

As for your top banner image, its a great place to showcase what you do. A bank might have a scene of a teller and a happy customer. A photographer might show a photo they took of a brilliant landscape. An artist can showcase a larger piece theyve produced recently.

Local businesses often find it worthwhile to take a photo of their location, which can help users find them if theyre tucked away or in a nondescript building.

Other brands, particularly digital brands, can make use of the profile banner as a sort of advertising billboard. Put a larger text-based call to action, with illustrations, similar to an infographic or a landing page, in that space. You can showcase a book cover or a series of book covers of ebooks you have produced, for example.

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