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What Happened To My Pinterest Account

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What Is The Difference Between Account Suspension And A Blocked Site

Pinterest Account SUSPENDED (2021) – What Happened? // 8 Things That Get Your Account BLOCKED!

The majority of cases Ive seen reported by bloggers were called account suspension: the account profile link would not be searchable on Pinterest, the account owner would not have access to his profile, but all links from pins saved on Pinterest by other users would be still active and driving traffic to the website.

My own website was once affected by the second and very rare situation when . It was a quite known glitch in the middle of summer 2018 when hundreds of legit bloggers noticed their sites were blocked on Pinterest overnight . Pinterest confirmed it was a glitch and reinstated all the accounts within 24-48 hours.

  • Read the Community guidelines page everything that youll find on this page is very important and violations of these rules can get your account suspended. I would recommend you read the Spam and Quality section especially carefully.
  • Use a business account and verify your domain if you use it to promote a website. Personal accounts used for commercial purposes are frequently shut down. You can also convert from personal account to business without losing your followers. Read here everything about creating business accounts and enabling rich pins.
  • Dont the same text under pins, especially with links to your website. This is pure evil spam.
  • Remember, if something like this happens to you, you can use your right to appeal and explain what you think is happening.

    So What Do You Do When Something Like This Happens

    #1 Dont wait for Pinterest To Fix The Issue I knew issues like this could take some time to fix, Lets face it, people, this is the internet and glitches happen all of the time! There really isnt a whole lot you can do about it but you can try and safeguard some of your hard work. As soon as I had emailed Pinterest Support to notify them of the issue, I created another account for My Business.I started by creating Boards I already knew were popular from my old account and added some new ones that I wanted to test as well. I then started creating pins and pinning content I knew to be popular.

    Are There Ways To Recover Missing Boards

    More than learning the reasons why your boards are not showing, you are definitely mre interested to know if you could still get your missing boards back. Luckily, it is still possible to recover your missing boards depending on the reason they are not showing up. If any of these cause your missing boards, sad to say, retrieving them is nearly impossible.

    • The creator deleted it
    • Your account was hacked

    But if the reason of your boards deletion is none of these, then there is hope. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that may help you restore your boards.

    1. Restoring a board from a group you left

    If you have left a group whether by an accident or for a reason, one way you can get back is asking them to invite you again or send another request for them to let you join the group again. All you have to do is look for the board that you wish to join and press the Request to Join button which you can see next to Follow button.

    2. Accidentally deleted accounts

    2. Restore a cached copy.

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    The Importance Of Fresh Pins

    Once youve taken a critical look at your Pinterest account and gathered your baseline information thats detailed in the , I want you to look further at your Pin designs.

    by Pinterests AI .

    For example, Pinterest would see a new blog post or product page with a new URL as fresh, hence,

    I should also mention Duplicate Pins, as this practice of pinning the same pins to multiple boards over and over again is being seen as a no-no with Pinterest & could actually hurt your Pinterest account.

    This old practice can be seen as spammy and risk you losing followers or having your Pins reported. The point is to provide a great user experience for your audience and Pinning the same image multiple times every day does not account for that.

    What this all means is that the importance of newer, fresh content is crucial to your Pinterest strategy.

    If youre serious about improving your Pinterest growth & reach and are looking for new Pinterest templates for your content, I highly recommend my that you can download and start using right away! These templates were created with you in mind if:

    • You love a clean aesthetic.

    • You want something that is uniquely catered to your creative individual needs.

    If you want to grab the attention of your audience, start using these , just sign up below and youll get the link sent straight to your inbox.

    Be A True Content Creator And Save Fresh Pins Regularly

    My Pinterest Account Disappeared , What To Do If This ...

    Apparently, too many bloggers were repinning their own exactly the same pins too many times to multiple boards.

    All platforms get more complicated algorithms over time as the competition between content creators promoting on these platforms grows. So if you are still on the fence about Pinterest traffic and think you can start later, I cant recommend you highly enough to . The longer you wait, the harder it gets for a beginner.

