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What Does The Number Next To Snapchat Name Mean

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The Favorite Contact Star

What Does The Number Mean On Snapchat? EXPLAINED.

If youre always in touch with a friend and share several snaps very often, they automatically come to your favorite list.

Snapchats algorithm notices that youre constantly contacting this friend and awards them with a favorite contact star that you can see next to their name on your contact list.

Its a reward for your loyalty, and unlike the first mentioned golden star, its somehow permanent.

What Is The Highest Snapchat Score

In 2021, Snapchat user cris_thisguy recorded the highest Snapscore at upwards of 50,000,000. The user averaged a Snapchat score of 1,000,000 per day and has a Snapchat Score that is only growing. This is not an aspirational Snapscore unless youre hoping to become a Snapchat influencer.

Even if that is the case, a lesser score that ranges in the thousands is pretty doable. At the end of the day, its important to remember that a high Snap score does not guarantee influencership, good content plays a very major role too. So make sure that you proceed accordingly.

We hope you found this article on Snapchat score helpful. Do let us know in the comments in case you have any queries. Take care and stay safe.


Other Default Snapchat Emojis And Their Meanings

Aside from the stars, Snapchat uses multiple other emojis to make user interactions easier and more fun.

As an avid Snapchat user, youd have to know and memorize the meaning behind all the emojis that may appear next to your friends names on your contact list.

Here is a list of the default Snapchat emoji meanings, but remember that you can customize them in Snapchats settings:

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What Do The Stars On Snapchat Mean

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat has employed a new way of communication through pictures rather than words.

Emojis serve as Snapchats fun and quick tools for interfacing with their users while giving them information about others.

However, its not always easy to understand the meaning behind every emoji you see on Snapchat, and the golden stars are one of them.

Read on to find out about the hidden meaning behind the Snapchat stars and other emojis you may see in there.

What Does Your Snapchat Score Mean

All Snapchat Symbol, Emoji, Score, and Trophy definitions ...

Snapchat isnt entirely forthcoming when it comes to your publicly viewable Snapchat Score. Its posted right on your profile and according to them, your score is a special equation based on a variety of factors like the number of Snaps youve sent or received, the number of Stories youve posted, and other miscellaneous factors theyre not willing to divulge.

Basically the more you use Snapchat, the more you can expect this number to grow so its best to explore, share, and chat as much as possible if youre looking to increase this number.

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What Does Emoji Next To A Name Mean In Snapchat

Anna MiddletonRead more April 9, 2021

The emojis that you see next to your friends usernames in Snapchat are symbols that indicate what kind of relationship you have with those users. Some emojis, like the birthday cake, have a self-explanatory meaning. In other cases, you may have trouble decoding these symbols.

Several Snapchat friend emojis are in use presently, and they are hugely popular in the Snapchat community. There are stipulations to receiving particular emojis, and most are related to snaps . Lets talk about what they all represent.

What Is Snapchat Discover

In the Discover section of the Stories page, users can find Stories from:

  • Publishers
  • Sponsored Stories
  • and more!

The Discover section is particularly relevant to brands who want to advertise through Snap Stories. Story ads are a series of 3-20 Single Image or Video Ads that users can watch by tapping a branded tile in the Discover section. To learn more about the advertising opportunities available on Snapchat, check out our Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Ads.

Image Source:

Snapchat Filters are design overlays that users can add after they take a Snap. Filters can add color effects, show location or weather information, highlight a special event, and more.

Advertisers can create sponsored Filters to promote an event, brand, location, and more. Sponsored Filters must have a visible brand logo or brand name.

Snapchat Lenses, on the other hand, use augmented reality to transform users appearance or surroundings while they create a Snap. Lenses can add 3D effects, characters, objects, and transformations.

Lenses use a face detection algorithm to apply features and effects onto users faces before they take a photo.

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Snapchat Trophies And Charms

Snapchat used to have a list of emojis named Trophies that were a popular feature among users.

First, they were covered with locks, and you should have unlocked them by sending Snapchat messages and gaining rewards.

The more rewards you collected, the more Trophy emojis you could add to your Trophy case.

Snapchat has deleted its Trophy feature altogether and replaced it with Charms, which are little badges it offers if you send messages to your friends.

Snapchat adds these Charms based on your interactions and relationships with your friends, making them more personal and fun than Trophies.

You share these Charms with your friends specifically, and they update over time.

But What If My Snaps Dont Add Up

What Do All the Numbers Mean in Snapchat

If you add up your sent Snaps number and received Snaps number you may be surprised to get a different result to your final Snapchat score.

This can be due to the fact that Snapchat may award you different points depending on how you sent the Snap.

If you send a Snap to multiple users you will receive a point for every user you sent it to and then another point for sending the Snap itself.

