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What Is Branded Content On Instagram

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Four: Promote Branded Content In Ads

How to Tag and Manage Instagram Branded Content

Now that youve double-checked your tags and insights, its time to run some ads! Heres how to promote branded content on Instagram in ads and boosted posts:

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page> Ads Manager> Create an Ad
  • Pick your ad objective. Branded content can only be used for App installs, Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, Conversions + Page Post Engagement.
  • Complete the steps of ad creation, such as target audience, placements, budget & schedule.
  • When you get to Ad, click Use Existing Post. Then, click Branded Content. Here youll see the organic branded content posts and Instagram Stories that a Creator has tagged you in with permission to promote.
  • Youll be able to preview your ad placements and see how the branded content Instagram examples look on different feeds in Instagram and Facebook. Finish creating, and click Confirm!
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    How To Review Insights For Branded Content You Created

    If youre the one who created a branded content post, youll see all of your insights and post details just as you would on any other post. For a feed post, tap on the View Insights button directly beneath the image or video of your post. For a story post, tap on the Seen By button in the bottom-left corner of your story and then go to the graph icon to view the posts performance.

    Branded Content On Instagram

    Branded content on Instagram enables people to learn about a product or service through the voice of a person they follow. Businesses do this by partnering with our diverse community of creators . The posts and stories from these partnerships that are created in an exchange of value from the business are known as branded content.

    When done right, branded content can help brands to win consumers hearts and minds.

    There are three factors to keep in mind as you consider whether branded content is right for your business:

    Keep in mind that people from other regions outside of where your product is sold, as well as people of different age groups and genders outside of your target audience might be following the partner that you work with. Therefore, your partner’s followers might not exactly match your target audience, despite perceptions about who might follow a certain partner. An organic partner post will also not reach the partners full audience.

    Measuring the performance of organic posts is complex. Instagram can measure Reach and Engagement when partners use the branded content tag, but only Instagram Ads offer full measurement.

    In our user research, we have found that the Instagram community understands that your partners receive compensation for branded content posts. Note that Instagrammers may interpret these posts as advertising.

    Keep in mind that ads have the targeting, measurement and scaling capabilities to reach a specific audience that you define.

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    Setting Up An Instagram Branded Content Ad

    At this moment, you can create an Instagram Branded Content ad using the following objectives: Brand Awareness, Reach, Video Views, Traffic, and Post Engagement.

    To get started, head over at Ads Manager and create a campaign the way you normally do. At the Ad Set section, choose the Use Existing Post option.

    Find your influencers Instagram post under Branded Content and click Continue.

    Check the preview to ensure that everything is OK and proceed with the rest of the campaign creation process as usual.

    Branded Content Vs Conventional Advertising

    What you need to know about Instagram branded content ads
    • Branded content does not focus on products and services. Although products can appear in the content, they are not the main focus nor are they directly talked about. Instead, there is greater focus on more abstract values and brand story.
    • Branded content is not invasive. TV spots, or digital formats such as banners and pop-ups are based on grabbing the user’s time and attention. On the other hand, the user consumes branded content voluntarily.

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    Finding Creators To Produce The Branded Content On Instagram

    As you can see, Instagram branded content tagging feature creates perfect conditions for the partnership between a brand and an influencer to grow and develop. And yet the initial step of searching for a relevant content creator to participate in a brandâs marketing campaign can be a significant challenge in itself. Itâs in your brandâs best interests to collaborate with an influencer who is a good match for their product or service, but navigating such a saturated marketplace requires time, effort, and the right kind of assistance. But now you can rely on Insense to give you the tools and support necessary to find exactly the partner you are looking for. The service grants you access to a pool of over 35,000 experienced creators and influencers, gives you the platform to communicate and, being fully integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, to run your whole campaign. You can fine-tune your search with a system of filters and thematic hashtags, like âclothingâ, âfoodâ, âsportsâ, âbeautyâ, or âfashionâ, to find a creator who fits the best to produce content for your business on Instagram, other popular social networks, or even content that you can then use on a website or your own organic feed. Explore the possibilities of the service on the website or set up a free demo call to see how can help you to solidify your brandâs presence on social media in no time.

    Where To Find Facebook Branded Content Feature

    Create a post as per usual.

    There will be an option to Tag Sponsor.

    This brings up a WITH field.

    Fill this out and then await approval from your sponsor.

    If you have a good working relationship with your Sponsor, they may list you as an Approved Influencer and wont need to wait for approval. However, if a post gets rejected, you will have your automatic posting privileges removed.

