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What Is Conversation View In Gmail

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Conversation View In Gmail

Understanding Gmail Conversation View

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Most people know threaded conversations as the style of social network posts, product reviews and web forums. It’s the same, by default, in;Google Apps and Gmail. ;Conversation view keeps all messages in a thread together, which makes it easier to keep track of them and reduces Inbox clutter. ;It’s a feature that’s simply not available in legacy email clients.

Here’s how a conversation appears in your Inbox:

Note: The number of messages in a conversation appears to the right of senders’ names.

Here’s what an opened conversation looks like:

Note:You can control whether messages are grouped into conversations: Click the Gear icon and then Settings in the upper-right corner of your Inbox and, on the General tab, scroll to Conversation View.

  • If Conversation View is off, new messages wont be grouped into conversations, and any existing conversations are ungrouped into separate messages.

If Conversation View is on, you can’t separate the messages in a conversation. However, if you want to send a reply but don’t want it to be added to the conversation, you can simply change the subject line in your reply.

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Understanding Conversation View In Google Mail

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Conversation view is a Google Mail setting that allows you to set whether emails of the same subject are grouped together. It shows you;how the conversation evolved, and you do not have to open several emails to follow the conversation or go searching for a message you may have already read and responded to.

Turn Off Conversation View In Gmail Mobile Apps

You can also disable conversation view in the Gmail apps for Android and iOS. You just need to access the settings to disable it, and the steps are the same for both iOS and Android apps. Heres how:

Tap on the main menu at the top-left corner and select Settings from it.

Here choose the Google account for which you want to disable the conversation view, and then uncheck the checkbox next to Conversation view. Your Gmail app will restart to ungroup the emails.

If you need to turn off the conversation view for POP or IMAP accounts, then click on General in the settings and disable the Conversation view option in it.

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How To Turn On Or Turn Off Conversation View In Gmail

The steps in this section are going to show you how to either switch from conversation view or switch to conversation view. This is the setting in Gmail that groups messages together if they are all part of the same conversation. Some people like it and some people dont, so find out how to change this setting for your Gmail account.

What Is Conversation View

Google Apps Tutorial: How to turn off conversation view in ...

If you’ve never made any changes to the View option, when you open Gmail you’ll be greeted by the Standard viewing mode. What is that? It lists your email in the left pane, in order of most recently received, with each email having its own entry .

Figure A

The Standard viewing mode is what most people use.

In the Standard view mode, when you click on an email, you read that email and that email alone.

What if you have a number of back and forth emails, with the same person, centered around a single topic? Say you sent an email with the subject, “Project X.” The recipient replied which set off a chain of replies between the two of you for a few hours or even days–that’s a conversation.;

In Standard mode, you’d have to scroll through the entire contents of the last email to read everything in the conversation. Reading through a long thread of nested, quoted text can get very confusing, on top of which, that method relies on the recipient not cutting out quoted text, which often happens to save space and clutter. When that’s the case, you would then have to scroll through your inbox to locate all of the emails in that chain, which is a serious waste of time–especially if the conversation went on for days or weeks.

Effectively, Conversation mode makes it much easier for you to keep track of an email conversation, without having to waste time scrolling through your inbox.

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Turn Off Conversation View In Gmail On Windows Pc Or Mac

If you want to turn off the conversation view in Gmail on your Windows 10 PC or Mac, you need to do it from the Gmail website. Start by opening the Gmail website in your browser and signing up.

After logging in, click on the settings gear icon in the top right corner.

This will open the Quick Settings menu panel. Scroll through the menu options and uncheck the Conversation view box at the bottom.

Gmail should be reloaded at this point, so hit the Reload button in the pop-up window to allow this.

After its refreshed, your Gmail inbox will change, separating each email reply from all associated email chains. You can also turn off Conversation View from the main Gmail Settings menu.

To do this, select the gear icon for the settings and click on the option View all settings.

Once thats selected, scroll down and click Save Changes to confirm the change.

Gmail will automatically reload your inbox and display each email separately from previously linked threads.

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How To Enable Conversation Mode

Once upon a time, enabling Conversation mode was a bit hidden. Now, it’s a fairly obvious affair. To enable Conversation mode, open Gmail and click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner . When the popup menu appears, scroll all the way to the bottom until you see Email Threading. In that section, you should see a checkbox associated with Conversation view . Click that checkbox and, when prompted, click Reload.;

Figure B

Enabling Conversation view in Gmail.

