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What Does Tl Mean On Twitter

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Technical Terms For Marketers To Know

What does ‘feminism’ mean?

Technical abbreviations may not come up regularly in peoples everyday conversations. But if youre working in a tech company or managing social for one, knowing these technical terms can help you engage with your brands audience. They could also come in handy in your conversations with the IT team.

  • API Application programming interface. It refers to a set of rules that determine how pieces of software interact with each other.
  • CX Customer experience
  • Laura Klein

    Twitter Slang You Should Know

  • Fubfree
  • TMB
  • Twitterati
  • Twitter terms are helpful for anyone whos new to the platform or building a profile for their business. Twitter slang, however, is helpful to be aware of so that you can connect with your audience better. By knowing some common slang terms used in tweets, you can join the conversation with your followers without sounding out of place.

    Tldr Dates Back To The Early 2000s

    Like most internet slang, we dont really know where the word TLDR came from. Our best guess is that the phrase originated from discussion boards like the Something Awful Forums and 4Chan during the early 2000s.

    Merriam-Websters Dictionary claims that the word was first used in 2002, but provides no evidence to support its claim.

    As of right now, the earliest recorded use of TLDR dates back to January of 2003, when it was added to Urban Dictionary. There are also some forum posts that contain the word TL DR from later that same year.

    Since 2004, Google searches for the term TLDR or TL DR have slowly climbed. Sadly, Google Analytics started in January 2004, so we cant look any further back than that. You can see that use of the word TLDR has far exceeded TL DR since 2004, which is why weve dropped the semi-colon for most of this article.

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    How Is Tldr Used In Real Life

    Tl dr can give a genuine summary of a much longer piecethe gist, the big takeaway, the moral of the story.

    This analysis . Tldr: string theory is a prime example of how social power dynamics have a huuuuuge impact on what science gets done.

    Jenna Freudenburg

    This is the schtick of one film review site, TL DR Movies, which opens each review with a brief judgment before going into its longer view, like this tl dr on Avengers: Infinity Wars: TL DR Infinity War brings everyone together and then tears them apart leaving you with a foreboding as to what will happen next, but also an excitement as they try to work it all out.

    People might also use tl dr in personal accounts along the lines of to make a long story short or to get to the point:

    Tl dr can also issue a snarky take on a longer, more complex topic, as if boiling it down to its essence.

    TLDR: the women take on average 20 minutes to orgasm statistic is literally non-existent. ¯\__/¯

    One might dismiss a document seen as overly long with a tl dr, like those ridiculously long and dense Terms of Service forms we always sign without ever reading.

    In case you ever wondered how long would it take..TLDR #infosec#GDPR#womenintech

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    Definitions For 44 Twitter Terms You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask About

    This morning, when I scanned my Twitter feed, I did a few MTs and PRTs, asked a follower to TMB, and left SMH at some trolls I found, so I said BFN to Twitter.

    Didn’t understand what I just said? Dont worry that used to be gobbledygook to me, too.

    Twitter has become a social network with its own unique language and rightfully so. After all, when you only have 280 characters to say what you mean, every word counts.

    And dont just take our word for it. For the best engagement results, Twitter recommends keeping tweets short and conversational, too.

    This, my friends, is why marketers need to be well-versed in the language of Twitter.

    When I found myself heading for Google every time I checked out my Twitter feed, I knew it was time to start writing some definitions down so I could learn the language myself, so that’s exactly what I did. And what kind of inbound marketer would I be if I didnt share this great content with you too?

    Here are some of the most popular Twitter slang terms you should know. As you find a few to sprinkle into your next batch of scheduled Tweets for your , try to avoid the temptation to use them all at once a little goes a long way.

    Use Photos Videos Gifs

    A boost in engagement can boost your tweets ranking with the Twitter algorithm. And its well known that tweets with photos, videos, and GIFs tend to get more attention.

    I mean

    Celine’s new album « Courage » is out now! Listen to it everywhere ! / Le nouvel album de Céline « Courage » est maintenant disponible ! Écoutez le partout ! – Team Céline

    Vancouver International Airport

    Twitter data shows that tweets with GIFs receive 55% more engagement than tweets without them. Tweets with videos? They see 10 times more engagement.

    Our data shows that Tweets with a GIF get 55% more engagement than those without.

    Let’s see your favorite GIFs

    Twitter Business

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    What Is The Origin Of Tldr

    Like most internet trends, we dont really know where this slang term started.

    Urban Dictionary first added it to their site back in 2003. Merriam-Websters dictionary, which accepted the word in 2018, says the term began in 2002 but has no evidence to support this claim.

    Its likely the word first originated in forums and chatrooms that ruled the internet in the early 2000s. If you were on MySpace, Friendster or 4Chan, you probably already know exactly what TL DR means and have used it many times.

    shows searches for the terms TL DR and TLDR on a slow rise since 2004, but since there’s no data available prior to that year, we have no way of truly knowing when this word first emerged.