    When you just save new images directly from your web pages, and SEO descriptions . This mean, all your new pins from the same page are targeting exactly the same keywords.

    So whats the new solution?

    Then you can upload the new image or if you saved it on the page, you can also retrieve the image from your site . The most important part here is changing your Rich Pins title and description. Try to think of some new keywords you havent used in your SEO title for this post or page.

    This way, you will overwrite the Rich Pinss title that comes from your web page. The SEO description remains the same, but you can and should also use new keywords in the pin description :

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    Its Time To Celebrate

    One of the best parts of Pinterest as a company is that they listen to their users. Imagine that a company that listens to its customers!!! What a neat idea, huh?

    Over the past few months Pinterest has rolled out some really helpful features such as send a pin and duplicate pin notification. All because of feedback they received from the Pinterest community. Now, the feature that everyone has been waiting for is here, you can now search your pins!!!

    To show you how easy it is to search for your pins and to give to a you a special tip, I made a quick video. If you think others would find it helpful, please share it using one of the buttons below. Thanks!

    If Youd Rather See Pins From Only Those Youre Following Use The New Following Tab

    Heres a snippet from my profile page and where you can find the Following tab.

    • In addition to People, you can also follow specific Boards and Topics. Find the option on desktop and laptop, located to the right of the list of people youre already following.

    And speaking of following, I sure do hope youll include Worthing Court in your list of blogs to follow on Pinterest. You can do that right HERE. I have over 120 boards where I pin all kinds of great stuff home decor, diy projects, seasonal decorations, recipes, crafts and more!

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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    Less Focus On Group Boards And More On Your Own Boards

    • Creating fresh pins for our new blog posts, pages, or products

    • Assessing whats working and where improvements can be made

    • Recognizing that social media changes are inevitable but the changes will provide our audience with the best user experience to increase engagement and growth of our brand and business.

    How Can Donotpay Help

    How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

    DoNotPay will put legal pressure on the company to solve your appeal. We will create and send a demand letter with a response deadline so that Pinterest takes you seriously.

    To put your appeal in motion, do the following:

  • Enter Unban My Account in the search bar
  • Fill in the form by providing:
  • The name of the company
  • The date when you got suspended
  • Your current address
  • An explanation why you got suspended
  • Information about whether you have a paid subscription, and if you do, whether you want a refund
  • Your username
  • If you feel discriminated against, let us know while completing the questionnairewe can use it to strengthen your case.

    You will also need to verify your signature to validate the document.

    Note that we can appeal to the platform’s original decision, not the final one. If you have already messaged Pinterest representatives and they said that your suspension wont be lifted, the case is closed. While they can be in the wrong, they have the right to remove or suspend the users if they find this action justified.

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    Unfollow Only Specific Boards

    Say youre following a blogger or brand who typically pins images that youre interested in, but also pins about a subject that you arent interested in. You can still follow that blogger or brand, but simply Unfollow any of their boards that you dont care about.

    For example, maybe a person/blogger pins on boards about home decor that you like, but also has boards that pertain to a subject you arent interested in. Maybe you like her home decor boards, but really have no interest in her healthy eating boards.

    To unfollow the boards that you dont want to see pins from, do a search for the name of the person, brand or blog to get to their profile page . Click to Unfollow any boards that you arent interested in.

    A Vision Board For Success

    • Ensure your account isset up for business,claim your domain, claim your other social media accounts, andenable rich pins to improve your quality score . Make sure youre tagged as a Publisher.

    • Its all in the image. Pinterest is an extremely visual platform. Utilize lifestyle images that maintain a 2:3 ratio with an ideal size of 600 x 900 px. Longer is better in the case of this platform with vertical images taking up more real estate in the feed. Canva has tons of templates that your art team can tweak for the social team to post without having to route each piece through creative.

    Make sure the pages youre driving your traffic to have a place to collect your user and give them a next step. Optimize the landing page to include a pop up and an inline form, providing users with a way to get more information that theyre actively searching for.