Once Gmail reloads, you’ll be presented with the more efficient Conversation view .

Figure C

Gmail Conversation view is now enabled and ready to make your experience a bit more efficient.

When you click on any email in your inbox, it will include all entries in that conversation. It doesn’t matter if that conversation was between two, three, four, or 12 people, the entire thread will appear in the preview pane.

This isn’t one of these tasks that should be challenging for any user of Gmail. But for those looking to make the experience a bit more efficient and productive, Conversation view should be considered a must-use. You’ll spend less time searching and more time reading.;

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How To Change The View In Gmail

The appearance of your most frequently used apps and most visited websites is something that a lot of people want to customize. Since your email inbox is likely among your most visited sites, it would make sense that you would want to change the view in Gmail so that you can see more or less emails on the screen.

Gmail is one of, if not, the most popular email clients in the world. It provides email service to many for free, and you can even set up a custom domain name if you want to use you own branded email.

Gmail also has a number of different ways that you can change the view of your inbox. Our tutorial below will show you how to switch between different display densities, as well as how you can enable or disable the conversation view option. Note that the steps below were performed using the new version of Gmail.

You Can Now Disable Conversation View In Gmail For Android

How to Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail

Different email services and their clients handle the content being sent back and forth in different ways. Some have what is called Conversation View, which groups replies together in an attempt to make them easier to skim through and follow. Then there are some email services which treat things more like an instant messenger as their way of bringing something unique to the table. Gmail for Android has always used the Conversation View structure, but today they have announced that it can be disabled right in the settings menu.

This feature was introduced to the web version of Gmail first and it seems as if Google has witnessed an uptick of accounts that have flocked to disabling Conversation View. Both methods have their strengths and weaknesses, and this is especially true if your email chains are short or very long. For example, responses to emails with Conversation View shows new responses at the bottom. This can be a hassle for those tremendously long email chains. Google tried to help alleviate this by breaking conversations off when they got to more than 100 emails.

In a society of today where people are used to SMS messages, chat messages like

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How To Disable Conversation View In Gmail Mobile App

To turn off Gmails conversion view in Mobile, you can Turn off the Conversation View by going to the Settings menu. If your conversion view is kept off in the Gmail web then you do not need to turn it off in the mobile app. Here it goes off itself.

If you talk about the release of this feature, Google has launched this feature for all the G Suite editions. The officials have said that it will be fully rolled out in 15 days. Tell us in the comment section below whether you like the Gmail Conversion View or not. If you like it then why and why not?

How To Turn Off Conversation View In Gmail

Wish Gmail would not throw together emails in threads that are unwieldy and difficult to handle? Find out here how to turn off conversation view in Gmail on the desktop and in the Gmail apps for Android and iPhone.


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Option 2: Install A Browser Extention

Google doesnt offer a native way to display your newest email replies at the top of your email thread. Theres no option to do this in Gmails settings. But a web browser extension called Gmail Reverse Conversation can help. The free extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

Just install the extension and reload your page to see it in action. As a bonus, Gmail Reverse Conversation will also move the Reply and Forward buttons to the top of your screen. Very convenient! Why didnt Google think of that?

How To Disable Conversation View In Gmail For Android

How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail

Next, we take a look at how you can disable the same feature directly from your Android mobile device. The steps are similar but not quite exactly the same.

1. Open the Gmail app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the search bar at the top of the display.

3. Scroll down and select the Settings option.

4. Tap on your Google account. f you have multiple accounts and want to disable Conversation View for all, select General Settings instead.

5. Scroll down until you find the Conversation view option and untick it.

6. The app will update your Settings, and once youre returned to your Inbox, you should see email replies separately.

If you decide you want to switch back, simply go through all these steps once more and tick the Conversation view option again. Note that turning the feature off on your mobile wont affect how you view things in Gmail on your desktop and vice-versa.

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Turn Off Conversation Threading In Gmail

If you turn off conversation view, your Inbox will list each email individually instead of grouping emails into conversations. There are many disadvantages to doing this – for example, it will be difficult to see whether you replied to an email – but some people still prefer it.

  • In your General settings, select “Conversation View Off”
  • What happens when you turn off conversation mode? Just like in other mail clients you may have used, like Outlook or Entourage, your messages are each displayed on their own line.; You will not see your own responses in your Inbox as you do in conversations – those will only be found in your Sent Mail.