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    What Marketers Must Know About Instagrams New Branded Content Policy

    The Instagram influencer marketing industry has grown tremendously over the past several years, and is expected to reach a value of over $2 billion by 2019. As the industry grows, rules and regulations are beginning to catch up with influencers and brands. The FTC issued warnings to over 90 top influencers earlier this year, and the recent CSGOLotto scandal marked the first case that charged individual influencers.

    The FTC isnt alone in moving towards stricter regulation of sponsored content. In late August, Instagram announced its adoption of Facebooks branded content policy, which requires that all branded content be clearly marked using Instagrams new paid partnership tag.

    This shift in Instagrams policy has major implications for the influencer marketing industry as a whole. Here, we break down what Instagrams branded content policy is, how it fits in with FTC guidelines, and what it means for the future of .

    How To Create A Branded Content Post On Instagram

    How To Use Instagram Branded Content Tool
    • Create a post as you would normally do.
    • When you get to the final screen before the posting, tap Advanced settings on the bottom and then tap Tag Business Partner.
    • Search for the brand youâd like to tag and select it. If you are producing content in partnership with more than one brand, make sure youâve selected the correct business account associated with the post.
    • Here you can also toggle the Allow business partner to promote option if youâd like your business partner to promote your branded content post as an ad.

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    Share Your Community Involvement

    One of the quickest ways to establish trust and loyalty in your audience is to post content showing involvement with your community.

    A lot of Shopify businesses are online-only . Community, therefore, can have a loose definition in this case.

    If you happen to have a home base and/or a storefront in a certain location, you can focus on your local community.

    Some brands, like Kutoa Bars, actually makes this a central part of its mission statement on Instagram. It actively works to reduce world hunger, and its posts get a ton of engagement.

    This isnt surprising, because it makes followers feel good about supporting the brand, and it reminds them that by buying a delicious snack for themselves they can do good elsewhere.

    Examples Of Branded Content Ads

    To get a taste of what branded content ads on Instagram look like, here are a few examples.

    This post from was used as an in-feed ad. It features a product demo of the Always Pan.

    Here, sponsored post is used as an in-feed ad by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

    Mrs. Meyers Clean day also used this story from as a branded content ad.

    Want to organically grow your Instagram and gain REAL followers?

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    Goals Of Branded Content

    The main goals of branded content are:

    To generate engagement with your audience, have a conversation with them and leave a positive impression. You want people to remember you fondly and to tell their friends about you.

    You want your brand top of mind when people think of a thing. Do you want to hire a vehicle to get you from A to B? The first thing you think of is Uber. The brand name is used as a verb.

    Ultimately, you want your content shared to improve your brands position and get your message out to the world.

    S To Tag Branded Content Stories On Instagram

    » Instagram: Start von Branded Content Ads

    You can also tag branded Instagram stories using a similar process. Again, youll need to make sure your brand partner has approved your account in order to tag them.

    Once theyve done that, follow these steps to tag branded stories on Instagram:

    1. Create your stories as you would normally. Take or upload your photo or video and add any effects.

    2. Tap the link icon at the top of the screen.

    3. Click Tag business partner and search for your partners account name. Click their account name to tag them in your story.

    You can also toggle Allow Business Partner to Promote for them to use your story in an ad.

    4. Click Send to to publish your story post.

    Once you publish, youll see the Paid partnership with at the top of your story.

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    Ask Questions And Provide Answers

    If youre looking for another way to offer value to your followers, you cant go wrong with a Q& A. Answering customer questions on Instagram will encourage more people to follow you .

    You can have Q& As written out in a text-based image, with one question and answer to a post. Remember that the limit for is 2,200 characters, so you can actually squeeze quite a bit of writing into your post, if you want to.

    Instagram even released a Questions Sticker you can use to solicit answers from your audience and share your response as a photo or video.

    Video can be an especially efficient way to answer questions. You can share it after its recorded or film it live. Choosing Instagram Live can even let followers ask you questions in real time, which can drive up responses significantly.

    Track Your Branded Content

    Whether youre an influencer posting branded content or a brand getting tagged in it, take advantage of the analytics Instagram provides! Your analytics and insights show what content strategies work and what dont. Influencers will learn what products and post-types their audience appreciates, and brands will discover which influencers best impact reach and conversions.

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    Give Your Employees The Spotlight

    Content that focuses on employees is a great option for Instagram. Selfies and other sneak peek Instagram photos are another way to show people the human side of your brand, making it easier for them to form an emotional connection to you and trust you more.