    Happy pinning, friends!

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    Were You Spamming Be Humble And Helpful

    However, if you were in the wrong, and in fact, you WERE engaging in spammy behavior on your account, just admit that you were not in compliance with . Let them know that it was an accident and explain how you plan to avoid this happening in the future.

    Humility goes a long way.

    Remember, this person has the power to get your account back up and running for you. Make sure youre respectful and helpful as theyre trying to help you.

    Dont take it personally if your account is suspended. Its almost always an accident caused by a bot. It can be scary, especially if youre ad-monetized.

    This is a good wake-up call to look for ways to diversify your traffic sources and your site monetization strategy.

    Make sure you bookmark this blog post and share it with anyone else so that if their account is suspended, they will know what to do.

    For Further Listening/Reading:

    New Easily Find Pins You Saved For Later

    What happens to my likes if I delete my Pinterest account ...

    We know how frustrating it can be when ideas you save get lost in the depths of your profile. So weve made some improvements to help you find and sort your Pins in a more intuitive way.

    Recent Pins are right up top

    Weve noticed people tend to search for Pins theyve added in the last month, so weve made it super easy to get right to your most recent Pins.

    Browse your Pins by topic

    Once you have enough Pins, your profile will start showing you the topics you Pin about most, giving you a glimpse of the kinds of colors, cuisines, designers and other stuff youre into these days. Just tap to see all the Pins you saved for each topic.

    Youll see topic filters for all your Pins and individual boards. So if youve saved a ton of Pins to your Healthy Eats board, now you can get cooking faster by filtering your recipes by “salad” “avocado” and more.

    Quickly find specific boards and Pins

    You can view your boards by when you Pinned to them last, or alphabetically. Or just do a quick search to find a specific board or Pin. If youre looking for your Likes, now theyre right there with your boards.

    Look for the new profile on your iPhone and Android starting today!

    Cesar Isern, Product Manager, currently Pinning to

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    A New Following Feed:

    This is a new feed that Pinterest has introduced! Well actually its an old feed Its the feed from the old days which only displays pins f!

    It differs from your SmartFeed which contains pins that are recommended to you based on your interests, what you are pinning, what you are searching and other factors.

    To see your Following feed:

    • With the new followers button, you can now see all the content from the accounts you follow in real time!
    • Id love for you to so that your Follower feed will be filled with my home decor ideas, recipes and fun DIY projects!

    A New Three Section Layout:

    The first section is your showcase Featured Boards which we talked about above.

    The second section is your Latest Pins. This section contains all the pins youve recently saved on Pinterest.

    The third section is your Latest Boards. This section contains the boards that youve recently saved to on Pinterest.


    If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

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    Group Boards Will Be Losing Distribution Power

    Now, 1000-4000 contributors and no pinning limits cant end up in a good way. Spam eventually takes over these boards and the board is losing the focus on one topic.

    As a consequence, even legit pinners on those boards get low engagement scores for their pins and a confusing keyword context based on all the spam saved to the board previously.

    What should you do now?

  • If you are still relatively new and dont have many big group boards on your profile, you have two options. First, forget about group boards and work on your own boards. Second, if you still want to try to reach additional audiences with group boards, you might want to create or join only small group boards, very specifically targeted to a keyword or topic.
  • If you already joined many large group boards, especially generic boards which allow people from all niches to pin, its time to evaluate how efficient these boards are for your account. Learn how I do it from this post.
  • Followers Quality Over Quantity

    2 MILLION Monthly Viewers On Pinterest?! What I Did To Grow My Pinterest Account | THECONTENTBUG

    They used the term early engagement, which is also well-known in regards to the Instagram algorithm. If your content gets good engagement soon after publication, chances are this content might get an additional boost from the platforms algorithm.

    To quote Sarah from Pinterest : Thats the testing ground and it gets your content out much faster than Pinterest could ever do before. This is your most loyal audience they love your content.

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