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What Does Rich Pin Mean On Pinterest

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What Are Rich Pins? And How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest 2020

Open Graph tags and Twitter Cards use very specific tags to communicate very specific information to the various social networks. Here is a list of each of these tags, what they communicate to the social networks, some best practices to maximize your social conversions, and a few notes about how to customize these fields inside the Social Warfare plugin.

What Is A Pin Title

Normally, a pin title is pulled from your website and therefore will match your blog post. But it doesnt need to be the same you can change the title to whatever you want but it is always best to ensure it is relevant for your post. Dont title your pin 10 tips to use Instagram when your post is about using Amazon affiliate marketing!

Pin titles are also used by Pinterest to understand what a pin is is about. It is a signal alongside the description, the text on the pin and the board you add it to. This is why we always say to add pins to relevant boards because it is a strong signal about the pins topic.

How To Create Pins Tip #: Stick To The Recommended Ratios

According to : Other ratios may cause your Pin to get truncated, or may negatively impact performance.

And considering that on mobile, its definitely a good idea to optimize your Pins for views on-the-go.

Tip: With Later, you can easily optimize your images for Pinterest as you plan and schedule your content!

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One: Install The Yoast Seo Plugin

In order to set up rich pins, Pinterest requires you to add certain meta tags to your site. Luckily, the Yoast plugin adds these for you! No confusing tech work here, folks! In case youre unfamiliar with Yoast, its a search engine optimization plugin, which can boost your blog in search engine rankings, when used properly. Whether you set up rich pins or not, I highly recommend installing and using Yoast. Its a great tool! You can read more of my thoughts about it here.

Anyways, for this tutorial, youll need to install and activate Yoast. After Yoast is activated, go to the Yoasts Features tab. Make sure the Advanced settings pages is Enabled and that will enable the metadata. Then were on to the next step!

Add Meta Data To Your Website

How to get Rich Pins on Pinterest

Meta data sounds scary. But its not.

Its simply a fancy name for information that we will add to your website. This will take 2 minutes.

First, make sure you install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

You can search for Yoast SEO and install it in your WordPress plugin directory under Plugins > Add New:

Once the installation is complete, click on the Activate button:

Alternatively, you can download the plugin as a ZIP file here and upload the ZIP file to your WordPress website in Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin:

And again, once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.

Next, head over to SEO > Social in your WordPress dashboard menu.

On the tab, set Add Open Graph meta data to Enabled:

Here is a quick video tutorial if you need a hand:

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Creamy Mozzarella Shrimp Pasta

This dish comes together pretty fast, so I would recommend having everything ready to go before you start.

Begin with the pasta and get it cooking while you make the other components. For the shrimp, remember that they only need a couple of minutes in the pan.

As soon as they turn pink, get them off the heat, so they dont go rubbery.

Once your sauce is mixed and hot, you can toss in the pasta and shrimp and serve right away.

How To Set Up Rich Pins For WordPress

Once you have created a business profile or converted one to business. The next step is to download a WordPress SEO plugin. We recommend using Yoast or Rank Math. You can download and use these plugins for free.

In this tutorial, I will be showing how to implement rich pins using both these plugins. In the first part I will be using Yoast and after that Rankmath. You can use whichever plugin you like better.

To install the plugin all you need to do is visit Plugins > > Add new > > Search for Yoast or Rankmath > > Install > > Activate.

If you are not familiar or comfortable with downloading plugins. You can read our guide on How to install WordPress plugins

Installing the plugin is the first step. In the next step, we will be checking for the Open graph settings.

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How Not To Get Pinned

You can replace that with your own message as a description attribute.

< img src="image.png" nopin="nopin"> 

If you want to block pinning for some of your images, but not all of them, you can use the nopin image attribute.

To block pinning of an individual image, add nopin=”nopin” to the image element.

Blocking the Hover Button With the Nohover Meta Tag

  • The image is in a pinnable format.
  • The image is at least 80x80px.
  • The image does not have the nopin attribute.
  • The hover button looks like this:

    This tag only disables the hover button. It does not prevent pins from the page only the nopin meta tag and attribute can do that.

    Blocking Rich Pins

    If youre approved for Rich Pins but want to block Rich Pins on a page, you can add this meta tag to the page head:


    One: Add Metadata To Your Site

    Pinterest Rich Pins – How to use Pinterest for business

    The easiest way to set up Rich Pins for WordPress is to use the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast is also great for Facebook and SEO. If you dont already have the plugin, head to Your WordPress dashboard and install the Yoast SEO plugin. Configure the plugin and make sure to include links to all of your social media platforms when prompted. Once youve configured your Yoast SEO plugin you will be able to navigate to SEO > Social > Facebook tab. Click enabled, if it isnt already, under Add Open Graph metadata.

