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What Is An Instagram Carousel

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Instagram Carousel Post Size And Specifications

How To Make a Seamless Carousel Instagram Post

Before you figure out how to make a carousel on Instagram that stands out from the crowd, you first have to consider the specifics image and video size requirements. Otherwise, you will end up with visuals that are either too big or too small for Instagram. This will cause important parts of your post to be cut out or not have the ideal quality you intended.

Although you can choose to post your Instagram carousels in a square, portrait, and landscape format, you must remember that all visuals must have the same dimensions.

To make your Instagram posts look flawless, respect the following .

Image sizes for Instagram carousels:

  • Maximum image size: 30MB
  • Square: 1080 x 1080 px
  • Landscape: 1080 x 608 px
  • Portrait: 1080 x 1350 px
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 , 1.91:1 , 4:5

Video specifications for Instagram carousels:

  • Ideal formats: MP4, MOV
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 , 1.91:1 , 4:5
  • Maximum size: 4GB

Now that you know the specifics of a carousel, its time to spark your creativity by looking at the following Instagram post ideas.

Include A Swipe Left Instruction In Your Caption

Though primarily a visual platform, you cant underestimate the importance of a good caption to accompany your Instagram post. And when it comes to carousel posts, theres a cheat code to driving even more engagement on your post explicitly asking your followers to swipe left through the carousel.

Research found that posts that include a swipe left message in the caption have an average engagement rate of 2%, compared to the 1.83% average for all posts.

Keep this little hack to yourself, though. Less than 5% of Instagram posts actually ask users to swipe through the carousel. Take advantage while others arent.

Share A List With Your Followers

Listicles are one of the most popular types of content. In fact, 36% of readers prefer list-based headlines over how-tos, tutorials, and question-based headlines. Implement this knowledge in your Instagram marketing strategy to create list-based carousels, and showcase one item on your list on each slide.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some examples of lists you can create carousels for:

  • A checklist.
  • A top tips list related to your industry.
  • A list of facts or stats.

We can see this in action in a . The company repurposed an infographic into a carousel to expand its reach and share the data with people who hadnt already visited the blog post:

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How To Create An Instagram Carousel In 5 Steps

Written By Kayla Murphy

Just like other posts on Instagrams, users can like, comment and share carousel posts. Below, we outline how to create a carousel for your Instagram account, as well as why creating one can help diversify your businesss content.

Note: This specific article focuses on how to create a carousel for Instagram to learn . The biggest difference between Instagram and Facebook carousels is that Instagrams carousel app template is free for users, whereas Facebooks carousel functionality is only available as an ad format and needs to be budgeted for in your paid social campaign.

How To Create The Best Performing Instagram Carousel

Instagram launches Carousel Ads in Canada

Here are some pointers you can follow to make your Instagram carousels very happening.

Technically, there are a few things that work best from an engagements perspective, as shown in the :

  • Think of your intent and the scope of the carousel post before creating it. For example, if your aim is to start conversations on a topic, know that video carousels tend to gather more comments.
  • Make use of all 10 slides. Using more slides gives you the opportunity to create a story through your post. Take advantage of that. It works.
  • Mix both videos and images in your post. By now everyone knows that users attention span isnt very long. But when youre mixing videos with images, it makes your post more dynamic and keeps followers locked in.
  • Encourage viewers to swipe. Any messages that tell people theres more to see in a post triggers action. Most followers actually listen, swipe through, and engage with your post.

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Instagram Carousels At A Glance

Instagram carousels are growing in popularity.

In 2017, 3 to 4% of Instagram content consisted of carousel posts, compared to 19% in July 2020.

Carousels have an average engagement rate per post of 1.92%, compared to 1.74% for images and 1.45% for videos.

The engagement rate per post goes over 2% when all 10 carousel slides are used.

However, most carousels have between 2 to 4 slides.

Only 6% of carousels are maxed out at 10 slides.


Reasons To Choose An Instagram Carousel Over Videos

You might ask, Why should I spend time creating an Instagram carousel post over other formats?

For starters, the states that carousels are the second most popular formats after videos. The same report also states that carousels are at the top of the median number of likes and comments.

Instagram carousels also maintained a consistent 62 likes and 5 comments for more than 50% of the users on the platform. Consider that for a moment, especially if .

Besides, here are three more reasons to choose an Instagram carousel over other formats.

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Get The Word Out With User

User-generated content is any form of content created by individuals published on a social network. UGC can be similar to peer-to-peer recommendations or user reviews. You can take advantage of these types of carousel posts to encourage your community to create content for the possibility of being featured on your account.