However, no one really knows the exact answer and Snapchat may have a variety of different ways to calculate your score depending on how you send and receive snaps.

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Besides The Snapchat Score Are There Any Other Numbers

For new users, this might seem like a pretty obvious question.

When you open your chats, you will see some small numbers near the contacts with whom you have exchanged snaps. This is the count of your streaks.

Another very common set of numbers will be visible to you under your story. There will be an eye, which, when pressed, shows the number of viewers of your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the number in Snapchat profile?

The number that is mentioned in your Snapchat profile is known as the Snapchat score. It states how much of a Snapchatter you are!

Q2. What does your Snapchat score say about you?

The Snapchat score is a representation of how active you are on Snapchat. Therefore if you send more snaps and share more stories, you will have a higher score.


How Can You View Your Friends Snapchat Scores

To keep the competition alive, you must also know how to see your friends Snapchat scores. Follow the given steps:

  • Open the chats on your Snapchat application.
  • Tap on their profile from the messages/chats.
  • You can check their score from this window. It will be below their username, which is at the top.
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    Snapchat: What Does The Fire Emoji Mean Next To A Username

    Snapchat uses all sorts of emojis and icons to indicate different things, but it’s not always clear what, as is the case with the fire emoji.

    Snapchat users will likely have seen a fire emoji next to their friends’ usernames on occasion but may not know what it means. If that’s the case, they’ll probably have noticed a number next to the emoji as well. The two are related and indicate activity between the user and their friend.

    A huge amount of media attention is given to darlings of the social media world like TikTok and Clubhouse, as well as to newsworthy stories about bigger platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Despite flying relatively under the radar, though, Snapchat remains one of the most popular apps in the US and worldwide. It has a loyal and young user base and its continued development with new features, such as its Remixes version of TikTok Duets, help to keep users interested and engaged. However, it’s not always clear to less well-versed users what some of the emojis and icons used by Snapchat mean and even some of its features can need explaining.

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    How To Find The Number Of Snaps Youve Sent And Received

    Two Snapchat features you probably donât know about

    Tap the number that represents your Snapchat Score.

    The number will now split into two parts. Both numbers represent different Snapchat metrics.

    The first figure in the set represents the number of Snaps youve sent in your entire Snapchat history.

    The second figure in the set represents the number of Snaps youve received in your entire Snapchat history.

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    Use Other Social Media To Promote Snapchat

    Snapchat doesnt have a public friends feed or a mechanic that will show people that their friends are viewing and engaging with your content. As such, a great way to build your audience is through your pre-existing followers on other networks, Taylor explained:

    One thing I admire about Vine & YouTube influencers is the way they are able to shift their audience to other social media platforms. Its an impactful tactic if done well. It requires you to be using other social media platforms to promote your Snapchat.One of the most effective ways to do this is by scheduling posts on Buffer to promote your Snapchat throughout the week. Some platform-specific tips include: making your profile picture of Facebook and Twitter your Snapchat QR code, setting up a pinned tweet on Twitter and pinned post on Facebook promoting your Snapchat, and setting up automated direct messages on Twitter along with a value proposition for people to follow you on Snapchat, etc.

    Taylor also recommends taking screenshots from your Snapchat pictures and videos and sharing these on other social networks:

    Taking your interesting Snapchat pictures/videos and posting them on other social media platforms with your Snapchat handle is super effective. Ive found this the most effective on Twitter and Instagram. Also if youre doing something fun or exciting, you can tell people to follow you to see more. For example, Im at *insert event* follow my Snapchat to check out my adventures.

    Make Sure Users Anticipate Important Messages

    One of the biggest barriers to entry for brands on Snapchat is figuring out how Snapchat can directly have value for their brand. One of the best ways is to give important messages and announcements on your Snapchat.

    If youre delivering an important message on Snapchat, for example, sharing a URL youd like your followers to visit, asking them to screenshot it can be an excellent way to drive action.

    When it comes to screenshots, Taylor advises giving your followers some warning of whats coming up:

    You have to be smart about how you go about this. You have to make users anticipate something is coming before it comes. Let users know that youre about to announce something important before you do so or prompt them by saying screenshot the next snap. Yep, its that simple and can be highly effective.

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    Beyond The Star On Snapchat: Other Must

    You can call Snapchat the lord of emojis, and no one would contest it. Snapchat has made a name for itself with its interactive and captivating emojis, stickers, and filters.

    The only issue most users have about using Snapchat is recalling the various emojis on the platform. If youre an avid Snapchatter, you need to know and store the various emojis and their meanings in your brain so that you can interact with others more fluently.

