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What Does Yellow Heart Mean In Snapchat

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What Do The Snapchat Emojis Mean

Yellow Heart On Snapchat

Considering you probably use the app for taking ridiculous selfies and super-zooming in on your food every day, do you have any idea what the Snapchat emojis mean? Here’s a full explainer of what the sunglasses emoji to the red heart on Snapchat symbols mean.

Cast your mind back to Snapchat pre-April 2015, and you might remember a world without the Snapchat Emoji function. Back then it was actually all about the ‘Best Friend’ functionality, which was essentially where you could click on your Snapchat friends and see the three people they interacted with the most. Yeah, it was ~pretty~ revealing. But well over five years ago now, the social media app mixed things up with the introduction of emojis, which created more opportunity for snooping on your Snapchat relationships.

The Snapchat emojis pop up next to some of your Snapchat contacts, and have deep secret meanings, revealing how frequently you speak to one person compared to another, and how your relationship with them compares to another.

The Snapchat emoji meaning: You send the most Snapchats to them, and they send the most Snapchats to you – you are number one best friends with each other. This is the ultimate show of friendliness, essentially – you’re as popular with each other as, well, each other.

The Snapchat emoji meaning: You’ve been BFFs with each other for two weeks straight, and both Snap each other more than anyone else. Now that is a true sign of a Snapchat relationship.

What Do The Heart Emojis Mean

As mentioned up top, there are three levels of heart emojis on Snapchat. While every single one of your best friends on the platform will have a smiling, blushing emoji, only your top mutual friend can have a heart emoji, designating that person as your shared best friend. Three different levels of friendship are available on Snapchat, and its worth taking a look at each of them to understand why you might lose the heart, to begin with.

Yellow Heart On Snapchat

What does a yellow heart mean on Snapchat? Yellow heart emoji with a golden hue attracts the Snapchat users to show their love and affections. Yellow heart is a sign of besties. You and your friend send your snaps to each other frequently. This heart is not only shown between just two best friends but also shown between close family members.;

The yellow heart demonstrates feelings of affection, hope, happiness, and pleasure. You can use this heart where you feel inappropriate to send red heart emoji. Yet, the Yellow heart sign shows the first best friend relation and you both can find yourself on the top of contact lists.

For those who want to know that yellow heart emoji comes from where. This emoji was permitted in 2010 under Unicode 6.0, however, Snapchat introduced this yellow heart emoji in 2015.

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You Can Change Friend Icons If You Want

For an app with enough icons to warrant a support page;it can take some time to learn, but Snapchat remains simple enough in its interface to strike a balance. And as always, there’s more personalization available for those who want it. For iOS;natives, friend emojis can be changed by clicking on the gear icon in ‘My Profile’ to get into settings. Then, scrolling down to to ‘Manage’ beneath ‘Additional Services’ will lead users to ‘Friend Emojis’ which will allow customization. For;Android;users it’s much the same. Simply click the gear icon in ‘My Profile’ to reach settings, scroll down and select ‘Customize Emojis’ and the rest is up to the imagination.

Although Snapchat focuses;on quick interactions, there’s a significant amount of lore associated with it. That however might just drive more attraction while users aren’t busy turning themselves into potatoes using the AR lens. Overall this is a novel way to celebrate and highlight friendships between users, and the fact that it can change over time provides an additional real-world feel to Snapchat’s friend emojis.

Where Did My Snapchat Heart Emoji Go


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Although Snapchat may have a ton of features built into the app, its the little things that matter most to their users. One of the most basic features of Snapchat is the heart system, which creates a method with which Snapchat can measure your level of friendship with another person.

While you can have several best friends on the service, only one person at a time can be your true, ultimate best friend, the person who ranks above everyone else. To get there, you and the other person will both need to snap each other more often than anyone else on the service, raising your friendship level through the app to become the ultimate friend. Your best friend is denoted with one of three heart emojis, each meaning and reaching a new level of friendship as you move through the platform.

Unfortunately, the hard work it takes to get your friendship level in Snapchat increased can often be ruined in a single days work. If youre curious about where your Snapchat heart emojis went within the app, you arent alone.

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What Does Mean On Snapchat

The grimacing face has been ruing friendships and relationships lately and Snapchat is to blame.

The grimacing face in the Snapchat chatroom means that your best friend is best friends with the person who has the grimacing face by their name.

Consequently, the person who has the in your chatroom snaps with your best friend as much as you do.

That emoji on Snapchat friends is ruining lives

Well, its safe to say that this emoji will be causing drama .