    Thats it! Your blog posts are ready to display as Article Rich Pins.

    Enable Recipe Pins: If you want recipe Rich Pins, you will need to use a recipe card plugin. Recipe Rich Pins are a great way to provide Pinterest and your readers with information about your recipe. The ingredients listed in the recipe are also keywords that will increase your visibility when people search for them.

    Recipe Rich Pins are easy to set up when you use a recipe plugin for WordPress. Quality recipe plugins are hard to come by. Several of the recipe plugins that used to be popular are no longer being updated or providing the right information for Rich Pins or Google.

    The following plugins are still being updated and have the proper markups for Pinterest Rich Pins: Tasty Recipes and Cookbook. Once youve installed one of these plugins and use it to create a recipe, pins from the post will information from recipe card on the pin.

    Learn more > > .

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    Happy Open Graphing Twitter Carding And Rich Pinning

    Wow, you made it all the way through! That is one hefty piece of technical walkthroughs that you just finished. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    We hope this article helps you better understand both how all this social card stuff works as well as how Social Warfare makes your life one-million times easier by handling it all for you.

    What Are Rich Pins

    Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. Information in a Rich Pin is independent of the Pin description, ensuring that important information is always tied to the Pin. There are 4 types of Rich Pins: app, article, product and recipe Pins.

    Learn More > > .

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    Apply For Rich Pins Or Validate Them

    Now, you need to copy a single URL from your blog and paste it into the field and click on VALIDATE:

    After clicking on validating you should see a tiny green tick symbol and a message your Pinterest Rich Pins are valid.

    Now, click on Apply Now button to submit your rich pin application to pinterest.

    What if you didnt see any message? It means that pinterest is unable to find any metadata on the page URL that youve entered.

    What to do in that case

    • Wait for a few minutes : Sometimes Pinterest takes a long time to find the required meta data from the Yoast SEO plugin on that particular URL.
    • Clear website Cache: if youre using a caching plugin on your website, pinterest may not recognize the latest version of the URL that youve entered in the Pinterest validator tool. Clear your cache and try again a few minutes later.

    For more help, read out the rich pins documentation.

    Hot Tip When Adding Images To Your Blog Posts

    What are Rich Pins, why are they important and how to ...

    I suggest that you consider adding a different title to your Rich Pin that will act as the sub title. I use Social Warfare plugin for this.

    But if you don’t use this plug-in then you can also add this sub-title via the Alt Tag on your image. Just make sure that it’s something that is also useful to Google and explains what the image is.

    Here is the set up for Social Warfare:

    • Save
    • Save

    Add a description that differs from the title.

    You can get clever with your description in this way giving more information that will entice someone to click through to the article or re-pin. You can even include a call to action.

    Remember that when you set this up, it’s the description that shows up when readers hit the Pin It Button on your post.

    For more information about Social Warfare, check it out here.

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    How Rich Pins Support Ecommerce

    Rich pins are particularly useful for social selling.

    55% of to find and shop for products. Todayâs customers prefer to plan their purchases carefully before spending money. Pinterest rich pins provide your clients with information to help them make informed decisions.

    Price information allows pinners to plan their purchase. Additionally, the presence of useful content improves the credibility of your brand.

    Make It Easy For Others To Pin Your Content

    Your customers or supporters who visit your website and also use Pinterest might want to use Pinterest to bookmark your products, services, blog posts, or other content from your website. Make it easy for them to do so by ensuring that your website and/or store are set up to be used as .

    Rich Pins can be used for products, recipes, or articles. Product Rich Pins will include information on pricing, availability, and product information. Recipe Rich Pins include a title, serving size, cook time, ratings, diet preference, and list of ingredients directly within your pin. Article Rich Pins automatically add the headline or title, description, and author.

    In the example above, you can see that this Rich Pin example includes the star ratings for the receipt, the ingredients needed, and cook time all within the pin itself. While were here, Id be remiss if I didnt recommend you make this recipe. So good and one of my personal favorites!

    Rich Pins are especially helpful for when someone else pins a page from your website. It allows you to have some control over what is being shared and ensures that pins will be up-to-date no matter when, or who, shares them.

    You can learn more about .

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    Adding A Pin It Button

    Once you have created a great Pinterest-friendly image and supplied it with alt text for extra useful information and/or enticing description, you will need to make it pinnable from your website.