    How To Find Someone Else’s Snapchat Score

    What Does The Number Mean On Snapchat

    Do you want to see how your score compares to a specific friend or celebrity? While there is no public leaderboard for Snapchat scores, you can check an individual’s score with very little effort.

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    Open a chat window by tapping on the person’s username. Then, press their Bitmoji icon in the top right corner of the screen. A page will open showing you their display name, with their username and Snap score underneath in small black text.

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    Is The Number Of Followers You Have On Snapchat Visible

    Your follower count is only visible on Snapchat if you choose for it to be by default, your follower count is not shown. Snapchat first gave users the option to show how many followers they have in late 2020 this has been a largely welcomed update by high profile creators, influencers, and brands with sizable followings.

    Considering adding Snapchat to your paid social mix? Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help!

    What Are The Two Numbers

    As discussed, Snapchat, like almost all other social networking sites, constantly looks for ways to improve user engagement, and the Snapchat Score is the perfect tool for it. Depending on your level of engagement on the platform Snaps sent and Snaps received Snapchat gives you a score, which you can use to show how big of a Snapchatter you are.

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    How To Get Your Snapchat Score Up

    Snapchat isn’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. If you want to increase your score, you need to use the app.

    So your best bet for increasing your Snapchat score is to use the app as much as possible. With some dedication, you’ll be breaking records in no time.

    With that being said, it’s important to know some of the common misconceptions about adding to your Snapchat score.

  • Your Snapchat score will only increase by sending photo and video Snaps! Text messages sent through the Snapchat app do not count.
  • You don’t get extra points for sending the same Snap to multiple users. You need to send a unique Snap to get a point.
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    Leverage The Power Of Social Media

    All Snapchat Symbol, Emoji, Score, and Trophy definitions ...

    Most of us are on every social media platform, which is not a bad thing. Some might have even built a stronger follower base on Facebook than on Snapchat.

    If thats the case, sharing your Snapchat stories on Facebook or other social media platforms will increase the number of views on the content. You can also get others to share your stories on their timelines too.

    Facebook isnt the only social media platform out there you can get viewers to watch your stories and increase your chances of getting verified via Twitter, Whatsapp, , and other platforms.

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    What Does The Star On Snapchat Mean & Things You Probably Didnt Know

    A picture is worth a thousand words. But in Snapchat, an emoji or sticker has only one meaning. Emojis, stickers, and filters make interacting on Snapchat enjoyable, fun, short, and quick.

    Snapchat also uses diverse symbols to indicate different things. But the platform is in the habit of rolling out symbols without stating their true meaning. And this keeps generating confusion among the users.

    Looking For Snapchat Score Meaning Here The Answer

    Many people may still be wondering what does the Number in Snapchat means. We can see a number on the profile page and the username, which is called a Snapchat score. Suppose you are wondering what the Snapchat Score Means. Here we have the answer so that you can easily understand your score once you access your Snapchat account.

    The Snapchat number next to the name is nothing other than a score called a Snapchat score. You can find it along with the username on the profile page. So to find out your score, head over to the profile page, and you can see some number next to Snapchat name. But looking at the Number, you might think, how it can be calculated and the factors for that.

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    What Does The Number On Your Snapchat Profile Mean

    The number on your Snapchat profile is called your Snapchat Score. It acts as a metric that you can use to measure your Snapchat engagement in one concise number that Snapchat calculates for you. Snapchat has not specified exactly how this score helps the individual user, nor can we be certain about how the Score is perceived or adds to a users credibility on the Snapchat App.

    From the looks of it, the score is meant to give you an idea of how much you as a user consume and engage with content on Snapchat. Even other users can check out your Snapchat score to gauge how much you engage on Snapchat and vice versa.

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    Why Do People Let Their Snapstreaks Expire

    What does Snapchat emojis mean 2021

    A lot of people dont like getting caught up in Snapstreaks because they can be a pain to keep going. Furthermore, it can make the conversation between the two of you feel forced. This is especially true if the two of you are just sending each other snaps for the sake of maintaining a streak.

    You also have to realize that a lot of people have been through these streaks before. Theyve gained them, kept them going and eventually lost them. After a while, the whole act of keeping streaks going can become tedious and almost childish. Others dont want to become invested in a streak just so they can lose it at a later date. Because, whether you like it or not, sooner or later, all of that effort is going to go out the window.

    As the number increases each day, a sense of anxiety can creep in about the importance of keeping it going. For a lot of people, this is not a nice feeling. Now, they feel as though they mustsnap you.

    As a result, a lot of people prefer to kill off these streaks at the start so that they dont snowball into a bigger number.

    And thats it! Hopefully, this guide cleared up any questions you had about the fire emoji!

    For useful guides on some of the other Snapchat emojis, be sure to check out:

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