    Why Is The Default Gmail Conversation View Order Reversed

    If youre a long-time email user, then you probably feel a little frustrated on how Gmail shows email threads. Unlike other email services, by default, Gmail will show new messages at the bottom of an email thread instead of the top. Gmails conversation threading is maddening and perplexing on why Google would do this.

    Google is always trying to innovate their products. They even tried to reinvent email in 2009 with a service called . That attempt failed, but it shows their commitment to innovation and their willingness to take risks. Maybe a backward inbox is part of their innovation strategy.

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    How To Toggle And Customize Conversation View In Outlook

    Rob Woodgate is a writer and IT consultant with nearly 20 years of experience across the private and public sectors. He’s also worked as a trainer, technical support person, delivery manager, system administrator, and in other roles that involve getting people and technology to work together. Read more…

    Back in Outlook 2010, Microsoft introduced the Conversation View, which works something like Gmails conversation threading. Its turned on by default in newer versions Outlook, but not if you upgraded from an older version where it was switched off. So, if you didnt know it was there, it might be time to take a look.

    Click The Thread Reversal Icon To Reverse The Conversation Order

    Turn off Conversation View in Gmail by Chris Menard

    After youve installed Gmail Conversation Thread Reversal, youll see a new icon when you open an email in Gmail.

    To reverse the order of your conversation, simply click on the icon.

    This will put your most recent email at the top of your conversation. The rest of your messages will be sorted in chronological order below.

    Disable Conversation View In Gmail On Iphone And Ipad

    The steps to disable conversation view in the Gmail app on iPhones and iPads is similar to the steps for Android users, but the menus differ slightly. For instance, if you use an iPhone or iPad, youll only see email accounts listed, and wont be able to disable conversation view for all accounts at once.

    To start, open the Gmail app on your Apple device and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner.

    From the menu panel, tap the Settings option.

    Youll need to tap one of the accounts listed in the Settings menu to disable conversation view.

    In the settings menu for your chosen email account, tap the slider next to the Conversation View option. This will disable email threading immediately.

    Once the setting has changed, tap back to view your inbox. If you want to apply this change to all accounts, youll need to repeat these steps for each additional account afterward.

    How To Disable Conversation View In Gmail On Your Pc

    If you use Gmail mostly on your desktop computer, you can easily disable the feature from your PC.

    1. Open Gmail on your computer using a browser of your choice.

    2. Once youve logged in to your account, go to Settings by clicking on the Gear icon located in the upper-right corner.

    3. This will open the Quick Settings menu for you.

    4. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and untick Conversation view, which is on by default.

    5. Gmail will need to reload in order to apply the new setting, so click on the Reload button in the pop-up window that appears on your display.

    6. Once thats done, you should be able to see each email and reply separately.

    Alternatively, you can disable the feature by following a slightly different route. Select the Gear icon once more, and in Quick Settings, click on the See all settings option.

    Now you should be able to see the full list of Settings available for your account. In the General tab, scroll down until you find Conversation view and tick the second option, Conversation view off.

    If you cant seem to find the option, simply use your browsers search function to get there faster. Dont forget to Save Changes. Thats it, youre done.

    Option 1: Disable Conversation View & Turn Off Gmail Threading

    The Conversation View option in Gmail groups all email replies into a thread. This is convenient if you need to see the full history of a conversation. But it can also be confusing when Gmail doesnt necessarily display the conversation in chronological order.

    If youd rather just see each email individually, then disable conversation view to turn off Gmail threading. After you do this, every new reply will be a new email at the top of your inbox.

    • Gear Icon > Settings > General > Conversation View: Off > Save Changes

    But if youd rather keep your email replies grouped and just display the newest emails at the top, then keep reading.

    How Gmail Groups Automated Emails

    How to Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail

    Important: Emails are grouped when your conversation view setting is turned on.

    If you manage a system that sends automated email notifications to a group of people, Gmail might automatically group them into the same;conversation.;

    Emails are grouped if each message meets the following:

    • The same recipients, senders, or subject as a previous;message
    • A reference header with the same;IDs as;a previous;message
    • Sent within one week of a previous;message

    To prevent grouped emails:

    • Create a new subject for each message that you dont want to group.
    • Send each message with a unique reference header value that doesnt match a previous;message. ;

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