    Fortunately, adding a Pin it button is nothing difficult. There are several plugins which will install it for you, or you can use Pinterests own widget builder in order to add the button to your website. We wont go into the details here, but dont you worry: weve gone into the details of adding a Pin it button in WordPress elsewhere.

    Now, it wouldnt be very wrong to say that with well designed images in the correct format and a Pin it button you have effectively .

    But that is not all you can do: if you have a Pinterest account, and theres every reason to, you can direct your website visitors to your Pinterest profile by adding social media icons to your menu or adding them to your sidebar.

    How To Schedule Video Pins With Later

    How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest – Step by Step WordPress Pinterest Rich Pin Tutorial

    In fact, Later is one of the only platforms that can , which allows our customers to connect with Pinterests growing community in more ways.

    When youre ready to format, youll see that Laters editing tools allow you to choose from four different sizing options:

    • Freeform: Choose a custom crop size

    • Square: 1:1 aspect ratio

    • Portrait: 4.5 aspect ratio

    • Landscape: 16.9 aspect ratio

    Here you can add a caption, a link, and a description for your Pin. Once youve added all the important details, youre ready to hit save and schedule with Later!

    Once you save your post, Later will submit your Pin for approval . When your Pin has been approved, youll see an Approved tag right there in the calendar post.

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    Reason #: They Have A Built

    Last but not least,

    This allows new users to discover your account more easily, and encourages them to follow you instantly if they like your pin. Neat!

    The meta data pulled from your website and the additional features such as the Follow button are massive advantages you want to use!

    The best part?

    Enabling rich pins is super easy. Lets activate them for your WordPress blog right now!

    Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes

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    The sauce is a heavenly mix of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and a beef broth and cornstarch slurry.

    Once you have this thickened, add in your cheese and pour it right over the hearty beef.

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    How Do I Add Hashtags To Pins

    Hashtags for Pins go in the description.

    I recommend placing them at the end of your description, and not peppered throughout your carefully-crafted sentences.

    Remember that hashtags are clickable, so give Pinners a chance to read through to your call-to-action before getting distracted to click away to a hashtag feed!

    To add a hashtag, type # and add a keyword or phrase.

    This changed in 2020: Youll ONLY get hashtag suggestions when creating a NEW Pin in the mobile app. This is still true in April 2021. See screenshots below.

    Start typing the hash mark followed by a word, and youll see suggested hashtags pop up with a number following.

    The hashtag suggestion feature is no longer available on desktop, at all.

    What Exactly Is Fresh Content

    How to Enable Rich Pins for Articles in WordPress

    What is a fresh idea exactly? Fresh ideas are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that they havent seen before. You can create several images that link to the same blog post, page, or product listing, and each of those would be fresh when saved to Pinterest for the first time. For example, fresh ideas can come from creating new images for links youve previously shared to Pinterest.

    Note:The following changes would NOT be considered creation of new, fresh content:

    • Pinning the same image and changing the Pin title, Pin description or alt text

    • Making small, imperceptible changes to an image that has already been Pinned before

    The key is that the image must appear new and fresh to Pinners!

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    The Benefits Of Video Pins

    Whether its TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, people love to watch videos. Theyre engaging, eye-catching, and the perfect format to showcase products or services in action.

    And, once a user has engaged with your Video Pin, they are more likely to click through the Pins link which is great for cross-promotion and sales.

    Followers Quality Over Quantity

    They used the term early engagement, which is also well-known in regards to the Instagram algorithm. If your content gets good engagement soon after publication, chances are this content might get an additional boost from the platforms algorithm.

    To quote Sarah from Pinterest : Thats the testing ground and it gets your content out much faster than Pinterest could ever do before. This is your most loyal audience they love your content.

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    Is The Original Pin Creator Aligned With Your Brand

    The Pins you save to your Pinterest account will instantly be associated with your brand.

    With this in mind, if the original Pin was made by an organization or individual that you dont want to publicly support its worth thinking twice before you click save.

    On the flip side, this is also a great opportunity to associate your brand with industry thought leaders and pioneers!

    Step : Visit The Rich Pin Validator

    How To Post On Pinterest For Your Etsy Pins | Activate Rich Pins | Pinterest Images

    Once you have the metadata populated for your website you will be able to go through a process of approval to get your rich pins validated. This is worth the time to ensure that your pins are showing up with more information than every other pin on the site. To validate your rich pins.

    Technical Tip: plug in a link to any blog post on your site . It doesnt matter which blog post and you only need to do one. Click validate.

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