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Meaning Behind The Birthday Cake

This emoji is easy to decipher. The person that has a birthday cake emoji next to their name is having a birthday that day.

But you need to know is that this emoji can be disabled by modifying the Birthday Party feature in Settings. If you dont want your Snapchat contacts to know its your birthday, the app has got you covered.

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How Do Snapchat Stories Work

On the Stories screen, you can watch your friends Stories, publisher and creator Stories, Shows, and more.;

Stories are broken into three sections:;

  • The Friends section, which shows your friends Stories at the top of the screen.
  • The Subscriptions section, which shows all of the Stories and Shows that youre subscribed to.
  • The Discover section, which shows third-party stories.
  • You can also swipe left on the Stories screen to explore content in the Spotlight section, which highlights the most entertaining Snaps from the Snapchat community. Users can submit a Snap to Spotlight by creating a Snap, then selecting Spotlight at the top of the Send To screen.;

    What Does The Yellow Heart And Other Emojis Mean On Snapchat

    Snapchat Emojis Explained (Updated) | DefinitelyOwen

    Just when you think you have figured out the knack behind the WTF, NSFW and BTW a whole other array of social media codes are thrown at you in the form of Snapchat emojis.

    A Snapchat friend could be a love heart, a sunglasses face or even a smirk to you, but what does that all mean?

    Unless you are a Snapchat veteran, understanding the meaning behind the emojis on Snapchat can be a challenge.

    The photo messaging, video sending, instant messaging and photo exploring app uses emoji to represent and give their users different messages.

    Snapchat has been incredibly inventive in using emojis as a form of language to appeal to its young demographic.

    If you are an original Snapchat user as in you were there when all you could do was send pictures, then you have probably deciphered the emojis popping up on the app.

    For those of you late to the Snapchat game wondering what these symbols correspond to, then prepare to;have your mind blown.

    Emojis will pop up on the app beside your Snapchat friends names and they function as a way of describing the relationship you and your friend have on Snapchat.

    If you are a serious snapper then you may have quite a few emojis, or there may be some listed here that you will never see because you are just not that dedicated to the app or your Snapchat friends.

    Shame on you.

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    Snapchat New Emoji Meanings: What Do The Two Pink Heart Emoji Mean

    What does the pink hearts emoji mean on snapchat??

    — Mercedes

    The two pink hearts mean something extra special if you see the two pink hearts on Snapchat, it means you and your bestie have been you #1 best friends for two months or more. Cool, huh? If you are someone who values commitment in a relationship, in Snapchat land this is equivalent to going steady, I suppose.

    What Is Snapchat Discover

    In the Discover section of the Stories page, users can find Stories from:

    • Publishers
    • Sponsored Stories
    • and more!;

    The Discover section is particularly relevant to brands who want to advertise through Snap Stories. Story ads are a series of 3-20 Single Image or Video Ads that users can watch by tapping a branded tile in the Discover section. To learn more about the advertising opportunities available on Snapchat, check out our Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Ads.

    Image Source:

    Snapchat Filters are design overlays that users can add after they take a Snap. Filters can add color effects, show location or weather information, highlight a special event, and more.;

    Advertisers can create sponsored Filters to promote an event, brand, location, and more. Sponsored Filters must have a visible brand logo or brand name.

    Snapchat Lenses, on the other hand, use augmented reality to transform users appearance or surroundings while they create a Snap. Lenses can add 3D effects, characters, objects, and transformations.

    Lenses use a face detection algorithm to apply features and effects onto users faces before they take a photo.;

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    What Do The Purple Emojis Mean On Snapchat

    The Zodiac emojis appear depending on the persons date of birth. It will only show if the person has added their date of birth in Snapchat and enabled the Birthday Party settings.

    Heres the complete list.

    • Capricorn December 22 January 19
    • Aquarius; January 20 February 18
    • Pisces; February 19 March 20
    • Aries March 21 April 19
    • Taurus April 20 May 20
    • Gemini May 21 June 20
    • Cancer; June 21 July 22
    • Leo; July 23 August 22
    • Virgo August 23 September 22
    • Libra; September 23 October 22
    • Scorpio October 23 November 21
    • Sagittarius; November 22 December 21

    When Does The Yellow Heart Escape

    Why Did the yellow heart on snapchat go away?  Snapchat Drama

    It will no longer appear if you do not send each other the most snaps. Remember that this yellow heart emoji is based on both of you. If the other person starts sending more snaps to someone else or vice versa, then the yellow heart emoji will disappear. Let us understand this by an example-

    If A sends 50 snaps to BB also sends 51 snaps to ABut B has sent 52 snaps to C.In such a case, the yellow heart emoji will be removed from A.