    What this does show is that the word is almost as old as the internet itself, and it’s certainly not on the way out anytime soon!

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    Recap 2/: Tweet Manual Retweets

    I Didnât Know What Yeet Meant, So Twitter Informed Me.

    Manual retweets have somewhat fallen out of style amongst some users. Rather than using Twitters retweet functionality, a manual retweet is a copy and paste of the original tweet. You copy and paste the same message, put it in quotes, and add RT: to the front of it. You can also add your own commentary or hashtags if you have the space.

    Manual retweets have fallen somewhat out of style simply because Twitter implemented the two-form retweet button. The ability to add your own comment full length, not just whatever leftover characters remain in a manual RT meant the manual RT lost most of its functionality.

    Manual retweets do not notify the original poster . Most people will RT @username original tweet here . This is fine, but again, a lot of people are starting to prefer the retweet button, both for ease and for space.

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    What Is The Meaning Of Tl Abbreviation In Twitter

  • What is TL definition ?

    TL definition is “Time Line”.

  • What does TL mean in Twitter?

    TL mean that “Time Line” for Twitter.

  • What is TL acronym ?

    TL acronym is “Time Line”.

  • What is shorthand of Time Line ?

    The shorthand of “Time Line” is TL.

  • What is the definition of TL acronym in Twitter?

    Definitions of TL shorthand is “Time Line”.

  • What is the full form of TL abbreviation?

    Full form of TL abbreviation is “Time Line”.

  • What is the full meaning of TL in Twitter?

    Full meaning of TL is “Time Line”.

  • What is the explanation for TL in Twitter?

    Explanation for TL is “Time Line”.

  • What is the meaning of TL Abbreviation in Astrology ?

    The site does not only include the meanings of the TL abbreviation in Twitter. Yes, we know your main purpose is explanation of TL abbreviation in Twitter. However, we thought that besides the meaning of the TL definitions in Twitter, you can consider astrological information of TL acronym in Astrology. Therefore, the astrological explanation of each word in each TL abbreviation is also included.

    TL Abbreviation in Astrology

    Know What Slang Your Audience Is Using

    Most importantly, know exactly what kind of internet slang your audience is using through social listening. Make the most of Sprout Socials social listening functionality to listen in on your audiences conversations. This is a great way to identify common phrases and acronyms in their posts so you can understand their language.

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    Top Tweets Vs Latest Tweets

    Twitter users can toggle between two different Twitter timelines: Top Tweets and Latest Tweets.

    Latest Tweets shows people their followers tweets in real-time. Top Tweets uses the Twitter algorithm to shuffle posts in what it suggests as a better order.

    New on iOS! Starting today, you can tap to switch between the latest and top Tweets in your timeline. Coming soon to Android.


    Where Does Tldr Come From

    Tonte Bob Manuel Tonte35 Twitter

    The abbreviation tl dr is found on a Usenet newsgroup about video games as early as 2002 and earned entry on Urban Dictionary by the following year. Originally, tl dr was an insult, used in reaction to some post, comment, or content seen as wordy or long-windedas if literally saying This is way too long, so I didnt read it.

    By 2005, tl dr had taken on a second meaning as a shorthand for a summary, frequently called the tl dr version of a longer account or article. Tl dr took off with social media in the 2010s, boosted by the practice of linking out to longer content on platforms like Twitter while offering a quick take on it.

    Memes sometimes use tl dr to suggest prominent figures havent read some text they claim to value, like the Bible or U.S. Constitution.

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    If You Choose To Cut Right Down To It Using Tl dr Is Your New Go

    If youve seen this in the comments section of a social media post or worse, had someone send this to you after you DMed them a heartfelt, personal message youve probably found yourself wondering what the heck TLDR means.

    Heres everything you need to know about this slang phrase, where it came from, and how to use it.

    Twitter Dictionary: Understanding Twitter Abbreviations And Slang

    As with any social platform, there is an entire vocabulary of abbreviations and slang words that users of the Twitter service have adopted.

    Some of the Twitter lingo describes the collection of people who use the service, while other abbreviations are used to describe specific functions and features of the service itself . There are also a number of terms which are essentially Twitter shorthand: abbreviations that users include in their tweets.

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    S To Follow If Your Twitter Account Is Suspended

    January 29, 2010 by Aaron

    You got your twitter account suspended? Dont worry, I got mine suspended a few weeks back as well. Rather than going crazy there are a few things you can do in the meantime. You can read more about it in my blog post:

    Twitter is getting really serious lately suspending accounts without any notices . If this happens to you, then here are 7 steps that you should follow besides going crazy.