How To Create Instagram Carousel Ads

How to Create Instagram Carousel Post – Grow FASTER with Multi-image Posts

While not all Instagram carousel posts are ads, they do make excellent marketing tools! Especially for creating lookbooks of products that youre selling on the platform or to showcase multiple reviews at once.

Instagrams potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users. Tools like carousel ad posts help you make the most of that reach!

You can set your target audience and goals for each individual post. This allows you to maximize the impact of your carousel ads.

Before you can create Instagram carousel ads, youll need to have a Facebook Business Account. Once you have an account, youll need to set up Facebook Ads Manager as well. Once both are set up, follow these steps to create your first Instagram carousel ad.

  • From Ads Manager: follow the steps to Create a Campaign,
  • In the Ad section, under Format, select Carousel.
  • Select Instagram Feed from the formatting toolbar.
  • Upload your images or videos. You can also add a headline, description, and website URL ad this stage.
  • Review your placement and tracking and confirm your Ad.

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Create A Catalogue To Show Details Of A Product Range

Instagram carousel posts are also perfect for a catalog style post. Here you can show a whole range of related products within a single post.

Lets say you have a new fashion range with tops, trousers, and even accessories. You can show them together in a single post, different combinations or shots or a quick video.

Maybe you are selling a new range of pans. Show each item in the set and some shots of them cooking up tasty meals to inspire your buyers.

Carousels Can Be Scaled With A Templated Approach

Once you have created your first carousel on Instagram, you would have a skeleton for your posts.

All you need to do is change the text on each slide to maintain continuity.

For example, in the above carousel post, the design is consistent throughout, and it has been modified for the consecutive ones. Once you have enough practice with it, you can churn out Instagram carousels quickly.

However, if you want each carousel slide to be unique and different from each other, you will need to work on it. But, that takes comparatively less time and effort than shooting and editing videos. Using a free , you can create carousel posts effortlessly. It can help you combine content, color, and graphics.

Heres an example of an Instagram carousel post with good variety:

Each slide is wildly different from each other and requires more time than the previous example.

The idea is that carousels allow you to create a repeatable procedure for your posts. It saves you time and helps you get from thinking to creating quickly.

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Win Over Fans With Customer Review

Customer reviews play a crucial role in business success. If youre getting plenty of positive reviews from your clients, its only logical that you share them with your followers. Carousel posts on Instagram are ideal if youre looking to showcase positive feedback from fans.

Reading through Sweestufflifes feed, youll notice that they like sharing rave reviews of their wedding cakes. Given the frequency at which they do it, its safe to say that the message resonates well with their fans.

Do Instagram Carousels Improve Engagement

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Tips

The short answer is: Yes, Instagram carousels do increase engagement.

Research from Socialinsider shows that carousels achieve an average engagement rate of 1.92%, compared to 1.45% for standalone video posts and 1.74% for single images. Whats even more interesting, though, is the spread of engagement across each post depending on how many images are in the carousel.

Carousels with 10 slides have the highest engagement rate, which may be surprising to some, especially considering users have more swipes to complete in order to see all the content. Yet despite their benefits, just 6% of carousels take advantage of all 10 slides.

Interestingly, while Instagram refers to carousels as multiple image posts, they can also combine images and videos. Research found that carousels with a combination of both images and videos generate higher engagement rates than video-only or image-only carousels .

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Share Before And After Content

Instagrammers LOVE transformations. So much so, that the hashtag #beforeandafter has been used on more than 22 million Instagram posts.

Certain weekly trends revolve around this before-and-after concept. Take the hashtag #transformationtuesday, for example. Every Tuesday, Instagram users share their transformation posts no matter the subject using the same hashtag.

This type of post lends itself perfectly to carousels. To make it work, you need only two images in the carousel . Simply share a photo of before your project, followed by the completed after pic. Heres an example from Nooshins Hairgoals:

Before-and-after carousels can work for all types of businesses. Just use an example where your product or service has contributed to the change.

How To Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts With Hootsuite

1. Go to Planner and tap New post to launch Compose

2. Select the Instagram account you want to publish to

3. Include your caption in the Text box

4. Go to Media and tap Select files to upload. Select all the images you want to include in your carousel. All selected images should appear under Media.

5. If you havent linked your mobile device to your Hootsuite dashboard, a popup will appear saying Publish via mobile notification and prompt you through the necessary steps for connection.