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    What About The Purple Boxes Next To My Friends Names

    If your friend has entered a birthday in Snapchat, their zodiac sign usually shows up as a purple box though depending on the system you’re using, they may look a little different than the one above. As long as you realize what you’re looking at, these icons give you an idea of when their birthday is, even if you dont know the exact date. If it is your friends birthday, a birthday cake emoji will show up as well.

    From left to right, top to bottom, the symbols above indicate Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , ### , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , and Pisces .

    How Can I Remove The Red Heart

    If you need to remove the red heart immediately, then you will need to block the person, unblock them and then add them back as a friend. Although that might result in an awkward conversation.

    If you have some time to spare, then you should just avoid replying to their snaps. You can also try sending a lot of snaps to someone else.

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    What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat

    According to many reports, Yellow colour and yellow coloured objects signify happiness and friendship. This is why many people share yellow roses on many occasions while gifting a friend. However, yellow heart on Snapchat appears next to a friend when you are #1 best friends with each other. This means that you send the most snaps to this friend daily and they reciprocate in the same way to you. This shows that you and your friend are entirely engaged in Snapchat and keep sharing selfies and videos more often than most of the friends in your friend’s list.

    The Fire emoji represents that you and your friend are on a Snapstreak. This means that you have snapped this person every day and they have snapped you back. If the Fire emoji appears next to the Yellow heart emoji then it means that you are on a Snapstreak with your Snapchat best friend.

    How Do You Get Rid Of The Yellow Heart On Snapchat

    SNAPCHAT EMOJIS – What do the red and pink hearts mean?

    You don’t need to bother to get rid of the yellow heart emoji on your contacts. It happens because the yellow heart emoji will automatically disappear if you no longer communicate with friends or vice versa.

    So, if you find someone else who you send snaps with more often than the one that already has a heart with yellow color or yellow heart emoji, the emoji can go away. If your best friend also sends snaps to other people more often, the heart emoji in yellow in his/her name will also disappear.

    However, the yellow heart emoji could also turn to a red heart , which means an upgrade from the yellow heart emoji. You can get this red heart emoji if you reach two weeks of communication streak with each other.

    If your yellow heart emoji changes to a red heart, it is a sign that your friendship level has increased from the previous one. It is a good sign because it means you are still the number 1 best friend on Snapchat.

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    Why Did The Yellow Heart On Snapchat Go Away Snapchat Drama

    Are you wondering why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away?

    Snapchat drama alert.

    The answer can stir up some drama with your snapchat bestie.

    Perhaps ruin a friendship or relationship.

    The recent snapchat yellow heart ;emoji has gotten out of control.

    Snapchats yellow heart means youre besties with someone.

    New Snapchat Emoji Meanings: What Do Red Pink And Gold Hearts Mean And Why Did They Change Colors

    On August 5th, 2015 Snapchat added even more new emoji to confuse and confound the masses. These emoji include two types of hearts — a; red heart and two pink hearts ;beside some of their friends names. But what do these new Snapchat hearts mean? Is a red heart better or are the two pink hearts better? What happened to the yellow heart? Why did it change colors? Why does;my red heart have a fire beside it? What is Snapchat trying to tell us with all these crazy new heart emoji???

    If you need these answers weve pulled together everything we could find about the new Snapchat heart emoji meanings and have compiled it below. Check it out.

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    How Snapchat Uses Emoji

    Emoji are in texts. Emoji are in tweets. Emoji are;standing right behind you right now! Theyre everywhere. Theyre in my raccoon wounds!

    But Snapchat uses emoji slightly differently than theyre used in a lot of other apps including social media apps. In Snapchat, emoji arent just icons and images you can use to communicate with people, . Snapchat also uses emoji in novel ways such as in their Trophy Case, which lets you earn achievements based on how you Snap. In this case, emoji are used to indicate specific levels and benchmarks you enjoy with your Snapchat #1 Best Friend.

    Why Does The Red Heart On Snapchat Change To A Yellow Heart

    Yellow Heart Meaning Emoji

    The red heart on Snapchat is attained by being #1 best friends with each other for two weeks or more. If it changed to a yellow heart, it simply means that you havent been keeping up the #1 best friends streak.

    This does not usually happen, but it usually occurs when one or both of you have had a #1 best friend for some period of time, but then become #1 best friends again.

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