    Recap 1/: Tweet Retweets

    What Do All of These Numbers Mean | Mastery Ep 101.6

    Retweets on Twitter, in this case, means pressing the actual retweet button at the bottom of a post. When you retweet a tweet, the original poster of that tweet is notified. The tweet is posted to your followers and your feed. It is shown as the original posters information, with a small green you retweeted at the top, where you is your username.

    Some people dont like this form of retweet because it puts someone elses profile information in the feeds of their followers. It takes away from them, but realistically thats not a bad thing. People tend to dislike feeds that are just me me me all the time. People also tend to dislike feeds that are just memes all the time, but thats another story entirely.

    When you press the retweet button, you are given the opportunity to add a message. If you do, that message, posted by you, appears in your feed instead. The tweet you retweeted shows up below it, slightly indented, as a smaller version of its former self. This is a more ideal version of the retweet, and allows you to promote others without demoting yourself.

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    To View And Manage Your List Of Muted Accounts

    You can see your full list of muted accounts by going to your Muted account settings on or by visiting your app settings on Twitter for iOS or Android.

    In the Twitter app for iOS:

  • Tap your navigation menu icon, then tap Settings and privacy.
  • Tap Privacy and safety.
  • Click More from the side navigation menu, then click Settings and privacy.
  • Click the Privacy and safety tab, then click Mute and block.
  • Click on Muted accounts.
  • You can unmute accounts by clicking the muted button
  • To block or report an account, click the profile image. Youâll be directed to the accountâs profile. From here, click the more icon and select Block or Report from the menu.
  • Recommended Etiquette For Web And Text Jargon

    When tempted to use jargon in messages, evaluate who your audience is, if the context is informal or professional, and then use good judgment. If you know someone well and it is a personal and informal communication, then absolutely use abbreviations. On the flip side, if you are just starting a friendship or professional relationship, avoid abbreviations until you’ve developed a relationship rapport.

    If messaging in a professional context with someone at work, or with a customer or vendor outside your company, avoid abbreviations altogether. Spelling out full words shows professionalism and courtesy. It is much smarter to err on the side of being too professional at first, and then relax your communication over time organically.

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    When To Use Tldr In A Business Setting

    TLDR is an informal acronym and as such, you should be very careful using it professionally consider your audience and its comfort level with internet slang. A good rule of thumb is that you would not use “TLDR” anywhere in which you wouldn’t feel comfortable writing “LOL” or a similarly informal acronym.

    There’s probably no scenario in which you should respond to professional messages with “TLDR.” As mentioned, this is easily perceived as sarcastic, rude, and unprofessional.

    Even so, it can be appropriate to use TLDR within your communication to signal your own summary. For example, you could place a heading called “TLDR” at the top of a lengthy email and follow it with a bulleted list that summarizes your main points.

    Or, if you are adding a link to a third-party article, you could parenthetically add TLDR with a short summary, such as “Please see this article .”

    Regardless, it’s best to err on the side of caution if you have any concern that the use of TLDR is too informal for your audience.

    Definitions For 44 Twitter Terms You Were Too Embarrassed To

    What is TL DR &  What Does TL DR Mean?

    May 11, 2021 After all, when you only have 280 characters to say what you mean, every word counts. And dont just take our word for it. For the best

    May 7, 2020 Tl dr is the only internet abbreviation I know of that boasts a To understand this one, I had to get more familiar with Twitter,

    TL Meaning in Twitter What does TL mean? The meaning of TL is Time Line and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Twitter

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    Who Reads My Updates

    Your followers read your Tweets. If your Tweets are public, anyone who runs a search for a keyword in your Tweet may be able to see that message. Your Tweets are public by default if you’re hesitant to have people you may not know read your updates, protect your Tweets to approve followers and keep your updates out of search.

    What Does Tldr Mean

    Also stylized as “TL DR,” this acronym stands for too long didnt read. Its an internet slang word for those who are so pressed for time that they cant even comprehend having to type out these 4 words.

    This is for people who need fast keyboard fingers and quick replies. Its for people who have such an aversion to words that they have come up with an abbreviation that prevents them from having to interact with their own vocabulary.

    In fact, if youre someone who believes in the power of TL DR, you probably havent even read this far into this article!

    Is TLDR rude, though? Some might call this response cut-throat, but really, its just a not-so-gentle reminder that the world is moving too fast for us to waste our time reading dragged-out Facebook statuses or news articles that dont reveal all in their headlines.

    People with TL DR in their vernacular are usually users on Reddit, or on Twitter where opinions are expressed in 280 characters or less. They text with emojis instead of words and dont read books.

    In text, TLDR means the same thing: that the wall of text messages was too long and you didn’t read it. Indeed, TLDR means your content was too long and wasn’t worth reading.

    Many websites have created a TLDR version of their articles as a way to get the information to busy bodies who don’t have time to read the whole article. But this slang term is all about being clear and concise, and getting straight to the good stuff without all the extra padding.

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