    Need some inspiration? Tributo share pictures of its main crafters behind the scenes, working on their latest project.

    This not only makes the brand relatable but emphasizes the hand-crafted aspect of its products, reminding potential customers that its furniture wasnt just churned out by a machine.

    Promoting Branded Content In Stories And With Product Tags

    How To Use Instagram Branded Content Tools

    Brands will now also be able to promote branded content posts with product tags. Prior to today, branded posts from creators that included product tags were not able to be promoted via Branded Content Ads making it harder for them to reach target audiences.

    More and more, people are shopping directly from the creators they love on Instagram this new ad format is another way brands can provide a seamless shopping experience on Instagram. This new format will begin testing in the coming months, the platform shared.

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    Promoting Your Influencers Post

    To be able to use your influencers organic Instagram branded post as an ad, they need to enable the Allow Business Partner to Promote option from their side.

    To do so, they need to access the Advanced Settings during post creation, search your business Instagram handle in order to tag you to it.

    Once the tagged post has been made, the influencer will need to edit the post enable the Allow Business Partner to Promote option via the toggle.

    At any moment, the influencer can add the Paid partnership with tag to an existing Instagram post by editing their post and choosing Tag a Business Partner via the three dots menu.

    Creating Branded Content On Facebook

    Facebook is arguably the biggest and most influential social media platform of our age. The stats, compiled by Oberlo, backing this statement up are staggering.

    • Facebook has 1.84 billion daily active users.
    • Facebook is the leading social platform, reaching 59% of social media users.
    • 63% of the US population aged 12+ say they use Facebook.
    • 86% of marketers are using Facebook for advertising.
    • 78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy via Facebook.

    It is a massive market and one you need to consider for your marketing strategy.

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    What Are Branded Content Ads On Facebook/instagram

    According to Facebook, Branded content is a creator or publishers content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value.

    Creators and brands often work together on producing content to promote a service or product. To simplify this process, Facebook has allowed brands to create ads in Ads Manager, on behalf of the creator .

    How To Create An Instagram Content Calendar

    Instagram expands its branded content capabilities and ...

    We just threw a lot of post types at you, which can feel overwhelming.

    But in diversifying your Instagram posts, you can maintain a well-rounded profile, which users will respond to more enthusiastically.

    Keeping track of all of this, however, can be difficult. Thats why we recommend creating a social media content calendar, preferably using social media scheduling software that lets you:

    • Post to Instagram from your computer
    • Schedule posts in advance
    • Upload and organize your media to maintain a backlog of content

    Later is a free all-in-one scheduling tool you can use to get started. It even has a drag-and-drop feature that lets you easily move content around.

    This lets you map out in advance what will be posted when so you can not only plan your content accordingly, but make sure your different post types are all mixed up for best results.

    Alternatively, you can use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram content if youre building a presence on several social channels at once.

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    Now Its Your Turn To Create A Branded Content Strategy

    Branded Content is a powerful way to connect with your audience and share brand stories, your brands message. All the big players are into it, but it doesn’t matter the size of your business nor the budget of your marketing plan if you have a story to tell, you need to tell it.

    Who has a story to tell about your brand? The owner? Employees? Customers? Get them told, share them on social media and watch your brand grow and your fans grow along with you.

    Track and Analyze Brand Mentions

    with Brand Monitoring

    Instagram Adds More Tools To Help Creators Maximize Branded Content Partnerships

    Instagram’s testing some new creator monetization options, ahead of the Christmas shopping push, with a view to helping its most prominent users maximize their earnings potential through branded content arrangements.

    First off, Instagrams testing a new Partnerships messaging folder within Instagram DMs, which will be a dedicated space to keep track of sponsored content opportunities and communications.

    As you can see here, along with your Primary General and Requests folders, Instagrams also testing a new Partnership Messages section in your inbox, where these specific communications would live.

    Those messages will be filtered through from Facebooks Brand Collabs Manager platform, or via a new brand search option, which will facilitate connection with creators that either follow their brand profile or have specifically flagged that theyre open to working with them.

    That also means that all of the brands getting in touch via this folder will have met Partner Monetization policies, as a qualifier for the new connection tools.

    That could be an easier way to facilitate collaboration deals, and while it does seem like Instagram would be better off adding another swipeable tab in the Direct inbox, as opposed to tapping through on a folder at the top of the stream, maybe four tabs is just too many, and this is a better UI option.

    As per :

    Well see what happens these new experiments are in testing with selected users now.

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