6. Include any necessary instructions in the Notes to Publisher section.

7. Select a date and time to schedule your post for.

8. Tap Schedule. The post will show up in your Planner at the time you have scheduled it for.

9. At the scheduled date and time, you will receive a mobile notification that your post is ready to publish.

10. Tap the notification, which will open your notification centre in the Hootsuite App.

11. Tap the top notification in the list, then tap Open in Instagram.

12. Your caption will be copied to your clipboard automatically.

13. Tap the + button and select the correct images .

14. Add any filters to your images, as you would publishing a normal Instagram post.

15. Paste your caption.

16. Tap OK. And voila! Your Instagram carousel has been published.

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Everything You Need To Know About Carousel Posts On Instagram

How many times have you clicked on the tiny arrow on an Instagram post?

Maybe it is to check out what your favourite influencer is up to at a music festival. Or to read a new blog post from a leading publication. In these cases, youre using Instagrams Carousel feature.

From big brands to micro-influencers, everyone is using this feature to get their audiences engaged. Its an innovative way to kindle the curiosity of your audience. In this post, were going to discuss what Carousel posts are and how you can leverage them to promote your brand.

Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts

What are Instagram “Carousel” Ads? How To Make Them On Facebook Ads…

8 minute read

Learn how to use carousel posts to boost your engagement, reach new audiences, and even drive sales in this blog post.

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most versatile tools you can use to achieve your goals on Instagram.

With the right strategy, you can boost your engagement levels, reach new audiences, and even drive product sales.

Not sure where to start? In this blog post, were sharing 11 creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts for your brand or business:

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Telling People To Swipe Left On Instagram Carousels

Is it redundant to tell people swipe left on a carousel? Or does it actually help?

According to the study, carousels with messages that encourage users to swipe left really do perform better.

Telling people to swipe left on a carousel can bring the average engagement rate from 1.83% to 2%.

This is another under-utilized tactic, as only 5% of carousels contain swipe left messaging.

For more data on Instagram carousels, see the full study here.

How To Use The Instagram Carousel

First, you need to ask yourself why a carousel works better than a normal post for you. After determining your concept, take the following steps to create your carousel post.

1 Open your Instagram profile and tap the + icon.

2 Next, go to the library and tap select multiple.

3 Then, you can select up to 10 photos or videos relevant to your post.

4 Afterwards, tap next and edit them or apply any desired filter.

5 When finished, you can write anything in your caption like a normal post on your feed, including tags, hashtags, and other things.

6 Finally, you should tap share to post your Instagram carousel.

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Instagram Carousels And Engagement

Now weve found out what carousel posts are and the process of creating these multiple photos posts. There are a few more questions you might have, though. And you may have been wondering what happens if you add multiple photos on Instagram, in terms of engagement. Is it possible to generate more engagement with an Instagram multiple photos strategy or not?

If youre looking for a very short answer, then its a yes.

If youre looking for a few numbers and a more detailed breakdown of the factors that influence the engagement rate, keep reading.

A recent study has demonstrated, a post on Instagram that contains multiple photos tends to have more success than one that contains only one photo or video. This comes from the analysis of more than 22 million posts, and around 3 million carousel posts.

If youve been debating if you should post multiple photos on Instagram, the average engagement rate stands at 1.92% for an Instagram carousel. This is in comparison to 1.74% for single images, as well as 1.45% for single videos. It has also been demonstrated that there is a correlation between engagement and the number of slides used in the carousel.

The carousels that contain 10 slides are the ones that generate the most engagement among Instagram users, the average engagement rate standing at 2.07%. Carousels that contain 9 or 8 slides are the runner-ups, as they stand at 1.94% and 1.91% in terms of engagement.

Why Creating Carousels Is Good For Your Businesss Social Media Strategy

Why Offering Self

People in the social media world often ask: Do carousels perform better than other posts? The short and simple answer is yes. Lets take a look at the statistics behind this.

Studies show that telling customers to continue swiping left to view the carousel post can increase engagements from 1.83% to 2%. On average, carousel posts reach 1.4x more reach than a regular post on Instagram. Adding multiple slides allows users to view more content on a single post.

Say your business traveled to a convention or conference, one could showcase a multitude of photos of your team enjoying and learning at the specific event. Or, say youre a makeup company, and want to display your new lines of lipstick. A creative way is to show a carousel post introducing each new lipstick color on a new slide.

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Instagram Carousel Post Ideas: Add A Comment

In the engaging Instagram carousel post example above, you may have noticed an interesting call to action at the end.

As you can see in the comments, this call to action really works. Even on a page that only became active a couple months ago, there are well over 100 comments on this one post.

  • Get more engagement on your Instagram carousel posts.
  • Increase the visibility of your Instagram carousel posts due to all of the engagement.
  • .
  • Create a fun and interactive experience for your followers.

If you havent tested it out for yourself, do so now by commenting INSTATOOLS from your mobile device, here:

If youd rather not test it out right now, lame! Only kidding, you dont have to because heres a recording of the full user experience:

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